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webOS-desktop file system patent gives a glimpse of things to come? 20

by Phil Nickinson Thu, 07 Apr 2011 2:22 pm EDT

One of the hottest tickets around in the coming months is going to be webOS running on full-fledge laptop and desktop computers. We've seen it hacked onto a Chinese desktop. And we heard ol' Jon Rubinstein himself talk it up a little more recently, about how it'll be running "in a window." And now we've possibly got a few more details ahead of the eventual beta launch, courtesy of a patent application.

The patent actually was filed way back in late August 2010. Titled "File System for Dual Operating Systems," it deals with, obviously enough, file systems and how something like webOS on a desktop would work. And we'll be perfectly honest here: It's dry reading, even with this pictures.

Check out the whole shebang at the source link, if you dare, and we've got a few more pictures from the application after the break.

World Intellectual Property Organization (patent pdf) via PalmPre-France




Where is Rod so he can tell me what the **** this means!

My thought exactly. I need someone to translate this into English.

i think ill wait for the podcast to understand this.

So will webOS on desktops be limited to FAT32 and NTFS file systems?

I saw some ext3 sprinkled in there, although (I think) current webOS phones use ext2.

I don't know this does not look like some kind of filesystem, but something more with external device, it could be maybe having the OS loaded from another device then from the actual device the OS is on.

For example: take your Pre3 and tap your laptop then the laptop would start WebOS true
the Phone to the Laptop and there you got WebOS on a Desktop

Edit: at first it looks like the phone as a external storage device without connecting the usb coord, but you can do it with the bluetooth to.

it would be neat if they had some USB drive toy that would sit on your desk. You would use the concept of touch to share, but not touch.. you lay it on whatever the toy looks like.. maybe just a pad or something.

It would then register that you're looking to boot webOS in a window. Your profile, everything loads instant as is on the phone (even if you have something opened, a game for example, it would appear live time).

Think of this idea as a real time sync.

I think that would be pretty cool, useful.

If you had to pound out a huge email you could just use it as is like that.

Isn't Hyperspace in Fig. 4 the instant on OS that HP bought in 2009? Does that mean that they can use it to have webOS instant on in Windows?

This is a Phoenix Hyperspace from Phoenix Technologies before HP purchased them for $12M.


Hyperspace is the instant-on OS HP bought, presumably to replace SplashTop that they use on some machines.

I can see this being used to give the user basic functionality while the main OS loads in the background. Imagine hitting the power button on your laptop and it just popping on. You now have access to a basic webOS setup and can check mail, browse the web etc.,. Meanwhile the main OS loads, you hear the familiar Windows or Linux startup sound and the instant-on OS and apps shrinks into a window on your Windows desktop. Even better is if when the main OS loads, the app you are using stays as is and the instant-on desktop background fades to reveal the main OS and the two OSes work in seamless mode together with a synchronized filesystem.

Now that would be something. Boot your PC into webOS Hyperspace and go from off to Angry Birds in seconds. That would be a great selling point for HP webOS PCs.

Uberkernal Gizzzzz....

RubInstein. The name is RubInstein.
Speak after me. Rubinstein. Easy. Really.
Like in Arthur Rubinstein.


Show me a carrier name... A EFFING release date date.. SOMETHING ALREADY!!! I could care less about this CRAP (even though Im sure will be purchasing one lol) But WHO CARES RIGHT NOW??? All of us who are STILL here are fans b/c of webOS on OUR PHONES not on a PC's..

When HP FINALLY decides to come out for PC then you can come back and tease us on that **** too Phil but seriously this is ridiculous already ugghhhhhh

cool story bro


Lol Thanx for being such a stand up guy =/ Im just saying its April. The ver is suppose to be out before the Pre 3. Not carrier, no news. The Pre 3 is suppose to come out in June. No carrier info, no date. Like what the **** is going on? How was no money having Palm able to announce at least a carrier 6 months in advance and unlce money bags HP has none? But what? A leaked photo of a Pre 3 running on Verizon??

But hey let's detour us from those facts and give them info of stuff we plan to do at the end of this yr. That should keep us going right?

Well ok fine I'll play along.. Hey Phil, being that I see the FAT32 and NTFS files does this mean that finally, FINALLY when whoever has the Pre 3 (cause that how loyal I am to this OS) which I will jump ship to.. Does this mean that I'll be able to transfer media files from the Pre 3 to my PS3??? Cus that another thing I never understood.. Their both Lunix base devices and yet can't communicate with eachother to even a simple thing as transfering photos and music.. I would love to see that they same way you guys are so enterpise motivated to put webOS on PC's hows about you guys partner up with Sony and show Google and their defragement garbage how its really done?? Thank you much and I still love webOS just frustrated man with all this darn waiting :-)

You just had to say "coming months" didn't ya, Phil. You makin' fun of us webOS fanboys? :P

Anyway. I'm looking forward to the English version of this.

lol. No dig there. I'm excited to finally see it all drop, too. :p

OK, so there will be more than one ecosystem environment. Competition! Great!
I've been running WebOS SDK on my mac, and it's fun.
Been trying to get it to run on my HP Touch, no nada. I think it may be Vista's fault.

my question is if I buy a new HP laptop will it be able to support whatever WebOS offers on PCs?