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The webOS Toaster is real 21

by Derek Kessler Sun, 22 Jan 2012 7:43 pm EST

In a world where webOS and toasters are separate, one man dared to defy convention and bring the two together in a way only he could envision. Armed only an Arduino board and his wits, he set out to change the way the world looks at toast. Also, Cylons.



FINALLY, I can get some toast around here!!!!

Would be get "Too much bread" errors instead?

I am equally saddened and happy for this.

On one hand, there's a developer out there homebrewing and connecting to cool stuff.

On the other hand, it reminds me of HP saying they were all in on WebOS across most of its hardware.

So does out open app metaphor switch from cards to slices?

Toasting never looked so smooth!

Now we know how the road to the talking toaster started off as realised in Red Dwarf.

We knew when Kryten repaired the toaster it was a mistake... slippery slope...

Bite me.

Needs to be wireless! LOL

It is.

I can't be the only one that was thinking NewTek Video Toaster... can I?

Nope..I owned Amigas since 1990 and remember when the NewTek Video Toster on a Amiga 2000..

Even though I never owned a NewTek Video Toaster, I loved my Amiga.

I loved the Toaster. Thanks for posting this video. It brought back a lot of great memories.

LightWave3D and Kiki!

Nope..I owned Amigas since 1990 and remember when the NewTek Video Toster on a Amiga 2000...

I think "its alive" would be a better article title:-)
upd-wait watched the video and its not, its just interfaced with webOS, not running it! That's like calling a boxee or tv or website a webOS device because you can stretcher operation from one

So, the lack of a physical connection disqualifies it as a webOS toaster? There's a reason it's called webOS and not directly-wired-to-everythingOS. The webOS interface could be the only way to control the toaster if I disconnect the physical control panel. Does that make it a webOS toaster?

Yeaaaaa!!! New webOS hardware. lol

F'n Sprint will never carry this..