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webOS 3.0 booted onto Evo 3D, cats found to be quite accepting of dogs 110

by Derek Kessler Fri, 09 Dec 2011 6:13 pm EST

As was heavily implied in HP’s announcement that they’re open-sourcing webOS, there are a lot of open source developers already hard at work on our favorite mobile OS. The group is led by Rod Whitby of WebOS Internals, but it’s not really a group, per se, than an idea. The idea being for stuff to truly be awesome one must be disciplined and consistent, even with open source work. That’s why we can have things like Preware while the Android open source community is a mind blowing mess.

Even without webOS being open source (it will be a while before we get to the point that it is), the webOS homebrew community is still making awesome things happen. Enter Ryan Hope (known around Twitter as @_PuffTheMagic_) who brought us amazing things like wIRC and FreeTether. Hope today not so coincidentally posted a trio of photos onto Twitter showing an HTC Evo 3D running webOS 3.0, the version of webOS used on the HP TouchPad. Hope says the work was done three months ago, showing just what the most talented members of the webOS homebrew community are capable of even without webOS being open source.

Now that they’ll soon have full access to everything down to the Linux core of webOS, who knows what we’ll see.

Source: Ryan Hope (Twitter 1, 2, 3); Via: The Verge



I have this phone, the hardware is awesome. If I'm able to eventually put WebOS on it I'll do it on day 1 if it becomes available.

You wont have this phone when it's ready to run WebOS.

"This has nothing to do with today's news of HP open-sourcing webOS. In fact, Ryan Hope, the fellow who did it and took these pics is more than happy to tell everyone they are three months old. To top it all off, nothing is working and it's not even close to being usable."

Come on folks, if WebOS were close to being capable of running on modern hardware, we'd have it in stores by now.

not true, even if you look at how fast and easy it is to port androids OS to any device old or modern its not as complicated as you think. As well as since Webos is full linux unlike android the code is simple to use. As well as porting this over to a already linux base like android or even IOS, will def not be a hassel at all. See how many people are using dual boot iphones with android on it. So no now that the code is out, and available you will see alot of device running a full working version of webos.

Well, exuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssseeeeeeeee me!

I forgot that WebOS was synonymous with speed and ease. Not sure how I forgot that.

Maybe the 30 month wait for launch partners Sling and DTG to show up. Maybe the two year wait for flash. Perhaps the one year wait for stacks. The six month wait for "make it right". The eight month wait for launch in weeks not months after announcement. The three month pause for a public statement on WebOS future.

wellwellwell11, you come get me when any WebOS port boots and functions at 90% on any top five device from any platform and is applicable to regular users to do a self install. Evo contracts start to end in six months, get crackin.

Basically, every single example of "how slow things get done around here" you pointed out are from large companies that were not in any rush to spend money to develop anything for webOS.

Even HP had big doubts about the software they purchased which was why we got the song and dance responses from them.

Getting webOS to run on different hardware will now mostly be in the hands of talented people who are huge fans and do this kind of stuff for the love of it and not for financial reasons.

And yes, I will most likely still have the phone by the time webOS is available for it.

Show me. Most of the problem with the "large corporations" was the same with the small developers making power apps. Palm and HP never developed a core of API's for them to use. So when they were not available for Palm gear, they're certainly not available for alienware. Talk is cheap, post a video of a functional device, do-able from a user perspective in the next six months. I'll be here, I'll be watching, I'll be waiting.

wonder if it'll port to droid 3 soon? Would love webOS on good HW.

Waaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuww! looks beautiful! :O

The pics don't even do it justice. WebOS 3.x on a high pixel density smartphone screen looks ridiculous.

Can you release this? If so I will be an EVO 3D today!

...I meant buy.

webOpenSource naysayers should now be seeing the potential this has.

I saw it eons ago. WebOS becoming the equivalent of a lower-tier Android ROM that people flash when they're bored with their current ROM.

Curious to see what the naysayers of largescreen slab "bricks" that were too large to carry around have to say.

What happened to #phonestoobig?

I'll say it. It's a brick. I actually wanted to go back to my Veer from my Pre 3, if HP will release that darn 2.2.4 update that I know it's out there.

I'll say it too. I prefer something in the Pre3 form factor, but hey, if you happen to have Sprint a new webOS isn't really an option. With this it is.

