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webOS Pivot October Sports Issue almost here 34

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 04 Oct 2011 8:13 pm EDT

We've all come to look forward to the latest issues of webOS Pivot app magazine for the TouchPad since it was first released in July of this year. In a background update to that catalog today, HP has let us know that they are continuing with their plans to deliver fresh content each month to TouchPad owners. The webOS Pivot issue for October is coming, or so the new look of the catalog says in the screenshot above. Hopefully this means that we'll be seeing the favorite webOS magazine hitting devices within the next few days.

That's a great thing, too. According to the number of emails, tips and tweets that have been coming in about this, we're guessing that a lot of you are anxious to see what new apps are showcased in the newest edition of webOS Pivot. You can find webOS Pivot in the webOS App Catalog on your TouchPad for free, and be sure to keep checking back here so we can let you know as soon as the digital magazine goes live.

As it says in the catalog, "Start warming up - The Sports Issue is coming soon."

Thanks, everyone!


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I think pervert is the word that comes to mind ;-P

I don't know if the original poster was writing that as a pervert, but maybe to make the point that i came to comments to make --

this is like some sort of child [1] of an image. Just slightly disturbing. I _really_ hope they change the image before releasing the real issue.
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Is HP publishing the number of new developers signing up?

Wow, this is actually a story.

Yeah, from the guys bailing on webOS.

kewl . . . I guess ~

Looking forward to some interesting reading. Thanks for the publishing (inn advance).

is there some kind of way to read pivot besides my touchpad?

They have the uncanny ability of putting creepy photos as the cover.

Yes, really scary..

did i miss the person who cares?

Is there a way to force update the Pivot issue? Mine never seems to update when everyone else's does, thereby losing out on any potential promo codes.

Finally HP updated the Pivot screen for the New Zealand app store. It looks that Leo's leave is resulting in some good things. Looking forward to more to come!

i'm still stuck at the july version...no hopes of getting this one either...

What country are you trying to access the AppCat from? Maybe if you doctored you might have some luck.

I get the feeling that there just has to be a patch for this.

Was Apotheker a pedophile? Makes Hurd look quaint

That sports cover is unfortunately at low resolution on my TouchPad, and with too much noise. I hope HP updates that cover to a hi-res version when the issue is released. Just want to make sure that HP keeps up the high quality of the Pivot magazine. I'm McLovin' it so far.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there a way to view past issues of Pivot on my TouchPad? Thanks,

No. Not yet.

It's not a dumb question, HP is a dumb company!

How about a webOS update. If HP is serious about continuing with webOS they should release one soon. Maybe they are busy trying to unload it so all updates are on hold.

Haven't you heard? webOS is on hold. This site is having a daily liquidation of all webOS accessories. Despite the rhetoric of HP executives, they are closing shop on webOS. If you believe everything they said over the past year about being "all-in" on webOS then I guess you can believe them when they are saying that they are not discontinuing webOS.

what are all those palm employees doing that keeps them so busy? c'mon let's get serious..
are they going to do what we want? At this point I'm questioning that. But to say they won't even have an update? c'mon, let's be serious.
Updates have come post-firesale (apps & OSes), promo codes have continued to come out.. you don't have many legs to stand on, maybe you need more fiber in your diet..

woah, that cover photo gives me the creeps!

Looks like a "How to tell if your daughter is **** app". Unbelievably bad photo.

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Come on! It's the middle of October and I've seen 'coming soon' for the past 9 days. There's only 30 or so days in a month.
it's not like they're waiting on big news, it's just a fluff publication anyway.
this isn't going to get better is it?

where is the October issue??...this could mean something...no more support for Pivot