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webOS surpasses 5,000 apps 142

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 29 Sep 2010 12:53 pm EDT

We've been keeping a bit of an eye on the webOS app count lately and it's time we called it (along with @webostoaster): webOS has surpassed the 5,000 app mark when you include all of the apps from various feeds and direct downloads now available for it. That number is over 7,000 when you include themes and patches.

Although it varies by device and region, in general the number of official App Catalog apps is now over 4,000. Apps from Palm's Web and Beta feeds combine for over 500. Homebrew apps account for over 500 as well. There are over 400 patches and 1800 themes for webOS.

While 5,000 isn't a huge number compared to other platforms, it's an important benchmark for a group of users who have been hungry for apps. Congrats to the webOS developers who helped make it happen. Want to congratulate them yourself? Buy a PDK app before the $1 million PDK Hot Apps Competition ends tomorrow. Suggest your favorite in the comments!



How many apps did the iPhone have after a year? Just curious to see how we compare.

or the Android Market

App store opened on July 11th, 2008 with 500 apps. On October 22nd, 2008 it had 7,500 apps.

The Android market opened October 22nd 2008, but paid apps weren't available until February 2009. By December 2009 there were 9,000 apps.

The iPad had 5,000 iPad-specific apps in the App Store on the day it was launched.

Now I have no idea how apps on iphone/ipad work. Does apple give tools to the public for people to make apps like Palm? When the iPad was launched with 5,000 apps, who made them? Major companies or small time developers? Thats the thing with us. We are just starting to get major app making companies on our side. Once we get a new "super device", Im sure the app catalog will start to pick up.

keep dreaming

Negative Nancy.

just being realistic. alot of people in our community seem to believe in the "new hardware fairy" or the "app fairy" that will overnight give us amazing hardware, quadruple our apps and put palm back on the map

Im not saying it will be over night. But the new phone that comes out HAS to be up to par with all the others including the iPhone. If that happens, developers for the iPhone will be more willing to port over their apps. Some have already started. The only thing we're missing is a popular device. It will be sad if Palm doesnt deliver but I DO belive they will.

don't kid yourself, why on earth would a developer worth anything want to develop for webos? Even when webos had potential nobody developed! Why would they bother when there's a lot of better options for consumers and devs?

Ok, games that have been ported already...Angry Birds, TileStorm, Welcome to Hell, Crusade of Destiny, All the Gameloft Games, etc. Pretty much all the popular games for WebOS was made for iPhone/Android. Almost any game that the iPhone/Android has, can be ported for WebOS. If Palm comes out with a better, more popular phone, why wouldnt they make all those games for the next WebOS device? And especially when Palm has made it so easy to do so. Thats just more money in their pocket.

There's a difference between porting certain games and porting apps. I haven't looked at the specifics myself, but from what I've read, only certain games (built on a particular platform) can be "easily ported". This leaves almost all non-game apps and any games not using that particular platform out in the "not so easily ported" column.

agreed. And gaming isn't the end-all-be-all of apps. There are alot of good productivity/ news/ entertainment apps that are only available to the iOS and Android OS. I really want Palm to be able to compete, but the gap they have to make up to even be competitive is gigantic.

nice give and take, but i'm only replying to see how narrow we can get the top of this upside down pyramid comment string (full site only--can't appreciate on mobile)

Haha. Im down for that.

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How thin can it go?

That's what she said


Palm no longer exists.

The iPhone App store didn't even open until the phone had been out for a year IIRC (and I very well might not).

The Apple app store had 0 apps for a year after the first sale of the iPhone.

Palm officially (not including the Preware apps) had over 3,000 after 1 year of the first sale of the Pre.

That should say more than enough.

The reason why the Palm App catalog exist as well as the android market is because of the Apple App Store. Lets not be delusional.

you forgot to include the year of release

that's cause app stores darn near didn't exist.

It mostly tells me Palm executed horribly.

I agree to a certain extent. I think the main failure was in their marketing plan. The commericials were freaky and didn't get the positive attention needed to spread the word. Meanwhile, the droid commercials were cool and got people eager to look for it.

