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webOS backups failing? Ruh-roh. (don't panic) 67

by Derek Kessler Thu, 01 Dec 2011 7:03 pm EST

Over the past day we’ve received a few reports of webOS users finding that automatic backups to HP’s servers were failing. Annoyingly, there’s still no notification for when those backups do fail. Anyway, we decided to investigate ourselves, picking up a Pre3 on AT&T, Pre 2 on Sprint, and two TouchPads, spanning three webOS accounts in total. All four devices failed to complete a backup, with the last backup performed in the late afternoon of November 30th.

Taking things a step further, we asked on Twitter to see if any readers were encountering issues. The response, overwhelmingly, was “yes.” More than 4/5 of respondents noted that their webOS devices were not able to complete a backup and that the last successful backup was no more recent than early yesterday evening. Strangely, it seems that the vast majority of those who were able to complete backups were still running webOS 1.4.5, so either the older version of the OS is not affected or it’s not reporting that it’s failed.

Our assumption is that this is a glitch in the matrix. HP’s @webOSdev Twitter account admitted that there are “some issues with the cloud” that are likely affecting backups and that HP is aware of it and working to correct it (why that was put out on the webOS Developer Relations account and not the more widely-followed @palm?).

So no, this is not HP trying to wind things down and shut down the backup servers. Doing that earlier than two years after the last TouchPad sale would be a recipe for a class action lawsuit. Also, we imagine that your backups are likely safe. The webOS GBU seems to keep pretty decent backups of the backups (redundancy at its best), so we’d guess that a pipe somewhere is broken or misrouted.

But something to keep in mind: If there’s something bothering your about the way your Pre or TouchPad is handling itself right now, don’t go and run a webOS Doctor until we know things are back up and running. We’d hate for you to try to restore a device and not have access to your backed-up profile. Also, if you’re homebrewing (apps and patches, not beer, though that’s not a bad idea either) and haven’t installed Save/Restore to perform additional on-device settings backups, you’re wrong.

We’ve reached out to HP for additional comment on the cause of this issue and when we can expect it to be fixed. We’ll be sure to update you if/when anything happens.

Source: webOS DevRelations (Twitter); Thanks to eveyrbody on Twitter!



same problem here on Pre 3

I just tried on my pre3, and my "backus" failed too!

I agree it is just a glitch in the system, not a sign of impending doom. Still makes one nervous given the current state of things.

Perhaps HP is downsizing their server clusters that handle webOS devices, since the number of devices isn't likely to grow any time soon if ever.

concur: my pre (1.4.5) reported complete and Touchpad failed

fyi: last touchpad backup was Nov 28

I can concur with his concur. My original Pre (1.4.5) and my TouchPad (3.0.4), both overclocked with UberKernel (thank you Internals!), Pre succeeded, TouchPad failed.

I'm more concerned with the issue where the backup causes a critical memory crash. I've been affected by it for months. If anyone else is affected, you're not alone! Details here:


Even Derek & Adam have posts there.

I think it might be affecting more then just their backups. I received a brand new Touchpad yesterday, and was unable to finish the setup, as it would not let me log in using my existing webOS account, nor create a new account. When I try to create an account, as soon as I type in my name and email address, it tells me that an account already exists with that info.

It's really strange though, because when I log into my WebOS account via the https://ps.palmws.com/palmcsext/console/pages/LoginPage.iface web site, it shows that their system actually did register the new Touchpad as a device. I can see it's device ID and OS version number. But no matter how many times I try, it keeps telling me:

"We were unable to sign you in. Please try again in a few minutes or contact HP for help resolving this problem."

There is also some sort of error code at the bottom: BAC001 I wonder if that might be related to the BACkup service? :-)

I'm kinda ticked that I've got a 32GB paper weight right now... but hopefully they'll get everything straightened out soon.

Not good! I am expecting my TouchPad to return from HP soon and will likely have to reactivate my webOS account on it. HP Palm Please fix soon, thanks.

While they get this fixed, if you don't want to have a paperweight lying around, you can use your Touchpad if you use the metadoctor to bypass activation. You won't be logged in to your webOS Account so you won't have app catalog access, but you'll be able to use your Touchpad.


A typo in the title? Really?

This is strange I just checked my pre- and the last backup was 9/30/11!! I did the backup and it said successfully backed up data and shows todays date. My pre3 did not backup last backup was 11/30/11 at 9:29am.

