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by Sharon L Copeland Wed, 28 Mar 2012 1:35 pm EDT

webOS apps for the Spring

Ah… you can feel it in the air. The crystal white snow has melted, no icicles dripping on the fragile limbs of trees and your breath no longer condenses in the air before your eyes. Yes, springtime is finally here (at least on the upper half of the globe), and with that we urge you to pack a picnic, put on your shorts, and grab your webOS devices to have some fun. To help you out, we've rounded up four webOS apps for smartphones and tablets that will put some spring time bounce in your step and maybe help you with that plant-killing black thumb of yours.

Mobile Florist

Free, by Syntactix (webOS smartphones and TouchPad)

Mobile Florist

February to June is the time when people spend the most on flowers for special occasions, events and for the home. Thanks to Mobile Florist, you can have the power of a full-service floral shop in your hands. You don’t need to travel or wait in long lines or be worried if you got the right thing for the occasion. With Mobile Florist you can select from fresh arrangements to plants or select by occasion (if you're just not sure what to get). Just start out by filling out your zip code, pick a date for delivery, and fill our the rest of the order forms. Mobile Florist has a handy integrated help function, and ties into WhitePages (also built by Synactix's James Harris). It even gives you an order history under preferences and you can set holiday reminders. This app is beautiful and so handy when you have a last minute gift to get. So go ahead and order those flowers for you special occasion, or for no reason at all.

Power Flower

$0.99 by Visual Generation (webOS smartphones, upscales on TouchPad)

Power Flower

Power Flower is one wicked little app. It reminds us of Speed Brain, but with psychedelic flowers instead of more logical iconography. Your eyes have to be fast and your fingers even faster. The graphics are stunning, the colors are vibrant, and you can play the game alone or with a friend. It might be the perfect game for girls and their moms to play together, because what’s prettier than flowers, and girls like flowers, right? The object of the game is to match the displayed flower to one of the three choices at the bottom, with three incorrect or missed matches before you strike out. But the more you get right, the more points you obtain and the faster Power Flower goes. It’s a wonderful tool for developing hand-eye coordination for youngsters, and just keeping the older ones amongst us entertained.

Orchid and Tropical Flower Wallpaper

Free, by ITS on Mobile (webOS smartphones)

Orchid and Tropical Flower Wallpaper

Want to beautify your webOS phone more than sixty colorful wallpapers of flowers? And let’s say these wallpapers can be programmed to change whenever you like? Well is possible with Orchid and Tropical Flower Wallpaper, a free app for webOS smartphones. The pictures are stunning and full of detail, with the collection including everything from beautiful slipper orchids to dark burgundy torch ginger and tangerine birds of paradise. The app also lets you share the photos onto Facebook or through MMS or email to a friend. Only downside: these wallpapers are scaled down to Pre-screen size, so you're not going to want to load them up on the much-larger TouchPad screen.

Garden Planner

$2.49, by CleverMatrix (TouchPad)

Garden Planner

Garden Planner could best be described as a gardener's diary, though a highly interactive one. The app comes with an extensive list of plants, vegetables and flowers you can add to your garden tracker. Garden Planner also has a section on problems to be on the lookout for what to do if/when they occur, as well as calendar for the best times to plant and harvest (though this winter/spring/summer we've got going right now might be screwing with that plan). There are so many bells and whistles it’s incredible. The only quibble would be the UK-centric linkage - Garden Planner sends you to the UK website for Lowes Garden Center when you tap the buy button, leaving potential shoppers elsewhere on the globe out of luck. But you can still use it to build a list of the plants you'll need and related supplies.


"The only quibble would be the UK-centric linkage"

Nobody ever says the same about US centric/ exclusive apps, websites, services, etc (Google Voice comes to mind, and others)

Whilst I agree this is probably annoying if you don't live in the UK, it doesn't detract much from the app, and it certainly doesn't render the whole thing useless, a la Gvoice outside regions with Google Voice. The USA =/= the World, nor does it equal the English-speaking world, or even the select group of people who speak English as either a first or second language, own webOS devices and also visit this site.

I am aware that MobileNations is US based, but double standards are double standards.

-rant over

I agree with you. Though not to talk things right, but I think the reason why they don't do this with US-apps is 'cause the US is way bigger than the UK. So it's less of an issue then. But I do agree with you that it's double standards.

Cry me a river dude.Yes, MobileNations is US based, so yes they'll complain about it if a service isn't focused on the US. Everyone knows USA =/= the World and all the idiotic things you said. Did you also complain that webOS Nation was giving unfair coverage to Mexico when they posted that 1.4.5 (finally) came out for webOS devices in Mexico? Did you complain about "double standards" when others here were complaining about the Spotify app getting coverage when it was not officially available in the US? That certainly detracted from the app if you didn't live in the UK or the other European countries where Spotify operated, so did you complain about "double standards" then too? BOOHOO!
-rant over

May I direct our attention this way ?

Yay, the Pixi+ gets left out in the cold again. Well, good job developer, you no longer get my money, congrats.

ugh ikr ! I clicked on the link & sent it to my Pixi Plus , then I get the message & here's what I get: " this application is not available for your model " So screw you developer !

Good stuff Sharon. Thank you!

For a sec, thought maybe there was a new April 'featured app' update to the app catalog (formerly known as Pivot).

For the TouchPad, I highly recommend Audubon Birds.