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webOS.O.S. - the campaign to save our platform 201

by Derek Kessler Tue, 23 Aug 2011 10:19 am EDT

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is upon us. The shock of HP’s decision to cancel webOS hardware development has faded and we are faced with a new reality in which our platform has an uncertain future. While HP explores their options on how best to extract monetary value out of webOS, we’re going to go on the offensive for the future of our platform.

This community has shown great resilience in the past week in the face of uncertainty. Like you, we want webOS to continue and succeed, even if not under HP’s stewardship. Palm and webOS are special. webOS doesn’t have the biggest userbase or the most apps or the best carrier support, but it has the best fans. Bar none.

That’s why we’re launching webOS.O.S. We’re sending an S.O.S. to the world that we, the community, will not let our platform die without a fight. It’s a call to action. It’s time to let manufacturers and carriers around the world know that you want webOS and you are not alone. HP gave webOS a chance and failed – let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Twitter Mission 1: Post why you want webOS to survive, include the hashtag #webOSOS. (feel free to use #webOSOS for other webOS tweets too)

Facebook Mission 1: Give PreCentral a "Like" (go ahead and like this call to arms too) and tell your friends why they should pick up a TouchPad (if they can find one).

There’s going to be plenty more here on PreCentral for the webOS.O.S. campaign, so stay tuned!



Does this make HP the Titanic?

Yes, because many said it couldn't sink

leo looks like hes got enough fat on him to keep the whole company afloat... what a chump

Participants in the stock market range from small individual stock investors to large hedge fund traders, who can be based anywhere. Their orders usually end up with a professional at a stock exchange, who executes the order of buying or selling.The purpose of a stock exchange is to facilitate the exchange of securities between buyers and sellers, thus providing a marketplace (virtual or real). The exchanges provide real-time trading information on the listed securities, facilitating price discovery.

I'm in!

I think we're all doing this anyway. I think a better plan is for everyone who bought a TouchPad to download/install a bunch of apps, especially paid ones, and write to developers and tell them you want MORE!!!

Why not use #savewebos as a hashtag, it has been used all the time already and should also be easier to understand for non-webos fans out there, don´t you think?

i just used both

im going to create a twitter account to help this cause

Woops sorry, wasn´t meant to be a reply to "yourface"...

So again:
Why not use #savewebos as a hashtag, it has been used all the time already and should also be easier to understand for non-webos fans out there, don´t you think?

I agree with heth. It's already got a big headstart and conveys the same message. There's no need to split the vote here.

use both.. I am not a twitter expert, but can't you use 2 hastags??

tweet both

I'm starting to believe that this is one big publicity stunt. The question/situation of HP....1) We (HP) know we have one if not the best mobile OS. 2) Pre-/+ hurt us (HP) by being preceived as sub-par phones. 3) How can we (HP) get as many devices in consumers hands to get them hooked like crack monsters? I know...Lets build 1millionTouchPads and give them away like drug dealers do and watch them beat down or doors for new stuff!!!! HP ....the new pushers!!!

I agree Wayne - something is up...

If bad publicity was their goal, they succeeded. HP has already proven they're not willing to invest what it takes to compete.

Given HP's performance thus far I think it's safe to attribute the current state of affairs to shear incompetence.

Never ascribe to conspiracy what can be attributed to sheer stupidity. I could be wrong, but...

Well if it one then it will take a really long time to recoop what was lost in the stock market hit HP took, not including all the initial purchases costs.

Here's hoping tho!

Sounds good, but probably not the case. Announcing that they're bott making anymore devices, not shipping Pre3 Stateside, not shipping "Opals" or TP 4Gs anymore don't contribute to getting as many devices into as many hands as possible.
Firesale is good if someone else (Samsung/HTC) picks up webOS.

i hope samsung purchases the whole palm portfolio, cuz im sure they can get it at a STEAL now, and they could do the justice to the platform it deserves, that plus they make a lot of their own parts, so we could see MULTIPLE form factors over the next year... just IMO

with stock tanking, Samsung should buy HP and can Leo, before Oracle buys them. What a disaster that would be...

pretty much what everyone thought once hp bought palm. plus: hp has deep pockets to play market games. turned out to be... uhm... yeah.

Wayne, I want to agree with you.The TP just outsold the ipad for the year so far, it doesnt make sense for HP not to capitalize on that. Even at $99 dollars, this is an excellent product, yea its heavy, and yea its a little slow, but something tells me that the TP isnt done quite yet....or maybe its just wishfull thinking. But go take a look at HP's website, why dont they just say, this item has been discontinued and let that be that, instead their site says "notify when available" and "Due to the significant price reduction, we experienced overwhelming demand for the product and are temporarily out of inventory" Temporarily????? what, are they making more?? Why does the PRE3 still say "Notifiy me"...mind you this is the U.S. website not the U.K., and lastly why hasnt HP taken down the TP-4G coming soon banner, this is either a ploy,,,that actually could work, or HP is still just Bullst!%%!ng

How about a container ship full of TPs? (Black & White) Maybe there's an Opal or two floating around too!