Palm did very well in other areas. Unfortunately, their brilliance with design and interface was overshadowed by the Homer Simpson moment over in Marketing.

according to Wikipedia 1 year after the Apple App Store launched they had 55,000 apps. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/App_Store


Please read my post again.

One year after the launch of the Pre and iPhone is what Im pointing out. (that would be 2 years after the launch of the iPhone for them to have thier 55,00 aps according to your information).

Palm did an extraordinary job in this regard.

Why is it that Palm only does extraordinary stuff when that "stuff" has some sort of qualifier?


I have no idea what you are talking about.

Palm had applications out into the store within a month of the PRe debut, and had over 3,000 within a year. Palm was a 1,000 person firm, and suffering financial difficulty.

Apple had 0 apps out until over a year after the debut of the original iPhone. Apple has over 34,000 employees, and obviously, found it to be a daunting task to get apps into their store in the same time frame.

Having said that, there is no "qualifier" here; the circumstances speak for themselves: PALM's effort was huge and should be acknowledged as an extraoridinary achievement.

If you don't agree, that's fine, but that doesn't mean that facts arent facts.

What I mean is that everything must be qualified in order to show palm in a good light. The fact is the number of apps in the app catalog is significantly smaller than the other "app stores" mentioned given the amount of time it has been open. The number of employes may have something to do with how fast you can get your store open but has no bearing on the number of apps placed in your store once opened.

So to paint Palm in a good light, people compare based on the date the device (not the store) came to market. That is a very silly qualification.

The facts are a bit more straightforward and are unqualified.
* The App Store went from 0 to 7500 in ~4 months.
* The Android Market went from 0 to ~1200 in ~4 months.
* The App Catalog went from 0 to


There is no effort to "paint Palm in a good light"; my assertion was simple: Palm did something that Apple didn't - they opened thier store immediately and had apps in there, ready to buy, within a month of the device's debut. Apple took a year. Yes, they then had lots of apps 4 months after, but, that isnt the point - thier users went without anything for a year, while Palm's users were provided with a store that grew from the very beginning.

No qualifiers - apples to apples, (no pun intended)

If you're going to qualify things, here you go.

A year after Apple got into the smartphone business, their users had apps.
A decade after Palm got into the smartphone business, their users are still waiting for apps.

Ridiculous right? Right.



What I said is true - and undeniable.

There are MANY OTHER things that can also be said that true, and are undeniable, as well, however, they do not detract from the importance of what Im poionting out.

The qualifications here are by those (inlcuding you) who have a penchant for criticizing Palm. I don't. I look at facts and opine on thier relevance, so you may not agree with the relevance of what I pointed out, however, you cannot disagree with the facts, regardless of any/all other issues you raise in an effort to paint as poor a picture as you can.

There appears to be a huge difference here in what we are looking for, as participants of PreCentral's site. Mine is to learn and discuss. Yours is to point out how deficient Palm was/is.

Yes, yes.

Anyone who looks at Palm's history without rose colored glases is simply here trying to tear a good company down. No one is here to learn and discuss except those that see the silver lining in Palm's cloud (pun intended). How dare anyone compare what Palm is doing to what is currently happening in the very market they had a huge hand in creating? Freaking iPhAndroid sheep and trolls!


Ive never siad or implied any such thing(s).

I respect all who express opinions, even if I dont agree, however, I dont try to convert them to my way of thinking.

You don't like Palm.. fine. I get it. No problem. Im sure you have your reasons.

I dont like or dislike Palm. This is a company, not a person.

I do favor WebOS over other alternatives available. I DID favor the Treo over alternatives available at the time.

Im not going to tell YOU to favor them, though. YOUR opinion is entirely yours, however, your bais to be anti-PALM is uncannily obvious and it detracts from your credibility - just read above and how emotional and sarcastic you have become, all over my pointing out the fact that PALMachieved something that even Apple couldn't.

Get a grip, dude, seriously.

