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webOS 3.0.5 now available for TouchPad 145

by Derek Kessler Thu, 12 Jan 2012 2:50 pm EST

Attention TouchPad owners: an update to webOS 3.x is now available for your favorite webOS tablet. webOS 3.0.5 is now available over-the-air for the TouchPad, bringing faster view switching in calendar, IM presence indicators in Email, support for HTTP video streaming, an easy on/off toggle for auto-correct, and the ability to insert a period when double-tapping the space bar. There are a number of other bug fixes in webOS 3.0.5, including better MP3 handling, the ability to view contacts for video calls, and faster scrolling in Email. All in all, we're looking at more small incremental improvements that make betterer the experience of webOS on the TouchPad. Nothing mind blowing, but we'll take what we can get.

Source: HP



Downloading now!

nice. I like the update. Now how about a web browser fix next? I hate the way it always locks up all the time and can't handle certificates properly. Nothing worse than clicking on a hotmail link and locking up the browser due to a certificate problem.

If you have patches installed, please wait the requisite 24hrs to install the update.

Also if you have muffle installed remove it manually first.

If you have questions, this is a good thread that explains the basics:

I installed the muffle patch awhile ago and the last update HP did made the patch incompatible. I tried to uninstall it and it won't even let me remove it! Anyone know a fix for that?

I had that problem too. Use the emergency patch recovery tool.

this post explains it in detail


My experience with patches is that if you installed the patch while hooked up to your PC then you've gotta update/remove it thet way or you will have problems.

I only ever use preware for patches now and I don't run into any trouble anymore.

This is not correct, and only applies to very specific items.

But those specicic items are several of the patches I like to use the best.

Updated. Thought my system was hosed on the reboot because it took about 5 minutes just sitting there flashing the HP logo. All is well tho.

Do I have to remove my Touchpad's patches and other homebrew fixin's?

Gonna be my first time doing this with patches and UberKernal installed - is there a how to?
And if I have to uninstall my patches, is there a way to save what I have installed, and have it re-load everything later?

Yes it's called Save/restore found in Preware

Thanks, will try it - I think I have it installed, but I never used it...

If you have Preware and Save/Restore BOTH already installed: Go into Preware then go into "Saved Package List" and select "Update". Finally go into Save/Restore and backup Preware.

Then if you need to re-load everything later, you can use Save/Restore to restore the backup of Preware (which includes that Saved Package List). Then in Preware, go into Saved Package List and select "Install All"

Great, will do - thanks!!

hurray!!! :)

Super, kudos to the webOS software team.

Now, get back to work on the next update.

Mine is downloading now - feels like Christmas morning all over again :) thank you!

oh and I have many patches installed... we'll see what happens!

Does anyone know if this update breaks anything in CM 7 Alpha 3.5? I'd install it, but want to make sure it does not **** my Android install first.

Doesn't even remove moboot this time! Nice one guys :D

were you able to do the update without taking out android?

Yes no probs.

Nothing for the audio or accelerometer problems?

Did they fix the accelerometer and the sound corruption after sleep/wake?

Just tried How to Train your Dragon - accelerometer seems fine.

Also tried Dead Runner. Again, no issues. I probably should test on a phone, and confirm no real differences, but it seems fine.

Accelerometer is still borked for me. :( Tested with Supersonic HD.

Sound is still borked too. Only a device restart fixes it for me.

Forgot to remove patches, though I don't remember if I have any on this touchpad (ATT 4G). But update worked, no issues so far.

Any word on 2.2.4 Verizon release for my Pre 2?

Installed it before finding this article. Yes, it took forever to install! The first thing I noticed is that looking on my Yahoo Mail account on my computer, my Sent Emails from my TouchPad are now archived there. Only noticed this bug recently, so I'm really glad that appears to be fixed now.

I havent downloaded my update yet, has anyone tried Asphalt to see if they fixed the accelerometer problems on that?

Yes, it works fine! I thought it was really broken at first, then realized other apps worked, and that the asphalt settings don't use the accelerometer to control by default...

Shoot! Did a manual update check before finding this post, moronically clicked download now and didn't remove patches...will report back with feedback. Fingers crossed. P.S. download is 38MB.

Things didn't brick and work fine, at least I can log in. FIRST THING I TRIED: Put it on my TouchStone with a third party pleather case on and it WORKS NOW!!!! YAY!

