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webOS meetups for April 2012 28

by Sharon L Copeland Thu, 05 Apr 2012 7:33 pm EDT

WP CentralVarious webOS meet ups are commencing in big cities and small towns all over this great land and you are invited. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert at developing thumping apps, a blogger who loves technology, or just someone who is curious about what make this community so great. This is a great opportunity to get to know who’s who in the community, eat great food, and dish about the best OS there ever was. And who knows... you could pick up some really cool goodies along the way. So here is your invitation for an afternoon of fun, creativity and spirited talk about what’s happening next.

Here's what's coming up for the month of April:



Nashville, REPRESENT!!

It is weird that they still have these.

It shows webOS is still alive and kickin. Although completely limbless and with first degree burns. Long live webOS!

Hey! Will there be a webOS meetup in Raleigh NC? If so, count me up!

How about having one in Spokane Washington. Its only an hours drive for me. This would be funer than a Star Trek convention...

Any love for the North-East planned?

Come to Jacksonville!

Common I don't see Boston in there!! should be there by default! :)

Jacksonville! 3hours from me. Wish I could go.

YES I am queen of the meet ups, find your city here and have fun!!! We invite you to bond with your community, we have giveaways most of the time. And you meet and make friends,

hey why not meetup in Phoenix, AZ ?(:

"the best OS there ever was"

Apparently even the bloggers here know it is over when they speak in the past tense...

Atlanta, GA???

oh wow my first troll LOL

If you are speaking of me Sharon, nice try. Just because you used past tense, don't call me a troll.

My apologies, but we are far from dead. webOS is not the kin with millions of TouchPad out there and devs still developing apps for us. Please don't take my words out of context or assume what I mean. Even? I love my community, they have shown me love, and I respond in kind.

Kinda unprofessional to start calling individual commenters "trolls" that were merely commenting on what they saw in your post, no?
In the forums, calling someone a troll would get them a warning from the mods post-haste (as it's against etiquette). Why isn't everyone held to that standard?

even more unprofessional to be a mind reader

Not a mind reader, just a vigilant one. Saying that something is "the best there ever was" implies that it is beyond its prime, it is old, its dead, it ain't coming back.

Here's an example: "Michael Jordan was the best there ever was", you would not say that about a current player: "Jeremy Lin is the best there ever was."

Look, I know you were trying to "turn a phrase", but what you wrote meant that webOS was a "has been" and not a "will be". I caught it and pointed it and was being sarcastic about it. No need to get huffy or to stoop to name calling. You could have just responded with a "oh, that certainly wasn't what I meant", but no, you took the low road. The only problem with the low road is that it is clogged with traffic.

The only thing that should be discussed in these meetings is how to port open source webOS to phones tablets and PC!!! Anything else is secondary. Unless we have a way to put webOS on hardware we are all wasting our time

have you came to one of our meetings...your invited. we want you to get excited and build and port things over. learn about tweaks and there are skilled developers at most meet ups to help you :)

Jacksonville?? Too far for me. Further south would be great! No love in PSL. :'(

You can request a meet up start in your area by going here : https://developer.palm.com/ under community :) There are 227 webOS communities...not too bad for being dead or past tense

That's great. How popular are these things, really? Kinda discouraging to see that the largest community has a meetup in 5 more days, but only has 4 attendees signed up, 1 of whom is the the event planner.

sometimes it kicks in at the last minute and some just show up because they know the leader of that event. we have to turn in how many people show up and that's when the giveaways come help bring people in. plus we enjoy each others company. :)

What about Nuyawk? :)

And now for the Dallas meet up, another has been added.

When could Australia ever have a chance of this-style meeting?