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webOS Weekly - One Week Later 46

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sun, 10 Jul 2011 3:44 am EDT

It's been a little more than a week since the HP TouchPad was released to the public, and people are still talking... a lot. This week's webOS Weekly takes a look at all of the talk from blogs, tweets, photos and videos all around the web. To put it bluntly, it's beena  fun week (and not just because we got a cool new gadget to work with). Click through the break below to read about the latest good times in the webOS community, and send us an email at tim@precentral.net with any stories you'd like to share next week. We'll be glad to add them in!

Latest News

From the Web

  • If you enjoy the multi-tasking capabilities that are built into webOS 3.0 on the HP TouchPad, you're gonna love this next app coming from Inglorious Apps. Check out the video demonstration of the new Glimpse app that was uploaded onto YouTube to get a sneak peek - we're waiting patiently for the official release!
  • App developers, read this short blog post at webOS-fan blog, If Not Now, Then When? It's a great piece that takes a look at optimal ways to promote and pitch your applications to the public. Something everyone always wants to improve (unless you're Rovio, of course).
  • If you're a "Suits" TV show fan from the network USA, you might have noticed a scene with a familiar webOS device. Twitter user @EJSHoe certainly saw it, and took a picture so that we could take a look. Just goes to show, you always have to have your eyes pealed and your camera handy for these quick clips.
  • For twitter user @harlanhaskins, finding like-minded folk in northern parts of South Carolina is most efficiently done by asking on the interwebs. For webOS users, though, we recommend checking out our webOS Events forums to find some groups to get involved with. 
  • TheNextBench is a blog powered by HP to talk about computers, mobile devices and anything related to HP-tech, and they're making videos for us to watch on YouTube now, too. Check out this one where they talk about fun and games on the TouchPad, and check out their channel for more video updates in time.
  • If you need some help figuring out how to convert your existing apps from Mojo to Enyo to release for the HP TouchPad and soon the HP Pre 3, Ian Beck has some tips to help get you started at his blog here.
  • There are video reviews of the TouchPad cropping up everywhere, but that doesn't mean we are getting tired of seeing them. This video by the LA Times Reporter, Nathan Olivarez-Giles, is a good and honest one about the good and bad features of the TouchPad. You can only go into so much depth in a 3:26 minute video, but this has given a number of people a good taste of what the TouchPad offers, and by making a good point about HP hardware at the end, Nathan has given us something we can get behind in this video review.
  • We keep getting more emails and tips from you guys about upcoming webOS-related events, so we thought it was finally time to update the webOS Events for July page over here. Take a look to see if any events are coming to your area, and let us know if you'll be showing up at any!



I just got my TouchPad today, and I already love it. I've downloaded about 1/3rd of the available "For TouchPad" and "HD" (free) apps in the catalog. Spaz looks amazing, the new Facebook app is amazing, the Mojo emulator isn't that bad, I got my 50GB Box account...thus far, I'm happy.

I'm a member of the Early Access program on developer.palm.com. Without violating NDA, I can say that some of the security holes have been fixed in the next version, as well as a few bugs and tweaks to make things a bit snappier. I'm happy to say that they're putting a lot of effort into making webOS 3.x better on the TouchPad and they've apparently been listening to the gripes over the past week.

On the other hand, they have completely ignored the gripes of developers on 2.x for months and months...

WoW, can't beleive it has been just 10 days...

Here's my weekly roundup. http://thisismynext.com/2011/07/08/exclusive-pre-3-not-coming-sprint/
I'm sad :(
Time to see if Verizon can give me everything unlimited for $60 a month like Sprint, or time to move onto Android :(

Android is a freakin' joke. I'm trying like crazy to use the SDK to learn how to change the way I use a Smart Phone to see if I can use a Droid full time. It's a joke. Once you can have two apps next to each other AT THE SAME TIME and with a quick swipe switch them, there's no way to go back to being constrained to only one thing at a time. I don't know what the **** to do.

iPhone is a joke.
Droid is a toy (at best)
webOS works WITH me to do more, faster...

and I'm on Sprint...



Android is gaining traction every day. They are the US market share kings now according to Comscore which PreCentral is now not allowed to post. So bash Android all you like, I'm sure superior WebOS under Leo and Jon's care is just days away from pulling out of its death spiral and zoom to the statosphere thanks to your effort to give confidence to the WebOS masses.

