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webOS 3.0.6 is available, but probably not for you 26

by Adam Marks Fri, 11 May 2012 6:14 pm EDT

webos 3.0.6 update

We first saw hints that an update for the TouchPad was in the works when app logs started showing devices running webOS 3.0.6, and now we have more concrete evidence that webOS 3.0.6 is real, courtesy of one of our readers who wishes to remain anonymous. His device got an over-the-air update to webOS 3.0.6 this morning, but chances are your TouchPad will not, at least not right now. As it turns out, his device is a TouchPad Go running on Palm's development server, which probably describes only a handful of devices that even exist.

So what goodies does webOS 3.0.6 hold? As it turns out, not a whole lot. In fact, our reader can not find a single noticeable difference between webOS 3.0.5 and 3.0.6, and the onscreen changelog does not provide any further clues aside from mentioning "a variety of software improvements." Is it just under-the-hood enhancements or security fixes, or is there more? Sadly, he did confirm that Twitter synergy integration was not included in the update. We will just have to wait until webOS 3.0.6 is officially released to find out, but at least it's comforting to  know that some support will continue for the TouchPad while we wait for the planned September release of Open webOS 1.0. Now let's get that webOS 2.2.4 (or 2.2.5) update for the Veer our as well!

Thanks anonymous!


Hope this damn update come for Veer!

Yeah, you may as well hope it'll come to the Sprint Pixi- while you're at it. Probably not happening, unfortunately.

The update for Veer (2.2.x) it's to make it stable... I think you want say the webOS 2.x upgrade for pixi... This is another situation.

webOS 3.x will never make it to the Veer. You can, however, hope for 2.2.5...just don't hope too much.

I'm sorry... I want the webOS 2.2.x update not webOS 3.x...
Why don't hope too much? Pre 2 and Pre 3 received the update, why the Veer users can't have it?


Now let's get that webOS 2.2.4 (or 2.2.5) update for the Veer our as well!

Please fix the sound issue!!! Everything else I can wait a few months for...but the distorted sound bug's got to get squashed!

+1 to this.

I too would be happy to fore go any further updates if only .6 would fix the sound bug

Im agree with you~ hand by hand

Call echo123 on Skype and hang up again as long as it is not fixed.

Remember the massive flood of everyone doing check system update on the Sprint Pre....ah those were the days!

A Veer update would be great..since they never pushed one.

"...in the coming months."

Sorry...just so used to hearing that! ;)

Not showing up on my dev pad, so it must just be the ones that are still somehow connected to the mothership only.

of course I just had to go over to system update and try with my eyes shut………ha ha

So people are just dumb... If he is on the seven server then obviously he was going to get the release candidate... No surprise there... But he still wasn't supposed to mention anything. Every other seven got the same thing... But they develope !!!


Somebody know when release webOS 3.0.6 for to everybody?


When the update is released do we need to uninstall cyanogenmod?

now just for those who want wait with OTA till patches... are updated too or want to backup all before the jump, here is a simple solution to prevent automatic updates:

Preventing Automatic WebOS update - webOS Nation Forums - http://forums.webosnation.com/webos-development/268056-preventing-automa...

awesome, another update to break all my patches. I'm still not able to get the volume increaser reinstalled after the last one. Btw can anyone help with that? Thanks

dan-o, grab the TouchVol app. kicks the crap out of the old Volume patch.

I wish my Verizon Pixi Plus would get a webOS 1.5.0 update ( basically an optimized version of webOS 2.x that is compatible with the Pixis & Pres ) That would be awesome :D

I'm surprised that:
1. People are still wishing for updates to their Pixis
2. People are still using their Pixis

I know someone still using a Centro. When you get something you like, you don't want to move.

Anyone know when adobe will be fixed on the touchpad? Horrible reading a pdf document. Other than that and the sound, it is a great device.


Is there support for the Arabic language
And how can I get the Arabic language support

Palm's development server, which probably describes only a handful of devices that even exist.singapore printing shop