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webOS Doctor version 1.3.1 now available 43

by Robert Werlinger Thu, 19 Nov 2009 4:00 pm EST

Palm's webOS Doctor, the utility that allows you to reinstall the operating system and start from scratch, has been updated to match the current version of webOS (1.3.1) for the Pre.  Pixi users are out of luck for now, as Palm has yet to update the webOS Doctor specific to that device from

You can find the most current version of webOS Doctor for the Pre here, and for the Pixi here.

Update: webOS Doctor for the Pixi has now been updated to version 1.3.1.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


cool :-) thanx

Does anyone have the links for Bell or the rest of the world for that matter?

If you would like to see the different downloads check this out.

Webos versions on webos-internals.org

To note that this particular version of webos doctor should not erase the contents from media/internal anymore so your USB drive contents remains when using this utility from now on.

Thanks for that info!

I ran it on my phone last night, and did not need to reload my music or videos. It looks like the USB partition was untouched.

Correct! This feature was added in the 1.3.x series :)

I just ran it on my pre again and was pleasantly surprised to discover this as well. However, when your using the program, it still says "you will have to manually reload music, pictures, etc..."

I did not mean to use this last night but I clicked on it by accident. TOTALLY ERASED MY PHONE! Pic, contacts, email, everything! BE CAREFUL!!!

I feel your pain. However, I sure hope you had stuff backed up and written down first

These are good news.

Great timing. I just doctored my Pre last night.

To Robert Werlinger, Derek Kessler, and everyone else that decides to surprise us with spectacular iformation about this great device: many times I have read these posts and I must say you can find me hanging with the cool crew on the message boards on Preload. I am one of your earliest Pre users and the only phone company I have ever went with is Palm. I had a Treo 650 for 7 years before Pre. As much as I truly enjoy hearing about hardware, software and future developments of Pre, I detest hearing about the lonely souls who have their stuff obliterated after an update. Now, even though its not your fault for this happening I feel that without warning and the user's trust in this update and future updates, its a disservice to not point this out. They need to know before each update that their is a huge probability that no matter how you spin it, info can be lost. Some people just have too much trust in the system. I was one of them and after my second update, learned real fast how much a cloud brings lightning and hard sad rain. I was lucky that I WRITE MY STUFF DOWN. Please bring this to everyone's attention before each update and even now would be a good idea. Again, people have too much trust in the system. They need to also learn what a paper and a pen is once again

See you on the boards,


Does anyone know how to force WebOS Doctor to flash the Pre? My Pre is working fine, but I kind of want to put it back to stock since I've screwed around with so many things on it.

I can't seem to get WebOS doctor to flash it since it's not broken.

Remove Battery.

Replace Battery.

Hold Down up Volume while you power on.

You should go into USB mode.

Doctor from there.

Thanks man! Couldn't find anywhere how to actually get this to happen. Anyhow you saved me some headaches, thanks!

Fortunately I had Dashwire from a previous phone but I had to manually put in the numbers. Not too bad, had a bunch of numbers I really did not need. But I did lose all of the pics. What is the best way to back the pics and contacts up if something were to happen like this again?

Pictures backup - just download all pics to your desktop/PC by using the USB cable and transferring.

Contacts backup: create google account and you can google sync via synergy. Under contacts, tap the upper left tab, preferences and accounts, and add your google account and voila! You'll need gmail account to see all the contacts.

Yeah, but again folks you will loose your entire TEXT conversations and your entire CALL LOG. For those of you using your phones for real business rather than playing games and calling your friends you'll regret loosing all those logs... Big time.

Too Bad this version of WEBos Doctor does not fix the ongoing problem with exchange credentials!! I'm losing faith that Palm is working on this, a big problem for business users. I'm ready to ditch the pre and go back to something I have more control over when it comes to updates. 1.3.1 has caused me 5 days and counting worth of problems.

Before you use webOS Doctor 1.3.1 be forewarned that it just BRICKED my Pre.

It pisses me off b/c my Pre has been pretty solid in terms of the hardware. Now it looks like I'll be going up to the Sprint store soon before I go to work unless someone can help me get this to work.

USB is still plugged into my phone. The battery was over 90% when I ran webOS Doc. I have tried holding the power down forever and even tried holding the power down with the up volume button on the right side and nothing.

Please note he retracted this message but neglected to follow up on his own post.

The link for the pixi goes to WebOS doctor 1.29.9

Update - I was on my way to the Sprint store to get a new phone and I tried powering my phone on for the heck of it and it came on as it normally would.

For some reason the USB being connected was preventing my phone from powering on. That is weird.

can you download webOS doctor 1.3.1 and have it on your PC or just utilize it once it's downloaded?

It is just a Java application. You can download it and not use it. Use it later, or never use it. PS- no "PC" required, just a computer that can run Sun Java.

does anyone have link to latest update of palm pre webos doctor version for europian users? i am from germany and i am having lot of problems with my palm pre. i cannot login to my emails anyhow i try.. may be this new version will bring me releive???:)

Did you get luck?
Mine is also from Germany (O2), and dont know if webos doctor will work fine on it

I attemped to download this version, but it only offered to run, there was no way to save the file.

Does anyone know where the java downloader stores the download?

Nevermind. I found a direct link to the file in this post: http://forums.precentral.net/2047769-post13.html

How do I simply get the .jar file downloaded? When I go to the address (referred to in ryanroat post above) it wants to save as a .zip file and I don't get the .jar file like I have with previous WebOSDoctor versions.

somebody provide the direct download link of webos doctor 1.3.1 for bell please?
webosinternals.org does not have this link,,

ment to reply to ur post...see mine below.

There is a list of download links to the .jar file on the WebOS Repair Utility thread...including bell :)

Just downloaded webos doctor 1.3.1 and the url that the .jnlp file points too is the same as ryanroat posted in the forum.
It was recommended that you try a different browser if you couldn't get the .jar to download. If you're running anti-virus then it might be making the .zip file when you download due to that fact that .jar files are executable. Other than that I'd try it again...bell?

brilliant! turning off the anti-virus did the trick. THANKS.

My pre has no service from sprint. It runs completely off WiFi. If I use the webOS doctor, will the WiFi stay on so I can log into my palm profile? or am I S.O.L.?

If you were in a 1x area, could you now use webos doctor to upgrade you phone to 1.3.1? Seems to make sense to me.

Will it work on pre O2 ?

How do i use webos doctor on a phone that is working. It wont let me click next. I have tried holding the volume up key while i restart it to put it into USB mode and it does not work.

You can put your Pre in USB mode by holding down the orange button, sym button, and U Key. Hope that helps.