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WebOS Quick Install v3.0 Now Available 69

by Jason Robitaille Tue, 02 Feb 2010 4:51 pm EST

Interested in Homebrew apps or patching? The single best way to start is with WebOS Quick Install. A few days later than expected, WebOS Quick Install v3.0 has been released (well, technically 3.01, but who's counting)! This update brings along with it many user-requested enhancements and several long-overdue updates. Here are the more important items from the change log:

- added support for AUPT
- added update checker
- fixed issue where patch settings were saved to a wrong directory
- added patch updating on Online Repository tab
- fixed "This is a webOS application." nametags in Device Management
- added dynamic webOSDoctor downloader
- fixed issue preventing webOSDoctor jar detection

First and foremost the big change brought with v3.0 is that patch updating in WebOS Quick Install has been overhauled to conform to the current AUPT format. If an update is available, it'll show as such on the Online Repositiory tab of the Tweaks section. Best yet, with AUPT, you won't need to uninstall patches prior to webOS updates.

Also notable is that WebOS Quick Install now periodically checks for updates, so you won't need to keep checking the forum thread for version changes. In addition, the webOSDoctor downloader has been updated so it'll always download the current webOSDoctor for your devices.

The full change log, download link, and the rest of the details can be found in the official PreCentral forums thread.


YAY for Palm!!!
YAY for being the first to post!!!
YAY for 3.0!!!!
YAY for the fixes!!!
YAY for webOS

This is truly stellar work. Thanks for all the great homebrew stuff thus far; cannot wait to see what the near future brings.

Quick question: Is this now able to recognize patches installed via Preware and is Preware able to notice that these are installed?


I think that most, if not all, of the credit should go to Jason R. I know that in the past, he didn't even have a pre and was doing more for it than Palm. He's a good guy.

Thanks Jason Robitaille!

Does the auto update works with themes as well? Do we have to uninstall themes before a big update?

I would really like to know this too.

I would really like to know this too.

Verision 3.01 out a few hours ago...some bugs in 3.0

Did you miss "(well, technically 3.01, but who's counting)" above ;-)

AUPT is such a big thing for patch users.
webOS use just gets better and better :)

I love this software bit. Thanks Jason

Yea thanks Jason!! I know what I will be doing once I get home!!!!

Very Nice. Thanks

A few days late? Boy, people would crucify Palm or Adobe if something was a few days late. Why does Jason need to take time off to study for finals?

Seriously now, we all owe all these guys/gals a debt of gratitude, where would the webOS community be without them?

I have been extremely hesitant to install homebrew on my pre since it is a work phone, and I dont like the idea of breaking it or emailing something to my entire company due to some untested or messed up app/patch. Should I just stay away, or should I let my curiosity finally take over and go for it? How safe is homebrew?

In my opinion it is very safe. I've been installing homebrew apps/patches back when you had to root the phone. This makes it very easy. Just download webOS Quickinstall, then install the package manager service, then the Preware app, restart the phone and rock!!

Patches are easy to install (find the one you like, click install and it done - with a restart to take effect). If you don't like it, go into Preware, tap uninstall and it is done!

Homebrew apps are also very safe. Never ran into 1 that gave me any issues.

preware and webOS quick install are very safe. just back up your contacts, messaging conversations, and so on using webOS quick install.

in webOs quick install

click Tools

Receive File

In the file box copy and paste the following "/var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3" with out the quotes

In the destination box choose your desktop, my documents, or any place you wont lose it

Final Step = Get From Device

Presto... you got a back of the most critical data. Alas, it's only the critical data and not a complete backup solution like NVbackup was on the Centro and Treo. Are these types of software solutions coming anytime soon to webOS?

Is Jason forsale?

I wish Jason and Rob Whitby would put a single page add in the webos app downloads contest. I feel enough contributions have been given on the forefront. (haiti) This money is to help the developer forefront and motivate other developers to transform their OS Development.

I do not feel safe about that charity page 'save lives' as it doesn't list charity or provide proof of amount given. (percentwise charities must give only 50 percent).

I agree, too bad homebrew and patches are not included in the contest!!

Just wanted to say, thank you Jason. Great work as always!

Thanks Jason I will use it on my pre +, whenever I get home.

Well done :) Thanks a lot :)

do i have to uninstall themes before updating?

currently, yep

sweet sweet sweet, everyday I use my phone things just get better and better. Big ups to the devs who make all this possible. Now the waiting game for 1.4

Can it fix a failed install from the App Catalog?

So what exactly do I have to do if I have previously installed webOSQuickInstall? Do I need to download the new version and install it the same way I did the first time? Does that mean I just need to run the software and reinstall novacomd? I only finally installed this a week ago and began using patches and homebrew apps.

Just replace the new .jar with the old.

