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WebOS Ports running wallpaper contest, make your photo the Ports default 9

by Derek Kessler Tue, 22 Jan 2013 5:53 pm EST

WebOS Ports running wallpaper contest, make your photo the Ports default

If you've done any tinkering around with the porting projects of webOS Ports, you've likely noticed the wallpaper they've been making use of. It's an image the sun rising over a foggy and rocky coastline. It's coloful. It's visually pleasing. It's nice. And it's time for it to go.

The fine folks at WebOS Ports have decided it's time to replace their choice for the wallpaper, and they want you to submit your images for consideration. Officially the contest is to include the wallpaper on the Galaxy Nexus port, though it's possible the wallpaper could find its way onto other WebOS Ports projects.

They're looking for images that are at least 1280px x 1280px (remember, Open webOS can rotate any which way), and of course it has to an image that isn't protected under copyright - i.e. something you've personally produced - and should not include the recognizable faces of people. Apart from that, it's a free-for-all.

Instructions on how to submit your image are at the source link below (time to learn how to IRC and how to Wiki), and submissions are open through the end of January. So go ahead, dig up that awesome image of yours and submit it. You never know, it might end up installing along with every Galaxy Nexus Open webOS port.

Source: WebOS Ports (Wiki, Twitter)



Android logo?

That has to be the lamest attempt at trolling I've ever seen -_-

Kinda funny though.

There was a thread here with the first pics people took with their Pre- back in June 2009

Read this kind of news makes me depressed. Oh, wait. this site makes me depressed. Better wait for the next BB10 which is largely based on webOS.

When Open webOS seriously work on something, it will pay back. For now, we must accept his death.

Sorry for Derek. You know I say the truth.

Has there been any progress lately? Its been a month or so ever since I've heard of any progress for phones. I honestly don't care about a tablet. I want a phone, anyone have any updates?

Well, morphis got some of the telephony bits to work, so that's a step closer to getting Open webOS as a daily driver. http://twitpic.com/bu95w7

Yeah !!! Rounded corners at last !!! Thanks folks !!!

i want to enter the contest with a nice pic i actually took with my Pre3 when I had it. That camera is definitely better than what's in my Pre-.

But I don't understand the first instruction. Can someone translate:
"1. Create a wiki account Ask @ka6sox, @scoutcamper_1, or @LarrySteeze on twitter or irc to promote your user account "

Would this make sense to me if I used Twitter, or is there some kind of punctuation error, or is it restricted entry?