"The TP just outsold the ipad for the year so far"


The Ipad sold 9 million last quarter, how you figure the touchpad outsold the ipad for the year? What kind of math you using?

"The TP just outsold the ipad for the year so far" - are you kidding?? Source?? Apple sold 9 million last quarter and analysts are expecting them to sell 22 million this quarter. Most everywhere you go the iPad is still sold out, for over a year now. They may have outsold iPads over the weekend, after taking a $200 loss on each one. Small comfort for a company in serious trouble.

Unfortunately HP neither has the brains or the balls for this. This is what needed to happen, but it takes the balls and the budgeting/planning to execute the plan. HP all but admitted they had neither.

You got a laugh out of me on that one. =)

Unfortunately, I doubt ole Leo is that cleaver.

Those announcements last week erased billions of dollars in stockholder value. That devaluation has placed HP in the position for somebody else to buy THEM out.

I've felt like we've been swimming up a waterfall since February. Might as well keep on swimming!

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.

Canada is ready...

California would be more useful, they have a larger population than Canada.

It works like I do and doesn't require me to change my habits!

Let also show the eBay greedy non WebOS people on eBay eat their greed and not buy on eBay until they lower the cost. I was an early adopter and user of WebOS since it began.

Long Live WebOS..

well said...if any of mine come through...I will keep one and sell rest at cost...feel bad didn't early adopt...was going to get one....just thought the price was a little too high without any apps or doc editing...

A part of me thinks they same thing Wayne or maybe HP needed the tax write off of a failed investment, but HP has not proven smart enough for this to be their master plan. Here we have a user base with no future direction from it's owners sort of like a man without a country. I have no doubt, especially after this weekend's sales either HP investors will give a direvctor order (can they do that?) or someone will purchased it. Whatever happens please give it the hardware it deserves!

Hey ... the least I can do for this community & P|C! I don't twit, but, I just added my 'like' to P|C's facebook page.

Have you all heard the rumor about Samsung yet? They might be our Baby Mama. Crossing fingers
Lets #savewebos

I may participate but wouldn't be caught dead using facebook or twitter

I have had an Palm Pre, a pre 2 and now a pre 3 and a touchpad.

I bought the Pre 3 for £299 and it is great, even though some applications don't work and the ones that do work have a weird black line at the bottom of the screen.

I hope that the more people with these devices we will start seeing more interest in development. Like Microsoft did with the xbox, selling at a loss might be a good idea!

I hope they go through the Android route of licencing the os to hardware makers because although I love the pre style, I don't think the masses do.

No way. HP was not coming to Sprint. The Treo is gone and so is PalmOS. WebOS follows.

How 'bout a tutorial for those of us that are Twitter naïve? I would know a hashtag if I triped over it.

Sorry – Never had the need before!

Just type #webOSOS in your tweet. Tada!

Does anyone else here want to rip their face off when no one understands what a tablet or the touchpad is until you say "its like an ipad?"

oh **** yeah. I've spent easily $100 bucks on the app catalog and will only stop when I stop finding good software! Since this madness started I purchased a pre2 and will be switching back from evo 3d to a Frankenpre2 soon! Keep buying devices while they exist! The more users the more attractive it is to further development!

and for ****'s sake. An OS dies when there aren't anymore users... Not when a group of disconnected old farts vote not to use it anymore.

webOS is a treasure we need to protect it. I for one am committed monetarily, emotionally, and technologically to it's success.

those of us with the means should start bribing developers to stay. **** Microsoft. Donations. Send them to your favorite devs. I know, come pay day for me, I'll be making some large donations.

Yesterday I moved back to my Sprint Pre from my Evo 3D.

That is either a straight up lie or you need to commit yourself to a padded room. The original PRE is garbage. I gave mine to my daughter just to fuss around with and even she gets annoyed with it. while android may not be your cup of tea, going back to the Pre and smiling on the way means you haven't taken your meds today.

You know, I'm still on my Day 1 Pre-, as is my wife.

Was so looking forward to the Pre3 - even considered changing carriers to get it.

Seems Like I don't need to make that choice now (the only good news to come from this mess.)

Still use my Pre-

Those meds must be in really short supply.

I didn't take mine either.

My Pre never gave me trouble.

I really want to buy a Touchpad, so in light of people buying 100 of them at a time to sell on eBay, I think I have to wait to tell my friends to buy one until after I get one for myself...

I've been preaching WebOS since the very first day the Pre- was released, and I'm still sporting mine. Best. OS. Ever...

But I'm getting really annoyed by the SlickDeals forum posts of people who bought 10/12/100 of them to resell...

Spent 540 on 6 TP's. Sold 5 for around 1200. Keeping one.

What's annoying about that?

I despise people like you.