2nd thing: Preware already has UberKernal Touchpad updated to 3.0.5. Just updated it and it works fine.

One thing I am noticing now that the TouchStone is working is that there is very faint, but noticeable electronic charging sound (almost a high pitched squeal) coming from the TouchPad sitting on the TouchStone.

The 3.0.4 update rendered my TouchStone unusable. So if this is a trade off, FINE!

Update: If I crank up the brightness, the noise goes away...I must have "dog ears" or something to notice this stuff.

I'm on 302 and have the same thing. When you turn the screen off the noise goes away. I don't remember having this issue prior to 304, but noticed it was still present after I rolled back to 302. Is it still present in 305?

Well I must admit, I didn't notice it until this update...

If I crank up the brightness to 100% it goes away. If it's anything less than that, I notice the noise. It's not critical or super loud, but something I noticed this time. Just being really picky and reporting what I see. So far, so good with this update otherwise in my opinion. Auto correct is MUCH better and not spastic!

Cool new browser scrolling bar in the default browser on the right hand side of the page imitates a regular browser scroll bar in that you can visually tell where you are on a web page now...press and hold as if scrolling down the page, up pops a scroll bar! Actually it gives you a web page length indicator too. Long scroll bar means short web page length. Short scrollbar means long web page length!

EMPTY TRASH IS BACK in the email app!!!

Installing now...

Woo hoo! I'm hoping this fixes the accelerometer for gaming...although for asphalt 6, I'm cool with the on-screen steering wheel = )

I actually tested asphault6 and supersonic and still even though the accelerometer works its not as good as the first time it worked. Its not responding in"real-time," you will notice what I mean if you try supersonic (I .use max tilt sensativity, 4 bars) The accelerometers response timing is 5% lagging/short/ not catching up. But better then nothing.

Does this fix the wifi breakdown that the last update casued?!

Sorry, didnt mean that to be a reply. Referring to question about Asphalt 6.

Great now my TP stops responding to touch every 5 minutes :(

Awesome !! ..i'm downloading it now

seems the update server is taking a pounding mine is taking forever to check for updates.

didn't fix the sound issue. sweet! thanks guys

Haven't noticed this yet myself. Somedays my sound is great and somedays not. It's hit and miss but I honestly think the 8-bit **** sound is related to Flash. It seems whenever I look at a video and then hibernate the TouchPad, in an hour or two I get **** sound and have to do a full reboot. It could be a coincidence, but I swear, it's related to Flash and specifically to Flash video. By the way, ever notice how you can mute your TouchPad audio and then go and watch a video, that the sound will be audible again? You have to decrease the volume again even though it should be muted otherwise...you have to crank down the sound TWICE!

The sound issue has not been fixed. There is a work around. Install an app called "TouchVol". One of the options on the menu (swipe from top left) is "restart PulseAudio".

That works for me in 3.0.5.

Now, all I need is a one tap solution, that is, unless HP can fix the root cause!

Since 3.0.4 I've had no sound after the screen turns off, but it's all good again for me.

Considered to doctor, but opted to wait it out and was rewarded for that. I expected the release earlier, but we're kinda used to wait ...

Music, that I deleted a long time ago keeps playing too. 8o/

as it appears there are a number of patches not ready yet... there are only 28 patches available after the update and it does appear that some of them get messed up for instance the patch to remove the launcher button and give you more room for apps in the launcher bar is not updated so after the update the launcher icon is back and the extra 3 or so apps that I had on there look to be stacked on top of each other and don't work.... just as one example! but no problem when they get updated I am sure they will be fine and if not there is always the Dr. :-D

My sprint pre just got a notification of and update to 1.4.5 and I already have 1.4.5

I had that same thing about two months ago, and wondered what the heck was going on. I removed my theme in Preware, and went ahead and let it install, only for fond memories of real updates.

Can't hurt anything to go ahead and do it, right?

I'm a little bummed. I removed all the patches then did the install. Everything went smoothly then I went to Preware and the patches and it was missing.

Oh well, I guess it will only be a matter time I guess.

if you go to your feeds under preware you will notice some of them have the address that ends with a 3.0.5
if you change that address to end with 3.0.4 all your patches will be available again

Perfect!!! That worked like charm.

