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webOS 3.0.5 update makes future built-in app updates more flexible 39

by Derek Kessler Fri, 13 Jan 2012 4:49 pm EST

Something interesting happened back in April 2011 with the webOS 2.1 update. HP moved the App Catalog app package from the ROM (/usr/palm/applications) to the third-party application folder, otherwise known as /media/cryptofs (cryptofs being Palm's solution to the application space limit, allowing application files to be stored on the larger USB partition but encrypting to folder to prevent unfettered app copying). The move has carried through into webOS 3.0, allowing HP to update the App Catalog at will and independently of the OS, an ability they have repeatedly exercised.

While moving the App Catalog and later Maps into /media/cryptofs was interesting, it's always seemed more like an experiment than a long-term plan. It's been nearly eleven months since the App Catalog was moved with webOS 2.1, but with yesterday's release of webOS 3.0.5, a whole slew of built-in apps moved over into the app storage folder. Specifically, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Contacts, Email, Messaging, Music, Notes, and Photos & Videos have all slipped over. That leaves just Phone & Video Calls, Web, and the preferences apps all alone as an integrated part of the OS.

The cool part about this is that all of the moved apps can now be updated independently of webOS itself. This is definitely a big deal and our hope is that HP leverages this flexibility to rapidly add new features to apps without having to worry about packaging it with a webOS update. In fact, this may lead to fewer webOS updates, leaving OS updates to merely providing the supporting infrastructure for the apps and features to the apps themselves.

There is one issue, however, with the move, and if affects a significant portion of our readership. Moving the apps to /media/cryptofs breaks Auto Update Patch Technology for automatically updating homebrew patches via Preware. Homebrew developer extraordinaire is already at work finding a way around this roadblock, but in the grand scheme of things it won't be a huge deal or long-term issue, though in the meantime a large number of patches will have to be altered and manually updated to compensate for the move.



could this be part of open source plan o_O

I think it's something that they've been working towards for a while, because it does allow them to update the apps individually from the system, whether or not the open source thing happened.

i did this this morning...ever since i have had a blank screen with a big triangle in the middle of it and a ! in the middle of the triangle and underneath it has www.palm.com/ROM my touchpad tablet wont do anything turn on/off etc... help what am i supposed to do?

try holding the power and home button till it resets

Alternately, follow the link. Funnily enough, it's not for decoration.

things are looking good, allowing homebrew devs to update or replace massive chunks of code/features of our core apps.

ittl be interesting when the webkit browser becomes part of the big picture as well, hopefully this app can be massivly improved upon, this would cut many of the bad vibes webOS has had from just the web browsign experience people have commented on alone.

keep those changes coming.

This is def a smart move and a good thing regardless of the reason(s)

Very exciting potential!

I noticed that the e-mail app only just moved to cryptofs in this Touchpad update, whereas my Pre 3's e-mail app has always been there as far as I remember, intriguing.

So this is why I can't access the patches option in preware. So far none have been updated to work with 3.0.5 that i'm aware of. If someone knows otherwise please let me know.

This only affects the apps now stored in cryptofs, the patches just haven't been uploaded yet.

Well UberKernel was updated, and that's about it, that I'm aware of. I did manage to get some back on before the "patches" part disappeared after my shutting it down and rebooting it.

Yay for my Crime Scene theme being reinstalled. Love the "blood splotches" on my screen of my TouchPad and my Pre(-) when I touch it.

The update worked like a charm. After the update. I was able to update Überkernel with no problem instantly.

How cool is all this now set up!

Thank you.

Keep up this good work on all sides.

This is one smooth experience altogether.

Sounds promising for the future. Did mean a number of hours to recreate the theme I had made for it though. Hopefully there won't be too much more file shifting in the future. Maybe a search feature can be built into Internalz Pro just in case.

What about netflix? that's the only thing I care about. Streaming from the computer is laggy.

Nobody here has any control, but when are Verizon Pre-2's going to be updated beyond 2.1.0, if ever? It's frustrating. They are still selling Pre-2's though, which is good I guess.

where do you find auto update patch technology?

