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webOS Nation 2.1, the community edition 9

by Derek Kessler Wed, 21 Nov 2012 1:35 pm EST

webOS Nation 2.1, the community edition

At the beginning of this year we launched a massive redesign and overhaul of our site, bringing webOS Nation up to modern standards front and back. Today we're pleased to be able to bring you the next step for webOS Nation, which puts more emphasis on the webOS Nation community, namely the greatest webOS forums in the history of webOS forums.

If you're a patron of the other sites in the Mobile Nations network, this layout should be pretty familiar to you. Up top we have a new featured stories block that will allow us to highlight in one neat little box the latest and greatest that is webOS Nation News. Below that is the big list area, which can either display the latest news or the latest activity in the forums. As I noted last week, news right now is just unbearably slow in the land of webOS, and we don't have any guarantees that it's going to pick up any time soon. So, by default, we've set the selection to display the latests posts from the webOS Nation Forum. That's where most of you are going anyway.

You can always switch back with just a single click or tap; there's some Ajax magic happening so you don't have to wait for the page to reload after making the switch (except, alas, when using the old-school webOS browsers, which are more than a little long in the tooth at this point). And since we like providing you with options, here's a link for those of you that want to stick with old-school blog news view without the header. But we think you'll like this new layout better.

Don't think this means we're going to rest on our laurels when it comes to bringing you the latest and greatest webOS news. No, we're going to keep trucking right along, bringing you news, exclusives, the occasional review (so much as activity in the App Catalog permits), editorials, tips, and everything else you've come to depend on webOS Nation for. If things do happen to pick up on the news front, switching back won't be a hassle.

So, welcome to webOS 2.1 - the community edition. Let us know what you think in the comments.



Love the new look. The commitment of this community never fails to amaze me. Thank you for allowing us into this great world


Haha, I thought was on the wrong site at first. Had to do a double take. The site looks really looks good.

Ah so this is why on my webOS phone, my beloved webOS site has gone nuts with it all jumbled up with forums and news. I hope you guys fix your mobile portion soon! Kind of annoying having to switch back to desktop version on my Pre 3 :-/

Thumbs up on the new look! And Happy Thanksgiving.

Please make "latest stories" shown by default when opening ths page instead of "latest discussions". If I want to know what is going on in the forums I visit the forums. If I visit this site I want the latest news/articles. Furthermore, when visiting this website with my Pre3 using the mobile layout I only see the "latest discussions" but no option to switch to news/articles.

Edit: should have read the whole article. Thanks for providing the old layout. Will be using that.

woohoo! Mobile version is fixed! :-D

Switched to the article view. I trust that if something really important happens in the forums, you guys will write an article about it. I only read the forums occasionally.

Read: "No more news to report, please discuss among yourselves" as evidenced by the latest article in the 'latest stories' section. Sorry, feeling doom and gloom.