Does v3.0.5 fix the bug where certain webpages continually refresh? Thanks.

Pretty good:D No patches, so I didn't have to worry about that. Took awhile, but I got it pretty fast.

No update for Muffle? Now my e-mail scrolling looks like **** Wish I would have waited. Next time I'll wait a few weeks before updating!
I'm glad the overclocking works. I noticed there is a 1.7 option there. Didn't notice it before. How safe is it to use?

I'd stick with 1.512 Ghz, personally speaking. Talked with an idiot who pushed his to 1.9 Ghz, and MELTED his processor, and he hoped HP would replace it. 1.7 Ghz (I personally think) is pushing it a bit into unsafe territory. But that is just me. I have my TP at 1.512 Ghz and my Pre at a comfortable 720 Mhz.

Better to be safe than sorry.

if you go to your feeds under preware you will notice some of them have the address that ends with a 3.0.5
if you change that address to end with 3.0.4 all your patches will be available again

Just looked and have no idea where the 3.0.5 or 3.0.4 would be listed to change. When I load preware I just have Available, Installed and List of Everything to choose from. When I click the various links none show the versions that I am able to change.
Any help is appreciated

ok, 2 32gig TP's an updated both to 3.0.5 without using save\restore an have alpha android 3.5 installed reboots like aways did no errors. app launcher pages still same patched 6tabs an removed glass effect theme then reinstalled an its back, but all other pactches wont reinstall..keep updating

Am I seeing scroll bars in the stock browser?

Yup, I posted about this earlier. They indicate page length and position.

Accelerometer / Sound issues introduced with 3.0.4 fixed?

My stock Touchpad no longer sees any of my music. I thought this update was to make the music app work better, what gives?

webOS lives!

Great name for a website... weboslives.com

True. Looks like someone beat us to the punch!

@work right now can't wait to update my TP.

does dailymotion site works now with this patch ?

UPDATE : Dailymotion videos are still not working ?

Not sure but it seems like the glitch in the stock browser that caused text to break up with horizontal lines on long web pages has been fixed. (fingers crossed)

It may be a minor update but it just adds to the feeling of class. Thanks HP for keeping the TP & webOS alive! In over 25 years of working with and writing about computers, I've seldom if ever got such pleasure from an os/gui.

"In over 25 years of working with and writing about computers, I've seldom if ever got such pleasure from an os/gui."

ditto - 35 yrs in my case. The cards model is the best gui model for a linux platform with a touch screen. Can't wait for the luna source so ports/evolution can begin. Anyone tried to implement the model in HTML5? WebOS on every platform!

Funny! I read your post and was also hopeful. However, about 2 screens down from your post, I was back in "line break up" mode. :{

Another positive sign: the webOS developer blog has announced that the 3.0.5 SDK is available.

Apparently it includes: 'a new Sensor API, the ability to have plug-ins use both processor cores, and improvements to audio and video playback, plus various updates to Enyo we think you’ll like. We’ve also incorporated a homebrew patch to the Bluetooth SPP service to support binary data...'

Updated mine to 3.0.5 and at reboot I have a caution symbol with www.palm.com/ROM installed beneath it. Have cyanogenmod7 3.5 installed. Hmmm this can't be good. Clues anyone?

Keep trying to restart it and if nothing works than your last resort is webos doctor I think its called. This is the last resort as it will completely wipe your touchpad back to stock. Good thing is most of your regular apps are already backed up automatically. I love webos for that! good luck.

Sort of new here, question, so if you have preware with patches what happens if you install the update again? thanks in advance.

I can't be 100% sure in your case so read up near the top of this page for some links to instructions but in my case, I only updated my saved package patch list within Preware (see drop down menu within Preware) and then just did the update. It installed fine but now Preware tells me that there are 14 available patches and 60 available Other. Some of my patches still work and some don't. Case in point, blocking add site search notifications patch doesn't work. Neither does the patch that gives you file names and sizes of images in the photo gallery app. Preware says that I have 73 installed patches though. Over time these will be updated and functionality restored.

sometimes nothing but always a good idea to delete any themes installed. This goes for the metro theme and the glass background theme. I installed the last update before deleting patches and the theme was installed because I could see the results but it would not show up as installed. I had to doctor to get it uninstalled, not hard but a pain. So be safe and just get rid of them and reinstall after they are updated.

