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webOS SDK Leaks Out 38

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 27 Jun 2009 11:56 am EDT

As noted by our forums, noted elsewhere, and sent in to use by numerous tipsters, the webOS SDK has leaked out.  It's a Windows version and by all accounts it's the official verison.  We'd heard word last week that Palm has rapidly expanded the private SDK beta and apparently one of the many new devs has leaked it out.  The story was picked up on Twitter (naturally) and now many an enterprising homebrew developer and curious bystander is now taking a look at the SDK a couple of months ahead of when Palm planned on officially releasing it.

Go on and read through this and multiple other threads for the full details.



Holy crap-balls I am so stoked about this news!

I really hope the community picks it up and takes advantage of this early release/leak!

Heck yeah, it would be great to see new apps.

Posting this from the SDK!!! Very nice!! Now all I need is documentation or a little source code so I can get coding!

source code is available on palm website

Only partial source code. And what I think he means is the SDK documentation, which, as far as I know Palm keeps locked away on the Early Access Program website

VERY VERY EXCITED TO HEAR THIS!!!! Let the coding begin!!

Nice to know the Palm is listening to smart people and "leaking" it much earlier than planned. 8)

Yeah, looks that way.

Let the new apps begin!!! I'm tired of all the iPhone fanboys talk about all the apps available of it like it came out of the box with hundreds of apps. Who needs a fart app anyways?... In a few more months, the pre's app list will be huge!!!

uh? appstore had 500 apps when they opened it FYI, and none of those 500 were fart apps ;)

webOS's App Catalog was on the device at launch. Apple spent a full year kicking and screaming before they relented and even released their App Store. So Palm is a full year ahead of Apple on this one. And one year from now webOS will have WAY more than a paltry 500 apps to offer.

1. this is "fight" between iphone os 3.0 vs webos not iphone os 1.1.4 vs webos, so it doesnt matter what will be year from now as iphone will progress too
2. developers got SDK for iphone about 2-3 months before official launch, same as with palm, they just decided to give it to less developers

This is a fight? Since when? I thought this was merely a comparison of preferences? But if were truly a fight, iPhone wouldnt't be able to see and jab at the same time! LOL

Pre will catch up with iPhone when it comes to variety and shear number of apps, iPhone will evolve into having Pre's UI or brilliant OS!

Downloaded but cannot install. "Error reading setup initialization file." :(

I had the same problem with this link. You can find a working version on mininova (I would post a link but I'm on my Pre, not my home computer).

this is the best news all week. downloading it now.

i have the sdk that i got from palm .and who ever leaked it out is going to get in real bad trouble bcuz all the sdks have a number that indicates whos sdk is it and they'll find poor guy/gurl

so we're to believe that Palm gave a 12 year old early access to the SDK? yarite


am not 12 am 25

i dnt care if you belive me

We'll be much more likely to believe you if you stop "first posting" :)

Anyone tried Spinvox Visible Voicemail for the Pre yet?


I just received my email from palm giving me access to the sdk.

I can confirm the same, I have Vista x64 SP2 and the SDK is a no go. How the hell can the Palm WebOS SDK not support x64 in 2009. EPIC FAIL.

It does work under X64. Log into the SDK developer forums and search "X64" for the workaround.

Oh, you're working with the pirated, leaked copy of the SDK? Sucks to be you.

doesn't seem to work on XP x64. installs ok, but nothing works. Emulator doesn't open and inspector gives error "unable to locate component".

i'm not sure anyone will get in trouble. for one this is probably some of the best news for palm, and second, it only takes a fake application with a public email address to get access. who says you had to put valid info in that form?

/me decides to keep his Pre.

i have changed the keypabd lite blue i ll take sum pix

I created a tutorial with pictures to get a hello world app running on the SDK emulator. You can find it here:

thanks. your hellow world tutorial is very helpful. now i just have to finish reading the rest of the webos book (roughcuts) book to get to some of the more interesting features.

This is great news!! The stupid thing should have been released at launch date. I simply do not understand why the SDK should be delayed, secret, hush-hush.... it only HURTS THE PRE.

It is too bad that it is MS-Windows only, though. WebOS is essentially "Palm Linux". It would be nice (and make sense) if the "Palm Linux" SDK were also available for Linux. I suppose there is VirtualBox :(

Anyone know if the SDK really is going to remain MS-Windows-only?

its not its just that it was only leaked for windows

If you look through the SDK, you'll see it's not complete yet. When you install some of the sample programs onto the emulator that demonstrate different portions of the SDK, you'll see there are several that are listed as "Work in Progress". So it doesn't make much sense to release an SDK that is partially complete.

When filling out a request for the SDK, it asks you whether you're on Windows, Mac, or Linux, so I'm pretty sure there are version of the SDK for each of those platforms. The one that was leaked happened to be for Windows.

Then that is more great news.

Strange that the SDK's weren't completed before the phone was released. But, hey, we don't know what their timetables were or what problems they had.

how do i download it

Lets see some apps!