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webOS Internals has an easy-to-use virtual machine to build webOS Community Edition 11

by Jerry Hildenbrand Wed, 11 Jul 2012 11:33 am EDT

webOS Internals has an easy-to-use virtual machine to build webOS Community Edit

If you've been itching to get in on the action and build yourself a little bit of webOS Community Edition, the folks at WebOS Internals have once again stepped things up to help. Building and compiling software, while fun for many of us, is pretty precise business. It's really easy to inadvertantly foul things up in your build environment, expecially if it's the same computer you use every day for work and play. Since most of us don't have an extra machine laying around we could dedicate to use for compiling, virtual machines are our best bet for a successful build process. With the release of the Community Edition, we get the feeling that plenty of people are going to be toying with the idea of throwing together their own build of webOS.

Anther great thing about using virtual machines is that they can be configured and shared -- which is exactly what's going on here. Provided you have an x86-based Mac (OSX 10.5 or higher) or Linux computer with enough "oompf" to dedicate a full CPU core, a full gigabyte of RAM, and 20 GB of hard-drive space, then you're good to go. 

Using all open-source tools (cue that warm, fuzzy feeling) like Vagrant and VirtualBox, you can set up a dedicated virtual machine with the same environement as everyone else at work on the project. This means easier troubleshooting, easier source patching, and less work overall than it would be with everyone doing their own thing. If you're thinking of jumping in and having a go with the TouchPad Community Edition project, this is where you need to start. Our thanks to WebOS Internals' WebOS Ports team for pumping out this WOCE Build Environment so we can all play nice - anything that makes it easier for our favorite homebrew developers to work together to make amazing things is something that we're totally pumped about.

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Should work on Windows as well, as Virtualbox, Vagrant and Git are all available for Windows, too.

It does work on Windows. However, I ran into an issue with the Vagrant inline shell provisioner. Been trying to debug it, but in the short term there is a workaround. PM me if you need the technical details.

Same here. I will try to solve it and keep you posted.

Any clues yet?
When I set the Log_Level to debug, it says
"Running provisioner: Vagrant::Provisioners::Shell ..."
Afterwards it uploads a file via SSH from my temp-directory which only contains
"apt-get update".
Though I guess the problem really is the Shell Provisioner and not apt.

Funny thing is, if you leave the window open, you do can login to ssh and use apt and the like.
So maybe this is the way to go?

In the end I compiled it under Ubuntu not windows. Are you still having issues? Drop me a PM !!! Cant wait to put it on Touchpad this w/end :)

Just a question. Why is Vagrant used at all? Why not just provide a VirtualBox image like the webOS SDK?

I mean... 'nuff said. All webOS community are just the BEST!!!

Will it work to make a v3.05 development environment under Ubuntu 12.04?

I assure you, you don't need this to make the development environment work under 12.04.

I see no leenks to the VM!
(on ze mobile site, does it matter)