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The webOS Nation Straw Poll 30

by Derek Kessler Tue, 06 Nov 2012 9:18 am EST

The webOS Nation Straw Poll

Today is November 6th, 2012, election day in the United States of America. Today our long national nightmare of rallies, attack ads, yard signs, strangers knocking on your door and calling your phone comes to an end. Maybe. We hope. It's hard to believe that this campaign has been going all the way back to early April 2011 when former Governor Mitt Romney declared his intention for the White House. And, of course, there's President Barack Obama, who's hoping to secure a second four year term in the Oval Office. But today, after all the ballots are cast, it can finally be over and we can get back to talking about smartphones and tablets and the Kardashians. You know, the important things.

So with emotions running high today, we thought we'd have a little bit of fun. It's a presidential straw poll! We've done our best to stay out of the politics here (excepting railing against SOPA, because that was just stupid), but today we're dragging it to the forefront because we really can't help ourselves.

Actually, we can help ourselves. Go vote. It's important. Except, you know, go vote in real life. This poll's not important at all. Regardless of how the election turns out, tomorrow's another day, and maybe we can come back together and remember that we're all in this together. Besides, in the end no matter who is elected and how the ballot issues are decided, the world's ending before they'll take office anyway.



How could you not vote for Romney? The new Romney 4.2 isn't killing homeless people at night

Wow, obama, really? Must be everyone wants an obama phone for free. Sad.


Will it run open webOS? Ah, the audacity of hope! ;-)

Others of course, may prefer to get their mitts on the Romneyphone...

What exactly is an "Obama phone"? Are you referring to the Assurance Wireless phones being given to low-income individuals? The same phones that were released under W's administration?

Did "W" supporters claim that because they got a hand out they were voting for him? I am just asking the question. Just like the other video where a woman was in tears because obama won, because she believed it was a signal that she would never have to pay her mortgage again or buy gas, that obama would pay for it. Not bashing the other side here, just pointing out the existence of these videos:

The difference being the program was switch from POTS (landline) phones to mobile phones and the costs have ballooned to double what there were before the switch.

Anyone who as seen the Obamaphone videos should realize that we should not be paying 100% of the costs. If you need help paying for your phone, you need to come up with your portion at the very least.

Note before this gets too bad.

Don't bash the other side.

Anyways, I'm below 18, so Chief Cortana 2012!

It's sort of odd how Halo 4 comes out on the day of elections.

"I'm not American. Leave me alone, you silly yank"

I am from Spain and I´ve just remembered this funny situation when I went to Canada.

I was passing the police control in the Airport and I said "This is my first time in America"
And a the policeman told me -very angry- "I think you have landed in the wrong airport... This is NOT America"

But I meant the continent !!!!!!

True story.
And yes, despite the misunderstanding, I was able to enter Canada.

By the way..

Why the hell you Americans say that your are American when you want to say you are American? Buff... what a mess.. you know what I mean

Just a joke, no offense


It's the name of our country: The United States of America. You know, how Spain is officially the Kingdom of Spain, people call themselves Spanish, and how the UK is officially the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland, people call themselves British (or Irish).

Because there's no good word in English for EstadoUnidence other than "American".

And then some people consider everyone living in North and South America* as Americans and get upset when others refer to Americans as just those who are citizens of the Unitied States of America.

* - some also refer to them as a single continent.

I didn't see an option for That Guy With The Hair in the poll.

Yeah if only Rick Perry had won the primary, we'd finally have a national election to vote for "The Hair".

Ok, I'm not from Murica but seriously, even I'm worried for the state of things if Romney n Ryan (is it Ryan?) get in. Why? Because they have some scary ass ideas about… everything. Hell, I'd even vote for Dubyah (a man I remember describing to a US friend as "Not the kind of person you'd want with a finger on the big red button") over Romney n *shudders* Ryan

Personally, I'm more scared of the deficit suddenly jumping to over $1T for the first time ever, with no end in sight and no plan to pay it off (well, besides "make the rich pay their fair share" of course).