That's me holding restraint when coming into contact with people like you who take advantage of the little guy.

Sorry you feel that way little guy.

I hope the market bottoms...it will eventually...but even at their prices it still is a bargain just not as great of one

ITS ON US TO MAKE WE6 OS... THE TRUE MULTI-tasking 6east that over time will 6e the #1 platform on a mo6ile device... Look in one week we have went from virtual unknown as we6 os users.. To the topic of discussion on every outlet known to man... HP not making there own hardware makes sense do to the fact that google doesn't make nothing 6ut may6e one or two phones a year.. Every 1 else makes the phones for them.. They make there money off of advertising on the market as well as the android platform.. I think a lot like all of you guys and I swear the next PRECENTRAL MEETING.. I WILL 6e there... I want to meet and greet this great we6 os 6ased family and figure how we can show the world just how GREAT we6 os is..

Umm, 'b' key not working? :)

yes enuf with the 6, we get it...

anyone else that speaks spanish instantly think of bears roaming the internet? just a thought ;)

pues si...ahora que lo has mencionado. LOL @ los webosos

Haha! Web bears!

Derek, starting it in a week would have helped. More users get their shipping by the time. And more will join PC.

Actually, I think he should have started it immediately (and with a pledge form for customers and developers to sign) :)

it would be great if it could be made sticky or something

Yes, webOS newbies should buy apps! I'd help too, but I've already exhausted the app catalog (you're welcome)... :)

As to the campaign, I asked Derek to create a pledge form for both customers and developers to "sign", but didn't hear from him on it. Anyone else think this is a good idea?

Buying a 99 touchpad was one thing but i don't think i'll be buying apps. I got it mostly for what it can do already, free apps, plus homebrew.

You're missing out on real awesomeness then. Glimpse is a must-have app (only if you really love multitasking on multitasking coolness).

The SkyOrb (planetarium) app is a phone app, but since it's PDK-based, it runs full-screen and is more awesome.

The Feeder app is a plain-vanilla but great Google Reader app for keeping up with headlines (and it has functionality for Shared items).

The Gemini File Manager app is must-have for obvious reasons (Internalz Pro is awesome too and free, but a donation would really help).

If you want a tabbed browser or need to open locally hosted HTML files, you'll want to pick Advanced Browser. Very nice.

Carbon is the best Twitter app available for webOS, period (coming soon for the TouchPad).

Sports Live! is a terrific sports ticker app, with great notification support.

You're missing out... :)

Save webOS from what?

I think HP actually just DID save webOS over the weekend.
1) They gave up on hardware development (which was our biggest complaint) and will find better hardware solutions.
2) They immediately put webOS in the hands of tens of thousands of new users.
3) They've created a buzz about webOS that we've been begging for since it's inception.
4) Their actions have led to a cash infusion into the hands of webOS developers.
5) This morning, they've proven that they are still developing the platform, specifically moving forward with document editing.

I think if we step back from the high emotions of last week's announcement, we might just discover that webOS is stronger today than it ever has been.

I'm feeling a little "glass half full" today :)

I won't feel this way until a new hardware partner is lined up. Ironic that one of the biggest hardware manufacturers in the world couldn't find a way to make an affordable well-built tablet. They're a lot simpler in design than a PC.

I subscribe to the Apotheker-was-never-into-it theory - what an arse...

It was never Leo's baby in the first place anyhow. It was Hurd's. No real surprise that he wasn't totally into Palm stuff.

What you got in that glass sir? I could go for some ;-)

Mmmmmmm ... beer.

The firesale of the TouchPad was probably the best way to get WebOS noticed.. and boy had it got noticed in the news..

but the fact remains, they fucked up by saying they were done with hardware before they even lined up another manufacture..

If they offered some sort of discount to start with.. maybe preorder/early adopter discount for break even cost ($307-328 per online teardown estimates) or below breakeven with a solid $300 price tag. It might have gained some traction early on..

if they really treated this like a marathon instead of a sprint, they could have done it..

Sacrafice shortterm profit for long term market share and then eventual huge profits when market matures..

HP had all that it needed. A business-friendly OS, business-friendly hardware and lots of big customers already under contract with HP for PCs and printers.
I have been spending most of the year sharing my vision about Touch Pads everywhere. Touchstone stands and keyboards (we already have the printers) and our somewhat mobile users moving from station to station with their own Touch pad. Hang it on, do the work, print whatever you need, move to the next spot.
Of course nothing could happen until somebody from HP would bother to knock on the door and demo their product to the decision makers. They didn't bother. It's not going to happen.
The mobile initiatives will move on with iPads - the decision makers are already familiar with them. It will work though it's unlikely to have the awesome integration that HP could have achieved if they only had the will.
I'm not interested in Samsung. They are in the consumer business. The best they can do is a solid phone running webOS. webOS could have shined in the business world. In the consumer world the current offering is more than adequate.

