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webOS Community Edition sees first release as webOS Ports' LunaCE Alpha 25

by Derek Kessler Thu, 16 Aug 2012 10:14 pm EDT

webOS Community Edition sees first release as webOS Ports' LunaCE Alpha

HP released the webOS 3.0.5 LunaSysMgr component to open source back in late June and worked with webOS homebrew pioneers WebOS Internals to put together the WebOS Ports group to guide development of the Community Edition project. We've seen plenty of what webOS developers have been able to hack into the open source component, but something that normal people like you and me could install wasn't yet available.

Technically speaking, what we have now is something that normal people could install, but it's not something that normal people should install. At least not yet. After two months of work the first alpha releases for the WebOS Ports version of the Community Edition LunaSysMgr have been released as the new LunaCE package that incorporates some of what we've seen unveiled and some new things too.

There's something very important to note: it's an alpha release, so it's guaranteed neither stability nor functionality. We installed it on one of our TouchPads to give it a test drive and it's generally pretty smooth, though it has some quirks (like odd spacing in the dock and issues with PIN locks). If you depend on your TouchPad, it's not something we'd recommend installing just yet, just to be safe. Plus it's good to be able to contribute to the process if you're going to install the LunaCE alpha - it's known to have some bugs, but there are likely others, and the WebOS Ports team needs some first-level testing to make it happen. Don't feel bad if you think you should wait for the beta version, or the release version; there's no shame in that.

So what all does LunaCE offer at this point? Infinite card cycling (reach the end of your spread of multitasking cards, swipe again to jump to the far end), tabbed card stacks (swipe from the edge in a stacked card to see a column of mini cards in that same stack to quickly switch), edge bezel card switching (swipe, slide, or drag in from the bezel to move to the next card - pictured above), and a universal search icon in the title bar, among other things. All of these features are controlled through the latest version of Tweaks, which adds a new section for Luna options.

LunaCE is installable through Preware, but you'll need both access to the alpha feeds and the newest alpha version of Preware. Getting yourself set up in the alpha feeds requires terminal access on your TouchPad (either by hooking up through WebOS Quick Install or using Xecutah) and following the instructions at testing.preware.org. Once you're set up with the alpha feeds, installing LunaCE is a simple matter: bring it up in Preware, tap install, and then performa a Luna Restart. Hope into Tweaks to turn things on or off and you're ready to rock on the bleeding edge of homebrew. There is, of course, the unaltered Palm LunaSysMgr available to install in LunaCE's place should things not be to your liking.

We'll be keeping an eye on LunaCE as it progresses, it's am exciting homebrew project and we're glad that we've got WebOS Ports and WebOS Internals on the job with the support from HP.

Source: WebOS Ports


As a small note, anyone wanting to alpha- or beta-test WOCE should also look at http://testing.webos-ports.org/ (this is slightly different from the regular Preware alpha/beta setup).

It's where the new LunaCE goodness is.

please can I have this to install on a nice slab phone, like my Samsung Focus?

I was thinking HTC EVO 3D, since I have one sitting around at the moment, and it runs the same CPU as the TouchPad. Someone already ported webOS 3.0.5 to it, but it was in such a rough state that nearly nothing worked. Something like this, or Open webOS would be hilarious.

I dont get what is so confusing about what the community edition is. This is not a full OS people can just port to other devices. Think of it as a patch to Luna. It just replaces one part of the system with something better and more customizable.

I check in here every now and then to get some good news about new webOS phones but when I read comments, all you geeks want to talk about is waiting for the next touchpad or wanting open webos your touchpads. Tablets? Are you kidding me. WebOS phones is what we need. I have a touchpad that I rarely use. I use my Pre 3 every 10secs. It seems like what we have left of the community are geeks who want more webOS tablets and comment like crazy whenever there's a free app giveaway. Can we start with focusing on putting open webOS on phones and then maybe touchpads? Damn, you guys have your priorities screwed up.

Sorry, did I miss the memo that said the community is responsible for the design, manufacture, testing, marketing and release of new hardware?
As it stands, we don't exactly have much choice. webOS 2.x is not open-source and HP is no longer supporting the devices that run it. From a development standpoint, the only choice we have is to go with what we're given, which is the Community Edition of webOS 3.x and in the future, Open webOS.
Please get your facts straight in future before raging in the comments section.

Ding ding ding! ShiftyAxel wins by a knockout!


