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webOS Holiday Haiku contest – win a 32GB TouchPad and a Pre3! 911

by Derek Kessler Tue, 06 Dec 2011 5:03 pm EST

You might have noticed our holiday gift guides we’ve posted over the past several days. We’ve got plenty more coming so you can help get the right webOS gifts for friends and family (or make recommendations for yourself), but we’re in the holiday spirit right. Now. See the snowflakes?

It’s holiday haiku time! It doesn’t have to make sense, just go with us on this one. We’re in the giving mood, and if just so happens that we have the ultimate webOS package right here: a 32GB HP TouchPad, HP Pre3 (AT&T or European GSM), HP Bluetooth keyboard, TouchPad Touchstone charging stand, and TouchPad Folio Case. It’s a darned sweet bundle, and it can be yours in seventeen syllables: the webOS Holiday Haiku.

Want to win this sweet bundle? Of course you do. All you have to do to be entered is post a comment on this post with a haiku that encapsulates the holiday season and webOS all in five, seven, and five syllables. An example:

She checks her list twice;
Whitman ponders the future.

webOS Santa?

Simple enough, eh? We thought so. We’ll be taking your haiku entries through Monday, December 12. We’ll come through all of your sure-to-be-awesome entries and post the top webOS Holiday Haikus for a public vote. So get to it, webOS poets!



Dearest Santa, please
Thousands are down on their knees!
WebOS 4 0

In the coming months.
Beyond Christmas twenty-twelve.

webOS for sale.
What's the next "buyer rumor"?
Santa interested?

O' Christmas Pre! O'
Christmas Pre! Thy beauty is
thy simplicity!

O' Christmas Pre! O'
Christmas Pre! I can't believe
that I won a 3!

We hope that she, Whitman has in mind to webOS Santa?

Leo was naughty,
please Meg, be nice,
Re-Gift WebOS for us.

Christmas brings new hope
webOS back to our lives
will Santa hear us?

HP's Christmas gift
Makes webOS's wish come true
Santa swipes cards too!

It's WebOS 305.
Early Christmas Gift.

You can all suck it
My pe.nis is the biggest
The Bundle is mine!

My one Christmas wish;
HP supports WebOS.
A Happy New Year.

One of my wishes,
if it's not too much to ask.
A Quad-Core Touchpad.

For Christmas, New Year,
WebOS Phones, and Tablets
and HP Support.

Pre 3 and TouchPad
running WebOS yummy!
Santa, please gimme!?!?

Ho, Ho, Ho, Whitman:
Christmas without webOS
won't be ceremonious!

@Santa: can I haz touchpad, pleeez?

A Touchpad forms rain
Applets drip dropping drip drop
Rivers multitask

holiday Sprint dreams
pre 3, touchpad, veer on list?
none appear, hope lost


Apparently my first entry didn't get posted for some reason, so I'm posting it again. I hope that's ok! I'm kinda proud of this one; it rhymes and everything!

Things were looking rather drear,
Touch to share some hope this year,
Please, Meg, persevere

webOS we love
HP we hate very much
HP where thy love?

Pre minus finally quit.
Future not bad though.
New buyer brings out the best.

our dreams you carry
many decisions you have
let webOS live

The single verse version in case that is all that is allowed...

I'm dreaming of a
white Touchpad, just like the ones
killed by old Leo

The multi-verse version in case these are allowed. (Rules! We haiku-ers need rules that bind us, people!)

I'm dreaming of a
white Touchpad, just like the ones
killed by old Leo

where the smudges are
lessened and webOS 4
is tested and flies

so fast that Apple
fans go "whooooah". I'm dreaming of
new hardware, just like

the axed Touchpad Go
with its screen so small and bright!
Meg, make Christmas right!

Vote for this entry;
TouchPad and Pre I shall Win.
Give Cyanogen.

(to express displeasure at parent)
Real fans have spoken:
"You can have my webOS
when I'm cold and dead."
(my entry)
For this Christmas, please
Give our favorite OS
the gift of new life.

Change is in the air
800 wait in hope deep
Meg smiles, nods a YES

It fits on my tree
Touchpad, Veer, Pre 2, Pre 3
In the coming Month!

Wish list dilemma:
touchpad or HP Pre 3?
I will have them both!

Real Entry:

We all want it, Right?
HP, Why not bring it back?
WebOS for life!

Joke Entry:

HP, listen up
Some of you are idiots
for letting it die... :/

Happy Holidays!

She brightens my Mondays
My eyes are pulled down screen
Ashley Esqueda

We have been waiting for it, HP has been making it, Santa has bagged it, Meg says deliver it!

HP and Santa
WebOS has a Future
Whitman can save us

WebOS' Future...
To Abandon or Nourish?
What To Do, Dear Meg?