I agree. HP had the vision, the money and the connections to overthrow the iPad, but ran away to chase a unicorn. Days after the fact, I'm still dumbfounded by this decision...

The only explanation I could come up with is that this was a personal fight between executives. "I will kill your pet project just to show you I can". Or maybe to divert the funds to his own pet project.
I don't think reason was involved at all.

An anonymous HP engineer claims there was a leak to Bloomberg about their plans and that the breakup wasn't supposed to happen for months. It makes sense as HP has clearly been in disarray since this happened. If it's true they wouldn't have had time to figure everything out, so I wouldn't rule out webOS, it could get sold or licensed, possibly to an asian company.

All HP needed was a tablet that they could make for $50 and sells for $100.

Not in the business world. You'd be surprised to know how much businesses pay for a PC. They are supposedly more robust than the consumer ones. Price was not an issue there.

Guys think again if HP was "given up" billions, why not save a couple of millions and flooding the street with touchpads and became the NUMERO UNO on tablets .... And then they decide to save webOS.

Just a though

And then they make big money on the movie about this whole crazy story.

Are there shirts for this? I would totally buy one. Maybe a picture of webOSInternals Tux up to his neck in water, holding his Pre above it...

I feel honoured that you chose to use my initials for your campaign ;-)

I'm definitly in on this. Really love the platform and still rocking the Pre- in the UK. Was so looking forward to getting my hands on a Pre 3. Dont know what to do now, any suggestions anybody?
Dont want to part with £300 if there will be no major updates in the next 2 years.
Any chance of HP changing there minds with so many touchpads being sold?
Lets just hope something positive happens as this is ridiculous letting something with so much potential disappear.

buy one as soon as you can at palm eurostore and you'll get it for the discounted price (even if it means you get a refund after the fact). they won't last!!

Deff worth saving!!! Just a shame so few us only knows....

My question is: When is Apple going to one up us here at WebOS headquarters and throw their Ipads out of the door at a rediculously low price. No, I didnt say that they had to, and actually, if a lot of people got a chance to go head to head with them for a base model, at the same price, the Ipad may be left wanting.

Yes, they have more apps, blah, blah, blah, so did Palm in the beginning. It is only a matter of time before we catch up. No, I am not even considering the "death" of WebOS. Only the immediate comback which is happening right now.

Got WebOS?

Ha! We must have missed it while we were all in shock from the HP insanity. Apple dropped the price of refurbished iPads to $299. Now, these are only the iPad 1, which I would probably only buy for the same price as a Touchpad, but you can see the impact that this has had on the market. I think this whole fire sale was HP's way of giving the tablet market a black-eye.


Yeah I noticed that too, and a number of Android tablets are on sale right now as well. This is going to hurt the low end of the Android tablets for a while.

"It is only a matter of time before we catch up'" - with all that fabulous hardware that HP has planned for webOS.

I really really hope this campaign works.. I've tweeted

Here's the irony...It has taken a barn yard sale of $99 to do the impossible...drive demand for webOS and the Touchpad. It's so funny to NOW hear so many consumers, media outlets and analysts praising webOS. Hearing stories of people going crazy for Touchpad- simply amazing!

Dare I suggest that HP might have accidentally found the recipe for relaunching webOS (TouchPad)?
This may sound silly - but maybe other tablet makers could learn something here.

If HP's launch strategy started with the idea of selling a decent (keep in mind - that I didn't say Great) - product like the TouchPad at a major financial loss ($99) at launch, it would have created this type of demand early on. People can't resist a bargain as we now see. Getting TouchPad into peoples hands and reaching the critical mass, having it in millions of new households - was so important. $99 has DONE THAT! If they had sold it for a loss ($99) from the beggining - the new popularity of webos would have attracted big name developers fast (Netflix, Shazam, etc. etc.) - sparking innovation and progressing the webOS movement. .

HP to take a big time hit/loss upfront with each sale - but possibly make the $ back with app sales and higher margin add-on products (touchstone, etc.). 2nd round of products -(higher end) could have then produced a more competitive product (TouchPad 2) that competes or exceeds specs of IPAD2 - and could have been priced - let's say $50 less then a IPad 2 (or 3). Again - this strategy would require a company like HP to be willing to take a major financial hit on their round 1 products - with the mindset that there's $$ to be made down the road

"Suits" and bean-pushers don't think that way. Hurts the brain too much. I think if HP had just sold the TouchPad at cost it would have done a million times better. Yes, they'd still take a loss, but not nearly as much.

Bad decision after bad decision, and yet they can undo all of it by deciding to throw their hat in the ring again...

i'm in. and done.

If WebOS dies I'm going back to my nokia brick.