Your words: Mine is to learn and discuss. Yours is to point out how deficient Palm was/is.

Followed by: Ive never siad or implied any such thing(s).

Did you forget that so quickly? You JUST posted it. And newsflash: I nether like nor dislike Palm. I buy what works for me. I've owned many of their devices from the original pilot to the pre. It does not mean I'm going to put blinders on when talking about them. Call me "biased" and "anti-PALM" as much as you need, it is simply not the case.

Sarcasm was exactly the point of the previous post. I suppose now you are using that as "fact" that I'm somehow anti-palm without looking at the context.

I absolutely LOVE how you create "facts".


Honestly, dude, I have NO idea what you are implying above, and you are going around in circles.

Have a nice day!

Your bringing employee count into this?

Well, shiiiii... apparently Palm is a decade behind in building 300+ worldwide retail stores with 20,000 part-time staff. They're executing horribly.

See how easy it is to move the goalposts?

Im no bringing anything into this. Im stating relevant facts to the information that I posted above.

Size of the corporation, as well as financial strength has much to do with what they can or cannot accomolish, wouldnt you agree?

Therefore, Palm being1/30th the size of Apple at the time when thier Pre debuted for sale, and thenimmediately had an apps tore available for their users, and within a year of that, had over 3000 apps available, is quite a feat, compared to Apple, who, did NOT provide an app store for thier customers until over a a year later.

Why was the smaller company able to do more, in this regard than the larger company? (I know the reason why, however, my question is rhetorical).

These are the facts. You may not like them, but, Im sorry, they ARE the facts - not contrived, not manipulated, and certainly not backwards-rationalized, as many of all of your posts contain.

They are facts only when you purposefully keep a very narrow view of the events. You speak as if the Pre was Palm's FIRST phone. It was not. So if you want to talk about how long it took any company to launch an app store for their smartphone, you cannot conveniently start with what is currently Palm's LAST two devices. I can be just as silly and say the iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S both launched with full app stores. The iPad launched with over 200K apps. Those are facts! Right? I guess Palm should get a pass because they had to go back to the drawing board and start over. So let's only count things that happened since their reboot but look at entrance into the market when counting the accomplishments of others.


Sigh. I have to get to work, so I'll make this brief.

The facts aren't facts codnitionally - they are true, all the time. Sorry. That's just how it is.

My point was that at the time of the release of the Pre, and WebOS into the world as a brand new, differentiating OS for smartphones, Palm, a struggling company, achieved something that even the market leader couldn't - open, immediately, an app store, so that thier users could have applications on the phones they purchase, available immediately.

A year later, WebOS had 3,000 apps in the market. Only 2.6 mil users, too - nowhere near as succesful a business as Apple, but, it wasnt for the lack of effort in this area. You have to give credit where credit it due, man.

Apple didnt release a single app until over a year after the iPhone originally released. ITs NOT like an app store was thier idea.. Palm had done this years before with thier PalmOS online stores - Apple just was a year late, and thier users suffered without apps. Then they released the app store, and the rest was history.

Therefore, logically, Palm did something Apple didnt/couldnt do at the same point in thier product development/release, which is a considerable feat given the huge differences between their financial strength and physical sizes.

Anything else that you derive from this is just irrelevant.

And I'll simply repeat one line here since it explains how you seem to derive your "facts".

So let's only count things that happened since their reboot but look at entrance into the market when counting the accomplishments of others.


What does that have to do with my response above?

Oh never mind...

Have a nice day!

You really don't see it? It's simple. You use Palm's "latest attempt" in the smartphone market and compare that to Apple's "initial attempt" and try to paint Palm as having accomplished something major. The point is to really compare apples to apples and either speak of both company's "latest attempt" or both company's "initial attempt". Keep in fair on both sides of the comparison and let the facts speak for themselves. Mixing the two is a bit dishonest.

"Why was the smaller company able to do more, in this regard than the larger company?"

Because they were already a year behind (really a decade behind) so they were able to copy what Apple already did a year after their release.

