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WebOS Quick Install 4.5.0 goes open source 9

by Derek Kessler Tue, 12 Mar 2013 2:57 pm EDT

WebOS Quick Install 4.5.0 goes open source

The founding utility of the webOS homebrew scene has gone open source. WebOS Quick Install was first released by Jason Robitaille back in 2009 and it has served as the backbone for homebrew app installations ever since. The robust Java-based desktop app runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, installs apps, themes, kernels, and patches from multiple homebrew sources, and with the latest update to version 4.5.0 has gone open source for the masses. Open source seems to be all the rage these days.

Despite its vital function in the webOS homebrew and open source development scene, WebOS Quick Install to this point has been a closed source application. 4.5.0 changes that, open sourcing both Quick Install and the webOSLib Java library. By open sourcing webOSLib, developers will be able to utilize the library to install Novacom drivers (open sourced by HP), list connected webOS devices, transfer files, execute shell commands, install apps and patches in compliance with webOS homebrew standards, and more.

Both webOSLib and WebOS Quick Install are up on GitHub now in full open source. You can download and compile yourself, make and submit improvements, or even fork it off into your own webOS homebrew project. Whatever floats your metaphorical homebrew boat. And, as always, if you find yourself appreciating the work Robitaille's done, hit up the source link below to offer up a donation of thanks.


Thanks Jason! :)

Thanks. We can never thank you enough.

Donation sent...

It's not the first time I donated to Mr. Robitaille and hopefully it won't be the last.

Does this return mean he's ready to look at Open Source webOS? The community can only hope it is so.

Nice featured app! Now I'll have that heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa remix stuck in my head all night...

"..The robust Java-based desktop app runs on Windows.."

Nope.. not on Windows 2000 it doesn't.. not yet anyway.

:) C'mon Jason..! :)

Have you checked that your Java is at the latest release for your platform?


Yes.. and Java will not update past V6 Update 13.
(IBM TP T30 Win2K SP4.)
But enough for WOSQI 4.5.0 to make sense of, surely?

To be fair, your OS is quite a bit outside its service end date... Have you tried a VirtualBox with a newer OS like Ubuntu? That would be a no cost way to get an updated computer environment.

You may want to try posting a question in the Developer's thread: http://forums.webosnation.com/canuck-coding/274461-webos-quick-install-v...

just make it better I know you can ;-)