I have Motorola Triumph on Virgin Mobile because of a very cheap plan $25 a month (unlimited data/text, 300 minutes). I'd put webOS on it in a minute and be much, much happier with my phone.

When you think about it, it's the way it should be - the OS you want on the phone plan you want. Ideally you'd get to chose the hardware too, but you'll be limited by what hardware is available on the carrier and who is working to port webOS to it.

I appreciate the non flip-flopping.

This might be a nice retirement home for larger screen single-core Android phones. Complete waste of modern ones, tho.

Why would it be limited to larger screen, single-core Android phones? webOS 3.0 clearly supports dual-core (i.e. TouchPad) processors. webOS clearly supports smaller screens with keyboards (i.e. Veer).

That pretty much covers everything. Oh and if it's open sourced, it can be recompiled for any type of device. You might as well say that Android is a waste of time for modern phones, it's the same thing.

No, not the same thing.

There isn't a version of PHONE WebOS for dual-core processors, and there's a tablet version for ONE dual-core processor. That particular one is on a handful of Galaxy S II devices and the HTC Vivid. There are many other SoC that WebOS would need to be compiled for, each with different GPUs. Now, quadcore chips will be the standard for 2012 with Tegra 3 going widespread.

It's not easily done. The best Android ROMS take time to compile across some of the devices with MOST features fully supported...and that is with a variant of the native OS!

My advice is to be patient and temper expectations. That's not negative. Just realistic.

Phone and tablet webOS were going to be merged anyway. It was in the roadmap. Enyo was even brought to the phones via the Bing move.

It's not like the tablet webOS doesn't have the ability to make phone calls.

I'm not suggesting that it will happen overnight, but just like how the Android ROMS can be compiled for different chipsets and devices, so can webOS. There's nothing technologically preventing it. I mean Cyanogenmod gets compiled for different chips, why not webOS?

Again, technically possible. I'm sure WebOS Internals can at least rival Cyanogen's work, but their prowess thus far has been limited to a handful of handsets and one tablets running common hardware.

Having to do far more extensive maintenance and support over a far wider selection that gets wider all of the time is....quite a task.

For anyone short of a full-time development staff.

***I'm sure WebOS Internals can at least rival Cyanogen's work, but their prowess thus far has been limited to a handful of handsets and one tablets running common hardware.***

Thats because they were staunchly opposed to the idea of porting or re-compiling given the non-open nature of the OS. There's a post that deals w/ that in the forum and it was made clear there. At that point (Spring '11), looking at other hardware (which I inquired about) was, understandably, not even a question.

***Having to do far more extensive maintenance and support over a far wider selection that gets wider all of the time is....quite a task.***

Why would they go after a 'far wider selection' of hardware? Wouldnt the wise thing to do in this case be to limit the work to the top tier hardware out there? That was the major complaint all along - a need for beefier hardware. Casting a wide net and porting to devices on or below par w/ the Pre 3, for e.g., is a waste of resources. Even the guys at Cyanogen make decisions as to whether certain devices are worth it.

BTW you seem pretty authoritative on the abilities of the web OS Internalz team.

I'm not authoritative at all.

Just saying there's a big difference between modding already compiled versions of WebOS for a few phones and CREATING new compilations for all of the different SoCs that exist even with just the "top-tier" Android phones. The Droid 3 (TI OMAP) doesn't use the same dual-core as the Galaxy S II (Exynos) which doesn't use the same as the Evo3D (Qualcomm Scorpion) which doesn't use the same as the Droid X2 or the Photon (Tegra 2), and none of which use the new Samsung quad-core monster or Tegra 3 quad-core, and so on.

Different GPUs. Different drivers.

Big mountain to climb. I can say, tho, that I'm looking forward to a modern WebOS with finished native apps and hopefully a good virtual keyboard with great auto-correction. That bar has really been raised lately with Windows Phone's VKB.

Well, I'm not a naysayer traditionally, but I spent quite some time (years) tinkering with devices and putting other OSes on them. Rockbox, Tomato, DDWRT, OpenWRT... I even tried to put a Linux based OS on my Samsung TV.

The point is that we only see big thinks here. A webOS screen on non-webOS device, yay! Seen that months ago, although those were photoshopped. Let's talk about the small things, the ones that don't work at all, or at least not as expected. AFAIK those are the things that drive all the fun away from every developer's life.

Assuming HP is keeping the promise they still have to prove that they will help and do not hide behind "Sorry, we can't help you putting webOS on because of legal issues. Period."

