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webOS disappears from Rogers, Bell, and Sprint; Pre and Pixi join the big data cloud in sky 60

by Derek Kessler Wed, 17 Aug 2011 3:41 pm EDT

North America, your options for new webOS devices just got slimmer. In the past few weeks we’ve seen old Palm devices drop off the radar of three American and Canadian carriers, though only one we would have considered surprisingly soon.

If you’re on Sprint, we used to say, “Well, at least there’s the Pixi,” but now we can’t even say that. It’s gone from Sprint’s online listings, and calls placed to Sprint stores revealed the same. It's a sad, but quiet, day for the webOS launch carrier. It took a little over two years, but they've finally cleansed their inventory of webOS.

If you’re on Bell, you’ve seen the original Palm Pre drop dramatically in price, with it last being available for just $150 without a contract – a reasonable price for a feature phone, let along a smartphone (sure, it was two years old at the time, but who’s counting?). Now, at long last, the Pre is no longer available on Bell. We're a little sad to see it go, but really, it was time.

And if you’re on Rogers, well, this one was a surprise. Less than a year after the Palm Pre 2 debuted on the Canadian carrier, it’s gone. Like Bell (and pretty much every other carrier, though they’ve struggled mightily in Canada), it seems that Rogers was having trouble selling the Pre 2, though we’re quite surprised to see it gone so soon.

Right now we’re sitting in limbo in the time between the last old phones getting purged and new phones coming online (maybe?), so here’s hoping you don’t manage to break your phone on Rogers, Bell, or Sprint, because replacements are going to be in very short supply.

If you're keeping track, here are the carrier that we're aware of that still offer webOS devices: AT&T (Pixi Plus and Veer), O2 Ireland (Pre - really), O2 Germany (Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi, and Veer), and Verizon (Pre 2). Hopefully that list is going to expand in the near future, but for now, it's a little on the bleak side.

Non-sources: Bell, Rogers, Sprint; Via: MobileSyrup; Thanks to everybody that sent these in!


Who would have thought that the situation for WebOS phones 14 months AFTER their acquisition by HP would be exponentially worse than it was during Palm's nadir?

Maybe this is what they meant by think beyond?

Think Below?

Well Rogers never tried to sell the Pre2, when I visited Rogers stores in May the sales people didn't even know they carried it. I had to order it online.

Bell did try to market it while it was new and before they launched their new network (HSPA, the Pre was on their old CDMA network).

God bless Bell. To this day, their WebOS commercials were better than any carrier's and even Palm and HP's homegrown ones.

link? i'd like to see it.

Honestly, these are 2 year old devices (and poorly made ones at that, at least as far as the Pre 1 -/+ is concerned). They should have buried them at least a year ago.

This could mean they are clearing space for a new era of WebOS devices, but I highly doubt that. Not the way things are going, not this year.

For Sprint, this probably means that remaining stock of the Pixi has reached the point where they pulled them from sale in order to have enough on hand for warranty/insurance replacements. If anything, it's a statement (a sad one at that) on how poorly the Pixi sold on Sprint that it's taken this long to get through all their stock.

Well I am still under contract till Feb 2012 so if my Pixi needs to be replaced Sprint either has to fix it or I get to terminate my contract

If I were you I'd figure out a way to end its life and since they won't have stock they'd have to give you an Android.

OOoooo!!!! thats cold

Its normal for the older phones to disappear. I am not sure why this is a bid deal. Precentral should post about what will replace the last webos phones on these carriers.

If we knew, we would have told you.

It's not normal for them to disappear without replacements on major carriers when the OS is still viable and the company behind it is supposedly relaunching it.

There's a reason why HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Apple, etc. have replacements ready to go usually BEFORE the older model is EOLed: momentum.

I guess HP hasn't bothered to build any yet, tho, so this may not be as much of an issue here.

Who needs momentum in a marathon? :)

HP has replacements, it's just the carriers have been burned so badly by poor sales and returns that they won't take them.

HP is proudly continuing the tradition with the Touchpads at Best Buy. We'll see if Best Buy ever stocks another WebOS device.

I'm on VZW, but fear that the Pre2 would just disappear left me a wee bit worried so after waiting for the Pre3 for 6 months, I figure aww shucks why not get a Pre2 for myself. 1 week in and am loving it.