Precentral is good
A Touchpad would be better
Anal s.e.x is the best

Once you're in the know
WebOS makes data flow
All of the right ways

He paralyzed it
webOS shall break free chains
Meg drinks nog for revival

It's Multitasking
card swiping, Touchstone Charging
In Christmas Wrapping!

Christmas Day I see
Hungry eyes on my Pre 3
Santa left for me

This Haiku is short
But webOS shall live long
webOS plums dance

I Need an Answer
Meg, Please let all us fans Know
(in the coming months)

Thousands think real hard
5 7 5 words to write
What's a syllable?

Palm fan all my life;
HP makes me lose all faith.
Need Christmas magic!

HP, Don't Ban the webOS Fans,
Santa will come in his Van with Whitman to show what she Can (with 4.0)

Android Fragmented
Apple is for the fan boys
webOS For ALL!

Look, that pretty Pre
All wrapped up, under the tree
The best gift ever!

Timah, or Whitman
give us our s**t man
no more insulting

Meg, Save the OS
WebOS deserves no less
Get out of this mess.

Pre Christmas in snow
Elves in Pixi hats pack hope
For webOS joy!

-- from UK :)

my chain of paper/ ten loops of hope/ my scissors cut to the answer

Oh HP how fly
Please sent me Pre3 tonight,
The phone on today

I need a Pre3
TouchPad three two, come to me
For Christmas, I plea!

Christmas comes and goes
webOS will never die
it lives at P|C

Léo was a dope.
Whitman brings us Christmas hope.
WebOS once more.

PreCentral is having a contest
Prizes everybody wants
Me want

Couldn't resist:

Counting haiku beats.
Like the Touchpad, sometimes it ends
before you want it.

Some Holiday cheer
Missing thought that we hold dear
Touchpad Grafitti!

HO HO HO, Santa loves his pre;
c'mon Whitman!
don't let webOS RIP !!!

Whitman is the boss
Apotheker kills no more
September Christmas

Loving webOS
Already made my first app
No way it can die

Shiny new Touchpad,
WebOS awaiting apps.
HP: Keep us safe!

Here are two.

Palm died way too soon -
Requiescat in pace.
webOS zombies!


Celebrate Christmas?
Not me - though I'd love a Pre,
sweet baby Jesus.

Santa please bequeath
Hope for all of us to see
TouchPads and Pre 3's

A list with TouchPad
And Santa Claus may read it
But HP will choose!

-- from UK :)

The Grinch stole Christmas
Somebody else stole our hopes
Thanks a lot, Léo!

Despite bleak future
Santa will put a pre 3
Into my stocking

My crystal ball sees
weOS 2.zero
Meg the saviour

Phones are already at webOS 2.2. TouchPad is at 3.0.4.

Touchpad for me please
For pics of hot girls online
Fap Fap Fap Fap fap

Lol jk
Happy holidays

I miss my Palm Pre
For Christmas, a touchpad, please
That would make my day!

Not TouchPad user
Until HP killed it dead
Great OS so sad

I try to convince
My Touchpad and FrankenPre
That they're all I need...


festival of lights
let webos light the way
hanukah oy vey

No new devices
Thinking the unthinkable
Android for Christmas?

Swipe away those tears
Check stockings in coming weeks
HP will announce

My Pre is falling apart,
Cold darkness is emerging,
A webOS phone is born.

Like a singing wren
TouchPad deftly wakes my day
Time captured in glass

Touch to share this year
A bit of holiday cheer
webOS return!

Jolly Ol' St. Meg,
Bring some Christmas Synergy.
That would be neato!

My dear webOS,
will you survive this winter?
Think "phoenix" HP.

Santa, send Pre 3
Can't afford it on ebay
Touchpad wants to share

Pre 3 Kings and we
TouchPad afar, with a Veer
Its a webOS star!!

-- from UK :)

Haiku Japanese
HP US Company
Touchpad, Pre 3.....MINE!!!

I miss my Palm Pre,
For Christmas, a touchpad, please,
That would make my day!

The Touchpad and Pre,
WebOS products are thee.
Out of stock and gone.

training went well not
my friends left me in the wind
TouchPad lost Christmas gone

Christmas time is here
I have yet to leave this site
Can't quit WebOS


WebOS for me
Pre minus is in the snow
Touchstone is lonely

First Treo, then Pre
Now if only we could see
The best Palm could be!

Here's one for us poor, beleaguered early adopters still running webOS 1.4.5:

webOS on Sprint
Ruby said they'd "make things right"
Whitman, here's your chance

Girlfriend searches for gift
Touchpad I hope she finds you
on Christmas be there

Nimbly, my finger
Dances across TouchPad's face
Man, machine as one

Take back that Ipad
Santa bring me a Touchpad!
With it's HOT OS!

wanted a pre 3
got red rider bb gun
I shot my eye out

Oh Ralphie!