You keep pretending your delusional reality is shared as concrete fact by the world -- it's not, must people think Palm failed horribly.

why would i read your post? I wasn't responding to you. A year after the iphone was launched apps stores hardly existed. And considering that Palm is so late to the smartphone game it doesn't matter what iphone did when nobody expected apps. Today in this smartphone market people do. And a proper way to compare the catalogs is in the same time period they've been up. no consumer is gonna cut palm slack cause it's more then a year old catalog. That's like starting a car company now and expecting customers to ignore the fact that you have figured out how to build cars with power steering, ac, and air bags. They sure as hell won't care cause your knew. They'll say catch up. The reality is the both Android and Apple's catalog have grown at a much faster rate.

Bottom line is at this rate it doesn't matter. One the palm catalog is full of crap And even if you wait it's still behind the competition. And the it's a year old excuse clearly doesn't fly with consumers. And just like Taharka said Palm's been making phones for a decade and just now has 5000 apps.


1. You should read my post because your original post was just below mine and its content was specifically directed at mine.

2. I do not discupte the fact that Palms app catalog is not as big as thier competition, and that it needs to grow even more.

3. I do not dispute the fact that Android and Apple have grown at much faster rates.

4. I do dispute your contention that the APP catalog for Palm is "full of crap". It isn't. Well, it isn't, any more than any other app catlalog, - how's that? I have found many useful apps - some I use for work - having said that, it can't be all "crap", for me, then.

5. If you are going to bring the "10 years of Palm making phones" into the picture, then you need to remember that the PALM OS has almost 30,000 apps for many years, which thier Treos were able to use. Had they stuck with that OS, and it thrived (I dont think it would have, though), I suggest that their app count would be MUCH higher by now, wouldnt you agree?

So why didn't they have a consolidated app catalog back then to house those 30K apps. They accomplished this amazing thing of opening a app catalog with the Pre right? Why couldn't they amazingly do it before the Pre?


They did have a repisitory online. Thats how you bought the apps, silly.

I know I did. A few really terrific ones, too. Helped me with my professional work, big time.

Not with 30K apps. They are spread out all over the net.


Yes, 30,000 apps, in total. At least, if thats what the articles I read were reporting. Free and paid.

And it doesnt matter if they were in one place or many - they were all available and certified by Palm on many sites, as well as the developers sites.

The point is, apps for use. 30k. Available to anyone who wanted to use them.

Versus up to 3k after a year after the release of the Pre.

Versus 0 for up to a year after release of the iPhone.

I think you forgot to mention how many apps were available in the first year after the FIRST app capable device Palm made (rather than jumping to the device they made almost a decade later).


I don't have that information, however, it isnt relevant to this discussion.

Have a nice day!

It's not relevant if you are not doing a fair comparison. Palm did not enter this market with the Pre. So saying they accomplished something by launching the Pre with an app catalog vs. Apple launching their app store a year after the iPhone was releases is misleading.

It's like Company A making cars for years that always had breaks. Company B decides to make cars for the first time and produces their first car (with breaks). A year later, Company B produces an ABS system for their car. A year after that, Company A makes a new car and includes ABS with it. Then you come along and praise Company A for being able to produce a car with the new ABS system at launch. You ignore the fact that Company B did it on their very first product a full year earlier than Company A. You also ignore the fact that Company A produced cars for years without this new system. Then you criticize people for pointing out the flaws in both your logic and Company A's history.

It's irrelevant that apple didnt' have apps for a year. apps were NOT important then.

crying about that is like starting a car company and offering a car with no AC then saying but Ford's was around for 50 years without AC in cars. Nobody cares about what ford didnt in 1910 when they are buying a car NOW. when you walk into a dealer right now. you compare the current models. you do the same with phones. you're just reaching and making excuses.

it is full of crap. all app stores have crap. this one lacks quality.