We don't even have Open webOS at this time.

IF you happen to feel like blowing away several sleepless nights, like I did a few weekends ago, you could see if you can figure out how to progress any farther than I did here:


I use my Touchpad every day, so I'll wait until this is golden. Sounds like they are working on some cool new features.

I sincerely hope that along with cool new features, they address outstanding problems like the audio bug and the media indexing bug among others. That is what we really need.


The audio bug is really unacceptable. Yay pulseaudio (hate it on my laptop too. What a useless flaming pile of crap. Can't believe they used it for webos vs. alsa).

Pretty sure that pulseuadio is the current audio system of choice on most distributions. Linux audio has always been a complete mess, though, and probably always will be. If we could get the audio hardware to come back from low power state properly, or alternatively prevent it from going to low power state at all, that'd probably solve it.

I'm no kernel hacker, though.

Considering that the sound problem appears to be related to the kernel driver, rather than any other point in the system -- do you know any kernel engineers who would like to propose a fix for it? Noting that it's still present in Android thru present CM9, my guess is that the sound driver likely needs to be modified to either ignore low power states, or properly come out of them when it's supposed to.

Media indexing bug?

Though the source that we have is not for any media indexing.

I agree with the angry guy, that we need open webOS for phones.
you would think that is the ultimate goal, to get open webOS on tablets and phones.

just hang in there.

I have two touchpads that I use everyday for multiple things.

my 2.5 year old son uses one of the touchpads and we had a iPad 2 that no one in the family touched.

come on WebOS.....open open open......

yeah, well, that should come as no surprise, that anything webOS-related, simply HATES any possible monetary returns, that is why they have decided to botch the flagship (or even mainstream, like Pre 3 was) smartphone niches, and focus on quirks like the Veer or fads like the TouchPad instead.

Even Apple is making 10 times more money from iPhones than from iPads, and let alone other manufacturers (who I cannot frankly understand, WHY are bothered with tablets at all).

being idiot decision makers as they are at HP, makes a perfect sense.

Hard to say that tablets like the TouchPad is a fad at this point.

It is not hard at all, if you compare it to smartphone sales. Yes, they are growing (especially, as the race to the bottom continues, and the tablets are getting priced alongside what they are really worth, realistically - in terms of usability / real world value), but the numbers are nothing comparing to smartphones.

@toymaker: That, the accelerometer bug and the PIN bug. My screen orientation is now permanently locked. So far, restarting seems to clear the PIN bug. I wish HP would release one more luna version with the bug fixes they had claimed to be working on.

@kingtxag: I wonder if it would be possible to make a Pre upgrade from the open source code. The other option is to get an Andriod phone and install either the HP or CE WebOS when they become available. It's not Palm/HP hardware, but it'd be nice. Meanwhile, I'll be glad to get that iPad out of your way for you... Your welcome.

Great work, but tablets are a lounge around the house at night thing. I use my phone ALL THE TIME. I wish we could get some love for our phones. There are serious flaws that need to be fixed, especially on the Pre 3, and we know that won't happen within HP.

- I want bluetooth to properly, and automatically connect to my devices like it did with my Pre- on 1.4.5
- I want a reliable Wifi connection
- I want reliable switching back to GSM when I turn off Wifi
- I want google maps to not kill my pre3 every time I run it. Mostly an app problem, but if an app can kill the phone, then the underlying OS and APIs are simply broken and need to be fixed. A single app should NEVER render my phone useless to the point that I sometimes need to yank the battery.

These are BASIC under the hood things that should never have been broken in the first place.

I don't have any of these problems on my Pre3.

Is there a good demontration video somewhere of ALL the new features?
I think I've got most of them down (tho I haven't figured out the app drawer (is it there?), and am unclear if I should remove my patches to add icons to quick launch (ooo, can we have a wave bar back?  That'd be hot!  Maybe some multi-finger gestures to come too, even neater :)
I'm in particular curious to see the fluid gestures in motion.  (Looking at the first result on youtube, it looks more like a slide gesture.. I set LunaCE to fluid, and it just acts confusing :)

I believe that the Tweaks have all been updated with help screens describing each of the features. At least, that's what I've heard.

Just installed this lunaCE and loving it.

Swiping left and right to switch between apps should have been done by HP, its so natural.

Can't wait to see what else can be achieved in CE.

4.4.2 is just out.... Keyboard patches are working again! Great job guys!