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webOS Nation moboot theme now available for everyone 20

by Ryan St. Andrie Wed, 16 May 2012 3:56 pm EDT

webOS Nation moboot theme now available for everyone

So you've used our awesome how-to and installed Android on your TouchPad. You may have even spiced up Android by changing the task switcher to the webOS esque WebCM9 mod. Even with all that work done you still have not completely "tricked out" your TouchPad until you have installed our brand new theme for your moboot screen. 

Moboot is what the guys on the Cyanogenmod team created that allows TouchPad owners to dual boot their devices. Without this nifty little program you wouldn't have an easy way to switch back and forth between Android and webOS. With as great as moboot is and as much as we appreciate the hard work of the developers we have to say moboot leaves a lot to be desired in the esthetics department! Luckily ReverendKJR on the Rootzwiki forums did a little conversing with moboot creator jcsullins and came up with a way to theme the ugly black screen for moboot. 

After reading ReverndKJR's easy instructions on how to build a moboot theme we decided to build our own and share it with our awesome readers. So without further ado we give you the official webOS Nation moboot theme.


Note: Must be using moboot 0.3.5

The process of installing our theme (or any moboot theme for that matter) is very straightforward. Simply download the zip file we have put together for you onto the root of your device. If downloading from a computer plug your TouchPad into the computer with your USB cable then drag and drop the zip file onto the root of your device. Remember the download location of the zip file to make it easy to find later. 

Once you have downloaded the zip file safely to your device boot your TouchPad into ClockworkMod Recovery. After you have ClockworkMod Recovery up use your volume rocker to highlight  "install zip from sdcard" and then select it with the back button at the bottom of your TouchPad. Now the first option highlighted should be "choose zip from sdcard" so go ahead and press the back button again to select that option. Once again use your volume rocker to move to the file where you have stored the theme zip file (more than likely the "Download" folder) and press the back button to select and enter that folder. Again using the volume rocker highlight the theme zip and hit the back button to select and install the webOS Nation theme. 

After installing the theme you can go back to the home menu screen of ClockworkMod recovery and select "reboot system now" to complete the process. Once your TouchPad has rebooted you should now see our awesome moboot theme instead of the dreadful old black one. If for any reason you wish to go back to the stock moboot theme jcsullins has created a zip that will revert moboot to its original state. All you will have to do is install that zip the same way you installed our theme and everything will be back to the way it was. 

Source: Rootzwiki



I love It!

New theme here we go!!!

This is supposed to be a webOS site. Stop pushing Android. ANDROID SUCKS!
Android is total crap. I have tried it and it takes 10 steps to do anything.

Please concentrate on our platform. I could care less about <>. Android

Sent via webOS Touch Pad!!11111

Sirius and Slingbox. Besides those 2 apps, I tend to agree with most of your rant. You can't live with your head in the sand though. You sir, are a purist and I understand your frustration. Please allow us the freedom of an open and productive discussion. The whole push behind open source depends on collaboration and sharing of ideas. What have you provided that has demonstrated any development for webOS? I for one try to take a few hours a week to read these forums and provide tips and advice for users who want to accomplish specific tasks. WebOS is a beautiful thing, but it does have it's limitations. Let freedom ring and try not to get so worked up... Geez!

Now when you say copy it to the root of the touchpad, you mean..where?


Android isn't what I'm looking for at this place,...

Great write up, adds some much needed bling to moboot. Don't know why there are all these Android haters here, with the current state of webOS you really need a dual boot setup to do it all.

With the drop off in traffic, if one is a WebOS purist, I'd not be chasing away any contributors no matter what their personal preference. If the site were down to just purists, Derek would be nailing plywood over the windows of WebOS Nation HQ. Every post, every response, keeps the weak WebOS Nation pulse intact and measurable.

For those that hate all other platforms and hate being reminded of missing functionality and development, keep your chins up. But don't let your hatred blind you of the fact that you can't swim up hill.

please concentrate on webOS. Why pushing for Android in this blog?! You may have Howto about uninstalling Android here. Remember, we are getting closer to OPEN webOS release...

Would also like to mention an app in Preware called Cyboot. It allows you to change the default OS that the TouchPad will boot into and the change the amount of time moboot will wait before booting the default OS.

I'm alright with the android info. I use it more now on my tp than webos but only (and I mean ONLY) for the apps. I appreciate the moboot theme a lot and it helps me remember how cool webos guys really are. I wish webos booted as fast as android because the lag is the only reason I don't switch back more often. Actually, I really wish we could run ics as a card in webos.

how do we check our moboot version? nm answer was right in front of me (literally)

Yeah, screw Android. Unzip the file on your computer, locate the moboot.background.tga file, and move it to /boot folder in webOS and reboot. Also, for that matter, you can set specific images for the bootscreens once you choose which OS you want to use. Use moboot.splash.(android/ubuntu/webos).tga, load that file in /boot and enjoy. I've done this for my moboot install and it works fine. No need for android. If you have any questions, someone can prolly answer them in the forums, or pm me.

done.... thanks for the great work!

Moboot themes looks good, and will try Cyboot to switch default back to WebOS. Triple boot goodness with WebOS, ICS, and Ubuntu. Touchpad just keeps getting better! Just picked up another for $200 for the wife. :)

I have 0.3.2 moboot. I cant get it to load. It says it loads the zip in CWM, but then I reboot and its still black. Even removed it from root, re-downloaded it and still nothing. I give up. It was easier to get CM9 on than this......anybody else having an issue? whining is over.....

Note: Must be using moboot 0.3.5

Thanks! Does anyone know if its safe to just go to root, and swap out moboot 0.3.2 for 0.3.5? Will I have to do anything else? Don't wanna upset the moboot balance....

I have installed the zip file step by step,but it‘s not performe perfect,How do i can uninstalled it

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