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webOS Netbooks on the way 52

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 22 Jul 2010 5:57 pm EDT


At Fortune's Brainstorm Tech, Jon Rubinstein just confirmed that they're working on several classes of devices, including smartphones, printers, slates, and netbooks.

We're working a wide variety, as Todd said, smartphones definitely, slates, netbooks, working with the guys in the printer group. webOS [...] will have a unified user interface across all of these, will have a unified developer environment, and it's all based on the foundation that we build in webOS from day one. When we developed webOS, we thought about making this scalable across a variety of mobile devices; that's what we'll be delivering going forward.

There you go, webOS netbooks are apparently in the pipeline. We've heard vague references to them before, but interesting -- and possible nice? -- to have it confirmed by the big man himself.

Source: Fortune Brainstorm Tech




Can this be construed as a hardware announcement?

Not yet, not-yet-pre.

webOS netbooks? Idk about that.. Can someone explain exactly what that is? It's just a small laptop, isn't it?

You are correct. webOS literally rapes Windows 7 in potential. I'm excited.

I love webos, but that's just absurd. Windows 7 is a very smooth OS and there aremillions and millions of software choices. I dual boot Ubuntu and W7 on my netbook.

Think Android but better.

Imagine Ubuntu, but with a much sleeker, more integrated browser and clean UI with wicked nice universal search. You got to understand...webOS is built on a fairly clean linux kernel. It's not like Android where you have a totally hashed up linux kernel running magical pixie java that is basically just native code run through a goofy non-standard interpreter. webOS is basically a sleeker Linux distro with an extremely clean, user friendly UI, and not just some cheesy UI trying to ape Windows or MacOS. On a platform with more powerful hardware, more of the linux profile can be extended into webOS and as a result, more of the sorts of applications you'd run on a netbook can be made available.

I run Photoshop, Illustrator and Revit (3d drafting program) on my netbook. I can pretty much guarantee that WebOS will never run those programs.

I love my WebOS phone. I'm warming to the idea of a tablet (the stylus option is a big draw) but a netbook would have to be able to do everything W7 and MacOS and Ubuntu do and I just don't see that happening. It's got a long way to go to catch up to where Ubuntu is and their market share is tiny in spite of being 100% free.


I do believe this news... along with Sprint powering up a 3G tower in my little midwest town at midnight last night solidified today as a wonderful day.

I cannot stress enough how little I care about a webOS netbook or tablet. Tell me about the next webOS PHONE, and make it one that can compete with the iPhone4/Droid X/Evo/Droid Incredible/Samsung Epic 4G.

I understand that modding/tinkering shouldn't be necessary... but overclocking plus compache = A Pre that objectively outperforms nearly everyphone you listed.

+1 TRUTH!!! but new hardware would be nice. All the the performance in the world can't fix a old phone and extreme wear and tear

And yet still has a small screen and only 8gb of fixed memory.

I'd like to point out that some people enjoy a smaller form factor. It would be nice for a line with a larger one to come sometime, though.

I have approx 40 apps n I only have 2.4mb used up. The uberkernal has a memory swapping fix in it.

install govnuh and uberkernal and have a better day.

Yeah, not a huge fan of a tablet either. I would stress that to gain some headway, the next PalmOS phone will have to out perform and out spec all of these phones:
iPhone4/Droid X/Evo/Droid Incredible/Samsung Epic 4G.

Just catching up will not do anymore...

YAY!!! now i can have get rid of my windows netbook and have a webos netbook along with my pre! or pre 2! I hope they call it the Foleo 2 or something like that :)

Hope we get to see some leaks of something new. Or better yet I hope a hp/palm guy leaave his shinny new webos 2.0 phone at a bar :D

Big fail against windows like linux once all the fanboys and girls have one that wants one!

a webos netbook would only be good if it could tether off my webos phone. And instantly sync everything together once they're in proximity.

You have just described the concept behind the original Foleo, which predated the netbook by about six months or would have if Palm hadn't killed that device because it was based on a different version of Linux than what would eventually become webOS. It's entirely possible that Palm has been working on a Foleo successor which can easily be called a "netbook" since the Foleo was canceled in 2007. Hopefully in the intervening three years Palm has learned from its mistakes with the Foleo and will be able to put out a kick ass netbook.

Nicholas Negroponte's $100 Laptop initiative created the netbook market. The Palm Foleo had nothing to do with that.

I would rather have the webOS tablet than netbook. With gestures,the netbook form seems extremely impractical. Tablet with a bluetooth keyboard would be incredible.

That's the rub, though. There's a keyboard on the Pre for a reason...if you wrap your head around doing things by way of universal search, you find it's way more intuitive to type a few letters and just call something up rather than hunt through lists of icons to find the one you want. So you put a keyboard on the tablet. But then you realize...you're using the keyboard to do universal search to find things, and you rarely touch the screen out of fear of scratching and smudging it up. Then you think "why tack 300 bucks onto the cost of this device for a screen I'm not going to even bother with". Sure, an expensive device can be all touchy with a bluetooth keyboard, but if you realize that this is really just a linux distro with a very integrated browser and super clean UI, you start to realize that if you use it like such, it'd probably hold up really well against netbooks that come preshipped with Ubuntu.

I don't care about WebOS netbooks, Slates or refrigerators. Give me some new smartphone hw.

Hope we get a steady stream of news from now on.


I like webOS, I'm a big fan. I'm excited to see it move forward and be put on a tablet, or a netbook or printer or toaster or whatever

my question is this:

What program am I going to use to create/edit a document on my webOS Netbook BEFORE I email it to my HP webOS printer thing?

in other words, is this gonna run OFfice? or WordPerfect? or OpenOffice? or something new/else?

or am I just supposed to surf on it?