Our Christmas wishes
Will they finally come true
WebOS reborn

Coming soon Past June
H-P Touchpad, pre 3, veer
Is Santa Still here?

For me Haiku hard;
For Meg saving webOS easy.
I did it, Meg should.

I swipe forward, back
Multitask like none other
Snowflakes always fall

I had a dream... Web
os for all and all time, please
Meg, you can do it!

My Christmas wish is
to see my TouchPad running
webOS 4 well.

WebOS device
best Christmas gift ever
Santa delivers

Hairy Kiss Moose!

Chris Olson
aka: ldraconus!

haiku !.....bless you !

The App Catalog
Must survive so my work on
Apps is not for naught.

(Shameless plug: check out juxtaflux's "Power Lines" and "AudioScape" in the App Catalog.)

My face reflected
on the face of my TouchPad,
I work serenely.

My dear webOS,
neglected you must feel.
To better new year!

Christmas Time Is Here
A 6 update bricks the veer
Pre 3 Maybe Soon

Swipe forward and back,
my Touchpad says "what's that?"
WebOS, needed a better chance.

Good King Wenceslas
and St. Nicholas joined up
HArdware gifts for all!

Thank you precentral
Still the best even with HP
Long live webOS

In the coming months
When will the coming months come?
In the coming months.

Place all your apps right
Swipe the cards left and then right
Konami code works?

My Pre slides apart,
Reveals webOS's heart
Silently beating

Am I the winner?
When you chose, how will i know?
pre + me = missletoe

Not naughty but nice
Santas WebOS Rudolph
Help Meg make our day

iDevices, bah!
All your base are belong to
WebOS. (We wish!)

Haters gonna hate
Lovers gonna love Touchpad
webOS Santa!

Three weeks before Christmas and I'm feeling so sad
No HP Touchpads or Pre3 smartphones to be had
It was months before that webOS promised so much
We all jumped at the chance to be part of the elite bunch
We now all look up into the sky, and it,s not Santa we seek
It's the hope we see Meg Whitman and her answer this week 

You started as palm
They Promised Number One Plus!
It's Coal for Leo

P|C I pity you
Hundreds of lamest haiku
Half of them by me

Swish, and flick the card.
Watching programs fly from sight.
Holiday magic.

I am not alone
knowing WebOS is god
Meg, do not kill god

Touchstone, noble throne,
The power that moves my day,
Pre kneels at your foot.

new to webOS
PreCentral has your answers
Merry Christmas All

A winter's dream
WebOS is #1
and HP is gone

Save webOS now
Christmas its under the tree
So good cheer to all

A TouchPad? Pre 3?
It's just like Christmas has come!
Crossing my fingers...

The cards gently weep,
Apotheker threw them down.
Christmas is their hope.

Whitman PLEASE! under
Christmas tree bring to me a
mystic Sprint Pre 3

1.4.5 Pre died.
PreCentral has a Pre Three.
Stop tormenting me!

This Christmas wish we need
Winter webOS will come one more time
Joy to the world comes

The true joy of Palm.
It lives inside of us all.
May our mirth not end!

My thumb gently strokes,
Glides open Pre's secret door.
Rise! A new day dawns.

tis season of hope
let webOS phoenix rise
bringing joy and life

My Palm Pre Plus died!
Pre 3 never arrived
Stuck with android now

HP can suck my balls
WebOS is the ****
Wait? what can I win again?

On Glimpse, on Macaw!
Meg, please keep webOS on call,
Joyous swish to all

Had Ghost of Palm past
Ghost of WebOS present
Hoping for third Ghost

Touchpad PrePlus Rock!
H-P should have fire saled
The Powers that Be.

Mommy wakes me up

I open my gifts; no pre

Back to bed for me

webOS, touchpad
quick online christmas shopping
sit on the touchstone

Enyo on TouchPad,
Or Mojo on Pre, HP
Decide by Christmas!

webOS for life
day 1 sprint pre oreo
card view, gestures, win!

Many Haiku Here
In praise of our Web OS
I am not Asian

Saw mom kiss santa

Santa hands me a pre 3

I wont tell my dad.

Christmas is a time for cheers,
but HP has us filled with fear,
in Whitman's hands are OS waits,
please ms. Whitman have some faith.

Coal lumps for Leo
Happy Kringle WebOS
Flick sad cards away

rise, rise webos
from the ashes of hp.
palm be born again!

Three kings in the night
Young Web OS in starlight
Spirit of giving

We cherished our phone
Wish it did not go away
Bring back my dang pre!

Shattered dreams.
Hope rises from ashes--
WebOS can be reborn. Paaaaalm!

Web OS is best!
Cards and swipes make themselves home
Touchpad on the throne