Ads are still not showing up on the Touchpad. Adsense ads that is. None if yours show up on any touchpad owner webosnation! Should complain to Google!

Sounds like I shouldn't update yet since I have preware and several patches. Oh well. I guess I will wait. My touchpad works just fine right now. It will just be a plus when I get even more updates to make it work better. Looking forward to dual boot cm9. I love Webos!

Is this the first Open Source update or is it just a normal update?

anyone else notice the scroll bars added to the browser? Maybe you should add them to this list of features in the article!

WOOOUuuu, complete Actualization ..!!!! reporting from Spain!!!the phone is great plaicacion

jstop works great now! no buggy script nonsense :)

I am happy with this update. The browser's speed has improved and so far it's running smoothly. However, there is one thing I thought was going to be updated and that is Flash. The current version is outdated for some websites such as fox networks. I hope this gets updated soon. As more websites update to the latest version, we won't be able to browse their content. Does anyone knows if this will happen anytime soon?

looks like flash is not working with this update

what button do I hit so it doesn't automatically update? I got blindsided by that last time.
Fantastic that webOS isn't languishing, but still I'm filled with trepidation.
And preware's a patch than needs removed?
thanks. and I'll be following the twitters and searching the forum

I removed this app long time ago. Just using the website works way better.

I am sorry to say I did not read this before starting the update,seen it was available and went straight into it,after the update my touchpad was dead and had to get the doctor out which seems ok now but have noticed there are no patches available is this the norm after doing the latest update.

if you go to your feeds under preware you will notice some of them have the address that ends with a 3.0.5
if you change that address to end with 3.0.4 all your patches will be available again

great to see phones and tablet still get bugfix updates. Only veer now left on 2.1. and yeah the "legacy pre/pixis"...

muffle left on, no problems with the system update

nice...fixes the constant refresh of web pages

Guys, have you noticed app switching using the Bluetooth keyboard now works!

Thanks to you I have! NOW I am glad I bought a keyboard! Works great, just hit the card button and then use the left or right keys on the keyboard. Something annoying once the BT keyboard is connected though is that the new vertical scrollbar in the browser cycles on and off per keystroke - it flashes on screen. But hey, I can live with that.

ihave a 4g touchpad, can i update?

If the update is available for your device, then YES you can!

Lost the arrows on my keyboard post update. Will those original fixes still work to enhance the keyboard. And if so, could someone remind me where I found them?!

I installed the update, went fine. Did not lose any functionality. All apps work fine, tested flash and it's good too. Thanks for the great work guys.

I spoke too soon! Text still breaking up on long pages. Got as far as woosh's post at 12.50am EST and the horizontal lines appeared. Argh!

I confirm this too...

It's annoying but not super critical for me. I refresh these pages and it usually fixes it.

Update: Actually a quick pinch to zoom refreshes the page enough to remove the lines without actually reloading the page. Try that, pinch in quickly and release - works for me.

"...the ability to insert a period when double-tapping the space bar."

Dear God, thank you!

I can finally switch off auto-correct easily. Sweet!
Naw I caan typ whativer I wannt! :)

Besides under settings and Text Assist, where is the easy on/off for AutoCorrect? I must be dumb here but I don't see it on my virtual keyboard and it was my assumption it was on there somewhere...

Am I missing something here?


Go to Regional Settings. Change Auto-correction Language to None. And now you can type anything you want, in any language. Enjoy.

Ah! Thanks for the tip and answer! Interesting implementation...I misunderstood where to find it originally.

This is meant for people who write in multiple languages, some of which are supported by auto-correct, some of which are not.

Let's say you sometimes write in English, sometimes in Croatian, which isn't a language supported by auto-correct. Before, you'd have to either disable/enable auto-correction (AC) before each email, or forego auto-correction (when writing in English while AC is disabled), or fight it at every word (when writing in Croatian while AC is enabled). Painful.
Now, you can setup two keyboard layout-AC language pairs in the Regional Settings: QWERTY-English and QWERTY-NONE. When more than one pair are chosen, the option key makes room for a language key, which show the active AC language (the layout is visible). The language key lets you toggle between the different configurations. So when you're typing an English text, enable English AC, when you're writing in some language not supported by AC, disable AC using the language key (it will show a code for the layout, such as "Qwy" for QWERTY, or "Azy" for AZERTY, or "Qwz" for QWERTZ).
It may sound odd, but it's extremely useful for a large number of people.

