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webOS kernel development continues: Overclocking, Govnah 59

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 22 Apr 2010 1:25 pm EDT


Our development theme continues today at PreCentral. Next up: webOS kernel development and overclocking. There has been a huge amount of movement here in the past month or so with some exciting stuff out now and coming very, very soon.

First up, the overclocking method we covered about a month ago has a new release, the Super PreKernel app. The open-source solution utilizes the original the earlier 1.4.0 webOS overclocking kernel and ties it to a clever app that gives you a nice gui for changing your Pre's clock speed with a touch of a button. Check out the videos detailing Super PreKernel and a speed comparison after the break!

There have actually been two parallel tracks for kernel development. In addition to the above, WebOS Internals has organized about an open-source philosophy and 7 principles to keep things clean, safe, and easy. What we have here is a trinity of kernel development:

  • a kernel (called uber-kernel) based on webOS 1.4.1 and patched to allow for internal temperature sensing and overclocking - it's actually in a testing feed now
  • a C-service for managing the kernel
  • an app called Govnah as a front-end for the whole shootin' match.

Development is moving along quickly with goals like keeping an eye on internal cpu temperature, easily changing clock speed, and even dynamically managing cpu frequency based on policies you can set in-app. We'll definitely let you know as this project starting hitting more milestones, but feel free to hit up the WebOS Internals forum here at PreCentral for the bleeding edge info.




my geek side has a boner

This is the true Homebrew Holy Grail, in my opinion.

"Upgrading" the hardware, normally a static, gives the Palm ecosystem a new lease on life, and this is totally on top of official efforts to that effect!


go team go

We will be making a few changes in Super PreKernel to modernize it even further..keep tuned

I'll be keeping an eye on this, thanks. I definitely want to give it a whirl.

Thanks to those developers for their hard work... My pre is currently overclocked to 800MHz, and runs pretty smooth. Just like in the video there's a very noticeable difference in speed. If the rumor of Palm's next device having a 1GHz processor, and them being able to actually use the GPU, it running WebOS 2.0 (optimize and more mature). That will be one hell of a device, that I would buy in a heart beat.

I'm definitely interested in trying out one of these kernels, but I'm a little leery of burning out my device with them. I think the idea of switching between kernels with an app, though. That's fancy. Maybe if it didn't just seem like such an intense thing to do, I would probably jump on it, and I probably will anyways.

If you're worried about heat, Govnah has a true CPU heat sensor on its Launcher icon, and WOSI is working on making it update that value in realtime.

I've been using the 800 patch since it came out, and I've not had a single problem. The only thing to worry about is the overheating, but with the temp monitor patch, it notifies you if it's getting to the point of being too hot.

It's amazing. Just do it!

is super pre kernal coming to preware?

I know the threads say that the different kernels are not competing, but I can't use them at the same time, so I'm left with a choice of which one to use, to the exclusion of the other. Looks like competition to me.

My question is this: Why would I choose one over the other?

NOTE: I *was* using the kernel that became SuperKernel, but I've transitioned to the UberKernel from WebOSInternals.

AFAIK, the only difference between these two kernels is that the UberKernel has access to the CPU temperature and the SuperKernel does not.

Anyone else have clarifications?

I'm not 100% sure about features, but

sexy ha

works great 800mhz it helps games like skater nation not have so much slow down great work thank you

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This may be a stupid question, but why would anyone want to speed up to 600 or 700 when you can go all the way to 800?

Um, because some people like having battery life but want a snappier system.

I wouldn't mind just a 100 or 200mhz bump. With just a 100mhz bump is there a noticeable difference?

What about 720mhz? It seems like the 'sweet spot' between extreme overclock and stock.

We're gonna need a benchmark app after this release!

Super PreKernel is already in Preware.

The results we provide are real experimental working kernels that have been tested on thousands of users and we continue to modify to make better

caj2008: pardon my stupidity, but I just overclocked last night w/ your 800 ipk kernel. Is this the same? If not should I (or why should I) switch?

mu7efcer: We are planning upgrades with more features

I'm not 100% sure about features, but

Well, let the Kernel Race begin. I appreciate and am eagerly looking forward to the very best in low-level OS enhancements from all vectors. :)

why is the universal search not working with the updated kernel? thanks for all that you do...

Please note we are currently making revisons to the app (multiple version issue) so if you experience any difficulties, drop me a PM and I will solve it for you right there. Everyone who has PMd me has found a solution so far.

I'm not seeing Super PreKernel in Preware.

Here's how I solved the heating issues: I took the back of the phone off and asked a friend who is a machinist to make me one out of aluminum. Booyah!

Epic win! I hope he made some sort of mold, then he could market those!

does that work with the Touchstone?


probably looks/feels cool! He should make a bunch and sell online.

I'm not seeing Super PreKernel in Preware.

one of the main annoyances of this overclocking (although the speed was great), is that it cripples the universal search. i cant start typing letters and then my contacts show up. that was a pretty big feature for me. and i just read on the engadget post that people are still having this problem with this released kernel.

not sure why it doesnt play well, but until that's fixed, i might hold off.

