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WebOS Internals releases Enyo for unloved webOS smartphones 15

by Derek Kessler Thu, 02 Feb 2012 8:42 pm EST

Back in October, HP pushed an update to the Maps app that both switched the provider to Microsoft's Bing Maps and installed the Enyo framework onto devices all the way back to the original Pre. There's just one problem - the update didn't hit all international devices, and those that couldn't download it were left with little help as the old Google Maps install ceased to function and they didn't get the Enyo-y goodness that the rest of us have been enjoying

Have no fear, for WebOS Internals is here to help! Rod Whitby and the crew have taken the newly open source Enyo 1.0 app framework and wrapped it up in a nice little 3.79MB package that installs Enyo onto any webOS device via Preware. With it you'll be able to run the, well, the handful of Enyo apps formatted for phones available in the App Catalog, but that's better than nothing, eh? Sorry, it won't give you Maps - it's up to HP to make that happen, nor will it neccesarily make the Enyo apps in the Catalog available. Our thanks to WebOS Internals for making it happen so quickly, and as always, if you appreciate their work, here's the donation link.


comment deleted --- I rec'd some bad pop on the Enyo 1.0 capability ~

Installing Enyo doesn't install Maps, it allows Enyo apps to run.

In order to use Enyo, you must have an Enyo application that uses it.

This now allows me to release freeTether as an enyo app :D

Cool...I think. Can you explain what the benefits of releasing an app as an enyo based app are? I realize to fully answer that question in this venue would be ineffective and difficult, but if you could just give a broad explanation or hint at the benefits, that would be helpful. Of course, you might just want to say "go read 'X' article or forum thread and then we'll talk", and that's ok too.

I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that means some enyo apps can now run on older webOS devices which previously couldn't run those apps. That broadens the audience for app developers. Enyo apps can run on both TP and enyo-enabled phones. I am seeing some apps I bought on my TP pop up on my Pre2.

You rock! Free Tether is one of the truly killer webOS apps. Enyo on!

Coming to this web site just keeps getting more an more fun! Great work guys!

One (probably silly) question on my part though: if we DID get the Bing Maps update, do we benefit at all from this?

You've already got Enyo installed, so you're good to go!

Thought so. Thanks much and keep up the great work!

Enyo. What it gives to me, webos 2.1 user? Nothing?

Do you have the maps update?

It should give you a burning desire to add to the webOS experience by learning to make your own apps :>

i have a pixi plus, with preware installed. but i cudnt find enyo in it... please help!