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WebOS and SHR dual booted on a Pre [video] 60

by Nathan Mylott Sat, 29 Jan 2011 10:22 am EST

In yet another example of the power and versatility of the Pre and webOS, a user has managed to dual boot SHR and webOS similar to the way a Mac user might dual boot OS X and Windows. SHR is an open source Linux base smartphone OS that was originally developed for Openmoko phones but there areinstructions for porting it to several other phones, including detailed instructions on how to install it to your Pre. There are even apps and developer tools available, although it has not been officially released yet and the current versions are unstable and for testing purposes only.

The video after the break shows the Pre loading up to a screen that gives the user a choice of booting into either of the two operating systems. Though most of the 4 and a half minute long video is just watching the Pre boot up, it is proof of the concept, clearly showing that both SHR and webOS boot on the same device. Interestingly enough, SHR boots much faster than webOS.

Dualbooting WebOS and SHR on a Palm Pre from Lukas Märdian on Vimeo.



Thanks to Ortwin for the tip! Source: Trac, Vimeo



Awesome !!!!

I agree. Well I know what I will be looking into doing tonight :) I just can't seem to leave anything alone.

I just tried to do it, and it crashed in the middle, I had to run a doctor! :P

"Interestingly enough, SHR boots much faster than webOS."

OK, I'll bite: Why is webOS much slower to boot?

Because it does things.

Because you have heard of it.

Because webOS version prior to 2.0 have Java services, so it takes forever.

Another reason is that webOS has a ton of things going on throughout the boot cycle, such as loading the extensive webkit engine it uses, along with the custom engine (Luna) for webOS. Basically, because webOS is as extensive as it is, it can take a while to load everything on the older hardware.

Most of the builtin apps (phone, email, etc) and some of the main UI is written in Javascript. It takes a while for it to get up and running.

The world SLEEPS on how powerful WebOs is. Soon HP Palm is going to take a freegin large bucket of ice water to their slumber!!!!

What is SHR?

Apparently, it's an open Linux distribution for mainly cellphones. I just googled it because I didn't know either.

in the article it says "SHR is an open source Linux base smartphone OS that was originally developed for Openmoko phones"

I'm curious if when the tablet comes if it would be possible to duel boot WebOS and Ubuntu. I'd be in heaven!

"duel boot" - Freudian?

It's probably more like a typo or a spelling mistake (dual).

How would "duel boot" be a Freudian slip anyway? I couldn't figure that one out.

because the two OS's would fight!

It's good to know there is a backup if WebOS ends up abandon.

I don't see HP giving up on WebOS for at LEAST two more years, and that is a minimum. You may be one of those people who will want to use your phone for ten years, but for the rest of us, getting even 3-4 years out of a smartphone is pushing it.

now that there's a bootloader let's get android & ubuntu-arm just for kicks & giggles.. chop chop! ;]

Just get an ubuntu rootfs and use it via chroot.

And bleh on Android. Bleh!

SHR doesn't have to load all the features as webOS does, does it?

That would explain the fast boot times.

Oh that's so bad. Now I want to put it on my device :D It is right, that GSM does not work yet? I love the OpenMoko project (too bad that it didn't get the support it should). Please let us know if you can make phone calls with it :)

And the advantage or reason why you'd want to do this is what???

Everything boots much faster then WebOs :( It took me 9.5 minutes the last time i swapped a battery.

My Pre Plus, even at stock speeds does not take that long to boot up. How many patches have you installed?

and this makes your life better because...

I always like options! I wonder if there will be (or is) much software available for the OS. I'm liking this quite a lot as an Ubuntu (Windows, and OSX) user.

Can we do a dual-boot for Android?

why cant I see comments?

The commenting system has been acting very strange lately.

To see comments sometimes you have to post one yourself, as you probably just noticed after posting that comment.

Very cool, how about triple booting with Android! Just for the hell of it.

it's cool i guess... but the main reason I own a pre is because of webos besides that I cant stand the hardware... webos is honestly just that good

ok so dual boot android anyone?

This is amazing. Now lets get some Android or WMP7(windows mobile phone 7) on this badboy and I'm sold!

Android has already been installed on the old Treo 650...

Thanks for the info. We need someone to figure out how to get one of the newer Android OS's usable and on the device.

or WP7, i still would like that.


some kind of test

The other sure boots fast.

must. Resist. Temptation.

LOL'D @acidhax's comment!