That's odd, I never manually run backup on my Pre-. I have terrible connectivity here at my office, but it says last backup happened this morning on my way in.

Touchpad shows 11/29, but that's the last time I had it on the guest network at work. I suppose that means it does not automatically connect when I get home until I unlock the screen.

touchpad backup failed too!!

My Touchpad fails also. Last backup Nov 29,2011 20:55

My sister had a problem with her profile losing her purchased apps a couple days ago, so I am betting there is something amiss with the WebOS profile servers.

As it was said via Twitter by the webos dev rel team: they know about and are working on the problem. So I guess, the whole thing will be solved by tomorrow ...

I don't see much reason to worry.

I saw this cause a small panic on Twitter. "Everyone, get your emergency kits out!"

Luckily webOSDev was the voice of reason here.

That this situation has been allowed to happen, and not fixed instantly, is a clear sign of a reduction in service quality of the webOS cloud services. The webOS survival kit is designed to have you be prepared to ride out such situations, and should indeed be done now not later.

-- Rod

I'm familiar with your "WebOS Internals" project, Mr. Whitby, (big fan by the way), and I am unfamiliar with the survival kit that is being mentioned.

Please do go on.

I have a little more trust in them that this will be fixed soon. Of course there will be a reduction, but they haven't shut everything down. I'll hold on until Meg announces anything important in the next few weeks.

From Mexico, Telcel carrier no problem with my pre- (old version 1.4.0)backup run well, to see in my TP, I'm waiting for 2 more TP that recently acquired, I'm a bit concerned about this problem I must confess since I don´t trust HP so much.Good Luck

Hopefully is nothing and will be fixed sooner than later!!!

yeah i tried my touchpad and it failed. its becoming official.......

My Backup on my Pre- worked fine. On the touchpad it failed. Also added some stuff to my google calendar and it synced fine with the Pre- but has yet to sync with the touchpad even when forcing sync.

Restores and support site were having trouble around lunch time also. I reset my Touchpad since I didn't realize that if you skipped the restore on install that palm profile contacts wouldn't be restorable later. Restore capability came up later, but Backups still weren't working.

Working just fine on my Pre3 and Touchpad.

Still In my first 90 days of support, I called support last night 11/30. I was told I should try again in a few hours. My assumption was it might be fixed by then. Wrong. Still won't back up, but it doesn't fail immediately now. It goes through the motions, and then fails.

1.4.5 successful backup here. That said, my 'auto' backups haven't run in > a year (I remember reading about the bug where backups stop altogether if you mess with it, so, I left it as manual)

I doctored my Pre + about a month ago, my profile and contacts were retrieved but my installed apps(paid and free) did not reinstall.

My phone still says its getting successfully backed up, but not my touchpad.

some servers are being shut down, that's all.

I tried my touchpad and it failed, lets see tomorrow, please contact support asap to let them know and please inform, I will do it tomorrow morning.



Just to second I¨m chatting with support and inform you

be nice if they made an app where we could just backup to our pc. Hope HP does this before shutting down their backup servers

It seems that you have to go through a painful process of erasing applications and data, after restarting log in to your Palm profile and all applications and data will be reinstalling again.

Please contact Palm support as soon as you can before do it, they will guide you step by step.

backup failed after this painful process, is not working.

Hello all,
I'm in the Netherlands and have a UK webOS account... I use the same account on both my TouchPad and my Pre3..
Two days ago I noticed that my Pre3 didn't backup anymore. Because that happened before (the automatic backups have been buggy for some time already), I tried the usual fix: Switch off automatic backups and manually make a new backup.. After that switch it to automatic again..
Yesterday when doing this on my Pre3, it said that my backup was gonna erased, but it failed to make a new one...When looking at the Backup app now, it shows no last backup date anymore.
However on the TouchPad, same account, I still see the last backup date: November 30..
I checked my account and could log in and still see my data however..
Right now I'm kind of worried: Is my backup still there and because of the problems wasn't actually erased? Hope so..
Still hope this will be fixed soon.. I users get a real crash, they are not be able to restore.

"That this situation has been allowed to happen, and not fixed instantly, is a clear sign of a reduction in service quality of the webOS cloud services. The webOS survival kit is designed to have you be prepared to ride out such situations, and should indeed be done now not later."

So you think that a problem that has gone on for about 24 hours without being fixed means that HP isn't gonna do anything about anything, ever again?