You're absolutely right. Maybe if we stop having cowboys turning surpluses into deficits, waging unfunded wars, etc. we might be able to get back to the Clinton era of turning deficits into surplus. Speaking of Clinton, I heard Monica Lewinski turned Republican because Democrats left a bad taste in her mouth.

Are you having flashbacks from 2009? It's been over $1T since Obama has been in office.

lol. The election is well over, but I was never able to understand why people were so scared of a devout mormon. I guess it goes to show the power of media

I'm sure that the votes from at least one and probably several states will end up being re-counted and then in court. Because we have yet to actually get it together and fix all our electoral problems. So don't worry, this too long serial is not over yet!

Wasnt going to chime in, but... I found the best job I have ever had during this administration. At my current job, we are doing new hire classes every week with more than 30 people in each class. Of all the people I know, the only ones who dont have jobs, havent tried very hard. The people I have told to apply here, havent, so it is their faults, because I know we are hiring. Small snapshot I know, just telling my story.

Based on the poll results, maybe we'll get our 3rd party after all!!

OH man, I wasn't going to voice my opinion because I am not a registered voter BUT this is the first time in my life I was nervous about an election. The idea of Romney in the office is terrifying me. I sit here and watch people complain that Obama couldn't get the job done in 4 years, and romney says that he couldn't fix the economy in 4 years, but if you vote Romney/Ryan, he has a plan that can fix it in 8-10 years. SO technically, he wouldn't be able to fix the economy in 1 term either.

Secondly, he is blaming Obama for not creating jobs, but then in a debate says he has what it takes to create job, but then in another debate, says states that government can not create jobs.

And I am sory, bu there are jobs out there people. It's just that people think that after a few years of school and a diploma, that they should be making big bucks off the bat. It's not that you can't get a job, it's that you can't settle for one you feel is less than your worth.

Again, I am not a registered voter. Just some one who is looking from the outside in, and Romney seems a LITTLE too flakey for me.

I have to agree with everything you just said.

I'm surprised a non-registered voter decided to watch the debates; but it's pretty clear that you have a misunderstanding of republican and democratic fiscal principles. Republicans believe the idea of small businesses create jobs & their motto has always been to tax small businesses less. This gives those businesses more money to hire new workers & give raises.

Where Democrats believe that the more money you give to the people the more those people will spend & in turn create more jobs.

(both ideals I personally believe have huge benefits if applied correctly)

That's really what people call republicans (top down economics & democrats (bottom up economics)

Anyway, I believe where you are miss evaluating what you heard and what things are being referred to here.

lastly, between the years of 1998 & 2007 one could quit a job with a college degree and be hired the next day. Since 2008, many people are fighting for jobs anywhere across the board. There is just not many jobs in america right now. I know a lot of people that were laid off for over 2 plus years and were over-qualified every time they applied at something below their needs.

Something tells me you didn't really experience the downfall of the economy like others did and that's definitely good for you ;)

Anyway, I just recommend really looking into the two differences between the parties & fully understanding them by listening to both republican and democratic tv and then come back and vote 4 years from now.

Wait a minute...DID I JUST VOTE AGAIN? Oh no! Isn't that a felony? Well, at least my early voting ballot registration didn't have the name "ROCKBEAST" on had "MICKEY MOUSE".

Happy voting people! No matter who you are voting for...just voting is more important than who you are voting for....don't waste the opportunity, please vote.

For those worried about what may happen on either side of the coin...there will always be challenges to deal with, and there will be mistakes made...but if we the people don't engage in the voting process, then it is certainly partly our own fault. No matter if your 'guy' makes it in or not, lets all be good citizens and do our best to make at least our own little worlds better for the people around us...if not for the people around it for the puppies...and get the idea. Be nice people. Thanks.

Vote early, vote often?

It really is funny how these US citizens are worried about little stuff like the $1T deficit when actually the whole NATO Countries exept Turkey and eastern none € europe is in a slope and germany barrely managing thanks to their "made in Germany" and their car industry.

I personly think we should reconsider how companies like apple, biggest company in the world, are managing with paying like no tax at all. And generally how come you cry about rich people paying to much tax when actually they pay less than in germany.,_20...

This site is a pretty good predictor of presidential election