Is it just me or when I try to install themes it says "sorry theming is currently disabled," is anyone else having this problem????

not a problem,an intended change while theme format is renovated

i dont understand your reply? are you saying that changing themes is currently disabled?

im having that same problem can anyone help

Does WQI 3.01 fix the issue I used to get when installing patches from Preware and QI would not recognize them? I also have had issues the other way where Preware wouldn't recognize patches from QI.

ps. Thx Jason. You are an inspiration. I sell these phones for a living and through ur tools I have been able to generate way more excitement and connect with customers on a level that no other phone can offer. I literally have a laptop in my department @ Best Buy and no customer leaves with a Pre or Pixi without Preware and a demo on how to use it. You are changing not only the way phone are used but also how they are being sold. Again thank you.

thanx a billion JASON

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wrong forum asshole

Um, I tried to use this version and it did work. But I needed to put an app that I've been working on, on a friends Pre so I fired up the old version and installed it. Worked...BUT.....it deleted ALL of my app catalog apps and homebrew apps!
I have re-downloaded the app catalog apps, but the apps that were in the dock at the time of deletion will not appear as listed apps but I can type their names in and they'll pop up that way.
So, anyone have any ideas?

i cant download any themes any ideas

the themes wont work there is an erroe says thems are current disabled... whts up with that

Anyone have a time frame when the themes are expected to be working again?

Anyone else figure out a work around the "sorry theming is currently disabled," problem????????

thanks jason! your work is much appreciated....

i had it working but then fucked something up so now im trying to fix my novacomd.................

Horribly gay.........

Same problem- Theming is currently disabled. Anyone knows why????

same problem...please help!!

where i can a get the code for install webos on mi fhone

Can somebody please help me. i install the webos quick instal and when i tried to install a theme it gave me a message no device found. i dont understand why since my device is plug in and i choose the option charge only. what should i do???


Jason, now with the new 1.4 Web os nothing seems to work. I performed Webos doctor ,then reinstalled the then 1.4..now when I launch quick install it gives me lots of hunk errors...also I tried to install preware and it says the progam installation appears to have failed...I just have a plane ole pre and I really want my fun stuff back..please anyone help

Ok I literally just bought a Pre yesterday and Im having so much trouble trying to get this virtual keyboard thing up. I have read what people and wrote and their answers but its still not working...what can i do?

thats the man. putting the FU in fun!! all the webOS changes mess up everything else..

everything looks good

thank you

hope it works with my java problem

hope it works with my java problem

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I'm having a problem, I've downloaded the WebOS Quick Install on my computer and all of the steps are working fine except the part where I should download the Package Manager Service and Preware. Its not showing up anywhere on the quick install I've tried everything and I have no luck. Please help me I would love to have it installed on my phone... Anyone help me...

the same thing is happening to me,, cud it be tht im not usin the usb tht came with the pre? im actually usin a blackberry cable,, bc my original one broke. HELPPP i really want a on screen keyboard &nd other stuff!!!! thanx ;)

Hi Mirabella, i was having the same problem when i was trying to set up quick install in my pc. Seems that you have a corrupted file, what you have to do is delete the file that you originally downloaded first, do a new download and make sure you download the webOS doctor as well, it won't work if you don't have both, once is downloaded, run only webOS quick install, don't even bother with the webOS doctor at all,then when is open just plug your pre, that should bring another message that say that NOVACOM need to be set up on your pc or laptop, just follow the message as it tries to install itself, and if for some random reason it fails to install, just hit options on the quick install, if it opens for you that means that the installation was correct. Any cable should do as long you plug it to a main usb connector, not one of those hubs.
I hope this will help some


hey i cant get any themes to install they all say url error code? what do i need to do to fix this? thnx
and does any1 have any app recommendations i love the flashlight, square screen, battery meter too, but any1 else have any ones thats worth downloading?

Hi Lilwatkjjjr, i was having the same problem when i was trying to set up themes in a couple of pre's. but if you go to the main page and click the tab under themes, all you have to do is download the theme directly to your pc or laptop, remember where you save the file and from there just open the webOS QI, open the folder containing the file and drag the file in to the quick install and hit install, that should install any theme in your phone, hope to be of any help!!

Hi, very new to this so apologies if I've touched on something that has been posted before... I unfortunately can't find it however. The issue is that I've downloaded WOQI and WOD but I now can't seem to open them and run quick installer. I've downloaded and installed the latest Java numerous times (the recommended thing to do on the initial thread). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I'm running windows vista, Java 1.6.0_21-b07, I've read all the fantastic tutorials and watched countless youtube vids but non seem to address this issue. cheers for the help in advance... Ben

I have tried to install preware on my phone from a old computer usb 1.0 thought that was the issue then tried from one I had built this year..both "error no device found" please message me damonjones77 via that google mail service that people use or text me (406)DJNomad.thats a google voice number contact me there also if you want info on getting on or you can google google voice.I am decent using gimp image editor so I am wanted to get started in the community.i just got my pixi yesterday.any help would be appreciated


wtf... all i want is a direct link and i cant efing find find it... ughhhhh

the only thing that i cant figure out on my palm pre is how to change the theme of my phone, the problem that i am having is how it only will pull up the code...

I CAN NOT get themes on WebOS quick install, it keeps saying it is unable to connect to the url!!!! PLEASE HELP!

How can i download it??