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WebOS Internals Releases AUPT (Auto Update Patch Technology) 68

by Robert Werlinger Wed, 27 Jan 2010 10:16 am EST

Thanks to the hard work of the crew over at the webOS-Internals group, the thought of having to remove and reinstall all of your patches every time there's a webOS update will now bring a nostalgic tear to your eye.  The Auto Update Patch Technology, released last night, changes the way that existing scripts detect the files that are already modified by a patch, meaning that once you install patches with AUPT, you'll no longer have to run the the Emergency Patch Recovery tool before or after a webOS update.

All you have to do to benefit from AUPT is simply to install the updated version of your patches from Preware.  While the "update-all" feature should work smoothly in most cases, there are still a few bugs to be noted.  From egaudet in the forum thread:

There are some known bumps in Preware's update-all, but no major roadblocks. The known issues and workarounds for them are:

 1) It will stop when trying to update a dependent package. The workaround here is to remove patches that depend on another patch or package that has an update. For instance the uscl memos patch depends on universal command line patch. The update all will fail when it gets to these patches, and you can workaround that by removing the uscl memos patch and then re-running update all.

2.) When the "install" part of the remove/install update process for a patch fails, Preware's installed list doesn't refresh automatically so the failed patch still lists on the update screen as installed. You can workaround this by updating feeds or tapping "remove" on the left-over package in Preware

This is another one of those "kind of a big deal" updates to come from the Internals collective, as I know that I'm not the only one who doesn't enjoy the process of repatching every time there's an OTA update (we're at what, 9 updates at this point?).  So if you dig their work, go ahead and show the developers that bring you this patching goodness some love and hit the donate button - you know you want to.

For further discussion and for answers to any questions you may have, the folks that brought you AUPT have  a thread in the webOS Patches forum.

Thanks to dbsooner for the tip!



webOS Internals -- best modding community of all time.

Awesome! You guys are the heart and soul of the TRUE (patched) Palm Pre.


if I could marry an organization (and I didn't already have the most beautiful fiancee in the world), WebOS Internals would be it. And hey, with the Supreme Court looking as it does, it might become legal any day now. 8^P

Kudos to all of the folks who made this happen. You have made WebOS one of the easiest to use and best platforms, proving once again that Palm and WebOS are truly the most open phones out there.

This is great guys!! Thanks for all of your hard work.

AWESOME!!! =) I'm glad I don't have to take my patches off when we get a WebOS update. =) Thanks!!!!

truly excellent work! The speed of advancement by the internals developers is really amazing. Thanks for the hard work you do!

wow. these guys seriously need to be hired to the "Palm - WebOs Internals Division. Yes. They need their own division.

I would not want them at Palm, I suspect they would not have the latitude they are taking now if governed by the company.

This only applies to patches I'm assuming. Themes should still be removed & reinstalled due to possible filename changes. Correct??

We are working with the theme submission sites to try and get themes handled with the same AUPT technology.

-- Rod

Awesome. Thanks for the hard work!

Rod, will the iphone spoof required to use Google Latitude be handled the same way, or will we still have to use WebOS QI to remove the spoof?

I have been using google latitude for a few weeks and don't have the iphone spoof patch or whatever on my phone.

This IS the next feature I was waiting for before donating !!! Thank you very much guys !!!! =D

This is a remarkable feat/step forward.

I am actually going to run the Emergency Patch Removal, what will hopefully be, one last time so that I have a fresh start.

There are some Multi patches that I wanted to install, but they were failing because I already had a part/piece.

Thanks again for simply the amazing things that you do!

I used the update all earlier and lost my virtual keyboard. It gives me an error when trying to install. I tried removing it and reinstalling it and I get the same error?

Connect to computer, choose USB drive. Go to My Computer find your Pre. Look for Folder "Virtual Keyboard". Delete it, unhook, then install again from PreWare.

So I ran EPR to start off fresh and now I keep getting the IPK Error and cannot re-download any patches. Now what?

I used the update all earlier and lost my virtual keyboard. It gives me an error when trying to install. I tried removing it and reinstalling it and I get the same error?

Connect to computer, choose USB drive. Go to My Computer find your Pre. Look for Folder "Virtual Keyboard". Delete it, unhook, then install again from PreWare.

And for those looking for the history of this new feature, the start of development on it was first announced almost two months ago in:


You can only imagine the number of times that phones have been doctored while testing AUPT, since to test it you need to doctor to a previous version of webOS, install all 200+ patches, wait for an OTA update, then update all, then work out what went wrong and start again with the doctor ...

Kudos to Eric Gaudet for leading this effort, and doing most of that testing.

-- Rod

my friend just got a pre on sprint. and i was playing with it installing preware and using webos quick install. and let me tell you i fucking love this phone. i want it so bad.

i cant wait till webos comes to at&t.

can someone explain how this now works with ota updates?

Yeah I'm curious about this too. I just can't imagine how every possible type of modification in an OTA update could be covered by this new patching system.

For instance, what if an OS source file that is being patched is renamed or deleted during an OTA update. Does AUPT account for that? Does it account for the moving of modules from one file to another during an OTA update? It just seems like there are so many possible scenarios that could occur during an OTA update that AUPT might not be able to handle. And if something is missed, it'll break that part of the OS.

I believe patches that can no longer be applied (or there is not a version of the patch for the new OTA update) are replaced with a placeholder package which does nothing but sit there until a patch is created for the new version of WebOS.

did the update and lost the virtual keyboard

Update worked flawlessly!!! Great job guys....and perfect timing with update pending next month. Way to go...Donate, Donate, Donate!!!!

