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webOS Nation is all up in your socials, plussing up the Googles 27

by Derek Kessler Mon, 21 Jan 2013 3:45 pm EST

webOS Nation is all up in your socials, plussing up the Googles

We know it's tough being a webOS fan sometimes. You're over on your favorite social network and everybody's got these new iPhones and Nexuses and Lumias and you've still got your Pre and TouchPad. Sure, you want new hardware just as much as the next guy, but it needs that special touch: webOS. Thankfully, the magic of social networks makes it easy to share your love of webOS, and now we're all over Google+ too.

That's right, peeps and peepettes, the latest news, reviews, editorials, and other simply amazing content of webOS Nation is now getting a thorough piping over to Google+. How does this magic happen? You can thank dlvr.it's brand-spanking-new support for the brand-spanking-new Google+ API. And a small amount of witchcraft.

If you're not already putting webOS Nation in your Google+ circles, now's your chance to do it and have it really matter. And, of course, we're still rocking away on Twitter, going to Facebook to like all of the things, and watching the occasional tumbleweed on App.net. All up in your socials, man.

Of course, there's more than just the glorious webOS Nation page on Google+, there are webOS Nation people on the network too. Feel free to draw us into your circles or whatever it is you do with Google+. No promises of activity from Derek (he's an antisocial hermit, ya'know), but everybody else is good for a plus or two.


A Google+ app would be nice, but seems to have got left by the wayside.

The app or Google+?

OMG this is all a bunch of fluff. Lets cut the crap and look at the bottom line. We need at least one of two things. A way to port webOS to any device be it a phone tablet or PC.

or we need a manufacturer to buid us a great phone with webOS on it.

Anything less is useless. Please stop the useless fluff and pipedream articles and lets find a way to get webOS on some hardware. PLEEEEAASE!!!!

What do you think the guys at webOS Ports are doing?

We, here at webOS Nation can't spend every day banging the same drum of "Open webOS everywhere and now!" There's a community to keep going, awareness to build and maintain, educating to be done.

If you don't like 'the useless fluff' and 'pipedream articles', you're welcome to go to any of the other thriving webOS communities out th... oh, right.

I agree with you there are all these other things but without any hardware what good is it?

Hey I am die hard webos. I have 2 Touchpads and on Sprint I have two Pre and one Pixi. I also bought two extra Pre and have a Pixi on Standby.

It would be nice to get something new after 3 years.

What do you want Derek to do about it? You rave on as if he is the Great Oz who controls all things and for some reason is holding up the release of a webos phone.

He just reports the news, he doesn't make it.

This is news to me...

Long live webOS!

really surprised how many still have pre- and Pixi. Don't feel so bad with my Pre2 then

I still have a Pre- NIB unused :D

Keeping. mine mine mine

The pre-pay market may be the way.

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I like Plus... more than Face.

I really want to upload pics and videos using the Synergy connector... :-/

Best Regards... B-)

idk what anyone expects webOS nation to do about aging hardware or porting.. If that's what people want then they're barking up the wrong tree- waste your time writing letters to the execs at HP telling them such things. Unless you expect Derek to pull a Nexus 4 killing webOS phone out of his ass there's really nothing they can do except keep us updated on everything webOS, which is what they do very well, and is more than I can say for any other site. If people want new hardware or a port that bad, quit bitching and learn programming or electrical engineering and do something about it yourself.. Especially now that its open source!

"Unless you expect Derek to pull a Nexus 4 killing webOS phone out of his ass..."

Start the drum roll, please!


You're over on your favorite social network and everybody's got these new iPhones and Nexuses and Lumias and you've still got your Pre and TouchPad. phone

thanks Derek....but i must have been on + like three times since joining...and i joined as soon as it was up and running.....just doesn't do it for me....infact I'm all FBed out i only monitor my friends activiites thru the webOS client

Twitter is my drug.....thats where the rubber meets the road

Erm... Hopefully that is the worst news article title we'll see in 2013. :p

I'm NOT a social media user at all. I find it invasive and demanding. It's just not for me.

However, I'm very glad to see webOS not be cut out of any opportunities. Go webHeads!!!


I'm not a "social media user", too... and; yet, I like the Google Plus, more for information and beautifull professional photos than the "social side".

It's simple, less bugs than other Google tools and the best: you can see only do you want to see.

You cannot imagine how many boring users I has block! >:-)))

Best Regards... B-)

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