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webOS Weekly - Spring is here, so what's next? 13

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 09 Apr 2011 8:55 am EDT

Want to know what's been happening in the webOS world this past week? As we continue to draw closer to the highly anticipated launch of the Veer, Pre 3 and TouchPad, fans everywhere are getting a bit antsy with trying to find activities to hold us over. This last week has brought us another look at the TouchPad, some insight into projects that a few developers are working on, as well as a few fun bits to keep everyone looking at the brighter side of things while we (anxiously) wait.

Check out all of the links and details below just after the break.

From the blogs:

  • With webOS 2.0 comes autocorrect, and with autocorrect comes the funnies. Roy seems to have had a slight problem with his own autocorrect, as have many of us lately. But his just so happened to land on DYAutocorrect.com. Check out the sad text that he sent to a friend. Note: The site may be a bit NSFW, so tread carefully.
  • asymco is a tech website that reports various types of data to users to explain the trends that are happening in the mobile tech space. Recently they took a look at how smartphones are infiltrating the phone market, and wonder if there will ever come a time when "smartphone" will be replaced with just "phone". If HP is able to ship a large portion of their 100 Million devices this year as Smartphones, then webOS will certainly help make that prediction come true.
  • You've already ready our full review of the Pre 2 last week, but now that many others in the community have taken to getting the device (while waiting for summer to arive), a few other reviews have popped up as well. One user at the INNTW blog has written one of those reviews and explains why the Pre 2 is now his main device. With what @backlon said recently about the Pre 3, though, we wonder if many people will regret the decision to get a Pre 2 right now.
  • With the warmth of spring and summer just around the corner, people are getting in the mood to start meeting up to talk about their favorite webOS devices. While one meeting is going on tonight in Denver, another is in the works to be set for next week in San Francisco, and on Twitter there are other ideas floating around as well. There are plenty of other places for meetups to be organized, though... are you going to any?
  • zhephree has been doing some reading lately about good practices as a developer to find success and be productive while managing your submitted programs in any mobile app catalog. He has come to three conclusions (simplified here) that other developers might want to take up as well: Ignore reviews, don't put an app on sale, and don't blindly distribute promo codes. Of course, that might make sense for a developer, but what about users? Check out his full explanation here.
On YouTube:
  • Angry Birds Rio is out for webOS (and all other major platforms), and it does a fantastic job at updating the classic mobile game from Rovio and satisfying our addiction once more. With Bing now being made more widely available on webOS devices, we thought you might like to see the short video series that Rovio and Bing have made together. They're fun, and show exactly what we want more of on our mobile devices this year: the ability to access the entire web, not just a few features that Google allows us to access.
  • TheDailyTrae has been using both an iPad and a Palm Pre for a little while, and has found himself in an awful predicament: the iPad doesn't use gestures. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the TouchPad will either, but at least right now we can see the problem with having different operating systems for each type of computing device you might have.
  • The Basketball Coach Clipboard was released for webOS last month, and the developer jpluscorp have released a short video to share the features that were made available on the Palm Pre. This app is pretty darn cool, to be honest. Which is to say, this seems to be an extremely useful app for basketball fans in general, not just coaches. Now all we need is a Lacrosse app to start up a PreCentral team.... oh wait, there it is.
  • HP webOS gets another video rundown on the TouchPad straight from the creators in a very nice piece that shows all of the major features that are coming with webOS 3.0. The audio of the video is a bit crappy, but the video itself is very informative for those who haven't already seen the features that are coming with the next iteration of webOS. Hopefully some webOS commercials will start popping up with a similar goal of educating potential users - here's hoping.
  • In this last video of Tweetfeest, we can't really tell you exactly what is being said by the speakers (maybe someone from the Netherlands can help with that?) but we do get the sense that the event was had quite a varied group of mobile users, with a few sporting webOS devices as well (the very first device shown is with Foursquare for webOS). The event might be about Twitter, for sure, but at least now we know there is a nice group of webOS fans in the area (and if you are there, it might be time to start one of those meetups we discussed before).
  • Sadly, the new Angry Birds Rio is not yet available for the Pixi, but if Rovio is true to their word, we should be seeing it arrive sometime in the future for our small-screened friends.
  • Apparently, @martosays is feeling the same eagerness as the rest of us to hear some word about the Veer in the US. Can't say we'd be surprised if Palm didn't respond directly to him right now, since no one actually knows what the future holds just yet, but we keep hoping for some bit of news. It's Spring already, so maybe it will come sooner rather than later.
  • While some developers are busy getting ready to update their apps for next released devices, others are just getting started on their first apps to release on a single device. @Propagandash has just finished their "Hello, World." app in webOS, and are moving onto the next step. But don't underestimate a webOS developer noobie, we've seen them do great things before.
  • We've seen some badly damaged webOS devices show up in the past, and Jessie Doogan has only fallen prey to one of the more annoying ones. Her Pre screen has been scratched, and is now spazzing out of control. Perhaps someone can give her a hand finding a solution? Maybe it's just time to upgrade to the Gorilla Glass on a Pre 2.
  • For some webOS users, the weather outside is still pretty bad, but for others, like @ReemaL0vesYou, it couldn't get much better. So when she decided to take a photo on her Pre 2 of what she's enjoying in South California, we can't help but feel a little bit of bitter jealousy towards her...
Know of any other stories that you would like to add to this list next week? Send an email to tim@precentral.net and let us know what you would like to see here.