Yea I lost the keyboard last official update. Ran the EPR and then updated, and now cant get it back, i think it did not erase completely on my phone, so now I cant get the keyboard back..

Connect to computer, choose USB drive. Go to My Computer find your Pre. Look for Folder "Virtual Keyboard". Delete it, unhook, then install again from PreWare.

Connect to computer, choose USB drive. Go to My Computer find your Pre. Look for Folder "Virtual Keyboard". Delete it, unhook, then install again from PreWare....

Homebrew (Preware) with patches and apps is the reason I even have this phone. You guys are incredible, thank you for it all.

OK...not cool...the auto update button told me that "This does nothing yet" so I started doing updates one by one. After removing a patch, I can't reinstall as I get ans IPKG error EVERY TIME. Now I am missing some of my patches that I removed and can't reinstall...help!

same for me as well. I am sure they will fix it soon.

Update Preware and ipkgservice (Package Manager Service) and then use the Update All button. This was done a while ago.

Stand Alone Version?

Will there be a stand-alone install of the newest versions soon? Using the (hack) work-around of using a separate installer is fine and all, but, downloading 2 meg vs. the 200 - 300Meg to get the other one going is a HUGE difference.

I ONLY use PreWare and would like to see an updated stand-alone install of it again because the only one that used to exist was very old and for back when there was still an app limit and such.


Have you checked http://get.preware.org/ ?

-- Rod

I see what you did there. AUPT, APT, ...
What next, aupt-get? :D

I thought there were plans to avoid having to press OK for each script verification. Is that available yet? I went into Preferences but do not see such an option to accept all scripts.

Updated my 2 patches great and added more

Giant Fighting Robot, by Liminar Research has just been release in the App catalog.Checkit out,3D robot fighting game.

Kudos to the webOS-Internals team for continuing to evolve the user experience on the webOS phones.

These phones would not be nearly as enjoyable without all of your hard work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I've been off the brew since the update in anticipation of 1.4.... This patch makes me wanna relapse!

I had 15 patches that updated fine. The 16th, "Data in Device Menu" will not update. It gives an IPKG error. So I tried to uninstall it and it gives me the same error? Any clues?

Had a very similar experience: 28 patches to do; only one that failed was Advanced Phone Menu (Phone Radio Toggle, Data In Device Menu, and Roam Only In Device Menu). Gives me the same error during pre-removal script execution whether trying to update or remove it: "Hunk #4 FAILED at 121."

I don't have any of the three component patches installed. What other patches would be dependent on this one?

You people are unbelievable. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the work that you do! I'm running 'Update All' now (here's hoping everything works correctly!). It's beyond time for me to donate. Now if you could somehow conjure up a longer-lasting battery, you'd truly be miracle workers!

I had the same issue with the data in device menu patch. To fix it, I had to use webOS quick install to completely remove the patch, restart Luna, then reinstall the patch using preware. I think preware is not removing the dependencies properly, but webOS quick install does.

Duh...WebOS Quick Install...shoulda thought of that! I'm spoiled from using Preware for so long now. :-)


Patches updated... check.
Donation sent... check.
Eternal gratitude... check.

So this should be the first thing I download Monday when I upgrade to the Pre? Will have to check on how to start all this with the forum. This place is great Thank you Precentral.net and WebOS Internals.

Thanks! I think I might have to send my 3rd donation. I have 55 patches and all updated fine. And just to be clear... for future OTA updates we do NOT have to uninstall patches?? We can do the OTA update, go into Preware and updated patches and all should be fine?

Yeah if it wasn't for patches I would be miserable...

Is there a way to auto-accept all of the Script Verification notifications? When you have 30+ patches installed, it becomes tedious to repeatedly press OK. Thanks!

You must not have the latest version of Preware and the Package Manager Service.


You can alternatively use a stand-alone installer from


-- Rod

I like the idea but i updated all my patches and my phone just started rebooting over and over again had to go in to recovery mode and then doctor my phone to get it back :(

Mine is telling me that is ready for install, when I am already running !!!

Absolutely DOES NOT WORK AT ALL!!! Ish just freezes. I got over 20 patches. I'm not about to uninstall each seperately just to get this to work

yeah something went wrong with my phone i ran epr from webos quick install then installed preware. It was still seeing all the tweaks and patches that were supposed to be gone and it would not let me update anything. so im doctoring now and will try again

Early today I updated and lost my virtual keyboard but thanks
to PreCentral I learn how to put that patch back on my Pre thanks PreCentral

I love all the "It didn't work for me so it's obviously crap" posts.

Keep up the great work WebOS-Internals. AUPT seems to work flawlessly now, comapred to the few times I doctored to test it :)

Updated 56 patches with nary a problem. WebOS Internals RULES!!! A well-deserved donation is en route.

this is a great add to the patch process. CUDOS TO ALL.

I really like your website and your writing style. You have written great and interesting content.


Donation is on it's way. Thanks for everything you do.


im having trouble downloading the new updated patches i already removed the old ones and trying to download the new patches but it states "IPKG Log Error" and i cant download any patches please HELP!???? what do i do?

i tried to remove the v-keyboard files through my pc as recommended, I was able to remove the folder no problem, but I am still getting the error when trying to either reinstall, or remove to try and reinstall..

I really dont use very much (well, none now that its not working) but I just wanted to post incase others are still seeing the same thing, not a big deal though, I still think my pre and this webos community rocks!!!

oh well, still waiting for 1.4!! sweet!!

AUPT is not working at all for me. I always get IPKG errors. Is it my version or Preware (V 9.28 BTW)? Can I get some guidance here? Is there another version I should be using. The apps list on Precentral.net says the latest version is 9.5 but my WebOSQuickInstall only pulls down 9.28 as the latest version.