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webOS Users: The most passionately in love with their platform 80

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 16 May 2011 7:33 pm EDT

If there was one carrier that could gauge the passion and emotions that various smartphone users have towards their devices, AT&T is potentially the best. They have the largest number of iPhone users, and quite the selection of other operating systems as well (including the latest release of the HP Veer 4G yesterday). As a follow-up report to their webOS Developer Webcast, AT&T has done a bit of research and supplied us with a report of how various smartphone users feel about their platforms, based on their sentiments (positive or negative feelings) and passion levels (like or love, dislike or hate).

As you can see from the chart above, webOS users are at the very top of that list - highly passionate about how much they like webOS - just confirming once again that the webOS community is one of the best you'll encounter in the tech world. It's that passion that has resulted in a supremely helpful, excited and anticipatory group of phone users. Even higher than Android users, and MUCH higher than those users of iOS or Windows Phone 7 devices (which are teetering on pretty much indifferent).

With the webOS user base currently so small, it makes sense that it is the final passionate few that are holding strong to the hoped-for future. But the results of this report still count for quite a lot, and considering how many different channels were used to gather this information (social networks, blogs, etc...) and the process by which they parsed this data across all of those channels gives us a thought that the future of webOS isn't as bleak as many might say.

Are you one of the passionate few? Or just waiting to see what comes next before getting excited again?


Best... Chart... Ever

Great chart; but is there a reason they decided to make it with Office 97?

AT&T is trying to catch up on technology!

I'm pretty sure half of the W7 or iOS users don't know what an operating system is.

Maybe, but I bet if they participated in the survey, they have some clue.

I knew this, just from the forums.

This is one of the best, if not the best community for mobile OS's around, and that chart kind of explains why.


This website is also the only webos community that still exists. Everythingpre died and I don't know of another webos community website that is active.

webosroundup.com is another webos community site that is active ;)...well at least for news.

first in line in my area for my Pre- and ill b sticking around untill webos is in the grave(hope that day never comes)

If the Veer marketing campaign is any indication of how much HP is behind the webOS product, I think that day will come sooner than we think. This time "in the coming months" is fairly accurate.


I've stopped trying to understand HP's methods. The February announcements without dates, the Veer release without advertisement, and no other news of the Pre3 release date.

The way I see it, I've never bought a company for $1.2 billion, I've never launched a product, and I've never run one of the biggest technology companies in the world, so I'm not going to pretend like I know what is best.

FINALLY, the voice of reason speaks.

Thanks for posting Leo......;-)

Caught me! Don't worry though. Everything will be happy in the coming months.

This is the most bizarre reasoning. Can only directors critique movies? Can only producers and musicians critique albums? Can only chefs have the right to say that any particular food is prepared badly? Of course not. We opine on these things (and everything else) all of the time.

Yet, when it comes to businesses, one shouldn't dare to question the high priests in executive suites. Why, they wouldn't lead us astray....it's never ever happened before.

An executive's or HP employee's opinion may be more informed than mine, but when one sees obvious damage being done, it's irrelevant. This sounds like someone having a tree fall on their house, but waiting for an insurance adjuster to tell them that's not a good thing.

We opine on these things = pretend like I know what is best

This is by far one of the best Logical views I have read in a long time.

+1 for you.

There is a lot more to marketing than what the normal person sees. Believe me, the marketing efforts from Palm were pretty sad. So far I've noticed that with HP there has been a lot going on behind the scenes, and I've been fairly... well... not impressed... but... uh, let's go with piqued.

Of course with any marketing campaign it's not something you just bombard the market with. It's more cyclical, more like a wave than a wall. As more products come, and bigger products come, I'm sure you'll start to see more of their bigger efforts.

People often forget that marketing isn't just ads.

i agree..it wouldn't happen but i will go down with the ship if it does

Psh, like we didn't already know this. =]

If it wasn't because of us passionate users WebOS would have been dead way before HP took over it.

Great chart! But it would've been nice to at least be given info like how large the sampling size of the survey was.

Regardless, it's great to see some (hopefully) unbiased 3rd party perspective for once...

Now if only HP would get their friggin' act together for marketing, maybe that dinky little webOS dot could dwarf that Android dot one day...

It actually was not a sampling, but an analysis by a company called Netbase that captures the content from across social media and the consumer generated web and then they use their "world leading natural language processing to understand in greater detail what people are saying in terms of emotion, behavior, opinion, and sentiment." This was according to the rep that I talked to who provided the chart.

But they must have analysed a sample. So there has to be denominator or an n number, otherwise it is just anecdotal.

