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WebOS Ports contest picks new default wallpaper 12

by Derek Kessler Fri, 15 Feb 2013 6:29 pm EST

WebOS Ports contest picks new default wallpaper

And the winner of the WebOS Ports wallpaper contest is none other than a very familiar face to the webOS community: Adora. Known in the physical realm as Lisa Brewster, she spent years as a developer relations guru and App Catalog reviewer at Palm and HP before leaving last summer for a similar job at Mozilla as reviews manager for the new Firefox OS marketplace.

Brewster's submission was a beautiful photo of a vibrant blue butterfly resting in a sea of concrete. She tells us the photo was taken with a Nikon D90 at the California Academy of Sciences's Rainforests of the World exhibit in San Francisco.

While the contest was technically just for the Galaxy Nexus port project, we wouldn't be surprised to see the blue butterfly performing a migration to other WebOS Ports ports. Brewster's butterfly may have claimed the default spot, but it's not the only wallpaper that will be included. Thirteen other options will be packaged up with the Galaxy Nexus port, with beautiful photos of the cosmos, flora, weather, and fences to fill your background. Good choices all around.


Congratulations Lisa. Although, there were several far superior backgrounds submitted.

Looks good, even better on a webOS with rounded corners :D

A similar blue butterfly is the emblem for MorphOS (www.morphos-team.net), an Amiga-like operating system developed to give fans of the long defunct Amiga a means to continue getting their fix. Maybe this wallpaper is fitting...

keep up with the times, the amiga isnt defunct anymore, it even gets new hardware in the form of the new AmigaOne X1000 and variants and the updated AmigaOS4.1 (4.2 coming soon).


and gz to the wallpaper winner

I couldn't help but notice the similarity as well. The Amiga infiltration of webOS continues... ;)

Yes, these two technologies have so many things in common, it's scary.

Remember that phrase, once in the Amiga's operating system ROM, saying "we made the Amiga, they f***** it up"?

Yeah! MorphOS immediately sprang to mind! I'm so glad that familiar butterfly comes around here also... Long live webOS!

You're right! Very fitting! And I like the metaphor to flying.

Seeing as the letters g and r of the gr.am Logo resemble a butterfly I find this fitting.

This is Nice, but not very original!! Google: "Blue Morpho Butterfly Wallpaper" and you will find an existing pic Very Similar to this one!! Once again, Another Disappointment!! :-(

I'm so sorry somebody took a picture of a blue butterfly. This is the worst day ever.

And pictures of the sky! And the moon! And the ocean! Or the desert sand! Oh my!