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webOS Weekly - July 31st, 2011 7

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sun, 31 Jul 2011 8:20 am EDT

It's the last week in July, and you're probably wondering what the world of webOS has been up to while trying to round-off the month. This week we're taking a look at social networks, blogs, video sharing websites, and the PreCentral news stories to bring you a compilation of all of what's going on in the webOS community. If you have stories you'd like to share, leave them in the comments below or send an email to tim@precentral.net - we'll be sure to get them in next time! Hit the break to read (and watch) more!

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  • The Linux Action Show is one of the more popular podcasts for linux-lovers on the web, and this week they've gone in-depth into the TouchPad's operating system, webOS 3.0. You can watch it on YouTube or listen directly on their website - either way you'll get some good geeky talk about webOS, and that's something we always enjoy.
  • BestBuy's GeekSquad has released a new commercial for students getting ready to go back to school, and they clearly show off the HP TouchPad in some of the starting scenes. With a geek strapped to your back and an HP TouchPad in your hands, what else do you need when going back to school? Watch the video below:

  • Aliyun OS by Alibaba is a new operating system for mobile devices, but it's got us tilting our heads sideways and giving it a double-look. From the images we've seen at Engadget, the new OS looks very similar in a lot of ways to the design choices of our beloved webOS. Sure there are differences, but take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.
  • We think Steven DeWitt probably enjoys the interviews that he has been doing over the last month, because he just keeps doing them. In another interview with CRN, DeWitt says pretty much the same things that he's been saying from the beginning, just with a new audience (and that's always a good thing).
  • According to the Innovators Network, and Chris Versace who is the Chief Analyst at Think 20/20 Research, developers should not be choosing to build apps for Google and iOS simply because those are the biggest players, they should look at other platforms as well as they begin to scale up. The video below gives some more information.

  • John Kneeland from the Developer Relations team at HP's webOS GBU (formerly Palm) has dove into our community forums to talk with the people there about webOS meetups and events that will be coming up in the future. He talks about the new HP sponsored events that are managed by community members, the Meetup.com/hpwebos page that was recently created to become to home for all of those events, and asks for help from the people out on the front lines - you - to make future events a big success.
  • WebOS Internals, who is the team behind many of our favorite homebrew patches and applications, has recently sent Rod Whitby to OSCON, an O'Reilly Conference in Porland, to give a presentation on HP webOS Homebrew. With the event now over and Rod back home in Australia, they can now share the presentation slides with the world, and you should check them out here.



Good points, all

Linux Action show was very interesting and they were incredibly enthusiastic about webOS. The webOS part is 2/3 way into the show. It's nice that really hardcore Linux and tech savvy people are excited.

I liked their enthusiasm but wasn't crazy about the part where they take ten minutes to slag on a rival podcast just because they lost a magazine contest to them. It felt childish. On the bright side, they do touch on all the points that drew me to my Pre in the first place. The ease of use, openness and potential for growth. If HP ever gets its **** together on webOS, it will be a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately these days it's looking like a pretty big if.

Ten seconds into the Geek Squad ad it shows uber student plugging a projector into his tablet. Can't tell if it is a Touchpad or HP's Windows tablet, but inquiring minds want to know!

HOLD ON. The touchpad can connect to an external monitor? (In this commercial the projector) If the touchpad can connect to an external monitor then I take back everything i said about the price point being too high. Despite the touchpad not having GPS or a rear facing camera if it can do this they need to show it off more!

Or is this is another scam by HP, like they do in their own commercials by making people think the touchpad has a rear facing camera???

Can't tell which pad the student is using. He walks into the building holding a Touchpad but it's not clear which pad he is holding in his presentation.

We have been told that Touchpad has no function for video out, so I have to assume that either this is HP's Windows tablet or a tablet from a different manufacturer. In this case, it's Best Buy doing the deceiving.

I also couldn't find the cool little projector they show on HP's website.

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