Who knows indeed!! I am really excited of the new stuff that can came out of the "open source plan". If HP wants to be lazy and wait...it is up to us the community to push forward.
Let's go!!

Jajajaja!!! Just a couple of hours since the "open sourcing" news and we (webOS lovers) are already "WINNING"!!! I would love to see it in the Samsung Galaxy II and you know what?... why don't we (webOS devs community) shut the **** up out of siri/apple?! Imagine webOS 4.0 on the iPad3?! LONG LIVES WEBOS!!!

If this is what a few really smart and devoted developers are capable of, imagine what could happen if the hardware manufacturers embrace the new open source software and put some real money behind it.

I think you meant to say, "If this is what a few really smart and devoted developers are capable of...when they can't currently even look at all the WebOS code....imagine what can happen when the CAN look at all the code. Imagine what could happen if the hardware manufacturers..."

Waiting for when I can put webOS on my Droid!

webOS and HTC hardware...gingerbread with frosting!

Can I please have this for my EVO Shift?! This would be INCREDIBLE. I miss you webOS ;(

This is the dream...

I need to see video proof of this to believe.

Crazy old video before I got much of the UI loading properly.


touche` :D

Ok, Ok. You have me convinced. You going to try and do a full port when everythings available I take it?

I went to that site but didn't see anything but 30 secs of a phone turning on - is that what we're suppose to see? I'm a believer - just anxious to see!

Where does it go without a gesture area?

Well 3.x has no gesture area and it also has a virtual keyboard which is why I used the TP image for this work.

This is the frustration of supporting WebOS. WebOS 3 starts to shed the strengths of the platform while ICS starts to pickup WebOS elements while continuing to add more and more functionality.

Add to that, the endless hardware options and an app selection that now equals and perhaps exceeds iphone...

I made my jump three months ago. Hardware? Still blown away. Software, very impressed. Fracturization, have not found a bad or nonfunctional app yet. Happy. It's like my Treo on super-steroids. It's nice to have data continuity again too.

I think I might pay if the porting works on Samsung Note.

YES! I would buy that too. Got $50 bucks burning my wallet.

I hope HTC sees this and decides to use webos on some great hardware, 4G LTE, Beats Audio...etc...as an offering to compliment their Android handsets....then we'll get some webos life and market share increases. Better yet, just let GMoto build their Androids...HTC, Samsung, LG.....come over to webos world!

I may buy Android, WP7, even RIM hardware in the future. But I will always install webOS over the native OS. I like this development.

I would love to see webOS on RIM hardware with a physical keyboard :D

Make it a 3.2 inch screen with physical keyboard, I will buy in a heartbeat.

My first thought was a decent (not great) replacement for the Pre users on Sprint. The cheap Samsung keyboard phones (Replenish and Transform) or the Express. They could be had close to free for Sprint phone upgrade plans.

For the slab phone crowd, the Evo is pretty sweet.

Yeah, but can it make a phone call? ;) J/K, awesome work Ryan. Not surprised you are behind it. I happen to own one of them there EVO 3D's, I'd be happy to put webOS on it if I could use it on Sprint. :D

Looks great!

Actually, I wonder if HP will opensource the unreleased slab version of webOS that they were working on (for Stingray). If those are opensourced, it would speed ports to other platforms. Or would it just make more sense to build off the 3.x base since it doesn't assume there is a keyboard? Going that route would require phone components to be added (well, there was the 3G Touchpad, I guess that had phone SW components for data, at least).

Also, did they ever have their driver team work on any non-Qualcomm devices (Tegra, for example)? Will the HW drivers be opensourced or are they proprietary and owned by the HW vendor? But then, Cyanomogen, for example, is able to do builds for various HW platforms so there must be options.

And what about 4G support (LTE/Wimax) given webOS never came in a 4G flavor?

I miss webos the multitasking is horrible on android I love how simple my palm pre was no dumb widgets release the code HP

OMFG, I have this phone and want WebOS back. Thanks to the amazing community WebOS lives on and on some amazing hardware.

Compliments to you Sir Ryan.

Sir Ryan, I bow my head before you.

ok everybody, now lets see just how "dead" webos is.

good times, good times. *opens a cold one and gets a happy smile*

Same here although my drink preference is a hot one. :-)

The ONLY thing that excites me about this is the look on the faces of the Cyanomodjagenin7 noobs when they see WebOS being ported to their robot devices. (BTW I have a SGSIIET4G)

To quote Wayne and Garth, "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!" :-)

I know the first thing I'm installing this on!

