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HP hints at webOS desktop integration? 54

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 07 Feb 2011 4:03 pm EST

Today HP unveiled a new version of its Windows 7-based TouchSmart PC, the TouchSmart 610. It's an iterative improvement over the previous version - the big change is that they've created the clever hinge you see above so you can place the PC at a more comfortable angle.

From our perspective, however, the more intriguings part of the story comes from the fact that the release was an occasion for HP's Kirk Godkin to dish to CIO about how HP is thinking about the integration of the different types of computing devices they're producing.  Specifically, we've been wondering if there was a place for a webOS environment running on top of traditional desktop operating systems and synced to tablets and phones. 

[...] multiple operating systems can be loaded on a single all-in-one through virtualized environments, and developers will be able to switch between operating systems without rebooting the system.

"Even in content creation devices like this, WebOS has roots," Godkin said.

In addition to the cloud, devices like all-in-ones or towers could become a spot to store data in homes where it can be touched, felt and heard, Godkin said. The company is heavily focused on establishing a strong local sync relationship for desktops to easily handshake with mobile devices.

Parsing that out, it seems pretty clear that HP not only wants to spread webOS out amongst a multitude of devices, but also ensure that it integrated with non-webOS devices in elegant ways. CIO also made sure to mention that the MediaServer team has already been integrated into the webOS team to further improve its multimedia experience.

Source: CIO; Thanks to rot in our Forums!




Is it wednesday yet?

There's a mouthwatering aroma coming from HPalm's kitchen, and I'm looking to get my hands on whatever they're cookin'!

I hope the Feb. 9th announcement sheds more light on possible webOS integration into a desktop environment. Depending on how well they are integrated, this looks to be a very nice feature.

Not impressed for my application. I customize all of my desktop hardware and I doubt I would ever be able to get any smaller than my current 26 inch screen.

What I think is funny is that PC shows this "leaked" information but in all likelihood they know what HP is going to announce but signed an NDA. So they can only report on things other sites/people leak.

That's typically what you have to do when you sign an NDA.

Exactly what i said when they announced the pre 2 would be the flagship for awhile.

No. I don't think they know anything more than any other news outlet, basically, that press release announcing the announcement.

What are the chances that we see a webOS application for any PC/Mac/Linux or any other OS? I have Windows 7 and would love to open up the webOS app and it will be a mirror of my Profile with everything in storage.

example: If I take a pic on the Pre and open up the webOS app on the PC it will be there too. I'm really loving the fact that you will be tied to a profile and not a device.

almost looks like a sprint logo

+1 for the tease.

Just build some great devices. No hype, utilize the potential of webOS across multiple devices and do it quickly.

,talk talk talk. Prove it.

Defo can see them doing this, they have fast web asscess software on the HP laptop I have that boos in about 5 seconds if you enable it and you access all sorts of lovely web stuff!

Very sweet. This is the ecosystem we want!

Enough of this shenanigans HP.
SHOW ME 3.5" - 4" thin phones, Powerful battery life, auto focus camera with virtual keyboard.
.... Just take the Iphone4 and the HTC Evo and just put WebOS on it please!

Yeah, what he said. And upgrade to PIMs to at least match Garnet. Thad be a goodenuff start.

Glad an even bigger vision keeps leaking out tho. Us Palm folks simply have a hard time embracing much more than a me-too smartphone, we have become so jaded to Palm's ways. HP's pockets are so deep and range so wide that I too will have to see something first.

What would be interesting if the Tap-to-Share feature also included Tap-to-Desktop, a way to use webOS apps in Windows, then spit them back again.

Lame...I don't like W7

Probably wouldn't even need an application. Just log into a web site and your apps appear, on any computer. How cool would that be?

If certain apps and app states could be pushed between devices, going from tablet or phone to PC when you plugged it in or something like that would be interesting.



Kinda useless since you can't open documents..