10 years, yeah i didn't bring it up some one else did. but palm os doesn't exist on my phone. and it's10 years and it's obselete. apple and android aren't counting an obselete o.s. you are. and in 10 years they've managed to for apple sell, phones, tablets, music place, laptops and computers. Google has tons of service and ad revenue. Palm went backwards, entered no new markets and failed and got sold. i couldn't care less about raw app count numbers. the only issue is though regarding app counts is the rate of growth and since the catalog has been out it's not growing fast and the stuff that is growing it by and large is crap apps. Regular companies aren't making apps for the platform. That may impress the linux nerds that care about whether something is open source and that kind of thing but the rest us want ESPN, Yahoo fantasy football, and Shazam.

Yes, growing at a rate 1/1000th of the App Store growth rate with your self-delusional "lead" is quite extraordinary.


Ive never stated or implied anything even close to something tthat would incite your reply above.

The insult regarding "self delusional" indicates that which happens to those who can't discuss with others who say something they might not like - they insult and degrade, and divert.

You keep applauding having apps on launch for Pre as a brilliant, great success: reality says it has been a colossal failure (it was an also-ran that didn't sell well). You keep applauding the app count when both the count and rate of growth are anemically pathetic. This is truly self-delusion.

Keep holding onto the fact that for a year Apple completely blew away a company at their own game, a game they had been at for more than a decade, a game that Palm's leaders said there was no chance of Apple successfully entering ... yes, with a phone that revolutionized the smartphone, a phone that everyone else has now been chasing for 5 years, made millions of users the happiest phone owners ever ... all without an App Store. Amazing. I applaud Palm for getting completely walked all over. They did a fantastic job of handing the market to Apple. And with an App Market at launch! Yippee.

my app catalog has 3917 apps

So why does preware only show 187 in the catalog and 365 Web? (and no, I don't already have the other 4,448 already installed!

Go into your "Manage Feeds" for Preware and make sure ALL of the feeds are "On"! ;-)

Oh... Thanks :-)

is there anyone left in the world that hasn't purchased Angry Birds?

I doubt it. Im sure the've made millions on that game. I need to become a developer. lol

well it has 24000 downloads.

that's quite a bit less then the number of total pre users though i'd guess it wasn't available the to everyone in the world. so i'm sure they have more people to sell to.

I have not yet. I played the demo version and I think I might buy it later today.

I don't have it yet. But it's not my fault. ATT still hasn't released 1.4.5 for my pixi!!!

I haven't! I don't buy unless I can try first. Is there a lite version? How many people got bored with it? I may be too causous I guess.

Lite / demo / free version

It's only $1.99 for a well developed and fun game.


Yup - me! (not much of a game person)

No, I haven't purchased Angry Birds because there is not a single app in my App Catalog.

3299 apps (UK) cosmic nitro is a nice game

I don't think it's right to say we have over 7,000 apps and include patches and homebrew apps. The precentral community needs to realize that not all webos users use preware (sadly).
I myself do use preware with patches and apps but I have two friends with a pre that aren't tech savy. They don't want to root the phone and install patches. I'm sure they are not the only ones.

But the apps/patches/themes are indeed "available" even if some choose not to use certain venues. It's still a fair count and they did break it down by venue, so no problem.

we would count 1-ton pickups in the ford or chevy product family, even if you'd never buy one...

"they don't want to root the phone"... there is no rooting involved all you have to do is install preware.

i think you're harping on symantics of the word rooting. Though i'm sure your correct the posters point is still pretty clear.

You're right. I don't think patches and themes should be counted because patches and themes !=apps. Makes sense.

The bulk of Android so called apps are ringtones and wallpapers.

well that's pretty dumb. What is the android app count when only counting apps?

Don't believe the FUD. There are certainly a fair share of crap in the Android Market. Throwing in the word "bulk" converts that post into FUD.

patches aren't apps. and i'd agree. you can't include apps not in the catalog. I don't think anyone includes all the jailbreak apps, themes, hacks, and non official apps for iphones.

could they also quote the stats for how many apps have been published by crapBookShop, Brighthouse, and Dijit?

Let's give credit where credit is due...