I was one of many sales field reps for Palm at the birth of WebOs.... We lived and breathed WebOs and have always loved with a passion this operating system. I will always support, evangelize and promote this OS as the best ever mobile platform... That few know. I cannot say enough about WebOs and Im at a lost for what kind of phone will be available when my original Sprint Pre that I have now and that I promoted, taught, demod and dropped while teaching the public about this new operating system for over a year in Sprint stores as a Palm rep, finally gives out. And I cannot find a Touchpad now....that I continued to help HP reps understand the OS even though it was not my job¡

HP is not going to listen with LEO in charge. He has his own vision. A vision that is not bad for HP. They will sell the PSG along with webOS. This is fine and a company will resurrect webOS.

I disagree. If HP believed in webOS as much as we do, they wouldn't dream of selling or licensing it to another company and thus possibly imperiling it. It would be like selling your child.

You should never put all your eggs in one basket, and that's what Leo has done...

Cannot find webosos on twiter. :S

The ideas that once brought Palm and PalmOS to life are still and renewed in WebOS that proves that they have one of a **** of a engineering team! So don't let them go away!



You really wont let it go!!

Fight the good fight, I'll sit in my armchair and watch!!

Send them to Samsung and HTC. I believe that if webOS is put on a $exy handset, it will attract many more people. HP tried with the Veer, but it wasn't really. Just posted my tweet #webOSOS.

the veer was no where near $exy. I don't know 1 person that wanted a veer even if it was given away for free.
The veer was one of the biggest mistakes HP made. People are asking for a large thin 3.5" screen and they come back and give us a fat 2" phone.
Stupid stupid HP

Bla bla. Some people want big phones. Some want compact phones. Some want slabs, some want keyboards.
Releasing the Veer was no mistake. Not getting the flagship Pre3 out earlier was a mistake.
Giving up right after they started is a big mistake.

If you don't like the Veer - don't get the Veer. Why do some people fear having options?

Now it makes sense. It was an evil plan to hurt their competitor Lenovo:

I like this idea, I admire the spirit, I love to save WebOS from HP & especially idiot Leo. But how this SOS gonna work by just using Tweeter & Facebook? This way not even close to take down Leo or make HP board people change their decision. And more over can't make HP stocks bounce back to original price.

If webOS community such passionate to save WebOS. Maybe... Again "maybe" using gathering webOS users joint force and put them on video and airing to TV station would be better. The question is which TV station want / eager to show the video of WebOS lover to save WebOS?.. YouTube is another way.

I think HP should not abandon making webos tablets just yet. I do think maybe not come out with phones for the time being and start making tablets at 149 to 250 price range. Take out the touchstone feature and maybe a less expensive processor and price it at 220. I'm sure people would buy it. Also get more developers on board. Pay the developers of ios and androids most popular apps to get them on webos. Dedicate inhiuse developers to work with other companies to get there apps on webos. And finally get some content agreements with movie studios and music labels and book publishers so that we can get some content. If they can optimize webis to be more stable, faster on the is side, I feel that they will have a strong chance in the tablet business. This fire sale proved that people are willing to buy if the price is right. And we all know that webis is a really good os, now that many people have webos tablets, I feel that they can truly take a good chunk of marketshare from opacity.

Are you new to PreCentral?!!


Done. Lets do this guys.

I love webOS as much as the next guy, but I don't see it surviving this. There simply isn't enough market share to entice developers and without apps no one buys the phones. HP had a chance to fix this by getting the big name apps and allowing time for the user base to grow. They blew it with "pricing parity" because they think consumers are like enterprise and will overpay for a product without thinking twice about it.

I don't see a 3rd party manufacturer going "all in" with webOS. webOS's best chance was for HP to create an ecosystem and now that's just not going to happen.

The only real way to save webOS is to get the Board of Directors to replace Leo and friends and get someone that actually knows the consumer market. I don't see that happening.

Know that no matter what doom and gloom I think I will fight alongside my brethren to keep my OS of choice alive! #savewebos #webosos

You don't think there's enough market share even now with many many many many many many more touchpads selling?
HP is stupid for never releasing a phone (The veer doesn't count)

Personally I think this is too little, too late. The time to issue the call to save webOS was several weeks ago when all indications pointed to this very act by HP. At that time everyone at P|C had their blinders on stating no webOS is not dead. Articles that said app sales skyrocketed without given any statistics to base this upon. Rather than fighting the good fight then, everyone had their head in the sand saying that webOS would survive, then HP shoved a knife in it's heart.

While there is undoubtedly now thousands upon thousands more webOS users out there -- they were looking for a quick $99/$149 toy, not saying "hey, maybe I should look into webOS". There is a huge number of these folks looking to load Android ROMs onto the HP hardware. Once this issue is resolved and ROMs exist look a for a huge dip in that "thousands upon thousands" number.

While there are a few people looking to port Android to the Touchpad tablet, I do not believe your statement to be entirely correct. Reason being is that sales for WebOS apps went up significantly!

That means that people are keeping webOS on their devices and obviously investing money into it by purchasing apps. Why would I purchase apps if I'm going to wipe it anyway? It doesn't make sense.