If you mean, how do you take advantage of it, install Preware. See preware.org for more information.

Is that webOS Synergy Twitter integration in this update?

anyone able to install preware through WebOSQuickinstall-4.3.1 . My third touchpad I am doing this but in diff times so I know the steps. But when it says install prware it just hangs. It is in developer mod. nm fixed it

What the article doesn't mention is this also allows HP to open source the OS without open sourcing these apps.

After applying the update, the patch that allowed the display to dim below the 10% setting no longer works, so I uninstalled it, but when I went to reinstall it, I can no longer find it in Preware. Does this change mean that Preware patches are no longer available, or am I missing something? I like to run the LCARS clock at night while my touchpad sits on the touchstone charger, but the 10% brightness setting is too bright, and I worry that the LCARS clock will burn in to my display if I can't reduce the brightness again. Anyone know if I can apply this patch again, and if so, where can I find it?


It only means that the patch is not 'certified' for 3.0.5 yet, which usually doesn't take a week to change.

LCDs don't burn in.

But that patch will be back soon, or as was mentioned, update preware to accept earier patches [use at your own risk.]

Maybe someone can help me. I installed downloaded and began installing the update. Left the room for a few hours and came back and the touchpad HP logo continually reboots.

I of course have Android installed as well.

I've tried holding the power and home button down but that just restarts the touchpad and still loops the hp logo.

Any ideas?

I don't know if this will help
but go to www.palm.com/rom
see if anything there can help you

I had the same problem. If you search the forums (not just the webosnation one), you'll see that others have had this problem.

Unfortunately, you'll have to doctor it using the 3.0.5 webOSdoctor. It will not wipe out CM7, but you'll need to reflash moboot *and* CWM. Then you'll need to restore your CM7 from backup.

You did an Android backup before you updated webOS 3.0.5, didn't you?

Installed the update. Already have Android CM7. No issues with that after the update. Am able to dual boot even now. But all the preware patches have stopped working. In fact the patch category itself doesnt show up on preware anymore.

having same problem can't figure out how to get it back

I did the update after backing up my files. Didn't need to as it turned out. I did remove all patches and uberKernal. After the update it seems faster and I put UK back on and it's good. Govnah never moved but had to start up the profile again. My Star Trek Future HD theme once reinstalled works great. [not a lot of changes are in that theme and I still had to manually load the background]
Anyway, I am happy to see O_S moving forward and can't wait to see a better browser.


Installed 3.0.5 and WebOS Quick Install on my Touchpad. Lost all patches from PreWare and none now show on WebOS QI either!

Have I missed something or are there really no patches any more? :((


Very, very pleased with 3.0.5. Fixes the login problem with live.com, hotmail.com, etc. All the mobile features of Live.com work now (as they should have from day 1.)

I've removed all Preware patches for speed except the latest Uberkernel, run at 1.7Ghz max speed. Performance is no longer an issue. It is quick, responsive and smooth.

The key other patch I love: is "Custom Browser Gestures" which somehow I failed to remove when I did the OTA update to 3.0.5. I use it to allow my thumbs to browse back, forward, full screen and bring up the bookmarks. It very smoothly allows me to browse anywhere now with minimum screen space lost to icons, etc.

How do you turn autocorrect on/off from keyboard ?

I tried to stream HTTP from dreambox (mpeg2), not opening from browser.


auto correct and all the text stuff needs to be on in the setting. It won't work if they are off.
like I keep them. OK type something that will make a cap letter first. Then tap back-space and it will turn off.. ;-)

How about an update for the VEER?! It's still buggy and been out longer...

So your the one who bought it

omg some of my web browser won't load, urgh :-P ex: aol, HT grocery store, error message: eloaders line 29 column 19 invalid element , never did it before until 3..0.5 update a lot of webbrowser error messages

to update... If you have android. Uninstall android first. It interrupts the install

the update solves a lot of the browser issues! Now you can use google maps (including the traffic view which is missing in the maps app) perfectly with the browser including dragging around the map with the finger.