D'oh - now we're back under 1000. ;)

To some degree, developer creativity is stunted by the lack of APIs. We desperately need some new APIs as things are getting very boring these days.

That's definitely partially true. The true test of a developer's skill is working withing constraints. I feel like I thrive when I'm forced to work with limited resources. I have several apps either in development, or in my head ready for development that utilize the current APIs, and all of my apps waiting for launch do not exist on webOS or any other platform.

That being said, camera and microphone APIs will open up a slew of awesome new apps, not to mention upcoming webOS 2.0 features.

webOS will have quite a selection of unique apps soon.

rim jus hit 10000 apps not to long ago think we can catch them how many apps does windows have

Somebody please make a graph of app catalog growth by week/month. I'm pretty interested in the results.

Someone did. http://bit.ly/bG25rT but this is old. Maybe you can ping them and ask for an update. I didn't check to see if there was an update already available.

ok thanks for the link. so it says 1000 us official apps after 6 mo. Rate=5.5 apps/day assuming 30 day months. At the end of april, it hit 2000. In that 4 mo timespan,rate=8.3/day. About 4000 official us aps at end of september. Rate in that 5 mo span: 13.3.

Interpret as you will. It's nice to say that the rate has more than doubled when comparing the last few months to the products inception, but when that means there's only about 8 more apps/day,it's disappointing :(

Yeah, people can interpret as they see fit. In the end, all it means is that the app catalog simply does not have enough apps and is not growing fast enough. Maybe that will change but based on some surveys I've seen (and depending on how what one thinks of surveys), things don't look good for the app catalog and haven't for quite some time.

Very true. Surveys I've seen from appcelerator have been pretty bearish, as have customer satisfaction surveys and usage data. Those show some pretty important metrics and don't serve to motivate developers at all.

according to my calculator, we have roughly 0.04166 apps as the iPhone app store. Wooo. Lets make it 0.042!
we need minigore...great iOS app
edit: in percent terms, we have 4.1% of the number of apps as iPhone

Small correction, it's 4.2% (you would round rather than truncate in this case)

true indeed! Especially since the 6 is repeating. My error.

Great! There'll be more apps than webOS users by the time we get any kind of look at next generation phones!

yeah palm is fucked

hahaha, don't you have anything better to do with your time?

if you actually used webOS, it could make your life easier, dude. Watch:


I could care less about the number of apps. It's the quality apps and functionality I'm looking for. WebOS is still missing some key things, like the Kindle app. You could get to 100,000 apps, but if the platform is still missing some of the major apps out there, it's pretty much worthless.

Hopefully this obsession with number of apps in the smartphone industry will end soon.

i agree. especially considering when you compare the numbers after the same time period for the catalog's launch webos does not measure up well at all based on number of apps.

Agreed. Only a few apps really are indispensable. Kindle, quickoffice (or productivity suite) are among the few that I still need. When the browser improves a bit more, apps will become less important as we'll be able to do everything we do on a full desktop/laptop browser. At that point apps will be irrelevant.

Apps won't remotely be irrelevant to me. in fact they are number 2 in importance. And fyi making phone calls probalby isn't in my top 5. But i think "indispensable" will vary from person to person. kindle and office stuff aren't remotely indispensable for me. i'm not editing anything on a phone. my work is wordy for that and i can't read an ebook on my small screen. i just won't do it. But stuff like fidelity, etrade, espn, etc etc are all indispensable for me. And i think that will vary form person to person. if you have a 401k or a roth at Charles Schwab it's indispensable. If you bank at Chase it's indispensable, if you are a guitarist maybe the amplitube app is indispensable. Twitter is indespensible for many but i don't twitter and only have an account to read a specific reporters news. Not to mention a browser may never give the same made for a finger ease of use as a dedicated app plus there may be stuff that's easier to do on a dedicated app. like there are websites that i go to that have mobile pages but they are garbage to use and you have to always enter your info. just a pain. apps aren't going anywhere any time soon. Especially since tons of apps like say games or recorders are not web based pages. Like say a camera app. it's not a browser it's a camera. or a digital recording app. what point is a browser? Navigation?

as long as HP spends some $ to advertise the new hardware Palm with rise again. Don't forget the Pre had a very large lack of advertisement compaired to EVERY OTHER smart phone. Can't watch TV without seeing a GD Blackberry commercial or Droid for that matter.