NOW is the time for HP to ramp up with their apps that everyone has a touchpad in their hands. If people can see that the app base is increasing daily, they will hesitate to move to Android.

But you just "saved" $300 on a TouchPad -- why not try out some apps for a couple of bucks.

I feel you are ABSOLUTELY wrong (well, not wrong, just misled) about "NOW is the time for HP to ramp up...". No, that time was between the February event and July 1st. Now it's too late -- they have already given up on devices with no successor in place. Sure people will purchase apps, they can "afford" to given how much they have saved on the device itself.

Again, people have blinders on -- saying this is the best thing for webOS!! I certainly won't stand in anyone's way (not that it would matter a hill of beans anyway) but the unbridled swallowing that is taking place is really pretty funny -- especially to those outside the community.

Having said all that -- I will be the first one to eat some nice cold crow if this actually works!

I'm not suggesting that this is the best thing that happened to webOS, but I am saying it's a silver lining. Many people have a touchpad in their hands NOW. Impress them so they'll keep the device and create a demand for more apps. It's really that simple.

If the demand increases, then HP could create an interest in the market for a suitor. I'll bet right now HP is deciding what they're going to do with webOS because they want to see just how many do sell.

If they sell a ton and the app store increases in purchases, they can show the value of webos to a bidder to raise the price.

If they show that there are no app purchases and they can't deplete their final stock shipment, then there is no more demand for webos and bidders will be far and few. Likely what will happen then, is HP will continue to develop webos as they won't be able to sell it. But webos will, unfortunately, not be made for mobile devices anymore - rather just printers and whatever else they can think of.

Sad to think webos would be relegated to printers only. Really poor decision on HP's part. At least do the people some justice and opensource it, if you can't give it to a phone manufacturer!

OK, let's take the best possible path then. They sell ALL of the them, every single last one. What then? All they have proved is that if you take a product that initially sold for $499 and drop the price to $99 (within 45 days of introduction) that a LOT of people will scramble out and buy one.

First, that is not going to entice a manufacterer -- they are not going to produce devices that can be sold for $99/$149. There is no profit -- only loss -- there.

What now? Let's say you have 1M TouchPad's out there -- what is the "sell through"? How many will become hooked on webOS? And would buy it at regular price.

Let's say you have 25K apps to choose from. How many are there now? Significantly less than that. Even if HP (and every other developer) started cranking out the apps, there would be nothing for quite a few months.

That is why I say they missed the boat -- this SOS should have been going on since February and no amount of trying to get apps out now will help.

I still disagree. Not completely, but while you bring up good points, I think you're forgetting the more obvious.

WebOS is now in hands of people who never knew anything about the product. What if (let's just say), that half the people who went out buying webos actually liked it (conservative numbers)? What if, they decided it really is a more intuitive os and works better for them? If you say they will sell 1M units, then the HPs TouchPad base just went up 500,000 users.

Now, these users are starting to really like webos. Now they're interested in seeing what's next. When the next device comes out (and it HAS to be solid, like an iPad type device), if they see that it has everything they want (hardware wise) and it's faster, I do believe people will stay on it. After-all, they just purchased a bunch of apps that they probably don't want to just throw out the door.

As far as the price goes, of course the units are selling at a ridiculously low price - it's called a firesale. HP is cleaning their inventory and said they're going to take a loss. But what most people don't realize is that ebay is selling these puppies at $300 a piece. What does that say? Well, to me it's clear that the price point for the touchpad should have been priced at $300-$350, NOT $500. It's not an iPad (yet). Sure, that's really close to the cost of the unit from HP, however, HP already stated that they're not able to get heavily discounted parts for mobile devices because they don't play in that area. Look at other android devices from other manufacturers (Samsung) who mass produce mobile devices and can obviously acquire and make parts at a much cheaper discount. This is what Android tablets are selling for. That's still profitable for them.

In addition, companies like Samsung should be bidding out for webos since Google bought Motorola. Samsung is now sitting in a difficult position. Are they going to really sell devices that will compete with Googlorola? Obviously the masses will believe a device built by Googlorola will likely work better than Samsung. Whether that's true or not is beside the point.

I still think HP has a small (very small) shot at turning this around. They now have the user base that they wanted. If the next webos device comes out (whoever makes it) with outstanding performance and solid look and feel (ipad2-like or ipad3-like) then I do believe people will be satisfied with webos and begin to realize that Apple products are WAY overpriced. People in the 80s realized this when Apple tried to sell their computers for more just because Steve Jobs wanted people to believe "theirs was better" when in fact the masses said they'll stick with the cheaper PC. Well, the market is down, people are losing jobs - perhaps everyone will stop spending frivolously on ridiculous prices and start buying at reasonable costs. History could repeat itself but only if HP acts fast. If they sit around and wait months before any announcement, the media will crush them - as they're already doing - by falsely stating that HP is dropping webos. That will indeed cause people to port android to the device and leave webos in the dust. (I also find it unusual that anyone would think android v2 is better than webos - that really baffles me)

I still say this isn't over - but if HP sits on this again, it is definitely over.