No matter how much you love webOS, it does not match up to the death grip carriers have over our lives. My sprint pre officialy **** the bed today, and unless i decide to pony up money for an off contract phone whilst waiting for the mythical pre3, I like many people have no choice but to use our upgrade and get a droid.

sigh. I miss webOS already.

Get a pixi on amazon for 50 bucks, it would make for a great back-up phone for when the new phones come out.

Yeah, seriously, Sprint webOS phones are so cheap off contract now, the only reason you would switch is if you really didn't like webOS.

Or if you wanted 2011 specs.....or if you wanted to buy subsidized devices your carrier will replace at will because WebOS devices have needed so many replacements in the past.....or if....

All those fall under don't like webOS...

I got a replacement Pre- on ebay for 50 bucks when mine died a few months ago. You've got to be able to find them for at least that cheap now.

Really cool, and different. Sprint should do one of these, they would really learn a lot ;)

I'm pretty sure they did a poll asking their users which OS they should focus on, and webOS won by a landslide. This poll was done a few months ago, and we still have nothing about webOS on Sprint. So it doesn't really matter what they learn.

First in line for the Pre +, 1 other kid with a Pre 2 and me are the only guys at my high school that have webos devices. All you see are iPhones and more iPhones. Im proud to be apart of this fantastic community.

I think there is a fair amount of iOS users who were like me, got into the iOS ecosystem because of a diverse iTunes collection and the fact iTunes is locked to those devices.

I think there will be a lot of people leave for that same reason. It's the constant everyday hassle of having to deal with iTunes which is pushing me to a better OS (that, and the fact HP is involved).

For me, it's just the walled garden that i hate. But the number of apps, ecosystem (apple tv, itunes, ipad), ease of use for the nontechies in house, still has me hooked in.

If HP could ramp up the apps and provide some webOS mgmt tools on the PC, it'd go a long way.

Why would you want a computer to manage your phone?! That seems counter-intuitive for a smartphone with a data connection. Now if you mean a backup utility to get that backup that goes to the cloud sure, but I can't think of anything that I would want to do to my phone that I shouldn't be able to do with the phone itself.

But what do you do with such loyal passionate users? Dream up Veers? Or go toward a premium type form factor & branding? Apple was sort of in the same boat years ago.

What do you do with such loyal passionate users? On the day when webOS users were supposed to celebrate, you tell pretty much each and every one of them that they don't matter to you anymore, that they have to buy new devices if they want to see an updated OS, that they have to wait months to get those new devices, that the largest user base (Sprint) won't get the Pre 2 to at least hold them over... Oh, and you continue stringing them along for months with a promise that you will "make things right".

What a joke.

Cloak and dagger music playing (putting my GSM AT&T Pre Plus phone behind my back)...

I think that there is a CDMA conspiracy going on... Verizon got the Pre Plus and Pre 2... Sprint did not get either one... SOMETHING happened that next two iterations of the Pre on CDMA network went to Verizon instead of Sprint. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they made that decision...

(Stop playing music)

Hey HP, how about releasing Pre3 on AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint on the SAME DAY!!! You want to be different from other Apple, Android and Blackberry, let's start there!

We should be able to get the phone we love regardless of carrier and stop the torture. That would be a least a step torwards making it right... (of course if I could get Flash 10.1 under webOS 1.4.5 that would be another step in towards making it right too).

My Pre- died last November and I have been using an Evo my friend gave to me since then...I still have my 2 year upgrade coming up really soon in like a month. I would trade my Evo for a Pre3 in a second if it came on Sprint, nothing beats webOS for me even when Android has a better ecosystem.

If Sprint doesnt release a webOS phone then I would try the Windows Phone 7 at least for a year or two and switch back to the next webOS phone(hopefully released on Sprint) just so I can get a chance to try out all the OS's(also I am tired of Android...) Nothing will beat webOS for me though :)

I would try that Pre2 hack for Sprint if I wasnt so worried I would mess it up :P...

Hook, line and sinker since June of 09, webOS is the best OS in the industry.

Hopefully, someday when hp/palm has 20-30+ percent of the smart-phone subscriber market share we, the faithful, will be able to look back and say "I supported it from the beginning and have watched it and helped it become what it is today."

I think I'll email this chart to Sprint every day until they announce a new webOS device.

That would take awesome dedication, because that day is not coming for a long time.

Yeah, my mail would probably just end up being permanently blocked :)

Wow, not surprising but interesting to see it in cold, hard powerpoint. Wonder what the methodology was to determine the chart (i.e. what questions they actually asked).

Palm devotees have always been a scrappy lot... :)

P.S. Wondering what the size of the dots on the chart mean. Originally thought it might mean sample size for that group but I don't see how Android would far outnumber iOS on ATT.

P.P.S. Why is RIM/Blackberry missing on this?

Awesome to see charted by a third party what we all felt/believed/knew!