sO... nOThING nEW?... Haha thanks for the ?updates?

Should I say "FIRSt".... Nah haha
Question on a different note. Why don't we have the "basic things" that android has. Like voice commands and not just dialing. I can almost talk to my wife's LG Optimus S (basic android phone) and get it to do anything. With the new APIs being released I'm just not sure why nothing has been done to solve this seemingly basic operation. I'm no developer and trust me I am a DIE HARD WebOS user. Honestly I'm just concerned with the "slow approach" I guess... Anyone have any news on this??

Mr. Jeffrey, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

why is what Mr. Jeffrey said the most insanely idiot thing?
It's true. Webos is lacking basic voice command capabilities. Even PalmOS had this!

Also, +1 for the "So... nothing new?" comment.

I hate all this waiting for the pre 3 and the anticipation of if it will be available for sprint or not :(

Are you quoting from from Billy Madison?

talk about idiot not saying anything rambling... time for the mirror treatment benthe1

Have you heard of Goog411?

Google has very clearly explained that they didn't offer their Goog411 service for fun, but to develop their voice recognition software. The result is what is probably present in the current version of Android.

For a long time, voice recognition has not been an included feature in phones or computer software, and certainly has not been considered to be "basic." Older phones had systems where you could record a command, and it could recognize it when you say it a second time. webOS 2.1 includes Voice Dialing, which includes voice recognition from Nuance (the makers of Dragon Natural Speaking) in order to offer voice recognition for dialing.

I personally don't wish that I could do more with my phone using voice commands. I tend to find that it is easier to access things myself than to wait for a voice recognition system to decide what I mean to do. Part of this has to do with the navigation system ... I find webOS faster and easier to navigate than Android. The same applies to Opera. It supports voice commands, but I tend to find it easier to use a keyboard shortcut or access features using the mouse ... it feels like less effort to use a finger than to use my voice ;)

That auto correct was on a Pixi and thus not webOS 2.0, just the webOS 1.4.5 autocorrect dictionary.

With the Veer coming out next month, I would say Rovio has some motivation to adapt Angry Birds Rio for the Pixi screen size. Maybe not next week, but definitely by next month.

So basically nothing. Awesome. Please post when you have info about the pre3 being released or when I can have netflix on my pre -. I've been such a die hard webos fan and I have nothing to show aside from egg on my face.

I got an Optimus S for free from Sprint for my son. While I agree that controlling your phone via voice commands is not really that practical, the fact that this basic android phone has speech to text voice recognition built in to all text boxes is pretty unreal. Just speaking an email, note or text message is one of my killer apps on my wish list for the pre3 or webOS.

Gotta give it to you guys at Precentral, you keep up the writing while HPalm is not exactly givin' you stories to run with. Kudos.

Speaking of spring, I have a Pre Plus and wanted some new backgrounds/wallpapers. I created some spring images for this purpose. You can find them at rcwerner.com. I apologize for the competitor reference in the subject line of the post. I put it there for SEO reasons. :)

The images are hosted on Picasa, so you touch the image in the post and it will open separately. Hold the option key and touch the image again to save it to your photos. From there you can set as wallpaper. Enjoy.

I am definitely not trying to downplay any functions that WebOs currently possesses. I just believe that if we are to be THE BESt, then we can't get beat out by other OSes "basic phones". Voice to text while driving would definitely be a lifesaver. I know my wife loves it because it truly requires NO EFFORT... We have all the tools to do it no? So why isn't it already done? What are we waiting for?~
I rep. WEBos all day. Just want to have the full potential of this OS be used. I feel this isn't currently the case.
P.S talked two girls into getting Pre2s instead of i4s yesterday. Easy sale! The verizon salesman hates me I'm pretty sure haha