By the way Xanadu, thought you were great in Animal House, not sure why you didn't win an Oscar. Perhaps in coming months.


what people fail to understand is that google puts android on every tom, **** and harry phone, so obviously they are gaining market share.... instead of people buying beat samsung flip phones or samsung blackjacks, samsung has made android their primary os...same with motorolla- instead of using their s.hitty os, android is on all of their phones. they are flooding the market, which is really ruining the quality as all phone makers mess around with it resulting in as many bugs as a dead zebras corpse in africa.

to the dude above...iphone is really not a joke, its a fantastic product. but you did put it right that webos works with me, and it is significantly more efficient.

OK, "joke" is a bit harsh, but, it's really not for people who can and do do more than one thing at time. It's the little things, really.

- I want a mail open AND my calendar open in front of me when putting in a new appointment.

- I want a couple web pages open in front of me when I'm looking into whatever (the search page and open links in new card).

- I want a mail open and a browser window open in front of me so I can check back and for for relevance/clarification/etc.

- I don't want to have to end my music session (streaming) to read a new mail.

All these things webOS does simply and "naturally".

And I'm on Sprint. :-\


I've used both webOS and Android for roughly the same amount of time. I can do all that I need to do (including multitasking) just fine on both platforms. There are situations where one OS handles things better than the other but I've found this to be reasonably well split between the two platforms in my usage scenarios.

I was out for a jog this morning and was using my tracking software and listening to music at the same time. Normally I don't have to turn on my home security system because the wife and kids are usually home. However, this morning they went out and out of habit, I neglected to turn on the security system. While I was listening to music and my tracking software was running, I simply brought up my home security app and armed the system. This was all done, at the same time, on an Android device. It multitasks just fine.

Indeed. It's not as easy to pickup Android as it is with WebOS, but the functionality is there. And each time I see a great site or service say I can download their app, Android is always one of the choices. WebOS never is. So I can't use WebOS to run a video surveillance system, sling box, adjust the heat and air conditioning at home, the list keeps growing. WebOS is becoming the new class of "feature phone". Its time to add internet connectivity to modern phone features, and take the weight of "smart phone" expectations off of it. The functionality isn't there, the hardware isnt there, the developer support isn't there. WebOS is the best feature phone in the world.

Yeah scorpeo, except most of those unique segments of droid, are larger than the collective world of WebOS. It's time to stop fooling ourselves, droid has improved, droid has evolved, droid is growing. They cover most of the bases and have Blackberry, WinMo and WebOS clearly on the run.

Fracturization of droid, is only a concern if you choose second rate hardware that the (cough cough cough) the manufacturer stops updating and supporting (cough cough). Excuse me.

I would argue that Android is better than WebOS because it's a far more forward-thinking OS. Innovation happens on Android while HP struggles to optimize and refine WebOS' existing feature set (not to mention actually ship a viable WebOS phone).

WebOS has some great forward thinking aspects too, perhaps even better. But they're built on a brittle foundations of failures to do the day to day basics and promises that go unfulfilled. It's 2011, if you can't deliver on stuff you announce before the seasons changes, your management stinks. And if the Touchpad fixes dont OTA before the milk I bought today spoils, TP will prove just as perishable.

A lot of TP buyers need to consider Palm and HP history, before they let their "money back guaranteed" date pass them by. We've been here before, it usually ends in tears for the WebOS buyer.

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDAmPIq29ro

That's some funny stuff, man! It about sums it up too. :-\


Yes, I read all your sarcasm too.

As was with the iPhone, just because Android is the most popular doesn't mean it's the best.

McDonald hamburgers are not the best, yet another Fuddruckers close up shop every week. It's fine that you dont appeal to the most people, but you still have to appeal to a lot of people to grow the platform.

That's because people see it as "MY appetite is satisfied at McDonalds for a cheaper cost." However, in the case of the touchpad people will say "My appetite with the ipad2 is satisfied, why pay the same amount for less on the touchpad?"

With all the promises, statements, retractions and plain inactions on the part of Palm AND HP - I'm tired of the whole mess. I LOVE WebOS, but it's like being in an abusive relationship.

I couldn't agree more.

Indeed. **** or wipe Leo. Start managing before WebOS becomes Amiga's roommate. Here is a hint, Jon is part of the problem.

I have been a loyal WebOS fan since the inception of the original Sprint Palm Pre. But, I have to say that after switching to Android and the Evo 3D, I'd been a WebOS fool! The EVO for all of it's "clunky" software outranks WebOS in almost every aspect of a smartphone! Yes, it has a learning curve, but so does WebOS! I was tired of all of the false promises that never really materialized and then HP dropped us legacy device owners like we were a diseaese. Oh, but wait, they offered us 50 bucks off of a 32g TouchPAD.... They've got to think we are the biggest idiots on the face of the earth!!! The original Touchpad couldn't even compete with IPAD1 let alone the Ipad2. And, like it or not, Apple is your tablet Yoda. You need to listen and learn!! As for Android, it's not taking the world by storm because it's crappy or herdish. It's just good! Albeit, my first real experience with it is the EVO3d, but I have no buyer's remorse here! Even if HP dropped a Pre3 on Sprint, I'd stick with my EVO. Because, i know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a Pre3 won't be up to speed with the current smartphones. HP will ALWAYS be behind, ALWAYS! And, who wants to be behind and loyal when you can be current and happy and loyal!!! Seriously!!! Apple and Android fans have no doubts that the goods will be delivered. They have no doubt that Android and Apple will innovate! Palm had one great idea..Webos! However, this software has not matured... And, HP does not deliver!!!