You guys are looking @ this all wrong. The Pre, Pre+, and Pixi were old first gen Palm phones. I believe HP is doing this on purpose. Usually people or companies keep putting out product to keep their names out there. But some use the other approach by limiting releases to keep anticipation (ie Apple). Palm IS no more so HP let the last of that line die. Now we wait, as Apple fanboys/girls do, for HP to keep us interested and hopefully blow us away with their line of WebOS products. I have to tell you though, I have 46 days until my contract is up on my Sprint Pre.....if no new WebOS phone by then I'll be going Windows phone 7. Played with it and I think I can be happy with it. I can't stand Android!

Under this thinking, the Touchpad never should have come out because it's clearly a Palm product.

The touchpad is a completely HP product. It was designed entirely by HP.

Palm has stated many times that there wasn't a tablet in development and HP filed Patents for it in 2009. How exactly is it a Palm product?

show me a reference to palm saying they hadn't started thinking about a tablet before hp.
hp did not file a patent for a tablet device in 09. You just got confused because touchpad is such a generic term, its a part of a computer. Search craigslist for "touchpad" and see.
3) it syncs with (existing) palm phones, NONE OTHER. How is it not a palm product is the real question. (gesture area, apps lacking features that previous palm phones had (no not that one since webOS lacked many features that palmOS phones had.)

"Played with it and I think I can be happy with it."

don't have to convince me i'm on a frankinpre2

convince yourself :/

I think that even though, this is not a clear signal that these carriers won´t offer webOS phones in the future. Like Producer said above, all the devices are already 2 years old, it is not competitive to keep them in the market.

Except Sprint, and possibly Verizon, have struggled with WebOS devices and may not want another one. It may be that WebOS only has enough of a following to support a single carrier (ie AT&T Pre3 and VZW Veer and Pre2).

It's a big plus to have the Pre and Pixi off the market, HP abandoned them and never fixed the bugs in 1.45 and it reflected very poorly on WebOS.

Now is the time for HP to exercise some of that "scale" they keep bragging about. If Google can swallow up Motorola, what's to stop HP from buying Sprint? Or from buying US Cellular and taking it national? If they're really serious about their vertical integration talk, HP should have its own carrier. **** Google would probably done it themselves if Android hadn't been successful.

It's highly unlikely that HP purchasing any carrier would pass regulatory approval.

Interesting idea, but you are underestimating the size of these companies and how much cash HP has in the bank. Sprint has a market cap of $11B (a sale will likely be 30% more than that). I think HP had about $13B in cash and short term investments last year. When they bought Palm, it was for $1.2B in comparison.

As a vendor, they are better off partnering with multiple carriers.

The optimist in me hopes they are just making room for the Pre3, but the realist in me knows better. Hurry up, ATT. I've been with Sprint too long!

well, although I do agree that these are old phones and it's no surprise they are phased out, how come none of these carriers didn't take on Veer (as a replacement to pixi)?

prolly a GSM vs CDMA issue.

Went the ebay route when my kids Sprint Pixi broke. So I guess I'll jump back to VZW when the Pre3 comes out. At least this time I'll be out of contract.

Im not trolling or nothing like that, but this is exactly the reason why I jumped to Android.

ACK omg how darest thou speak ill of Webos Christ, our lord and savior?!

;) just kiddin', no one would blame you for making the jump. I'm still hangin' in there with my Pre-, but the screen near the battery door is cracked and broken all to **** the touchstone cover is cracked on both sides, and I'm starting to get a couple blown-out pixels.

My urge to jump grows by the day, but thankfully my mutant power of cheapness prevents me from doing so.

Good luck with your new gadget and don't look back!

LMBO mutant power of cheapness! Awesome! lol My Pre was doing the exact same thing...

I just couldnt take it any more... I am happy with the Evo, but I do wish WebOS well. Just no so sure HP wants the same. I mean who makes a 3 bill. investment and treats it like this??

I'll give everyone that. When your phone starts to crumble, you NEED to have something people can buy. HP...I'm disappointed >:(

hope you don't jump Gender that easily!!!!

So much for WebOS. If people like me who love WebOS have had enough of this back and fourth bull **** and delays, then they have no chance getting the general audience to give a ****

passion has alot to play in the senerio....my girlfriend has a pixi i bought her and she just uses it...no fanfare or hoopla like we addicts do...webOS newbies are not legacy adopters so they have no baggage like we do....

hoping the pre3 Doctor has a new couch so we can vent when we get there :)

I guess this is the ned of webOS on Sprint. However, you can always get an off contract webOS phone and activate it on Sprint
Go to

I had been a (canadian) launch day Pre user. Love WebOS, was waiting eagerly for the release of the Pre 3, going nuts with the ridiculous time since Feb 9 to get the f***** thing out.