Palm needs to hold a closed door meeting with major developers of apps, and show them the hardware roadmap and perhaps allow early access to certain api's..

Not sure what difference that would make. It's the potential sales that matter more not the device specs. It could be a very impressive device, but if devs don't believe consumers will buy it, they won't see value in developing for it. Given webOS' unfortunate recent history, it is likely going to be hard to convince the devs that the next product will sell well.

If i were palm i'd go into those pre central app request threads. i'd pick the top like 100 major apps and i'd either have someone make an app like they did facebook, or port an app or try and partner with all of those companies to make an app. Like maybe assist porting an app. Like i haven't really seen the cnn news app in a while but i think it's basically text, video clips. Like how hard is it to help them make that app? and i'd do that for msnbc, abc, etc. Shazam? Why not partner with them. I'd pay it too. Give people very little reason to use lack of apps as an excuse. I'd sure stuff like slingbox and stuff may be a bit harder. But i'd hit the top cable companies for mobile dvr interfaces. hell they partnered with what 30 companies for launch apps. Do a shazam, and a red laser type app. i think the outlay of money now would really help later in more subscribers and higher customer satisfaction later. Like google. Google doesn't care. They aren't trying to win the cell phone market they are trying to drive users to google services. They aren't really even trying to topple iphone, they are trying to get google voice on the iphone. So i'd make google navigation, etc. and a robust email client. I wouldn't worry about the raw number of apps as compared to apple. I'd be like we don't have as many but we got about 80% of the big stuff just like them.

We are on our way ! Yippeee !

5000 apps darn near meaningless. the Huge majority are nothing apps and there surely aren't many big name companies making apps. i think the last app i downloaded was webos lite the utorrent client. And i'm not even sure that was from the official catalog. before that it was facebook in like January.

The reality is the companies people want are not interested in making webos apps even though apparently it's so easy to port apps in hours now. Which as some developer told me is a myth. that it's not exactly that easy.

according to Admob there was just very little interest in developing for webos. Less then even blackberry. that was according to a study back in may. And i think it shows one big problem palm has.

yep, palm is the red headed step-child of the smartphone world.

orange :-)

Angry Birds. I still think it's interesting that it has been available in non-beta form on the Pre for a while now, but it's still only in beta for Android. One would think that Android's huge numbers advantage would dictate that the Android version would be made available first with the Pre version coming in much later (if ever). Have any of the Angry Birds developers, etc, ever said why they were able to turn around the Pre version so much quicker than the Android version?

I think this article on the Palm Developer Blog should answer your question:

Maybe it was just a lot easier to port Angry Birds to webOS than Android?

EDIT: the link got cut off for being too long, so I split it across two lines.

It's encouraging to hear it was a straightforward port. When other developers see how much money they can make by porting to WebOs (even if only games), I would expect to see more developers take the time to do the port from iOS to WebOs. It looks like low-hanging fruit to me. Hopefully to them, too. For apps that are tougher to port, we'll probably need to see a bigger installed base. Hopefully, that will come when HPpalm finally gets around to releasing new hw.

i was told by a developer here, that its not normally that straight forward as they say. He indicated that it wasn't like swapping parts but that each part hard to have the code rewritten even when porting. My thought was it was kinda like taking a vhs tape and recording it to beta. that is basically just a copy in a different format. His point was that you may use a mic in an app for an ipod but you can't just swap the code to use make the app work on webos, the code has to be rewritten even when porting and that's a deterrent.

That number of apps is useless if I cannot buy one of them.In Mexico, Palm stalled us without the App Store, event when they announced that will deploy App Store in Mexico. I love my plam pre but if I have no apps to run, well I'll buy an iPhone.