I'm not saying HP is a caring mother to us all, but I do think you may be overreacting a bit.
You of all people should know that fixing an intricate system in which one piece has broken down "instantly" is an impossibility. Even FINDING the exact source of a problem "instantly" is pretty much a pipe dream already.

My prediction is that we'll see backups restored to working order by monday at the latest, and that nothing of value will have been lost.

On one hand, I think activation and backup services are mission critical tasks where uptime is absolutely paramount.

On the other hand, we're talking about a dead OS, so who really cares? HP certainly doesn't.

It's funny, everyone (me included) attempting to do a backup at the same time and no one succeeds :) btw, my latest backup was 30/11-2011 00:14, which is the same time but in a totally different timezone than most here on precentral..

i can't load http://palmwebos.com/support last night, but i goes fine , sooner.

You might want to try hpwebos.com/support. There never was a palmwebos.com

Take it easy, Chicken Little. They haven't told us it's all coming down yet.

still not working this morning at 6:51am EST.

don't forget your towel, that must be the reason.

I think that hp has reperposed their "fire sale servers" to handle profile backups; because we all know what a great job they did.

I'm suppose to get a touchpad for my sister this Saturday, will this not let her make a new profile?

profile creation is supposedly not affected by this.

It is - I have tried several times to create a new profile today, but without success. The last step always fails and I'm told to contact support (who is not working on weekends in Europe)

I hope this gets solved soon as I plan on giving two Touchpads away as Christmas gifts and I would prefer that they were not just pretty drink coasters.

My original Pre (1.4.5) auto-backed up successfully this morning. YAY for the Pre- !! HA!!

The issue is being caused due to issues on the Backup Servers. HP is aware of the problem and is actively working to resolve it as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, all webOS 2.x and 3.x devices will be unable to perform manual or automatic backups. Also, users performing an 'Erase Apps & Data' will find that the last successful backup is restored. webOS 1.x devices are not affected by this outage.

webOS 1.x - Palm Pre, Pre+, Pixi, Pixi+
webOS 2.x - Palm Pre2, Pre3, HP Veer
webOS 3.x - HP TouchPad

Thanks for confirmaiton webOS-TechSupport.

your webOS 2.x list seems short one device... do they fire you unless you pretend the Pre3 doesn't exist?

Thanks for the Info, guys. I nearly missed it. The other day I just thought about doctoring my Pre3 and Touchpad, because I fooled around a lot with patches, recently.

Emails, Contacts and so on are safe on my Zarafa Homebox, but there are quite some apps I need regularly.

So I'll have to wait till things are back to normal - if there's something like "back to normal" at all. At least, it's HP we're talking about, right?


Not that it matters much, since it's already been shown in previous posts here, but my webOS Palm Pre on VZW backups are working fine. I've not restored, but my daily backups are automatically happening.

Thanks for keeping us updated webOS-Tech Support.. I really hope this problem can be triggered soon, because I hate not being able to restore in case of emergency. Being not a techie myself I would'nt even dare to experiment with that webOS Survival Kit...
I assume you keep us posted when things are back to normal and the automatic backups are up and running again..?

We're a few parsecs off course. Oh, and we're also out of coffee!

the backup problem is still there :-( HP, what a shame :-(

Can I panic, yet?

My TP backed up successfully this morning at about 6:46am. Yay! I feel better, now. :)

At 6pm my time (WET) I managed to make a succesful manual backup on my Pre3 and TouchPad again.. I don't know if the automatic backups will work again too (they usually happen at 3am WET), but in any case there's life again on the HP backup servers.. Thanks to whoever fixed this!
WebOS is still alive yeah :-)

Succesful manual backup on my Pre 3 too!
Hopefully automatic backups also start working.

my webOS 3.0.4 Touchpad accomplished a manual backup at about 21:05 MST 12/4.

for now i can restore / delete backup, but then i regret: still cannot create / update backup

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I cannot back up on my Pre 2. I am still getting the Backup Failed. I have recently acquired a Pre 3 actually just when all of this stuff started and I am note sure if I should dare to take my sim card out and try to get my new Pre 3 up and running. It really is a smart looking phone and feels so much better in the hand that my palm pre 2.

Backups on my TP are failing again. :(

CORRECTION: It just worked this evening! Seems to be working intermittently. But it's only intermittent some of the time.

Backup Servers appear to be working again. I was also able to a new tPad bad last night. 3 tPads backed up last night.

My Pre Plus WebOS 2.1 finally backed up about 5 1/2 hours ago.