I use caj2008 800 ipk patch (http://m.forums.precentral.net/palm-pre-tips-information-resources/23814...)
and my universal search works better than ever, super fast!

ya everything works fine on my pre uni search and all! super fast too!! running supre pre 800 MHz !! pre wouldnt be the same with out!! +100000

I have the uber kernel, govnah, and the CPUScalerUber (running 500-800). My universal search is working just fine.

ok thanks for your input. i will see tonight if i am having similar results.

Universal search is working for me with this kernel and scaling set to 250/800.
I don't think this is is related to the kernel. I think the kernel is too low level to affect such a high level feature.

Nice article, thanks.

Note that all the WebOS Internals work is open source and developed transparently in public source code repositories for everyone to see (and participate in) the progress at all points of the development cycle. All code and build instructions are published and we encourage other groups to use our work.

We believe that just as Preware has become the premier on-device installer (along with WOSQI by Jason R as the premier off-device installer), we expect the Uber-Kernel and Govnah to become the premier long-term kernel management solution for webOS with full support in Preware and all other parts of the open standard homebrew ecosystem (including safety across webOS updates, which has been built into the Uber-Kernel from day one).

We encourage other groups to build upon that open and stable well-supported long-term foundation.

-- Rod

thanks Rod. I think I have a geek/man crush on you and Jason R. I promise not to stalk either of you.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Caj2008, I luv you man. Overclocked last night to your 800 ipk via wosqi, super easy to do, and now my pre is amazing!

I have found a solution to all issues...We are even working on new app improvements. Engadget says I cant use the soundtrack when I have third party consent. Give me a break!!
They are so accurate

mschea: one of the main annoyances of this overclocking (although the speed was great), is that it cripples the universal search. i cant start typing letters and then my contacts show up. that was a pretty big feature for me. and i just read on the engadget post that people are still having this problem with this released kernel.

not sure why it doesnt play well, but until that's fixed, i might hold off.

I believe in two parallel tracks of development but I do not boast about anything other than I have worked collaboratively with WebOS individuals to make this an exciting phone. I would like to thank the hundred of alpha testers who made this happen. BTW-I think Jasons WOSQI is the fastest installation method I have ever used with unique advantages. I also use Preware which shows that parallel tracks of installer development is beneficialto the community


We have an issue with multiple versions of the installer since we are rapidly revising the app. If you have an issue, send me PM and I will solve it for you as I get it. Thanks

We can't wait to see this Kernel patch work on Preware. Preware is really user friendly. Please work hard to get this on Preware.

Sounds great, gonna have to give this one a try! The developer community is why I love my Pre so much :) You guys are coming up with amazing things, keep it up!

You guys are the best!

I might have missed this, but I just want to be sure:

Can I have BOTH the CPU Scaler application AND the Govnah app installed at the same time with no problems?

I love the way my phone runs with the CPU Scaler (although I did have a scare a couple of times with it just locking up after locking the settings but restarting the phone and immediately opening up the app and resetting the settings worked out the problem). Phone runs like a champ with the 800mHz Uber speeds!

So when were the overclocking files set to private? I have not been able to find one overclocking file that has not been set to private and I haven't seen anywhere in the forums that have addressed this issue. Man, this sucks. I wanted a fast Pre and not the freakin' slow one that I have now. Answers?!?

This F$@&ING SUCKS!!! I finally get high speed internet and have access to download the Overclocking files and now they are gone and you guys have given up on this project. Who cares about some of the bullshit that some of the members are feeding you guys, overlook it and move on! You are developers, and Great ones at that. PLEASE keep working on this and bring back the super pre kernels. F$@K the haters. I bet If precentral put it on the home page that overclocking is gone (WHICH SHOULD BE A HEADLINE) everyone would freak out, knowing that overclocking isnt even a option to do anymore. Thanks for the Hard work you guys put into this project(even though I didnt even get to enjoy it), and hopefully you will change your mind and release the files for people who DO appreciate your hard work!

I just got a new Pre and was going to overclock it again...I guess not. Why did you guys give up on this? I really appreciated the hard work and loved my last Pre at 800mhz. What about all the people who donated to you guys? It seems unfair that you would take these donations and not leave up the files and youtube instructional video...

install preware through webos quick install, the uberkernel is available under the kernels section and then install the "govnah" app. I'm doing it while I am typing, haha.

Govnah 0.4.2 is released, with support for sticky profiles.

See the Govnah thread for more details.

-- Rod

I love homebrew. I just added uber kernal and love it. Thanks Guys

So do I need to keep the Govnah app card to keep the kernel overclocking my processor? Or can I swipe/close it and still expect the effects of the uberkernel?

HELP. I installed uberkernel and govnah, and I cannot change the setting to others (screenstate, fixed 800,720, etc) from palm default. It is just stuck in Palm default. What should I do?

Help. I am having the same issue as above, but it started right after I upgraded to the 1.4.5 any suggestions?

any idea how long this change takes? i went from 500 to 720
its been about fifteen minutes lol just wondering

having the same problem with being stuck on palm default .. have been going mad looking for the original instructions I used when I first overclocked to see if I missed a step..