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The webOS Survival Kit: everything you need to know should webOS doomsday come 15

by Derek Kessler Fri, 01 Mar 2013 7:59 pm EST

The webOS Survival Kit: everything you need to know should webOS doomsday come

The fine folks at WebOS Internals have long been on the leading edge of the webOS homebrew movement. Following the shutdown of webOS hardware development in 2011 and the subsequent exploration of selling webOS somebody other than HP, they put together a handy guide of everything you'd need to know should the back-end services that support webOS go to hell in the proverbial hand basket. Aptly, it's called the webOS Survival Kit.

Following this week's news that HP has sold their webOS assets to LG, the webOS Survival Kit is worth linking to again. HP has held on to the cloud services portion of the webOS business unit and thus still holds the responsibility for maintaining the App Catalog and backup services for the active webOS devices still out there. HP hasn't commented on how long they'll continue to keep these services running, though conventional wisdom is at least two years from the last sale date of webOS hardware (which, firesale-wise, was in December 2011). So at the end of this year we could possibly be looking at the end of webOS support from HP as the cloud division refocuses on enterprise services instead. The end is maybe nigh?

So there's the webOS Survival Kit. The multi-step guide covers installing Preware, moving your contacts away from your webOS Account, setting up your own local backups, and having everything downloaded and set-up on your computer should the worst happen and you have to restore your Pre, Pixi, Veer, or TouchPad without the support of HP's cloud infrastructure.

While some services like the App Catalog and backup will cease to function if HP shuts down the webOS servers, take heart that the core of the webOS device experience will continue to function even if Sunnyvale were to vanish from the planet. Unlike older smartphones, webOS connects directly to the internet - there are no Palm or HP servers you have to go through for your apps to get their content.

Go read up on the webOS Survival Guide by WebOS Internals. It's everything you need to know for the eventual webOSpacolypse.

Source: WebOS Internals


I'd post something, but my mom is calling me upstairs for dinner.

Yep. I'm waiting on my Pre- from Ebay (hate being on Sprint at times like this and missing out on the Pre 3), and my Touchpad is less than three months old (in my possession). Will definately check out the Survival Kit. THANKS WEBOS INTERNALS!

Thanks for reposting this, Derek. I had decided to totally give up on webOS (except for the occasional use of my Pre Plus and TouchPad - they still do useful stuff!), but seeing the Enyo framework progress so far, I've decided to write all my apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and then Enyo (in that order). I would love to do Microsoft development with Enyo, but I want the apps to have the proper look-and-feel - I can't imagine trying to market an Enyo app on a Windows Phone device. If the Enyo folks can "Pivot-ize" the Enyo framework, I would be impressed...

I'd like to see webOSNation come up with a petition for developers to sign pledging to do cross-platform development with Enyo whenever possible. Considering that you can (at least) target Apple, iOS and BlackBerry with a single codebase without drawing too much derision from fans of those platforms, that isn't unreasonable...

Hope we see webOS ported to more devices soon...

thanks webos Nation for the tip!

and thanks webOS internals for all their hard work!
you are as reliable as always!


Cool, something worth checking out I'm sure. But what about the initial setup of the phone. How can you sign into your profile if their servers are down?

scroll down to "Running the Activation-Bypass Tool". this wouldn't let you sign into your profile; instead, you'd bypass the sign-in process.

Allen832008 has set up a petition for LG. You could start with that:

They make the nexus 4 and were interested enough to buy the whole development team. WebOS - at least as an option on LG phones - might happen in a while if everyone here signs...

we need to advertise this petition so we can get those signatures!

In Rod we trust.
But how about supporting Internals e.g. by getting an backup solution running on our own servers/PC:
Thinking about... Locally hosted backup servers - webOS Nation Forums -

Or bring propretary webOS parts to openwebOS:
Exchange Active Sync (EAS) Synergy in OpenWebOS - webOS Nation Forums -

Hmm... That got me to think about apps and backup. What if Backup/Restore could also restore apps, automatically?

I've been on a bidding war on Ebay for the right daily driver franked pre2 and my girlfriends pre- are going to be retired once I leave sprint so were upgrading to my veer and soon to be pre3 and my TP is flawless so I'm in for a long while.....

thanks for the repost Derek...and thank you internals

Survival Kit page need to be updated:
Preware Homebrew Documentation link goes to ( The application is not currently available. Please try again later. ) page. WOSQI Homebrew Guide too.
Novacom drivers link ( ) is
( ) now.

You may prepare by having Luna leave downloaded IPKs alone so you may back them up and reinstall them without redownloading.

LG bought WebOS to use in their Smart TV's

HP sells webOS operating system to LG Electronics

Why bother if the hardware still works? I know I don't have the budget for another phone. Even though I use an Android device (never had a webOS phone), I don't particularly like it. I'd rather move backwards to webOS than to move on with Android doodads. A lot of users who returned to webOS after their adventure with Android &co still prefers webOS over the other platforms. It's just a bit more effort to get things going after official support has ended, and if the core functions and some daily apps still work, what's the rush?