I love WebOS multitasking, but it's so slow and inefficient in it's rendering that it gets laughable! It's like saying I love 1965 volkswagons because they look better than the new ones, but your 65 is up on blocks so rusted and dusty that you can't even see it's color! It couldn't drive ten miles without puffing out billows of smoke or running out of gas. But, hey, it still looks better than the new models ..right???

I'm just saying that we WebOS fans have been bamboozled. The Touchpad will not take off like an Ipad or even an Android tablet. It was late to the game and hit with a big fat THUD! Check your reviews!! Oh, and yes, I spent plenty of time with it and it lags like crazy! That lagginess becomes particularly pronounced after using an os other than WebOS. And, funny thing is the same thing that's wrong with it is the same things that have been wrong with WebOS all along... lagginess and **** for hardware! And, for some reason, all of you loyal fans still believe!!!! WHY???

For my fellow legacy device owners on Sprint, before you follow Webos to all its different carriers, give the EVO 3D a a fair shot!!! Spend a week or so with it. Organize your widgets and shop for your old apps that you liked on webOS and there are plenty of new ones to explore as well. Then, make your decision about whether laggy webOS is really worth your loyalty!

I mean DAMN! HP allowed Blackberry, worst of all, to render a sweeter webOS tablet than webOS!!!

I agree 100% and I love my evo 3d too. The operating is a little different to get use too but, it runs smooth and no slugish. It's also nice and solid to hold. Doesn't feel cheap. I was missing out on so much before when I had the pre.

A sprint rep told me they were getting more custumers upgrading to evo 3d from the palm pre. She said customers had so many issues with the pre than any of their other phones.

Hp/Palm make POS phones/tablets. Plain and simple.

If it's true that the pre 3 doesn't come out on Sprint, This is the boat i'm jumping on. The HTC EVO 3D looks really cool. Plus it's 4G! The pre 3 is sadly already behind :(

I love webos, but it's really embarrassing being a webos fan when all we have to show for it is the cheap plastic Pre phones and the veer. My God the veer is a fricken joke. That phone should have been released AFTER HP earned the respect with the pre 3.

What a load of ...

I tested the Evo for 30 days. I was hardly "baboozled."

Unlike you, however, I won't insult your newly chosen platform or your 100% certainty of the future phone market. I am glad you are happy w/your choice. It wasn't for me.

So whatcha tryin to say?

It is crazy that RIM made a better webOS tablet than webOS. If they hadn't had a few brain farts releasing it (what were they thinking not including email), they would have had a much better reception.

Thank you. I needed to hear this.

I was at Target on Sat AND Sun staring at the Epic and EVO ($69 and $29), but my loyalty and fear of the unknown (learning curve - which isn't a big deal, but there are just waaay too many settings/widgets/homepages to digest in Android) were too much and I didn't pull the trigger.

I'm tired of waiting and my phone is really starting to show it's age.

Your spot on about the TP and the Pre 3 - waaaay too little and super waaaay too late (Pre 3 is now set to be released in the fall?? PATHETIC!!).

wow. Some guys really just troll here... Android is a great os, ios not so much but they are getting there.
webos has been there from the start and yes, it has been a little lacking in the hardware in comparison to the andoids - but so has the iphones, and they are trumphing every single android phone maker sofar. They have however, solid phones that just are hip/cool enough to shell out a minor fortune for just making calls with and gets left behind worse / more often then palm/hp supporters has been so far. The android "race" is far to segmented for years to come to really serve as really "useful"phones. They do however have the latest hardware all the time, and alot of gizmos that all the tech people love and crave like a crow love/crave shiny objects. Let the deep pocketed sheep buy the iwhatever and the closetnerd and discostu buy the androids. WEBOS Will prevail.

This is the funniest and most ironic post I've read in a while.

In summary, Android phones are not useful, iOS is hip but only for making calls and webOS is King.

Funny stuff.

