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WebOS Development Webcast Registration Open (and Free) 9

by Jason Robitaille Sun, 22 Feb 2009 4:43 am EST

Attention developers: have you signed up for the Developing Applications for webOS: A Preview webcast yet?  If you haven't, why not?  Over 1000 developers have signed up so far and you don't want to be last to the party. Plus of course it's free, and being led by a familiar face to the Palm community, Mitch Allen.

Date and time: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 1:00 pm EST

In this live, online event, Mitch Allen, Palm's Software CTO and a member of the Palm webOS™ design team, will recap the material included in the introductory chapter of "Palm webOS: Developing Applications in JavaScript Using the Palm Mojo™ Framework," a joint collaboration announced this week by Palm and O'Reilly, and will give you a preview into application development with the Mojo SDK. This is a great opportunity to hear an insider's perspective on webOS development and get a glimpse into the development environment and toolset for this breakthrough mobile web platform.

Q & A
All phone lines except for the presenter's and host's are muted to decrease background noise, but you may still share comments and questions with the rest of the group. Please submit your questions and comments directly to the presenter and host using the Chat feature in the lower right hand corner of your window. The host will then repost your comments for the entire group to see. We will allow plenty of time for questions and answers.

Event Recording
If you have to leave early or have a less-than-perfect connection, you can still catch the entire webcast after the fact. We're recording this webcast and will make it available within a week or so after this presentation. We'll send an email to everyone who has registered to let you know when you can view the recording.

Over 1000 developers signed up is certainly a good start for a brand new OS.  This combined with all the interest for preDevCamp makes one hopeful of the third party software that will be available for the Pre.  Now all we need is that elusive SDK...



Bah. On at 6AM for me. Not cool :-(

Oh well, I'll watch it after the fact. Hopefully there'll be some cool stuff in there.

A *week or so* to post a recording of a webcast? Guess they're not in any rush to support their developers...

Anyone serious enough to dev for WebOS will be on the call. The finished files will be edited and cleaned up. They make phones, they are not Industrial, Light and Magic.

Considering the importance of such an event, if it truly takes hiring ILM to edit the thing and get it out then maybe it should be considered. An "unedited" version could be released quickly, then an "abridged" one later..

Afterall, it's a friggin' webcast - not Star Wars!

Most developers I know of are very small operations. It might just be that the time slot Palm picked is not workable due to other meetings, school schedules, or what the first poster mentioned. Maybe someone should just record the meeting and post it right away - but would probably violate some IP agreement or another...

Chris, why bother? If you look at his posts, almost all of them are negative. He's really just here to complain, so you can't win.

Considering that the SDK isn't available yet and I doubt will be in a week (otherwise why call it a preview of the SDK), does it really matter if the webcast takes a week to get posted in a pre-recorded format anyway?

"will recap the material included in the introductory chapter of "Palm webOS: "

There is nothing in there, what's there to re-cap?

An "unedited" version could be released quickly, then an "abridged" one later. college coursework custom coursework writing book reports courseworks

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