I can't wait for HP to brag about this number, then promptly drop update support for 98% of their users on the same day, and then edit the part of them bragging about it out of the video of them bragging about it.

Heh, their Think Beyond video isn't even available anymore.

I don't even have a WebOS device and I'm more passionate about it than my iPhone. I'll wait for my Pre3...whenever it comes.

I remember taking this survey from AT&T a while ago. I just figured it was to see if there was an interest in future webOS devices from their existing customers. It's nice to see the results...I'm glad they put it to good use!

I'd like a source link pleaseeee.... If i'm going to share this with anti-webos people, I want to show them a link that doesn't say PreCentral on it

Id like a source link too.

I would also like the source link please.

I scored an invite to the HP WebOS launch event in 1 week. I work for AT&T. Pretty psyched cuz they're giving away Veers. It's a neat little phone and the improvements to webOS are pretty slick. I'm still a believer. HP is trying to get back in the game and I hope they succeed.

I am passionate because webOS is by far the best designed mobile OS around. I want the best OS to win. WebOS needs a big marketing campaign and MORE APPS! People need to know webOS is there and try it out! That's the best way to convert people.

Hopefully HP will find a way to leverage this passion of their user base and expand the message about webOS to others....and quickly. I think they may not have fully understood the passion of Palm / WebOS users as they could have done a better job of communicating to faithful left. They've got a great OS, but you need to show others what it can do.

Well then. HP shouldn't push it too far. Like every feeling, love can quickly turn into the opposite.

HP has pretty much dissed their customers. I used to consider myself a rabid Palm fan but after HP's slap to the face followed by more broken promises, while I still love the OS, I have no love whatsoever for HP and can't imagine investing in another WebOS device unless HP demonstrates a commitment and ability to support their customers.

I have every Device, Palm ever made (and several Devices Palm didn't want you to know about), so I guess I'm a hardcore-fanboy ;-)
I have several Pre's (and Pre+ and Pre2) and several Pixis... But I don't think I'll get a Veer or wait for the Pre³ or the Touchpad to happen.
webOS 2.x is a buggy POS and I really do not want to use that until HP fixed it good.

count me in as one of the passionate ones. I do have a dark spot on my record when i mingled with an Evo for a bit, but my pre sitting in its box like the "Tell Tale Heart" drew me back in.

As long as webOS stays true to what people love about it, and i have access to a webOS phone, ill never use a different OS.

Hah. Great timing on this story. I've finally given up. I waited long enough, I sold my Pre Minus on Saturday and received in the mail today my new Nexus S 4G. I've waited almost two years for an upgrade. I was all excited earlier this year with the announcement of the Pre3, and the TouchPad, months later I'm tired of MORE waiting. Besides when I see how great the specs on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" are I just couldn't stay commited to a platform that is so slow to upgrade is hardware. I thought Apples 1 per year release would never be able to keep up with the quick production changes of the 30+ Android manufacturers, but HP / Palm are REALLY SLOW with their redesigns. So long webOS, I loved you when you were there for me.

"almost two years"?

You expected to have an upgrade available on the day the first Pre arrived?

Most people will upgrade after 2 years. That would be next month. Waiting then starts after that.

Even if you wanted to upgrade after 1 year - that would now make it an almost *one* year wait.

I think kilari means "waited almost two years for an upgraded product to even be available." Besides, on Sprint, you get your upgrade discount in less than 24 months. It's only 20 or 22, I forget. So, technically, launch day owners have been eligible for an upgrade for a while.

even earlier for us sprint premier folks. a pre plus would have at least given me some life. but too late. wp time.

'anticipatory' I'd like to underline!

Not so surprising since (with the exception of other-platform fanbuoys, bless them) everyone who's ever used webOS, even if it's only for a few minutes, is generally pretty quick to point out how nifty webOS is. The tragedy is how few people have in fact used it...

I stopped by the AT&T store in Salem, NH yesterday to check out the Veer. They had an place holder for it on the display, but no phone. I asked the rep about the phone and he knew nothing about it. It would be nice to see some of the consumer passion be passed on to the cell phone carriers. They will do everything they can to talk you out of getting a Palm/HP phone.

I just hope us hardcore webos users don't end up like symbian users in the future

I like how webOS sounds like it was developed on a stacks of card metaphor,for instance look at when you are holding a stack of card its like holding your pre or pixi,
looking at the cards you have that's when you're looking at the open apps and once you are done with it you literally flick it, man i have so much respect for Mattias duarte or whoever developped webOS was or were greatly inspired

you do realize this is HP fodder. they save money on advertising to the masses that do not want their product to get the early adopt fanboys waiting in the wings. they are working with this website for your dollars. most likely paid for this little graph which is why other options aren't listed. also who knows their phone is running java?? sad really...

i think i was more happy when i got the htc arrive and turned by launch day pre minus into a permanent alarm clock. ;) oh i guess it'll be the only place I'll ever play any more angry birds either. then again, that game is garbage.

