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webOS cloud backups back online after nearly a week of downtime 20

by Derek Kessler Tue, 06 Dec 2011 8:22 pm EST

After nearly a week of failing, webOS backups are back up and working. Sadly, that didn’t come soon enough, as at least a few readers didn’t see our warning not to Doctor unless absolutely necessary and were left with webOS devices on which they could not restore their old profile or create a new one. That’s not a good position to be in when you have a webOS smartphone. It’s one thing for a tablet – that’s very rarely a necessary device. But a smartphone? Very few people carry multiple cellular devices, and when it’s out of commission that’s a very bad thing.

But fear not, for it appears that the backups are now back up and working. Yesterday morning there was a brief period of functionality, but by the afternoon things were down again. We’ve been checking throughout the day on multiple devices and today our backups have been entirely successful (or at least that’s what the Backup app is telling us). We haven’t received an official update from HP yet on the situation, but for all intents and purposes it appears that the webOS cloud system is back up and running.

You backups should resume automatically some time in the next 24 hours if they haven’t already (webOS backs up once every 24 hours, so if your device’s last attempt at a backup was while the servers were still down, it could take several hours before it tries again). If you’re feeling antsy, you could always fire up the Backup app and hit that big Back Up Now button to log an immediate backup in the cloud. Either way, let’s hope they got the wires permanently uncrossed and the servers back running in top shape. It’s kind of important.



Can we get a browser update!
need it to open hotmail!
and load Gmail correctly!
add tabs. and allowing more cards to be open.
file manager! and a zip extractor program
that all I want really.

maybe also if amazon would update the kindle app so it won't crash

To access hotmail through the browser use https://www.hotmail.com rather than the usual http-request. You will get a notification that the browser is not supported, but it will work if you continue.

mine has never once crashed and i use it almost every day. still, i'd certainly take an update.

Looks like my Pre3 auto backed up at 7am PST this morning. (had also done this on the 4th at 10am but nothing yesterday)

Testing manual now. Manual backup complete! Need to activate my other TP now.

Good thing nobody was counting on them.

HP really needs to hire a consulting company to help them with software, hardware, cloud services and routers. Someone to teach them the basics. HP customers might find that kind of skill useful in their IT concerns.

I had to do a doubletake. I saw the time and date on the TouchPad and thought it was a screen shot from my TP. The time is different by a couple seconds. :-)

does this mean I will start seeing my events transfer between my HP Webos profile on my tablet & my Palm profile on my Sprint Pre2? My events weren't showing up on both devices unless it was Google & Exchange.

No raining on my parade from "the cloud".
Pre3 + Pocket Mirror + Outlook 2010. All sync'd up on my personal PC whenever I want, and it ain't none of Google's business(or whoever).

i had a successful backup on 4th, 5th & 6th. :-)

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get the contacts on my pre2 to sync over to my touchpad without using a 3rd party contact manager like google? It doesn't appear that this is possible, which is kind of crazy because I thought one of the advantages of using a webos phone with the touchpad would be the ability to sync between devices. very annoying, approaching BS!

For me it works again since the weekend

A week!!

My last, probably manually induced, backup was at 20th of April — this year luckily. 8o/

Now everyone can stop freaking out about breaking out the emergency kit.

I have it ready, but I'm not as quick to pull the trigger as some people were on Twitter.

checked backup on my Veer everyday since this story surfaced
every day an auto back up occurred during the period in which "the cloud was down"
good to know I can stop this exercise

Actually, I did get that warning and thank you for that. I'm just glad that this cloud is back up and things are back to normal again.

Odd. I had successful backups on Sunday.

My Veer has dropped in and out of back up several times for the three months that I've owned it. HP never could've been a serious player in the cell/tablet market. Inexcusable.

Pre3 backup is ok. But Touchpad backup is still not running in Germany! Or is it my TP?

Should we expect other episodes like this in the future? I mean, is this one of the disadvantages of cloud computing? I wish people were warned ahead time before making the decision on network security.

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