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WebOS Ports's OWO Memos: an Enyo 2 replacement 7

by Derek Kessler Fri, 21 Dec 2012 9:21 pm EST

WebOS Ports's OWO Memos: an Enyo 2 replacement

The Memos app built into webOS has never been much better than 'just okay'. Both the TouchPad and webOS smartphones adhere to a sticky note user interface convention that makes for fun eye candy - "look, push pins!" - but does nothing to enhance the user experience. In fact, you could argue, quite easily, that the grid layout for the notes with a small preview of the contents is detrimental to use.

So when WebOS Ports's Josh Palmer (or shiftyaxel, if you prefer) told us that he was working on a replacement app for Memos built off of Enyo 2, we were understandably excited. I wrote our review of the TouchPad using the Memos app and it was a nightmare (though the app's responsiveness and stability has improved since then with OS updates, but nothing on the user interface front), so anything would be better.

The app, available to TouchPad owners in the WOCE beta feed in Preware (beta feed instructions here), is called OWO Memos, and while it's a work-in-progress, we're still liking what we're seeing. The app retains the basic features of the basic Memos app - individual notes with user-selectable colors, but does away with the needless user interface chrome for something more authentically Enyo and simply easier to use. And titles! Oh how we've wanted Memo titles for so long...

WebOS Ports's OWO Memos: an Enyo 2 replacement


I liked how PalmOS' Memos app pulled the title from the first line. Having separate fields is less than ideal, but I'll take it!

more goodies, can't wait to see what else crops up in the future.

also for webos 2.x, even if the usage is uncommon:

The ClassicNote app is great.

classicnote rocks but sadly no justtype Integration and is based on mojo/prototype

Quite nice. However, I always asked myself, why HP didn't finish the job with a fully EAS functional tasks app. I have two EAS accounts (one MS Exchange, the other Zarafa ZCP) and both seem to "push" the Tasks into the webOS database.

If you have an EAS account, install impostah and check Databases - database kinds - com.palm.task:1

search engine didn't work on my pre3 :) but it quite nice note app