Not surprising at all! I've moved on to an EVO, had it for about 5 months now. I like it a lot, but I don't think I feel the same way towards it as I did my Pre- after 5 months.

It's really too bad the ecosystem is not there for webOS (multiple devices, many apps, support of major vendors, etc.).

The best thing about webOS is the community of users and the homebrew community. Without the devotion of those two groups webOS would have died a long time ago.

Mostly agreed. I will say, however, a large part of the reason why I personally won't feel the way I did shortly after first owning my Pre is that the modern smartphone market is full of fierce competition and options abound on any carrier.

That's kind of good news for HP/Palm because it makes it easy to move between platforms and such. Indeed, I could come back to a WebOS device in the future (not the Pre 3, tho).

Even though the community is much diminished from the TreoCentral days, it's still pretty good, too.

Just like most WebOs users that have gotten tired of waiting for HP to get a move on. I left WebOs for a Nexus S and at first I thought I wasn't going to like Android OS but now I am really digging it. The only 2 things I really miss about WebOs is this great community and the cards. Other than that my Nexus S is great. After another 2 year upgrade is available I will see what HP has been up to and would consider going back to WebOs IF they get their stuff together ie) more hardware choices, good history of software updates and more apps.

No. 1, rediculous chart... Very emo lol.

No. 2, count me out. Still have a pre-, but dont care about it or webos that much any more. Hoping sprint will get a phone i like.

The homebrew community of WebOS has kept it alive, but for how long?

I wonder if all the folks here realize that there is a thriving homebrew community for iOS also. Jailbreak your iphone and install Cydia...and you can customize your phone to your hearts content. In fact, once jailbroken, you can get apps like activator and multiflow that make iOS multitask in cards format just like WebOS. Honestly, with gestures and multiflow I feel like I have all the best features of WebOS with all the apps and infrastructure to boot. HBO, Netflix, Free Tethering (PRE3 wont have a free hotspot).......the list goes on and on. I love WebOS also, but until they show they are committed to smartphones and WebOS 100%, it is idiotic to continue giving your money to a company that doesn't really support their products!

How can you continue to launch devices with no real app ecosystem or developer support? The answer is you cant.....and devices with little or no support from developers will always fail.

My two cents.

one thing is that things like full versions of the gestures and multiflow tweaks, and various others cost actual money on Cydia contrary to every patch on webOS being free. I do know since I have paid for a few of them. Of course there are some tweaks that are free for iOS but I found many that wanted actual money to use their tweak(pretty much every one with a blue font :P)...just a small thing I don't care about...

I like Cydia and iOS/Android but mostly because of the available games, and some apps I like that are only on those OS's. WebOS is a very good OS because of things like I never had to deal with FC's like Android which is IRRITATING even when I change the heap amount. I have had one of every OS device(except WP7) and been on my Evo for the past 6 months, and so far WebOS continues to beat all of them for me.

Actually, there are repos that you can add where you can have any cydia app that you want for free. I personally have multiflow, activator, mifi, barrel, and many other apps that are supposed paid versions, but after they roll out they eventually get listed on another repo for free.......so sorry, you can basically get any iOS homebrew app for free......just like WebOS.

And there are actually useful apps in their REGULAR app store also....unlike WebOS.

I will start by saying that I am writing this on my ipad2. Not because I really wanted one but because I won a best buy gift certificate and wanted to spend it on something that I knew I could resell for some decent money when the Touchpad comes out.

Having owned this for a while now I have to say I'm more impressed than I thoughtni would be. Not with the hardware or operating system so much as what all the apps have allowed a person to do with this device. For example to remote into a windows computer and basically have my home windows with everything at my fingertips from a remote location. That is some powerful enabling stuff.

Despite all this I will be happy to sell this for the WebOS tablet. I know That WebOS is the superior mobile OS in my heart of hearts and there is monumental possibility for it even as a regular OS for anything touch enabled.

The way the community supports itself, the way everything is so intuitive and the fact that HP (Palm originally) was so willing to look at it's followers and say, here is our hardware and now it's yours to make as you wish with our blessing. Now that's a real understanding of how the consumer relationship should work. It's because of these honest and humble outlooks and the sheer beauty and fluidity of WebOS that I will always follow WebOS wherever it goes and be proud to be the WebOS user in the heard of isheep that simply don't know any better.

WebOs is good, but unfortunately no useful apps like android, unfortunately very stupid. WebOs and Android Apps would be better and more useful.