My Toaster!

Second will be my GS2.

I will happily modify my EVO 3D with this when it becomes available. I hope the devs port over words with friends and a few other games. lol

make a port for iPhone 4 please

Now that this is done. Can I has me some WebOS on my OG Evo4G plz.

Look at the possibilities... Cyanogen ROMS, WebOS ROMS, CD-ROMS, Something else ROMS...

boy oh boy!!

Can't wait to put webOS on my Evo 3d!

now a reason to get an EVO 3D, but another reason to keep hope alive!

Please, create easy to follow instructions on how to get this on an HTC Shift 4G. I want webOS on amazing hardware with a hardware keyboard.

Props to Ryan for keeping the hope alive.

And yes I meant the pun.

This made my day!

First the HP announcement, now this, Christmas came early this year.

Going to miss gesture area =(

Neither your webOS 3.0 device nor Evo3D had one to begin with.

Awesome, what's the fastest Android phone I can buy so I can put webOS on it? And what about Sprint? How do we get it to work on Sprint?

My guess is that the Evo3D was choosen because it uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip (same as the TouchPad and Pre devices). It seems like the Evo3D is the latest hardware with that chip. So that would be the best you could currently get. And yes the Evo3D works with Sprint.

Oh and as PuffTheMagic mentioned, don't go run out and get a Evo3D for this. Wait until it's ready.


i hope the evo 4g gets this, i be so damn happy!!

Don't be going out and buying an Evo3D just for this. WebOS should work on any phone that has a unlocked/unlockable bootloader. I just picked the Evo3D because I was working with binaries and the Evo3D has the same hardware as the TP.

3 months ago?? Why weren't we told?? lol I wouldnt have bought my iphone!! :(

Now I want EVO 3d with webOS 3.0!!! How can I get this??

Does it run well? Can we get an eta of when it will be out of alpha/beta/ ready for prime time??

Damn webos internals and Ryan Hope.. I love the work you guys do!!! Keep it up!

There is no eta, all it does is boot, there is no buttons or touch available yet. We need to wait for the code to finish this up.

oh ok.. well I am sure you guys will be able to knock it out once the code is all released! :)

Good work! Keep it up!

Yell at me when some funding for devices/hardware is needed

But I like my Pre 2 form factor. Who makes a handset with such a great size, shape and functional ("real") keyboard that I would want to upgrade to some day? I know I'll want something faster just to run new and more power hungry apps. And that day will come much sooner than I would want to admit.

Everyone of those new square phones with tons of glass just look like bricks. No imaginative design. Oh lament!

Can Sprint pre minus users now get an official webos 2.0 update doctor?

It would be great if the Homebrew Community of webOS continued their unique teamed effort in developing for this OS.

Once things start rolling and get off the ground with this I will be glad to give some financial support to ensure additional hardware/equipment/funds.

Ok I just got an HTC Rezound with a Dual Core SnapDragon processor 1.5ghz. When do I get WebOS 3 for it to go with my two touchpads and Palm Pre Plus. Just saying I miss WebOS on my phone already.....

iron out the webOS shizzles, transformizzl it to the motorola drizzl droid and I am a happy user.

I will jump all over this on day one it gets the green light from our Homebrew Gods! I would give generously to support the effort. If anyone can set up a tele-thon I'm ready to support the effort.

If webos-internals and cyanogenmod can collaborate, it will be really good for webos in other hardware.

Wow, can't wait to install this OS on a Pre3 for Sprint... oh, wait, never mind.

ok now if I could use my upgrade on a vz pre3, not likely..come on vz, can't wait to see what happens by the end of the year.

I'd like to see someone put it on a iPhone.... lol.

Samsung Galaxy Epic 4g & 4g touch (SI & S II) pls!

I would be thrilled to see a dual boot (ala cm7 on Touchpad) running on my Evo 3D(2nd line), when it's stable I will finally be able to use my Pre- upgrade! WOOT! Much respect for Ryan Hope for all his past and future contributions....

Yeah! Now lets put in on a printer before HP does!

