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webOS Community Edition to bring better notifications 28

by Ryan St. Andrie Thu, 05 Jul 2012 11:05 pm EDT

webOS Community Edition to bring better notifications

Here recently we have kept all of our readers up to speed on the cool new features being added to webOS Community Edition by various webOS developers across the interwebs. So far we've witnessed fast card switching gestures, tabbed card stacks, and alternate keyboard layouts (for our many friends overseas). Well the fun is far from over as developer Eric Blade of GVoice fame has delivered yet another cool addition to webOS Community Edition!

It seems that Eric has tweaked our already awesome notification area to make it even better in the form of bigger notifications. This is beneficial not only to developers but also to users. You see, some apps could benefit greatly from more real estate in the notification area so that they may provide a broader spectrum of controls. As Eric shows us with the picture included in this article his app GVoice has already benefited from the extra area with the callers full name and  buttons for call back and send message. We could also see that this modification to the notification area could be a huge help for a bunch of apps. Case in point, an app like Music Player Remix could accomplish some pretty amazing things like adding or removing a song from a playlist from within the notification area. Everything from games to Twitter apps could really leverage this to their advantage.

In the end we are happy to see so many of our developers roll up their sleeves and add their contributions to webOS Community Edition. We can only imagine what kind of wizardry is on the horizon as it seems that some cool new feature is being added daily. HP has given our community a unique opportunity here and we'd have to say that the webOS community has capitalized on it thus far!


I can't wait for open webOS and I get more and more excited as the release approaches.

i'm extremely excited for the way the progress WebOS has made in the recent months since I decided to invest in the Pre 2 and Touchpad, and im super excited for how WebOS C.E, will be implemented to make my Touchpad all the more spectacular.

Great, just what we need, more fragmentation.

The Enyo side of it, assuming developers use Enyo will fallback to using regular dashboards if the feature is not available. Its easy to make anything fallback, though, Enyo or not. Window.innerheight = 52 normally, and 104 if the system accepts the request for double height. If not, it makes it 52

So much in so little time. It's pretty much certain that the community will do more then HP ever did.

Until other companies start ripping off their ideas/work and call it their own, but thats a discussion best left alone.

Awesome, just like in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

I really wanted it to look as great as the jelly bean demo, and that's certainly possible, but I am not quite that good with CSS yet :).

it was definitely inspired by JB images

What is the chance of open webos getting ported to the iPhone?
Anybody ?

pretty unlikely, with locked bootloader and virtually undocumented hardware

i'm gonna take eblade's word for it and i've heard people mention the locked bootloader before. That said i've always felt that as a practical matter, porting to the iphone should be highest on the list as that gives it access o the widest range of users in one configuration. Like if you port for say the evo 4g LTE, great but then you only get the users with that phone as potential users.

But again as eblade says it doesn't seem likely and possibly it's not possible.

@rothoof No chance, at least not legally. iPhone is a very closed system.

However, there is a chance someone in the community could remake the wavelauncher? Please? I've missed it dearly on my Touchpad.

Also throw in those wavelauncher submenus we heard about a while back please. Thanks!

Oh yeah. I forgot about the wave launcher submenu. That would be awesome - real functional. The idea of the wave launcher seemed kinda pointless at first until I started using it more.

How and when can we get this feature?

I doubt wed see any thing made towards any kind of a release until after the problems with pdk and flash are worked out in the CE Luna.

Thank you guys for all your work ! Amazing in this little time.
I miss the wave launcher too, but accessing the current static apps in the botton bar is very easy and quick.  I think the wave launcher can have a new life:
Why don't use it to have a quick access to the last opened apps? It can be very useful (Palm Os did it, and iOS copied that).
And a kind of virtual gesture area could be awesome too!
Thanks again. Android, iOS can be top sellers but this community is the best!

Music Player (Remix) has done this from the beginning by using multiple notification modules (up to 3 customizable by the user).  But yeah it's nice to have more space in a single notification.  I think you could even go larger than this to have some really rich content in the notification area.

While keeping to the 320px width, I honestly think anything much larger than double the current height is probably a visual faux pas. (then again, I'm known for having ugly software, so what's my opinion count there? :D )

There is the alert area, but it can only have a single view open at a time, and it creates sound and vibration when it's used.

yes Dan and music player remix is awesomeness for sure!!!

I'd love to see the accordion calendars views make a re-appearance as well (at least in the the day view of the calendar). That's one of the things I miss on the Touchpad from the phones.

This is exactly what I was looking for...wish this makes it into open webos...

It looks good, but it has to stop at one point. Yes, the Gvoice notification seems cool and more packed with options, but what would happen if I have several GVoice + Music (remix) + fb + phnx/projectmacaw + any other app that wishes more real estate for their notifications? Yes, one app's notifications are stacked upon itself, but the other apps demand their own space so it could get a little too much. Just saying...
In the other hand... I have never seen something out of this community that isn't classy! So, go ahead, you'll surely make it work!
P.S.: +1 to wave-launcher and accordion view on the calendar.

There's nothing stopping an app right now from piling up a dozen or more notifications, and in fact, I do plan to do some tweaks to the GVoice notifications, probably after SynerGV is out, that will end up un-stacking them to some degree on phones (there will likely end up being a notification for each conversation that has new messages, rather than a single notification for all conversations -- this is because you can't swipe away individual notifications on phones at this time, as the Luna in 1.0 and 2.0 doesn't support it, you can only swipe the whole dash window) .

At normal size, Luna gives enough space to the display window for 5.5 notification windows. I would not recommend using this double height dash for permanent apps, and as much as I do like having dashboard apps, I feel that they totally get in the way of notifications, as is.

Perhaps a third area could be added (notifications and alerts being the first two) where things that aren't notifications, such as your weather dashboard and music player dashboards, and stuff could go.

Maybe HP/Palm has some even better ideas they're going to show us in Open webOS...

You could do like Android did for Jelly Bean and make the notifications expand and collapse using two fingers gesture.

all I want is a lean mean version of webOS, I'm tired of all the lag that I get even with my pre2.

Noob question, as I'm no genius when it comes to webOS, but is it possible that this could be run on a Pre2? I plan on performing the FrankenPre swap.

There hasn't been any formal info released yet, but I'd imagine it would be available for Pre2's at some point. Nothing has been officially released yet.

I am lost in understanding the relation between WebOS Community Edition and WebOS 1.0. Are all these Community changes going to be incorporated into 1.0? Are each going to be available to install on the Touchpad? 

I can't wait till open webOS but I just can't shake the feeling that hardware developers will make hundreds of crap handsets (I'm looking at you samsung) that will ruin webOS forever like WP7 and Android. HP should enforce a template of design to keep ugly webOS phones off of the market.