It's just amazing to see how far WebOS fans go to lie to themselves, isn't it? They do things like convince themselves they don't need a Netflix app because they can watch YouTube videos instead. They downplay the missing Kindle app and do things like convert ebooks to text files and email them to themselves. They perpetuate lies about how fragmented Android is (because they can't really go with the "clunky" thing anymore). They pretend Apple is only successful because of their marketing.

They convince themselves that the TouchPad is a viable tablet. They delude themselves into thinking Sprint is passing on the Pre 3 because they're getting a WiMax Pre 4 instead. They force themselves to believe that WebOS is the best operating system on the market despite it being possibly the worst OS available in many meaningful areas. They desperately cling on to the same mantra other WebOS users repeat about HP's "size and scale" and use that as proof that "WebOS will prevail."

And Apple fans are somehow the "sheep" here. Go figure.

Worst OS? Really? Now who's deluded? He's right though, it's laughable that on a pro-webOS site we get more negative comments than support for the OS.
It's like the Apple and Android trolls have nothing better to do with their time than to come here and abuse the fans.
If you really feel webOS is so bad why don't you stay in lala land and sing about it there? What's your motivation for being here? It just shows that you're deeply troubled and unhappy folks trying to justify you're not the sheep you are or that you bought a piece of clunky ****
Is it so hard to stay away? Don't you people look at yourselves in the mirror after you come here and spew your nonsense?
There, I've said it. Now let me have fun at the mark downs this post will get.

I'm not trolling, just dropping my opinion. I was just missing out on so much with the pre.if a platform cant get developer support then it's just dying a slow death. But, this much I know for sure, HP will not keep your beloved pre line active if it doesn't start gaining market share. Big companies like them are always looking to cut the fat. And, I think rubenstein is
disillusioned about what people want. after switching to Android, I realized why ios and android do so well. The phones are fast. In the mobile world Speed is KING! And, if the palm global unit doesn't address this sluggishness issue they dont have much time left before hp cuts then out of the picture!

Very well said! There are so many thins you can do with android that soloist ashamed to tell anyone I stuck with a pre for so long.

It's easy to understand why webOS fans can believe these things because most thoughts to the contrary are deleted, merged, or banned out of existence.

Let's face it - the feelings webOS aficionados are raw with the highly disappointing launch of the Touchpad and the word that Sprint will have nothing to do with webOS going forward (as if they had much to do with webOS over the past two years).

HP's only real option is to license WebOS and that is if anyone will have them. This way they can spend there effort and money on what they bought WebOS.

I'll tell you this I have the Pre 1 and it is laggy. Annoys me to no end at times.

I am likely to leave Sprint. The service in my area has just not been very good in my area for months. I said it before and I'll say it again my phone is a phone first. No if HP would just tell us when and where the PRE 3 will land.

I have the Pre 2, best phone I've ever played with. Pretty sharp contrast with the Pre 1.

3.1" low res screen, no auto focus camera, no 4G capability... I wouldn't pay more than $100 for an unlocked version.
I'll keep waiting for the pre 3 and hopefully the rumors of it not being on sprint are not true.

Meh, I guess those are things you're looking for. This is like people who like PS3/Xbox 360 over Wii because of the graphics.

In order to make licensing webOS work, another hardware manufacturer would have to want to get into direct competition with HP even though HP is going to be introducing all sorts of features like TTS and who knows what other modifications for its own hardware. Furthermore, HP is not exactly known as a software company and has not shown any particular prowess thus far with its laggy new devices.

Imagine a webOS licensee having to wait for a badly-needed webOS update in the first few weeks of launch. It's not as if these hardware manufacturers can automatically push out an update without testing it on their own hardware, first. If HP is going to have these kinds of problems with native webOS hardware then it can't be offering much confidence to potential licensees with other hardware.

The higher-level language that webOS is has resulted in suboptimal performance which is becoming more noticeable as other platforms improve their graphics and responsiveness. The so-called advantage in ease of programming has not resulted in any kind of "flood of apps" thus far.

At some point, you have to wonder how long it will be before HP decides to cut its losses or do with webOS what they did with the iPaq line of smartphones.

If HP incurs heavy losses on their tablet AND their line of phones, I can see them cutting the cord pretty quickly. It's just fiscally irresponsible to keep churning out products nobody wants to buy.

I would definitely recommend reading Ian's tips. There's a lot of good stuff in there for Mojo developers looking to transition.

Well to top it off, Apple is going to take touch to share to the next level with the next ipad and iphone. This is why people buy apple products, they take a good idea and then make it a great idea. No gimmicky devices arbitrarily switching urls.


"Pouring files" still sounds pretty gimmicky to me.

Indeed. So do the sound effects. Then again, I've seen people here celebrate the angry-bird-sound-while-flicking-cards easter egg so you never know when it comes to fans.

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