Adobe Flash is part of WebOS 2.0. I have it on my Pre2.

Feb 9th will likely announce WebOS 2.0 for all existing Pre/Pixi owners (crosses fingers).

I wonder if 2.0 is jumped completely for legacy devices, since the newer versions already running around. Hmmm?


Sorry, but I am not understanding what you are trying to say.

Did anyone notice this bit?

The TouchSmart610 also features the new HP LinkUp application, which allows users to wirelessly link a notebook PC to the TouchSmart using a home network.(3) Accessing and viewing applications, files and content from a notebook on the TouchSmart's large HD screen creates a more comfortable and productive experience.(1) Changes are saved directly to the notebook so there are no file transfer hassles.

What if LinkUp was available across multiple OSes? Could you drive your notebook from your WebOS tablet?

There's a thought...


1Day 22Hours 47Minutes



I know rite

I was half-awake this morning and dreamed I was checking this site and the updates were coming out XD

So, we're talking a VMWare type virtual environment to run WebOS on a desktop? The potential is pretty cool.

here's a dumb HP WebOS article titled "HP May Have Abandoned WebOS in Smartphones".

I registered for that site just so I could make a comment. Thanks for the heads up. We have to stop ignorance in its tracks whenever it pops up.

Here is what I posted:

"The title and premise of this article are absolutely ridiculous. HP is fully vested in WebOS for Smartphones, Tablets and other devices. WebOS just needs great hardware -- enter HP.

You shall see on February 9th."

LOL I saw that article and facepalmed hard.

Is this big HP/Palm event going to be streamed to the web? That would be great to watch or listen to it live.

Don't get me wrong; I'm very much ready for Wednesday's release...BUT, I REALLY hope the HP/Palm will release a WiMax smartphone!

Anyone care what Sprint has to say tonight?

the rumors are killing it: Kyocera Echo? comon

I hope the big announcement is not that Echo.

It is indeed the echo. Watching it now.

Sounds awesome, but I'd love to see a webOS skin over windows 7.

This sounds awesome! Hopefully we see some truth to all this very soon. But in the mean time...
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We are barely in the lead and we're heading down the home stretch. Let's rep. for our beloved WebOS!!

Am I the only one who thinks that graphic looks like a Sprint logo?

Unless you want webOS to lose to Windows this close this close to our big day, don't forget to vote!



Hi all,

All I can say is:

"way to go Palm"!

Take care all, Jay

Why is everybody so excited about 2/9?... I thought we already knew what they’ll be announcing hardware-wise: the Topaz and a small(est) smartphone... Did I miss something?

No, we don't know. Those are speculated, but not confirmed by HP Palm.

Hold your nose!

Lets pray that HPalm mentions something for Sprint.

I am having a serious issue. For some reason my home network will not allow me to view this site. Every other website I can think of works except for this one. Please help this is driving me nuts I can't find an answer so I figured my wonderful WebOS community may lend me a hand. Thank you in advance!

Update: Not sure what happened but this was going on for 4 days and I couldn't figure it out. I posted for help on this site through my Pre(-) about 15 min ago. I'm posting this update on my laptop (connected to my home network)... Weird

Sprint hyped up 2days event to make it look as if something AMAZING was coming...but all we got was a dual screen Android device?!? Total dissappointment on many levels. I "dislike" Apple as a company due to their closed motto and overpriced products, but I would have been more blown away if it was a WiMaX iPhone 4. Yea...its sad. But anyhow, lets hope HP will make webOS shine on Wednesday because no event was/is as hyped up as our event. I'm going nuts with anticipation. If HP does not BRING IT HARD like it's been hyping...I will be loss for words, truly. Lets do this right >=]

Can you feel that in the air . Smells like hp !!!!!

Given that they already have WebOS emulation running for development purposes, it seems like a no-brainer to open it up for general users... and if data and apps are going to be shared across multiple devices, then it could even be useful.

"Think Beyond"...