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by Sharon L Copeland Wed, 25 Apr 2012 4:08 pm EDT

webOS apps for first aid

Boo-boo’s and oopsies are a part of everyday life. What if that scrape on your knee turns into a dangerous infection?  What your coworker has a seizure? We might not be boy scouts, but we believe that it's always good to be prepared for the unexpected emergencies in life. Thankfully, our smartphones can help us to be prepared. Be it It a heart attack or car accident or other unpredictable event, there are webOS apps that are there to help you out. So we've gone ahead and rounded-up the best webOS apps foriInstructions, resources, and generally useful tools for dealing with life's unthinkable emergencies.

First Aid for Tablet

$1.99 by RealSimpleEDU.com (TouchPad)

First Aid for Tablet

The folks at RealSimpleEDU.com apparently wanted TouchPad owners to have a top notch first aid app available, and by the looks of the aptly named First Aid for Tablet, the've succeeded. The app goes over everything from basic first aid to more in-depth instructions and explanations for how to deal with allergies, burns, broken bones, strains, and more. The guides are simply laid-out, straight forward, and include plenty of images to better illustrate the techniques you need to know. First Aid for Tablet even includes self quizzes that'll help keep you sharp in between medical emergencies.

Hands-Only CPR

Free by The American Heart Association (webOS smartphones)

Hands Only CPR

You and your buddies are playing touch football, after the ball is snapped you see your friend grasp his chest instead of the ball and suddenly fall to the ground. he's having a heart attack. What would you do in this situation? The Hands-Only CPR app by none other than The American Heart Association gives easy-to-follow instructions for the potentially life-saving action of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Simple and straight-forward, the app has two big buttons. 1) Call 9-1-1, and 2) a quick video to walk you through doing CPR yourself. You just might save a life.

Help, I Crashed My Car

Free by Summit Mobile Systems (webOS smartphones)

Help, I Crashed My Car

We know you're a good driver. It's all the other idiots on the road you've got to look out for, but sometimes they just catch you off guard and your day is ruined with a most unfortunate car accident. Hopefully everybdy's okay, but after that, what do you do? Fire up Help, I Crashed My Car by Summit Mobile Systems, that's what you do. With just a few taps this app can help you find nearby rental car agencies, tow companies and body shops, and even make it easy to remember all of the insurance and contact information you need to take down from the offending driver that decided today as a fun day to play highway pinball.


$2.99 by Appitalism (webOS smartphones)


If you ever wanted an app that could encapsulate every emergency in the book, we at webOS nation have found that app. ICEcare provides useful information for every concievable emergency situation, from allergies to natural disasters, giving you important information to keep you and the ones you love safe. Being as it's ICEcare (ICE being "in case of emergency", a contact you should have in your phone for somebody to call once they've got you unconscious in the hospital), the app also can store your emergency contacts, medical history, and insurance and doctor contact numbers. ICEcare backs up all of this information online, so should you ever need to reset or replace your webOS phone, you're an app download and login away from restoring your data.

Tap For HELP

Free, by Pastorrich1 (Tap for Help for webOS smartphones, Tap for Help HD for TouchPad)

Tap For HELP

If there's one thing that's aggravating about phone numbers, it's that they're always different based on where you are. The number for your hometown tow company won't reach the closest one when you're in another state, nor will you be able to call poison control or a dry cleaner with the number you keep stored in your phone. Pretty much the only number you can count on is 9-1-1. Should you be traveling and need a tow truck or nearby pharmacy or veterinarian, pastorrich1's Tap for Help and Tap for Help HD will be there to help you out in a pinch. Using your GPS-derived location, Tap For Help finds the nearest appropriate match for your emergency needs, be it a medical episode, auto or facility repair, or just needing a cup of coffee stat.


The one thing that's disappointing about the Hands-Free CPR app is that it neglects to mention checking the ABC's--airway, breathing, circulation (pulse).

That is defintely something you learn in a class. This is the "OH ****! BOB'S HAVING A HEART ATTACK! WHAT DO I DO?" app for people that, well, don't know what to do.

+1. Immediately starting CPR is terrible advice to put on a screen like that. What if someone just fainted?

Correct. Always, always, always the first step.

None of apps tell you what to do for an erection for more than 4 hours.

If you don't have a plan on what to do if that happens, you're doing it all wrong.

nice collection, of course a little bit US centric. Anyone apps from other countries?

I can see white tablets!!!

Don't forget our furry canine friends with "Dog Emergency". It can help you know what to do if man's best friend is in trouble.

If you yourself are in distress and alone, if it is medical emergency or other danger, there's "Save Me". It can send an SOS out via social networks, email, 911, and a contact number to call. Then help can come to you.

Ice Care claims to be for the mobile phone, but it seems that does not include my Pre 3. More Pre 3 "vaporware"...

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