Started losing faith in the platform, seeing how poorly the Touchpad was launched, how HP has just been TOO quiet, not giving out ANY info on the Pre 3 and has not supported the few VERY loyal WebOS users left (giving servers to WebOS Internals was very cool though).

There has been WAY to much time since Feb 9... tons of users left, developers have left. The app catalog is further behind the Apple App Store and Android Market than it was a year or two ago. With decreasing interest from users and developers in the last year things are just getting worse. I think the best aspect of WebOS is the amazing homebrew community, without which I don't think most people would still have interest in WebOS.

Two weeks ago I killed my dying Pre- (non working proximity sensor, cracked screen, dodgy headphone jack) when I accidentally went in the pool with my phone in my pocket. I had to make a decision... with no clear signs as to where and when the Pre 3 would launch, and with a poor outlook for the platform, I made the jump to Android.

Got a Galaxy S II on Bell, and all I can say is WOW! it's an amazing phone (been called the best Android phone yet)... Sure, I miss the multitasking of WebOS, gestures and overall ease of use of WebOS, BUT having a phone that is VERY responsive with no lag, great screen, with TONS of apps with SO many possibilities, more than makes up for it. Two weeks later, do I really miss my Pre... NO. Not at all...

All of you on the fence, not knowing what to do with your dying Pre's, waiting in the dark, all I can say is give Android a shot...

What's it worth having a phone that multitasks really well is you barely have any apps to run on it?

BTW, I'm not here to troll... I have been coming to this site several times a day for over 2 years, was a big fan of WebOS. I'm only posting this because I was in the same position that most of the remaining WebOS users are and feel that light of this article it can probably help.

Going to agree - the wife and I both got Pres when they came out on Bell (yikes, that was almost two years ago).

I still have mine, I pretty much use it as a basic phone. For anything else I use my iPod Touch.

Wife, though, replaced her Pre with a Galaxy not that long ago. She dropped her Pre and it shattered - not too sure how legit that was because she had grown to HATE it.

Having used her Galaxy, I gotta say it's worlds apart from the Pre.

In fact, I'm trying to figure out now what I like about WebOS. If someone were to create a task switcher like multifl0w (which I use on my iPod Touch) I don't see anything compelling at all with the Pre.

Oh well, one year left to go on my contract... here's hoping it'll last...

Kinda of happy to see the Pre just silently step down. It's an old OS being beating by Andriod and iOS. It's time for the new Pres to step in. As an Andriod user I must say I love all the apps, I hope WebOS will catch up. Very stable OS I miss my syenergy on my Pre from Sprint. Hopefully one day WebOS will be the "iPhone killer" like all the high end Andriods out there (such as my EVO3D)

It's android as a whole that out sells ios as a whole. No single android handset has any numbers in sales compared to iphone.

I jumped today.

I was a Palm-OS user for years. Then a near-launch-day Pre owner. I shifted to a Sprintified Pre2 a few months ago. It was faster, but still locked up frequently and missed many calls/messages. Then last week the speaker seemed to blow out. Ringtone sounded like my pocket was exploding...

Today I hopped to WP7 on Verizon. Sprint's coverage was a major factor....lack of decent coverage in my neighborhood (even with an Airave). The other big factor was lack of hardware options. With no new phones (officially) coming, where do I go?

I have had this slow sinking feeling over the past few weeks that WebOS is just not getting the support it needs and that when it comes it will be too little too late. It'll end up on some pads and printers and maybe the next refrigerator I buy, but smartphones will be just another botched opportunity.

I'm never going to be an apple fanboy and just don't dig android all that much (despite two users in the house). WP7 is a bit of a long shot but Microsoft seems a lot more gung-ho on it than HP does on WebOS. The marketplace seems to be growing quickly and there is a lot of excitement about the release of Mango. This is exactly what the WebOS community lacks right now...excitement and hope.

I might be regretting the move in a few months, but I don't think I will. See ya Palm and WebOS -- it was fun!

It really is a depressing day for a WebOS fan like me. I am a US launch day, Sprint Pre owner, and have been limping along on my under-powered phone for more than 2 years now. I also have 4 other lines of service, all with Pre's as well. My original intention was to get a Pre just long enough for Sprint to offer an Android phone, and then switch to that. Before that happened though, WebOS won me over, with it's true multitasking and easy to use interface design.