Thank you for your detailed explanation. It was very helpful. +1 to you good sir.

None of the games I bought during the sale work. Asphalt 6HD, Shrek CartHD, Assasins HD, Nova2 HD. All of these titles only show a black screen now when you launch them. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

Just tested Assassins Creed and Nova2. Everything fine here. Try to reinstall them.

Just re-start your Touchpad!

Downloading goes fine, validation ok, but when the install begins I get the swirling globe but after a minute the HP symbol appears, boots and I get an error message that the install didn't take and to try again later. What up with dat? Has anyone seen this? Or knows how to fix?

Same issue here....any ideas?

I have the same issue. Has been happening since the update was announced. Looking for ideas. Thanks

Same thing happened to over 8 - 10 times. Had to download webos doctor :http://palm.cdnetworks.net/rom/touchpad/p305rod01122012/wd305wifi/webosdoctorp305hstnhwifi.jar

Installed fine and I'm up to date. Back up before the install and read the instructions carefully.

Kindle app wont work with new patch on my HP Touchpad. Anyone having the same problem????

The Kindle app seems to be working fine for me, my books that were in my library are still there and I can read them.

I deleted Kindle and downloaded/installed it again and it works!!! :)

The alarm clock went off but didn't make any noise (kinda defeats the purpose), and none of my audio files will play. I did have volume on videos from the web.

Is it just me, or does the TouchPad seem to lag just a little more with 3.0.5? (I do not have Preware or manually installed patches. Just a plain vanilla installation.)

In any case -- Thank you HP for your continued support!

is there an update for the mime file error or a walk around

Everything seems a lot smoother to me. Maybe that's just an impression... ?

Seriously, the whole system is just a lot faster for me! That's great! And without any patch!

I'm a bit of an extreme noob, and I need a bit of extreme help.

So, I had preware installed.

Started the update, then left for work.

When I came home, I picked up my touchpad off my desk, and found that the Touch Ripple had been enabled, despite the Preware patch I had.

I go to preware, I find everything has been removed. When I tried reinstalling things, such as the Touch Ripple, I couldn't even find them in the library of Preware mods.

Smarter and more experienced users, what do I do?

The patches have not yet been updated to webOS 3.05. You just need to wait that they are before being able to install them again.


Is it me, or does the launcher switch pages more... fluidly


I need help tried updating to 3.0.5 but keep getting an error... I have android installed on my touchpad, just wanted to know if I have remove android in order to update my touchpad!

Maybe someone can help me. I downloaded and began installing the update. Left the room for a few hours and came back and the touchpad HP logo continually reboots.

I of course have Android installed as well.

I've tried holding the power and home button down but that just restarts the touchpad and still loops the hp logo.

Any ideas?

edit: ended up downloading webos doctor and just restoring. going to wait until ICS is released before reinstalling moboot.

I can 100% confirm that the 8-bit sound problem is NOT fixed with the 3.0.5 update.

It took several days to rear its ugly head but it came back once I hibernated it on the TouchStone and came back to it after dinner. Same old 100% reboot fixed it until the next time...Pulse Audio patch didn't work.

I hope they fix this in the next two month wait cycle.

I too got the www.palm.com/ROM message. Blame it on too low a battery charge even though it was sitting on the Touchstone. Now have the July 2011 Pivot magazine. But as for comments on Kindle App. Can't find anywhere. (and I'd love it)

Bluetooth a2dp still broken with enyo apps ... Can't really integrate well with the home stereo because of this.. Facebook app still broken. Either fix it or remove it from the catalog, hp.

Bluetooth Keyboard now switches apps with the arrow keys!

even the rippple patch is broke.

I unistalled th muffle patch, but still would not update. I finally uninstalled all pathces and it updated just fine. Not sure which patch was causing the problem. Will now wait for patches to be updated so I can put them back on the TP

Tried to access my home security cameras via internet, still does not show video. Hope this will be fixed in a future update.

I have 4G touchpad with 3.0.4 on it and System Updates is telling me that my device is up to date, although I got few updates at least couple months ago.
Any suggestions how to update it to 3.0.5...