Let me add another twist:

WebOS devices didn't sell because the hardware that ran WebOS was always terrible. Anyone who has followed WebOS from it's inception knows what happened. Palm was going out of business. They developed WebOS but didn't have the money to make a solid handheld device (palm pre). So sales were lacking luster (despite terrible ads and Verizon's poor tactics). People loved webos but couldn't take the old crappy hardware. Palm couldn't make better hardware because they were out of money. See the catch 22?

Then HP steps in and buys them. HP has all the money in the world, but isn't good with mobile devices. In fact, I believe the Touchpad would have sold better if they just started out with a lower price. But alas, HP doesn't have as deep of roots with mobile devices as LG, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, etc do. Therefore acquiring parts for these devices are expensive, for HP, compared to other phone manufacturers who already purchase at much higher bulk discounts (or make themselves). HP also didn't make the touchpad the best device on the market. It lacked a rear camera and a few other things that HP just couldn't afford to put in. Once again, webos landed on less-than-stellar hardware. Consumers wanted an iPad like device and didn't get it. That's why Touchpad sales bombed. NOT because of webos.

If someone were to port webos to an iPad2, I guarantee you that iOS would have it's first challenger. WebOS is alive and there is a userbase willing to take it opensource if need be. WebOS rocks, plain and simple. It just lacks the hardware and in more cases than not, the massive amounts of apps. Sure there are some missing options we've all been waiting for, but what os doesn't? Luckily we've got homebrew devs that help us get over that hurdle. That could change now, however, with a huge demand for the touchpad, more people are going to be buying apps. If more apps are bought, then more apps will come, re-creating a massive interest for webos.

The biggest hurdle would be to get HP to open source webOS. Right now, everything they have said they are not even considering that option.

Don't forget Atari (which Commodore eclipsed). As to your point, it depends on how willing we are to give up. In many of those cases, there wasn't enough of a difference between the loser and the winner to make it worth the fight. Compared to the kludgeyness (sp?) of iOS and Android, webOS is WORTH THE FIGHT...

I only hope HP opensources webos before they kill it. I personally think that the community can take this os to levels never before thought of and truly compete with iOS and Android.

The difference with webOS today as opposed to the list of companies that went under (above) is that there is a web community that can and will keep it alive. The internet brings programmers together like never before. We are in a different stage in technology and we could keep webos alive.


Now I see why webos is the laughing stock of the tech industry.

There's no better theatre...

webOS isn't a laughing stock, just the people that manage it.

Please stop discouraging this process. If webOS dies, these crazy ideas will stop and that will significantly reduce my daily entertainment.

This is better than Dilbert and I'd like it to continue. :-)

True. But this platform has only been kept alive due to passionate sites and homebrew developers for years now. No big difference. Shame no one realizes that HP won't put another dime into devices, but also refuses to sell it.

They're effectively retarding it so no one can license it in hopes of making a profit, yet refusing to revive it (or any consumer PC) themselves.

Essentially, Apple kicked them out of the consumer electronics industry.

Agreed with you until the last point. Apple didn't kick them out; they fled...

Apple most certainly created the conditions that led to this decision. Consumer electronics are becoming harder and harder to eke profit out of for most companies.

If HP has no idea on how to turn it around, then it makes sense not to throw good money after bad. I know the market and punditocracy are raking them over the coals right now, as they should be, but in the long-term, it was probably the right decision. Just the WRONGEST timing.

They had the money to absorb losses for a while until they had the economies of scale (manufacturing connections, volume) to make it work. They just didn't give a damn...

Somehow, I don't think you spend $1.2 Billion plus all that it cost to develop and market these products if you "don't give a damn". The reality is they failed and decided to cut loses (kinda like they did with the slate and that Android printer monstrosity). Whether they tried hard enough or long enough could be debated, but them not giving a damn is most likely incorrect.

@jerrydan3, I don't think Apple knocked them out. It's more like they stumbled headfirst into Apple's fist and knocked themselves out. The blow probably didn't even register from Apple's point of view.

HP stumbled from the start not knowing what they wanted to do. It showed throughout the year.

Like, WOW OMG, that's what I was thinking. What technically makes it a laughing stock? You go first then I'll follow. GO ..........

WebOS went Viral this weekend. It has a name, it has a face, it just needs a home now!

I'm really sad for this, in my Blog i make many study about Pre and Webos for Italian people, i bought 6 Pre Phones (Pre, 2x Plus, Pre 2, 2 x Pixi Plus), and i was trying to study how make and app for webos, i think, and i have both Iphone and Andorid, WebOS is really thge better os also beacuse is the opnly one really open, with PreCentral e Preware!
If i use android phone i not end to watch Precentral rss and hope for webos platform in Italy.
Let's go, Show must go on!