Big Smile, thanks for that

Amazing! It looks perfect. :) Cant wait for it to go Open Source! :D

so Puff, with all this interest, open up a portal for contributes. See how interested everyone is. Do a pre-order or should I call it a PRE order.

The Pre form factor is my choice equal to the OS. So how about a version for the Pre2 or even the lesser. Should be easier as the hardware is basically set. Bring renewed life to the older Pre family.

While I'm still trying to get a verizon pre 3, Now I can happily get the galaxy nexus knowing I will soon be able to dual boot. Thanks once again WebOSInternals

For all of you who want this and that phone... if its an android phone and it supports custom romz (meaning the bootloader is unlockable) you can reasonably expect webOS to work on it in the future. None of the phones will work out of the box, but there is enough similarities between hardware that it shouldnt take much time to support more and more devices. Again, this all premature since the code isn't even available yet but maybe we will start a new fundraiser for future dev devices. But I can guarantee you one thing, I absolutely will have at least 1 new webos device running on Sprints network :D

Keep us updated, I hate the thought of giving up webOS (as I clunk along with my day one Pre-)

There should be a website that has a chart of phones with unlocked and locked bootloaders.

I've been searching for a definitive answer on the Motorola Triumph for about a half hour now and there doesn't seem to be anyone with a definitive answer.

This is a great post, I will be looking forward to new webOS Sprint phones

This is amazing news. My franken-pre isn't bad but it's far from the best thing ever.

PuffTheMagic, Great job! I can't wait to see the final result. Here's to getting the code soon!

I'm surprised there hasn't been much comment on the headline; I don't know if Derek was referencing this, but it sure fits:

What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath of God type stuff...
Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes... The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, webOS running on Android phones... mass hysteria!

Ok, so maybe there's still some space for dreamers like me, who think that webOS makes an awesome Smartphone OS.

Im pretty satisfied with my Pre- (thanks to Uberkernel's 1GHz), my Veer and my Pre3. But time fades even legend and having my Pre- repaired twice within 2 years doesn't leave much room for hope that the newer devices devices will last any longer - even with guys like me, who tend to carry them around like raw eggs.

1st off this is great news & contrast to the team that's spending there notes and weekends to keep our favorite Os alive, there is such a need for a 3rd dominate operating system its so sad to see the sheep being lead to the slaughter by all running around with droid phones as if it was the only answer to everything mobile, Iphone users are just like us in the since there loyal fans of there Is but droids are just that droids.... I guess that name really fits well

2nd I guess I no longer need to buy or look for a Pre3 any longer l*m*f*a*o

please help us sprint users someone we haven't had any choices since 2009 I'm trying to hold on but there's nothing coming down the pipe line 4 us guys and I'm on my 6th pre and still no update since 1.4.5

This is pure **** for webOS lovers.

webOS, soon with SuperAMOLED, but cool things like touchstone are not included.

I welcome this device running WebOS. After what's happened, you guys are awesome. I was about to make me a FrankenPre 2. After seeing this, makes me wonder if I should wait. I'm still hanging on to my Pre minus. Anyhow, this is great news! Long live WebOS!

So... this will work on every HTC phone in the future?


Awesome work!

Well this is the first step of what I hope will be a great journey.

I'm surprised at how much focus, however, is on the phone-side of the equation. My whole WebOS experience (read: addiction) is focused on my Pre Minus, but the main thing I think (read: fantasize) about all day long is WebOS on bigger hardware. The Touchpad was/is desirable for this reason but so many reports about the build quality only reinforce that what HP brought to the game is substandard and forgettable.

WebOS has the potential now to spread like Linux did and the best way to do that is to root and apply it to the most stable hardware platform with the best build quality per cost. I'm thinking the Kindle Fire or the B&N Nook. If there were a lot of people interested in a $600 Galaxy Tab with WebOS on it the Touchpad would have sold better.

I propose the WebOS developer community (read: heroes) nail down one tablet platform and go after that. The phone landscape is too fragmented and changes too often.

Hmm, my original comment is lost. Well the gist of it is, never mind the intensely varied (or fragmented) hardware world of phones, I would like to suggest the independent developer's time is best spent trying to get WebOS running on a solid but inexpensive stable tablet HW platform (eg. Kindle Fire, B&N Nook).

The touchpad was a disappointing piece of hardware, a seemingly unworthy vessel for WebOS. In the end it's the OS that's got us hooked.

I dream that WebOS will one day become the mobile equal of Linux on the desktop.