As a Sprint Premiere customer, I've been with Sprint since 1998 when they launched Sprint PCS. I've been off-contract for more than a year now... watching jealously as other carriers got the Pre Plus and then the Pre2. I was just waiting for the Pre3, so I could upgrade all my phones. In the last 2 years, I've invested heavily in several touchstone chargers, hundreds of dollars in apps, screen protectors, case protectors, etc.

With today's news, I'm now being forced into a position that I REALLY was hoping to avoid. Do I wait to see if some other US carrier will carry the Pre3, and then leave Sprint... or do I keep my better data plan with Sprint, and settle for an Android phone, even though I don't like the OS as much? I suppose there is a 3rd option, of trying to buy some Pre2's and making FrankenPre's out of them... but that would be extraordinarily expensive... and risky, as there would be zero support from ANYONE if I had any problems.

I really wish that Sprint would perhaps consider a plan like Orange in the UK is doing for the Pre3. Don't offer the phone directly and don't subsidize it... but let customers who want the Pre3 bad enough, buy it from outside vendors, then use it on the Sprint network.

It really does make sense. It doesn't cost Sprint much at all, other than to update their systems to allow it on the network. Sprint gets to keep fiercely loyal WebOS customers who don't cost them anything in hardware costs (since they don't have to subsidize the phones)instead of losing them to other carriers. I get to keep my Sprint data plan, my preferred WebOS, all my WebOS apps, and all my Touchstone chargers. It really is a win-win.

Will this happen? Highly doubtful, unfortunately. Sprint seems have a habit of saying "no" to any sort of change to their system... even at the expense of helping out their customers.

I guess another month or two at this point won't kill me to see if the Pre3 launches on any US carrier... but unless Sprint steps up, it looks like I'm going to be unhappy with any of the outcomes.

For all WebOS users on Suicide watch.... I'd like to know, is it to Apple or Android you go?

sammy galaxy s 2 that has multi tasking

iOS also has multitasking...

The implementation is different (smarter), but it's multitasking anyway (I'm not talking about Apps kept on memory, I'm talking about usable services running on the background, that's multitasking), iOS implementation covers all relevant cases of multitasking while preserving battery (the iPhone literally crushes all other smartphones on the battery side).

Windows Phone 7 Mango uses a similar approach to that Apple, but using a more WebOS-like interface (I really like this approach).

Remember in June of 2010 when us Sprint Pre Launch owners got fed up with the non activity and dropped the Pre to move onto the EVO, with the thought that we'd check out the EVO for a year and see what was up with Palm in that span of time to see if they would come out of rehab and blow our socks off. Many loyalists said we would be sorry because we would be stuck for a year and be dealing with HTC trash and we'd be sorry....


rest in peace homie. I still got friends that rock you. I moved onto the veer.. but i gotta say nothing (ipad, touchpad, pre2, tons of winmo phones, old palms) brought me as much joy as this pre-.

You were a legend!!!!!

I have spoken with many customer service reps at Bell and they insist that the Pre3 is coming to Bell. As for a date they have no idea.

O2 Germany has the Pixi *Plus*, but not the Pixi

I really hope that this is the calm before the storm of HP releasing the Pre 3 on all major US carriers at the same time. Hopefully, that will happen!

I wish they'd pull a samsung and do this, but, they clearly think they're smarter than this.
alas, hPalm, you couldn't be more wrong.

Palm Pixi with no Wi-Fi, what a dumb idea.

I have to object slightly to the Rogers description in this post. Specifically, the 'struggling' and the 'surprise' comments.

-In order to struggle selling something, it requires that you first have to make an attempt. Not having ANY promo material (signs, posters, demo or heck -- even a dummy plastic unit) in-store and hiding the Pre2 a few levels down on the website is hardly 'selling'. I'm not talking about recently: I'm talking right from the start when they first carried the device.

-I wish I was surprised, but I'm not. Why Rogers even carried the Pre2 in the first place (considering how they treated it) stupefied me.

The frustrating thing here is this isn't the first time I've seen this behaviour. Had pretty much the same experience at AT&T when I bought my Pre+ - I had to ask them to go to the back room and find the ONE lonely device they had hidden away.

Recently, there was a comment by someone else comparing the state of WebOS to watching somebody you love throwing their life away. As I see it: that pretty much nails-it.

Adios amigos! Just got my new Motorola Xpert. I'll check back in when my contract's up.

Hopefully, this is a sign that the release of the Pre3 is imminent. My old Pre- is being held together by duct tape!