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webOS Holiday Haiku contest - the finalists! 29

by Derek Kessler Wed, 14 Dec 2011 10:29 pm EST

Sweet baby webOS haiku entries! More than nine hundred of you responded to our request for your best webOS holiday haikus, and golly there were a lot of good entries. So we snuggled up with a mug of eggnog and basked in the glow of our monitor to pick out the best. As it would turn out, you're all a creative and amusing bunch, so it was actually pretty difficult to pick out the best entries. After the break you'll find our ten finalists and a poll in which to register your vote for who is going to win a 32GB TouchPad and Pre3!

The Finalists

Christmas has arrived.
webOS has been revived.
Santa grants wishes.

Look in Santa's sack!
Cards you can swipe, flick and stack
Works like Nothing Else

Wanted a Pre3
Got Red Rider bb gun
I shot my eye out

Whitman's feat of strength,
A Festivus miracle!
webOS returns.

My tree, clothed in lights,
yields in humility to
my TouchPad's splendor.

Ice, snow, mistletoe.
Sneak a kiss and share secret
love of webOS.

Snow flakes dance in air
Homebrew by the open fire
Santa's on his way

I saw webOS
kissing Open Source under-
-neath the mistletoe

The Whos in Whoville
Won't get Touchpads this Christmas
Leo sneered at Max

Whitman sees the light
webOS given new life
A Merry Christmas!

The Vote

Voting will be open until midnight Eastern, Monday December 19th.

The Honorable Mentions

(because ten just wasn't enough)

Leo plays the Grinch
Touchpads roasting on fire sale
Coal for webOS?

I don't want dumb gifts
Dont bring me figgy pudding
Just some webOS

It's multitasking
card swiping, Touchstone charging
In Christmas wrapping!

Saw mom kiss santa
Santa hands me a Pre3
I won't tell my dad.

webOS winter.
Hopes covered by HP snow.
When will spring arrive?

webOS haiku?
Easy, bruv! My TouchPad is
poetry in glass.

Hundreds write haiku
Just to win a Pre, TouchPad
HP, catch our drift?

The Grinch stole Christmas
Somebody else stole our hopes
Thanks a lot, Léo!

webOS winter
Meg looks out, sees her shadow
we wait, two more weeks

Season of giving
webOS receives new life
Happy Open Source!


Thanks to everybody that entered! You're all awesome!



You were allowed to submit multiple entries? That would've changed everything if I'd known that...

Never said you couldn't. *shrug*

How many times can you vote? Dont want to disqualify anyone. Are we under the honor system, or will it be watched.

Not sure it would have changed everything... I had three... none of them qualified. Oh well, worth a shot.

Will it be a friend?
Contest fixed right to the end.
Well, I lose again!

Certainly seems like some people there are good friends...

Missed the whole contest
Reminds me of the Pre 3
would have been epic.

Oh come on, one person has four of them in the top 20. Give the spotlight to someone else, huh?

Still only one entry for each user made it to the finalist where it really counts. Some are just natural poets I guess ;)

Yes, but I think if you're good enough to make it into the top 10, you don't need to have more in the top 20.

sad, no nod for me
but great entries I did see
still, I yearn pre3

Really? All you can go with is the traditional (read: old) 5-7-5 haiku? I thought WebOS users were better at thinking outside the box. I'm disappointed.

I don't know anyone at precentral. I just like haikus.

bad news Christmas
no touchpad for me
can't count syllables

Is there supposed to be a poll? My vote is GoBears.

Wow, I'm surprised my entries didn't even get a honorable mention ..

"WebOS Nation,
Open Source; sets the motion,
That will last eons!"


Hmmm, didn't know about the multiple entries. Oh well, thanks for the opportunity.

No Pre 3 for me
Now I really hate HP
My Pre minus laughs.

I asked earlier as a reply, but I was wondering how many times can you vote for the same person?
I believe once would be fair, that way it is harder for friends to win. I dont know that friends win, because I dont know how many people here are friends.

Two honorable
mentions, but no finalists.
Alas, woe is me!

Good luck, finalists!

My haiku was nought
For some new WebOS gear
My very last shot

Haha awesome! Some of the honorable mentions are even better than the finalists... But congratulations anyway!

Although I was hoping for a chance to finally get a Pre3,I think it's a blessing in disguise,I have enjoyed webOS on a Pre for two years,but when I see how Androids and iphones are doing what a Pre can't,I'm happily getting the galaxy nexus,webOS is open source now...I'm sure webOS and I will be reunited.Congratulations to the finalists!

Congrats to all the other finalists.. I think we all had haiku's that truly encapsulated the holiday season and webos. So excited just to make it into the top 10!

Congrats to you as well. Excited and surprised to be in the top 10. Lots of really good entries. I love this community!

Also, just a personal tip, being a big pacquiao fan, I like reading all the Haiku's with Manny Pacquiao's filipino accent. Makes it even better.

Congrats to both you guys and good luck!

That is pure awesomeness. I will never read a haiku without the accent again.

WebOS nation
Arise for new tablets, phones
When are they coming

so.... Do we have a winner yet?