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by Ryan St. Andrie Mon, 07 May 2012 4:02 pm EDT

The few, the proud, the webOS Twitter Apps

If you were to ask any of the webOS faithful what they used their devices for the most you would more than likely hear Twitter from a fistful of them. Outside of our forums here at webOS Nation, Twitter is how most of us keep in touch with one another. We debate, give virtual high fives, discover cool new apps, and keep track of news with Twitter. To say that is important to us would be understating just how much we depend on the popular micro-blogging service.

Once upon a time the webOS landscape was full of third party Twitter clients. We never let a little thing like not having an official app stop us because at any given moment we had a multitude of choices to keep us tweeting 'till our hearts content. Over time interest in webOS dwindled and many developers either pulled their apps or abandoned them altogether. The most recent loss was developing house dots and lines pulling their powerhouse Twitter clients Carbon and Graphite.

After the initial shock of losing two of the greatest Twitter apps to ever grace our platform we composed ourselves and ventured off to the App Catalog to see what we could find. This journey turned out to be quite an eye opener for us as it was brought to our attention that good Twitter apps are hard to come by on webOS these days. A quick search of the App Catalog will bring you a fistful of results however with a little research we discovered many of these apps have been rendered useless by Twitter's various API changes over the years.

So in the spirit of saving our readers time and money we decided to put together a quick roundup of great Twitter apps. It should be noted that this list contains apps that work as advertised and can be found in the App Catalog. This article is also not intended to compare these apps as we just want to give our readers a quick heads up on what options they have available.


$2.99 (available free open source), by David Strack (webOS smartphones)

This gorgeous app hit the App Catalog around the same time Carbon did. Instead of focusing on cramming an abundance of features in it, David Strack (the developer) chose to focus on beauty. We would have to say he delivered in this aspect as Phnx is one of the cleanest looking Twitter apps on any platform. In its infancy this app had the metro-style UI that Windows Phone is known for. It was beautiful but David had bigger plans for the app and changed things up while still maintaining his angle toward building an aesthetically pleasing app. All in all this app has all of the basic features expected from a modern Twitter client but wrapped up in a very pretty package that anyone can appreciate. 

Spaz & Spaz HD

Free ($1.99 Special Edition), by Funkatron Productions (webOS smartphones and TouchPad)


“FREE FOREVER! Always open source & no ads!” is the motto here folks! Brainchild of open source coding guru Ed Finkler, Spaz has become one of the most well respected apps available for webOS. This app has damn near been around since the birth of webOS and is still alive and kicking. Despite being free Spaz always delivers an experience that can usually only be had via a paid app. It also has a couple unique features like a unified timeline and identi.ca integration. Last but certainly not least, Spaz is available for both your webOS smartphone and TouchPad. As always with most things open source it’s best to donate to the cause and the developers have made it easy with a special edition of the app for $1.99. With Spaz Special Edition you will get four extra themes and support both Spaz development and our homebrew hero's WebOS Internals. 


$2.49, by Pocket Imagination (webOS smartphones)


Surprisingly, this app has managed to fly under the radar of most of the webOS faithful. Don’t let this app’s “plain Jane” look fool you because it is stuffed to the hilt with awesome features. You can expect features like pull to refresh (a rarity among Mojo apps), inline image viewing, threaded direct messages, and username autocompletion with Tachyon. So if a simple UI with lots of features is what you are looking for we would highly recommend giving this app a try!


$2.99, by Arthur Thornton (TouchPad)


Next up we have Sparrow from our very own Arthur Thornton. Sparrow gives TouchPad users the familiar three panel design that we have all grown to love in webOS 3.0. Arthur managed to pack some unique features into his app to ensure that it is the go to app for TouchPad Twitter lovers. Features like push notifications, awesome in app You Tube playback, and scrolling indicator make this app a must have! Top it all off with a beautiful design and you have yourself one heck of a way to slam out  tweets on your favorite webOS tablet.