+1 Need HP to commit to finishing the basics. I need the phone o/s functionality to be complete before I ever think about buying another WebOS device. The phone is my stepping stone, and right now the stone is slimy and wet.

actually. Since the hardware is 'surfing' full time as webos why can't we just use google docs or similar? Less programs we have on the harddrive the faster/smoother it will run.

have you tried evernote as well? I wrote a huge intro/review re: all the bene's most still don't know about. I told Dieter he could post it but it is a red tape issue so I will post on my blog soon. I will give link to forum when it's ready.

I'm sure there is something native in the works, however, wouldn't Google Docs or another cloud based office suite be sufficient in most cases?

if the keyboard is a slider, that would be freaking sweet. I want a real keyboard rather than just a tablet

ETA probably around the time Apple/Google/Microsoft publicly release their own version of Tony Stark like computer interface... No leaks til, just mention of continued roadmaps...

WebOS is not nearly supported enough by developers to justify putting it on a netbook. The apps, esp the native ones, need severe usability improvements and cleaner, more professional looks. I will put Ubuntu eee on a netbook before I glanced twice at a webOS netbook. Hell, I would get an iPad before I bought a webOS netbook. Seriously, do not get the wet panties over this. WebOS is acceptable as a phone OS as it stands, but as a tablet/netbook, it would be laughable. WebOS 2.0 would have to be more like a 3.0 in terms of app permeance, memory, speed, UI, everything.

Good news for all webOS fans in my view... obviously, for the person that was hoping for a webos netbook (all 5 of you) this is good news. and for those hoping for a palmpad (and even smart phone users... aka the rest of us), it means HP is throwing some serious effort into software for webos. I do not care for a netbook, but for a webos netbook to be competitive, it will have to have most of what the average consumer expects of a netbook: video playback, great battery life, AND compatibility with the apps on their main computer. Given that HP is dedicated to the slate with microsoft, I am betting they are going all-in on a cloud-based app infrastructure for the larger webos devices. This can only be good news for all webos fans, whether the netbook succeeds or not.


Point well taken.

I would imagine webos turning into a linux distribution of it's own. Hp already sells netbooks with ubuntu remix. Maybe they'd add some kind of gnome layer into there or something. Or maybe it's gonna be like googles chrome os, mostly cloud based only with more features

Why in the world would I want a netbook that I have will have to patch, install homebrew apps on, void the warranty by overclocking the CPU just to get it to be competitive with the other netbooks that are out there?

Who cares! New PHONES!!

You don't exactly 'get' the concept of homebrew do you?
Something being homebrewjust means you don't have to go through the official app store to get it. IPhoners would kill to be able to do this more easily.
And pretty much every desktop/laptop on the planet already does 'homebrew'. Imagine if you had to buy all your software through Apple's website. Or Microsoft's. Sounds pretty retarded doesn't it.

Is it me?,Or has PREcentral turned into HPCentral Just saying I can't put a notebook in my pocket Or we could call it webOScentral Pocketbook.intertwine

It's you. You're a whiner. But at least you're not as bad as the people who last year demanded that Precentral should stop reporting about the Pixi because it's not a Pre.


to all the trolls.......read Rubee's statement again. He said phone. Netbook.tablet/slate.

there's something in santa's workshop for ALL the Pre-ple so stop bitching and go piss on someone else's parade. Preferably your own.

So when I own my WebOS 2.0 phone, tablet/netbook and maybe printer, will I be able to use the same palm profile on them all? I would hope that if I buy a game/app for my Palm WebOS tablet, I get to use it on my Palm WebOS phone as well.

I was thinking the other day... webOS might make a really good in-car computer OS. You'd then have cards for audio playback, climate control, engine diagnostics, etc.

Netbooks are meh. Netbooks running webOS is still meh...cooler than norm...but meh none the less. Why? Well, netbooks are built mainly for browsing the web. It's not meant to run various programs/software which webOS was built to do.

I, like most of us, just want a successor to the PRE w/ a beefier processor (OMAP 4), a good share of RAM (@ least 1gig), a nice HD glass display w/ MultiTouch, screen size @ 3.75-4", and most importantly a physical 'portrait' keyboard w/ virtual options of course =)

...lets do it H/Palm!!!

ps. I think webOS 2.0 will blow the roof off the mobile OS market.

will these new devices have FLASH

A properly designed netbook that dual-boots Win7 & webOS would be nice. Think about it:

- The touch screen would be enabled in both OSes.
- Gestures could occur in the glidepad area (no added hardware cost).
- webOS on an Atom with 2GB RAM would be very, very fast and TMC errors wouldn't occur unless you had literally hundreds of apps open.
- I envision 16+ GB of internal NVRAM with 4GB dedicated to a copy of system RAM. 2GB for Win7 & 2GB for webOS. The NVRAM would be written when the netbook went to sleep under either OS and read when it woke up.
- With that, both OSes would both boot/resume in 3-4 seconds, making it an almost instant-on for either OS regardless of which OS was loaded last.
- webOS could live in the RAM + NVRAM world and never spin the hard drive, increasing battery life.
- Win7 could see the NVRAM as a Flash drive so media syncing/copying between OSes would be a snap.

Under this plan, the added hardware expense is the touch-enabled screen and the NVRAM. And probably a dedicated keyboard button for webOS. That's not bad from both a cost & design standpoint.

Very slick idea, me like...


Extreme grey market item

7" Touch Screen TFT LCD Google Android 1.6 Tablet PC w/ WiFi/Camera (VIA WM8505 ARM926)

Price: $107.70

I want a tablet... more robust processor (dual-booting? That is interesting...); I'm pretty sure I am replacing my T680 soon... and not for a pre+ unfortunately... when are the next generation of handsets going to be announced???