You'll need to do something other than twitter and facebook, because there are a large number of people you'll miss, who do not have accounts, nor wish to have accounts, on those websites.

We all know from this mishap what the problem was. WebOS had everyone's interest, but a few take-aways:

HP bumbled this up big time. They thought they were creating an iPad2 device, but essentially the hardware was more like the ipad1 (except processor). However, they priced this thing like an ipad2, which everyone knew wasn't right. Mistake 1, HP overpriced it.

HP announced shortly after releasing the Touchpad that a successor would follow quickly. So people waited to see what device would come out - thinking it would be more powerful and have more features. This caused sales of the Touchpad to be non-existent. Mistake 2, HP marketing fouled up.

HP really messed this up. When the pricing became far cheaper than what the competitors were offering, the units sold out completely. You simply can't say that webos is dead, if within hours, an entire army of people flocked to every store looking for a touchpad. How does word spread like this? It can't possibly that fast. People were watching very closely. If HP played their cards right, they would've still been in this game with devices, but now they've only got webos.

If they kill webos, or if no one will license it, this will be the biggest disaster in the history of mobile computing. WebOS is a great operating system waiting for the hardware it deserves. I feel it's the only competitor to iOS, but just needs the right device to run on. It's really that simple. Stop with the bad hardware already and put it on something good! Price it low at first, then when the audience can't buy enough, you'll create another supply/demand scenario you have now, where people are rushing to buy one but can't.

HP has spoken... It's time to count your losses and move on... -> Android....

I heard the new Windows coming out is smokin. It will rival Android and Apple. Let's see :)

Palm WebOS is dead. Move on

Your a corny Troll. Won't work here.

HP will continue supporting the webOS software, not the hardware.

Don't be Jelly!

webos has so many apps that i love
the ui is crystalclear and the keyboard is fancy
i want my palm back!

I twitted. I tweet. I have twitten?

You tweet, therefore you twexist...

I just don't understand the thinking here. HP is selling off or canning its entire consumer-facing business. It's bigger than WebOS, and pricing the Touchpad better at launch or getting bigger apps like Netflix wouldn't have made ONE iota of difference.

Not one. They're trying to unload their PC business which is 65,000 times more successful than WebOS ever was. Samsung is reportedly looking into buying according to today's scuttlebutt.

As for WebOS, HP has repeatedly said they're not selling it off to Samsung or anyone else. Maybe another company will license at some point, but since it can't be successful at any price points that make profit for the manufacturer, I'm not sure which one would stick its neck out to do.

I applaud the drive and passion here, but it's a zombie platform and always will be thanks to HP's decisions. They refuse to make anymore hardware, and showed every prospective suitor and carrier that the devices only sell at firesale price points. It's undead and will be until HP does a final headshot.

Firesale prices and slightly above is what will saturate the market with the wonders of webOS.

Amazon is currently planning on a similar route with it's kindle tablet.

The next webOS suitor now knows exactly what to do. The crowd has spoken. webOS is here to stay even on cheaper hardware, as long as it's optimized properly with a good amount of developer support.

-The whisperer

Saturate the market? There were a few hundred thousand unsold Touchpads, and many of them will be making the eBay/Craiglist reseller rounds for months to come.

THAT's the crowd that has spoken.

WebOS won't be optimized for ANY hardware going forward as the people in control of its development don't make hardware anymore.

And a "good amount of developer support"? Surely you jest. I guess you missed where 1,000 published WebOS developers took Brandon Watson of Microsoft up on his offer to get free Windows Phone 7 devices and training. That's most of the existing developer core. No new developers are flocking to a zombie platform.

But if you think a "suitor" can come along and make a decent WebOS tablet for $150-250 while simultaneously making NO profit on hardware or apps or accessories...ok. Let's see how many companies have made decent Android tablets for that price:



Actually yes I DO think a "suitor" can come and profit wisely.

Check out this article that explains my reasoning.



"HP certainly can’t spend $318 to build a TouchPad and then sell it for $100. But HP (or someone) could build a perfectly awesome capacitive touch screen tablet running on decent hardware for less than $200. We worked with enough factories in Taiwan to understand that. Our cost estimate for a great touch screen was in the $60 range, for both the module and the LCD. HP’s super awesome display is costing them more than twice that. They’re also spending $50 on memory, something we were mostly leaving out (storage? Cloud.)."


Odd, TechCrunch has someone found the components to make a "decent" tablet for $200, but no manufacturer has?

I almost forgot...Coby has. Pandigital has. Several other nameless Chinese Android knockoffs have. They'd be great companies to license WebOS, huh? Wonder why their existing $150 Android 7-inch tablets aren't selling like hotcakes? Odd...

Samsung, LG, Acer, Asus, etc. are not going to bother.

The only tablets developers will target going forward are Honeycomb, Windows 8, and iPad. That's it. WebOS on phones is dead, dead, dead. The platform is a zombie.