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WebOS Quick Install is back with v4.0, bringing webOS 2.0 compatibility and more 66

by Jason Robitaille Sun, 06 Feb 2011 7:29 pm EST

For most homebrew users, the first hurdle to get over is the difficult setup and usage of WebOS Quick Install. Even myself, its developer, have to admit it had huge issues that would make is challenging to use effectively. A quick glance around the forums shows many other users having issues doing some of the most basic things, like installing Preware. And as webOS 2.0 users can attest, WebOS Quick Install is nearly incompatible with their devices.

Forget all of that.  Seriously, forget it all. WebOS Quick Install 4.0 has landed and it's a completely new beast. While some outside appearances may resemble 3.x, rest assured, under the skin, 100% of the code has been redone from the ground up. Such a massive redesign offered many new possibilities to make WebOS Quick Install something much greater than it was before.

Indeed, version 4.0 includes many new features that will come as a welcomed surprise.  For one, it's now properly webOS 2.0-compatible. Just in time for Feburary 9th too.

Perhaps more notable, having webOS Doctor on your machine is no longer a requirement! Yep, that's right. Well, technically if you're on Window or Mac, you'll need a webOS Doctor temporarily to install Novacom (if it's not already installed), but beyond that you won't need it. First time setup has never been easier.

Another huge change is the feed viewer. Gone are the days of a simple list; with v4.0, WebOS Quick Install's feed viewer is a fully-immersive portal to the homebrew community. A tabbed interface let you see applications, patches, themes, kernels, and everything else, along with all available updates. All the bells as whistles are there: package details, screenshots, category filtering, search boxes, and even custom feeds. Not only that, it now adheres to the homebrew package standards, including dependencies.

In addition, it's worth noting that WebOS Quick Install 4.0 now features a dynamic dropdown list that lets you quickly switch between any connected webOS devices. And international users, don't fret. Thanks to the help of several translators, WebOS Quick Install now fully supports French, German, and Simplified Chinese.

WebOS Quick Install 4.0 is now available for download. Check out the full change log for more details, and give it a spin. It's definitely much easier to use than it used to be, while managing to be more powerful too. And hey, if you like it, consider a donation to show your appreciation.


Sweet! You rock Jason!

I was able to get preware via wqi when I had webos 2.0 on my sprint pre... What's different?

Article explains the differences. In summary, everything is recoded, optimized, and in some cases, just "done right". Using your usage example, the feed viewer would be easier to access and use, and there's be no errors related to webOS 2.0. Oh and WOSQI 4.0 installs using the palm-style and is stabler on devices.

Just need my 2.XX... Or a new device with it installed ;.)


Jason, you have made my to 10 list of best friends EVER.

Downloaded 4.0 and made a donation, thanks Jason!

Thats good. It never made sense to me why I should have to dig up a jar file when I had the SDK installed.

Amazing. Had to be tons of work. Thanks!

haha, i'm not watching the super bowl either

Looks totally awesome! Thanks!

Don't forget to vote!



*tethers phone to reset IP Address and spam votes

W7 Phone can't do that, now can it!

WP7 doesn't need to do that to win a poll on a laptop site....

YES!!! What this release says to me is WebOs 2.x is coming this week.

Mikes still the man!

Who's Mike?

here's the BIG question... Can I install it on my future HP Palm Tablet??

Theoretically, based off the new way WOSQI 4.0 is coded, it should be able to connect to future devices like a tablet :)

I have to put this out there for all before the 9th for all who don't already own HP stock: The tablet is going to be free for all Verizon Pre owners after purchase vs $30 a month data plan cost for iPad owners. Yes, your data plan is already paid for because of your Hotspot ability. Over the air access will be just like the Kindle, Free and everyone knows that the Kindle is Amazon's best selling item... Go HP!!!

Thank you, Jason!

will it work for 1.4.5 devices also or just 2.X

Works for both :)

Here is the BIG question... Will it work on my future HP Palm tablet?

Theoretically, yes

You are truly a saint in our community Jason!

After you make your donation to Canuck Coding, please join this favebook group as a way to tell Jason "thank you".


How do you do the tweaks now? Like squaring the corners of the screen, changing the dialer background and all that? Same with the Themer and command line, both are missing.

Tweaks and themer are merged in the new feed viewer. Squarify is planned for a future release. CommandLine was bugged too much to be of any worth recoding.

Keep in mind, I didn't just take the sourcecode from 3.x and change thing. I recoded everything from the ground up. And given I've done all this free in my spare time (with near-dead donations), be glad with the state it is in as is :p

Now, if we could actually GET 2.0!

Hey Jason, Did you get rid of the command line? I'm not seeing it anywhere.. was hoping to use it in 2.0 to move a directory while Internalz is not compatible. Thanks for all you do!

Was removed due to instability.

Open command prompt/terminal and type:
novacom -t open tty://

That will get you into commandline

thanks Jason for your continued support of webos

Well worth a renewed donation!

awesome!!! Thanks for all the work you do!!