Free with $2.99 Pro upgrade option, by Couch Labs (TouchPad)


Simple, straightforward, and to the point TweetPad is a no frills approach to third party Twitter clients for the TouchPad. All the basic Twitter functions like photo uploading, conversation view, and support for multiple accounts can be found here. TweetPad uses the great three panel design that most great webOS 3.0 apps use which nobody could fault the developer for using. If you want to quench your Twitter thirst with an app that is simple, smooth, and quick then this is the app for you.

Twitter and Beyond

There are several apps we figured deserve an honorable mention but aren’t necessarily dedicated Twitter apps. If you hate to use multiple apps to consume all of your social media then incredible! by Zhephree is what you need. The developer of this wonderful app describes it as “Synergy for your social life” and we would have to agree with that description 100%. Next up we had to mention Glimpse by webOS developer extraordinaire Inglorious Apps. This cool app lets you multitask all of your needs at once with its cool widgets system. In a nutshell you can do things like check the weather, browse the web, and use Twitter all on one screen at the same time. Last but certainly not least would be the new kid on the block Taurus. Taurus by OMA Studios is an app that lets you multitask your social streams. With it’s unique dashboard-and column system you can view feeds from multiple networks like Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Just in case you haven't heard of this app before you may want to check out our recent review of this app to see how we liked it.  All in all, we wholeheartedly recommend all of these apps if you want to attack social media on multiple fronts at once. 



Id consider it but TWITTER is recording EVERYTHING thats done as a time capsule of humanity.

Everything you say on twitter is saved forever to be studied by the people of the future. School teachers know this when I asked a few years ago. " Which social media is archiving and saving things forever? " TWITTER. I havent heard if google is saving things forever but might.

Would like to try Tachyon but it is not tagged in the App Catalog as compatible with the Pre3.

I can find in via Preware (with App Tucker Box) but can't download as a purchased app.

Anyone know whether this would work on Pre3 and could suggest App Catalog updated? Or is there another way?

I must say I LOVE PHNX on the Pre3!! Great interface great design overall just a great app!!

I recommend the great open-source version of phnx, Project Macaw. It works great on both the Pre2 & Touchpad and has a number of features for people that use multiple devices for twitter.

That's my favorite too, with Spaz HD a close second. I'm not much of a slot machine player, but I like column look.

this is what I use, and it's great!

No mention of Bad Kitty? I think it's an awesome Twitter app.

If you look at my screencaps you'll see that I do use Bad Kitty and I love it. However it too has been pulled from the catalog by the developer recently.

I had no idea. I guess I'd better not doctor or I'll lose it!

thanks dr. Wu. Funny, cause I was looking at the app cat today for twitter clients. I use project macaw or glimpse on the touchpad and still bad kitty on my pre-

PHNX is excellent, but it's newer version Macaw is even better. Works great on both my Pre3 and TouchPad.

I would have to say that Macaw is my favorite now that Carbon and Graphite are gone. Rocking them both on my Touchpad and Pre 3.

Quick question. Ryan, what case is that on the Touchpad in the picture?

Which of these apps supports Twitter Lists? I only use them, not even looking at my main followers feed anymore, too much spam.

I love phnx on my Pre3. And I really miss it on my touchpad.

I like how the first mentioned app is phnx but in that screenshot there is a bad kitty notification, lol.

Macaw would be great, except it doesn't work on my Sprint 1.4.5 Pre-.

You'll have to pry Carbon from my cold, dead Pre2. I tried Project Macaw/phnx for a while, but I didn't like it's image hosting service, especially without any options for yfrog or twitpic. Spaz always felt sluggish, but I admit that I haven't used it in a while.

I guess I'm just a bit set in my ways right now... I'm still hoping that the Carbon devs open source the app, but I won't hold my breath...

TinyTwitter was also good back when, and suuuuper fast, but the Dev seems to have evaporated.

project Macaw FTW! And sparrow!

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