I am so tired of coming to Precentral and reading all these negative anti-webOS comments. If you hate the Pre, get a new phone and stop coming to a website dedicated to the Pre, webOS and HPalm. If you've already gotten a new phone and you're still coming just so you can comment on every story bemoaning how bad everything non-iPhAndroid is...well, that's just sad.

I love webOS and my Palm Pre (Sprint non-Plus) and am hopeful, despite the lack of apps in comparison or the "need" for a faster device.

You also have the choice to not read the comments rather than complaining that people are expressing opinions that don't jive with yours.

when people express "opinions", it's fine.

coming here to just bitch/moan/praise another platform isn't expressing your opinion, it's talking shit.

it's stupid and pointless, and serves no purpose except to justify the troll's purchase of their shinynewwhatever, and placate their ego, to make sure they feel superior.

it's like winning a gold medal at the special olympics... it's still better to not be retarded.

Wow dude I hope that's not the real you. Perhaps you had too much to drink (or smoke) cause if it's you, you may want to seek counseling....

drink or smoke

Yeah dont get butthurt over the fact that your phone is a POS with a measly 500 apps (after you subtract the shit), performs worse than a ford pinto, and has its users dropping like flies.

Hey, I love WebOS too, but I can't hide the fact that we are falling quickly. I like reading the posts for fun, but just listen to the "professionals" outside of the WebOS community. Sure Nilay Patel of Engadget may love him some WebOS, but Palm? HP? Listen to Buzz Out Loud and they hardly even acknowledge Palm and WebOS. Before PCMag closed out PCMag Radio it was the same thing there, hardly a mention of what Palm was doing, or more like NOT doing.

A recent Engadget podcast killed Android for having their users rely on an independent dev. to solve a common problem the company should have tackled themselves. Sound familiar? Preware, etc. That little penguin shouldn't be solving all these problems, Palm should......should have....didn't!!!!!


True. Well, sort of. I'm not complaining that their opionions are different than mine. I'm just baffled by people who moved on to a different phone but still get on here daily just trolling and waiting for an opportunity to diss Pre, Palm, HP, webOS, etc. It's strange to me.

Precentral used to be a fun community and still is for the most part. There's just so much dissension and pessimism on here these days

I feel you for the most part, but I am not an Apple fan, and never have been, I am not going to Android anytime soon, and to be honest, this little Palm Pre (minus) is the best phone I have ever owned. Unfortunately between me and my wife we've hit 5 in just under a year. The last time I went in with a "defective" phone, the girl smiled and immediately suggested I "do not buy Palm again". I know man, you love Palm and so do I, but I won't believe the positive hype until I see it.

GO Palm!!!!

And how many of those App Catalog apps are duplicates. Just take a look to the right at the top of this page. You see 4 different apps for "Need for Speed" (English, French, German, and Spanish versions) and 2 "Trivial Pursuits".

I too don't think "patches and themes" should count. Does Android count all the ROMs that are available as apps? Or any of their sideloaded apps that can be loaded? Don't try to inflate the number, it is right around 4000 give or take.

Yep, and whatever the number actually is, it's still signifcantly less than what's available for iOS or Android. I would also bet that Windows marketplace for Windows Phone 7 will surpass the App Catalog within a couple months of the phone's launch, assuming no new announcement from HP. And a release of webOS 2.0 without new hardware won't improve the situation either; what developer wants to work with horribly outdated hardware?

what's bad is i started searching for apps i had zero interest like the dijit, brighthouse, appbook makers, religious stuff etc etc, when i totaled up the number of apps it was a hell of a lot of apps. i had actually added the patch to shade stuff out of the catalog, man it was pages and pages of just ignored apps.


where are these 1,800 themes? I only ever see like the same 93 in preware. I take it I missed something?

Probably check to see if all the feeds are turned on. I have a feeling that number is actually closer to 1,000. That 1,800 includes both PreThemer and PreCentral themes and many themes are releaed at both locations.

5000. woo!