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webOS Community Edition yields TouchPad gesture-based app switching 27

by Derek Kessler Thu, 28 Jun 2012 10:38 pm EDT

webOS Community Edition yields TouchPad gesture-based app switching


We've been waiting a long time for this one and we're glad to see it finally here: gesture-based application switching is becoming a reality thanks to the work of homebrewer Eric B (ekdikeo) and the webOS Community Edition open source release. The modification came quickly after this week's release of the Community Edition for webOS 3.0.5, and the tweaks to LunaSysMgr allows users to swipe in from the bezel on their TouchPad to switch to the next app card without having to go into card view, swipe over, and tap to bring that app to full screen.

It's a simple tweak and something we've been practically begging for for over a year now. When the app switching gesture will make its way into a release that mere humans can make use of, we're not sure, but we're eagerly awaiting that day. Video after the break.


Awesome! Like Windows 8 swiping in from the edge. How do we get this on our Touchpads? We it be available on Preware?
Also, how about doing a inward pinch and getting a Mac expose type view of all the cards in grid in one go? Is this possible?
The Touchpad UI is so simple and elegant . I keep coming back to it from Android and iOS!

Everything's possible with the Homebrew crew my friend.
Great! When and how will it be available?

P.S.: Derek, I know a good manicure-ist... Just saying...

I'm the one in the video.. In need of the manicure big time. I have a really bad nail biting habit.. Gave it up for almost six months then just fell back into it. Harder to give up than smoking. I can't replace or remove my fingers!!!!

Man, are you also the one in the photo? That's the one I'm referring to; if so, I also know a pretty good insurance agent; we need to cover those valuables hands of yours and assure us some more tweaks and updates. We cannot trust your biting habits nor rely on your force of will anymore ;-) .
When and how will be available for the rest of us, mortals?
Thank you very much for your work and dedication to webOS.

I am not the guy in the photo. :)

I can't wait to see what everyone is able to do now that we have an open build! Best. Community. Ever! Thank you to everyone for all your work!

I'm excited! I'm excited! I'm excited! I'm excited! I'm excited! I'm excited! I'm excited! I'm excited! I'm excited! I'm excited! I'm excited!

You sound excited!

Well, so am i.

WOW.. :)

Suh-weet! And it's just the beginning. Thx eblade!

Brilliant. This news just helps me to hang on for a while longer. Looking forward to more awesome homebrew. Where to donate?

Nice to see this...BUT how can I distinguish between app switching gestures and the Simple Browser Gestures patch by Garrett92C? I have my browser set up so a swipe from the right goes backward and from the left goes forward. I absolutely love this and would probably NOT give it up in favor of app switching, which I do much less often than scrolling forward and backward in the browser. Of course if we had a multi-tab browser like Firefox this would not be a problem.

Garrett92C also has a more complex version which allows assigning browser forward and back to either the top half or bottom half of window edges. Maybe the app switching gestures could be assigned to upper right and upper left and browser gestures to lower right and lower left?

Anyway I'm happy to see evidence that webOS is not totally dead-ended!

My patches still work fine, but they no longer recognize a swipe in. You have to tap the edge of the screen to trigger the events.

This is great work... I donated $20 a couple weeks back to webosinternals to help support this type of work. Looking forward to what else they can do...

Curious whatever happened to the Isis browser ..

By the way -- Dave still works for HP/Palm, as far as I know, so I don't think he qualifies as a homebrewer, unless HP has relaxed their rules for employee written software/contributions (which I hope they have!) .. but, I did write the patch that does this :) Not mad at anyone or anything, just wanting to make sure credit is given where credit is due. At first, I didn't even notice that anyone was credited with it in the article, other than "webOS Ports" which would've been fine, as well. :)

nice work brutha...

hopefully the article is corrected by DK

Heh, sorry for the confusion everyone.  I saw Eric's video and tweeted instantly (apparently before he had a chance to do it) and that's why people associated me with it, I guess!
Look for me in the deep, dark recesses of the Enyo framework source.

I really hope that the "WebOS Community Edition" becomes fast the playground for Homebrew guys, and when OpenWebOS finally becomes avaible I belive that they can port more easy the work done to it. Great Job!

Zombie OS's are the best! :D Can't wait for more Homebrew goodness.

Is there somewhere where I can find good documentation on the Community Edition source code to know exactly what files do what?

It would save me lots of time of browsing through the source code files to know what each does.

Bring it on !!! I cannot wait till I can doctor my TP with it :)

Now that's the webOS I know and love.

Clarification - at this point this development is just the linux build script to build a legal new LunaSysMgr with community added features to replace the stock one in 3.05. But, from what I'm seeing there will be much more to come...


Basically: This will build a new binary from the code + modifications, stop the service on your TP, copy the new file over, start the new version of the service. No doctors or kernels needed for what this does so far. I'm guessing the binary will end up in Preware at some point to make the build step unnecessary and automate the stop/copy/start process. AND/OR a new patch + build process is being developed so that selective HB patches could be incorporated in new code on the fly and built in to binaries directly on the TP, then made to replace the stock binaries. Kinda just like we currently do with the interpreted code patching.

Yay - webOS has it first and best!

Actually, I don't care or know who has it first or best. I just love using my TouchPad and Pre3 and appreciate all the good work home brewers and webOS Internals and HP are doing on it! It may not (yet) play Netflix, but it is such a nice environment to work in that I almost never boot into Android, and I only use my Android phone at work.

Seems like this would break "le Figaro" : https://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=com.lefigaro.lefigarow...
swipe is used to switch between pages

silly question, but how do we get this lovely new feature - I don't see any available updates and it is not listed anywhere...

Article states that it is not yet known when this will be available to the end users.