I agree...

but so you know, you can reply directly to a comment (so I don't have to scroll all the way back up reading the names to be able to agree with you).

Android? :)

Feb. 9 cannot come soon enough .....

I'd love an ubuntu dual boot using the new Unity 2D desktop.

The whole beat down on dual booting is.....having to boot again and.....how they can't really communicate with each other. I'm the kind of guy who believes if I can't really find a reason to buy another piece of hardware to host an additional OS then I don't need another OS so I really don't need dual boot. I like to pick an OS that works in all aspects of how I'm utilizing a particular piece of hardware. I also don't need to try a dual boot configuration ever again after having done it once and regardless there are plenty of videos out there to show us all that it can still be done over and over and over again which is great to know. I guess.

You make a lot of good points. Very pragmatic reasoning. Imagine, however, if HP managed to get each OS to be almost instant-on, like 15 seconds or less to re-boot. Imagine if most of your docs/content resided in the cloud, so each OS could share the data more easily.

Would those two features be a killer combination that would change your mind about dual-booting?

HP just filed a trademark for the name DuoPad, and Microsoft recently announced Windows8 will be able to run on the ARM chip set (with other mobile chip sets to follow). So maybe the dual boot will be Windows (for content creation) and WebOS (for content consumption).

The real question is why you would need to switch between operating systems on your phone. Shutting down and starting up again, even if it were fast implies that you NEED to do something on the other OS that your primary OS can't do.

Now, there will always be the techs that just want to dual-boot their phone, just to say they could and have done it, but when it comes down to using your phone for daily use, the only reason I could see for dual-booting a WebOS phone right now would be to run an Android app that is not available for WebOS. Why would YOU want to dual-boot to another OS that does not have a lot of application support?

I think the thing I'm most confused about is why the heck anybody would want your phone to boot android??? Get one of the million piece of crap android phones available. Now a nice open source OS I can get down on!

Not everyone wants to buy a second device to take with them just to run a specific app that is not available for WebOS.

Sooooo...yay or nay? I'm confused as to whether this is a revolutionary stand-point to webOS or juss some gimmick. What will this allow that webOS doesn't? Even so do they share memory or is there a partition involved and it has it's whole own "HQ" that does its own thing?

This is nice and all but I bought a webos phone so I can use webOS. I'll be more excited for webOS updates/features and more app developers.

can anyone help me with installing this im having a hard time with the make ffile and im at a dead end

You can come to our IRC channel: #openmoko-cdevel @ freenode, there we can help you.

As one of the SHR developers i want to say some things to this:

1. You souldn't try this now, as there is a Bug in our kernel which freezes the system after few minutes and you have to take out the battery. I hope this bug will be found in the next days.

2. You shouldn't try to use this if you have no experience with the linux commandline and if you can't read a Makefile, because there is currently no error handling in the Makefile and if sth. goes wrong one has to solve this problem by hand.

3. But we would like to see some people trying this and helping us. There are a lot of ways to contribute, even some non-programming tasks as configuring the theme for the resolution of the Pre. Or easy tasks as making a better Makefile for the installation.

And now some answers :)

* What's the advantage of SHR compared to WebOS?
SHR is a full Linux distribution with a standard Xorg X-server and a full e17 desktop enviroment. So you are able to run nearly every linux application you want to.

* Why does SHR boots faster then WebOS?
In SHR the whole API (FSO2 from freesmartphone.org) is implemented in C, whereas WebOS is build in Java, JavaScript and HTML so WebOS always needs JVM and a WebKit running and this needs a lot of time.

* Can bootr be used to boot Android?
I don't know :) bootr isn't a real bootloader, it just modifys the normal boot process of WebOS which loads a minimal linux first which then loads the next stage throug an init file.

If you want to know sth. feel free to visit us in our IRC channel: #openmoko-cdevel @ freenode (but don't forget to mention that you're talking about the Pre, because if you don't mention everyone will assume that you are talking about the OpenMoko FreeRunner)

Thanks so much for your time and effort. I can't offer much. Only thing I can offer is music/sounds.

If you want custom ringtones/message tones to package with SHR, let me know! :)

duuuuuuuuuuuude. can this work on the pixi? or no?

The Pixi has a different CPU, so you need a different kernel and different binarys.

But in gerneral it's possible, one just has to build the image.

thanks for pointing me to the irc I will go on tonight when I get home and maybe give it a try once more :)