Wow...great !
AWESOME work, Jason ! I'll download it as soon as I can :)

have you made it to where it installs on windows 7 64bit? I plugged in my pre to transfer pics and it automatically updated drivers and failed to install the Novacom drivers and crashed my computer and destroyed the memory. I then read how to install the Novacom drivers manually, but haven't done so yet, will the WebOS QI install these drivers or am I still stuch having to manually install??? Ps had vista 32 before with no prob, didn't even think it would be an issue on 7 but I learned the hard way. PSS keep up the great work you were everyones first great leap

Myself and several of my testers are on 64bit Win7 and haven't seen such an issue. I'll into possible reasons for the issue.

I do not use Windoze (any flavor). It sounds like I cannot use this. True or False?

And I am only a very casual & seldom user of Ubuntu Linux. If a PC is required, will Linux work? A more general question: Has anyone tried to installl any WebOS tools for Palm Pre on Linux? I.e. Using WINE or equivalent?

This is a java program. Thus, it will run on an java 6 supported platform: Windows, Mac or Linux.

I personally used/tested on both Windows 7 64bit as well as Ubuntu 32bit, with zero issues.

You are truly the man! I look forward to using it. Donation is coming soon...

Thanks for your hard work Jason. Been a user of WOQI since early version days. :)

thank you for new version, but I have to disagree with your statement that old version was complicated and ineffective. I never had an issue with any WOSQI version.

3.x had the webOSDoctor requirement. And since it often downloaded badly or to the wrong location, issues arose and things got complicated. Plus, tweaks and themer sections were separate from the feedviewer (which itself was somewhat cumbersome to use. Oh, and 3.x didn't support dependecies, didn't support architecture checking, did't support min/max webOS version flag, and installed via the old unsafe method that plain doesn't work in 2.0. In that sense I considered it complicated and ineffective ;)

Awesome. Looking forward to downloading and donating.

you guys rock!

Minor note: just one guy ;)

Does it require 2.0 to work? It wants to download WebOS Doctor and the Novacom driver every time I run it and it never sees my phone. 3.14 still works fine.

Thank you Jason.

BTW, is ANYONE ELSE having trouble with preware updates? Works sometimes but fails mostly? Only for last month?

I am unable to install apps from the new Quickinstall. Once I click install, it goes through its connecting/install progress screen and then nothing happens. I can not even install patches. I can use the old Web Quickinstall to install patches and thats it. When I look in device management on the new Quickinstall in lists none of the apps I have installed but it does list the patches I have installed from the older version. Any thoughts?

THIS IS GREAT!! Will be donating

When I get 2.0 and download this beast, you'll be getting a donation from me, Jason! Good work.

My pre minus has new life.

I donated, why haven't you?

let me clarify my above post. The automatic install of the drivers for my pre were done by Windows installer, and had nothing to do with WebOS QI. I just can't get it to run because I didn't have the Novacom drivers installed which is a Windows 7 issue!!! Is there a new faster easier way to instal the drivers? Or to get them to install themselves so I don't screw anything up. I love QI and want to continue to be able to use it. Thanks again Jason. You can also PM me on Precentral

Easiest way is installing novacom via wosqi, but if that fails, maybe consider downloading a webOSDoctor manually, opening it up in WinRAR (or some other archive manager), go into /resources/ and extract the msi with "x64" in the name. Then run it, and the driver will be installed.

Is there a new version of WebOS Repair Utility coming out? I cannot even download the current one as the mirror site is not available.

Hi Jason,
Firstly, let me thank you for all the wonderfull work you have done to make my Palm Pre a device that still kicks butt two years later...!!
If I have Preware on my phone, is the Quick Install 4.0 something I can download directly or do I need to first have it on my PC then push to my cell?

WebOS Quick Install is a computer program, not an on-device app

Hi Jason,
Have u ever thought about making it an app for the device, that'll be awesome?

Sooo...What is the percentage of average Pre users that have webOS 2.xx? I know I don't have it. Wish I did but theres no update yet for a shafted Sprint user. :/

Having real problems here. I hav 32bit Windows 7. Each time I open Quick Install it says the Novacom driver is not installed and asks me for location of Web OS Doctor. I have tried pointing to this or redownloading. Each time I am then told I have no Novacom device attached and the Quick Install closes. My machine definitely has Novacom driver, my device is in developer mode


is there still a way to set the style functions? I have the installer that change the screen to squarify and I don't see that anywhere under 4.0 what will happen when 2.0 is loaded?

looks great though and very easy to use

I too need some help. I'm having the same exact issue as ericrendel. Anyone have any suggestions? Fixes? All comments appreciated.

the first picture posted on this article, the black and green screen, i have been stuck on for about an hour...will it eventually open?

Worked well first time. Haven't been able to connect to my Pre since latest update was installed a week ago.

Help please.

hey everybody...I've had quickinstall and used it on my pre plus pre 2 and pre3.. I have a touchpad now and need to install preware so I can get the gmail fix patch but for some reason nothing shows up in quickinstall anymore. No patches, apps ...just themes. Can anyone help me with this?
my email is michaelsean11@gmail.com

Ty for any help you can provide