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The webOS Wish List: App Catalog sliding panels 8

by Derek Kessler Wed, 07 Mar 2012 8:26 pm EST

The webOS Wish List: App Catalog sliding panels

I'll be honest, this is one of those wish list items of something minor that's always bugged me. I'm talking about the App Catalog, which if anything should be the epitome of webOS apps. So what does it do? It completely ignores the most characteristic of webOS TouchPad app features: the sliding panels of Enyo. For most of the browsing experience in the App Catalog that's forgivable. The top and bottom tabs do just fine and make sense to navigate around.

Where things break down is when you open an app listing. Suddenly you're presented with this tabled layout that works, but there's this weird, out-of-place button labeled "Back" in the bottom left corner. You know, right where the Enyo grab handle should be.

The App Catalog is an Enyo app, there's no doubt about that, but in the most identifiable of ways it behaves more like something out of iOS or Android. Heck, even the web browser has sliding panels, and that's for things like bookmarks that could be very easily displayed in a pop-over list. Think about it - browsing in the App Catalog could be greatly enhanced with the addition of Enyo panels. You could have a list of the apps on the left and the listing itself on the right, enabling fast one-tap comparisons. Screenshots could be presented in true full-screen instead of the also out-of-place overlay. There's a lot that Enyo could bring to the App Catalog, and it just doesn't make sense that it's not there. [/rant]

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Wow! first to comment for the first time!

Panels is webOS way and it's a good way to use the screen/app options plus it looks darn elegant! Just what differentiate us from lame iOS and plain confusing android.

This would just be yet another K.O. to both aforementioned platforms! "you know what: yeah you have hardware (and lots); yeah you have app ecosystem (and tons of lots); and yeah we are a supposedly "dead" platform; But you know what: a homeless_abandoned_unplugged platform it's still kicking your ass in pretty much whatever its developers/community puts their minds in to!"


Panels is webOS way and it's a good way to use the screen/app options plus it looks darn elegant! Just what differentiate us from lame iOS and plain confusing android.

Except lame iOS had sliding panels before webOS. And the sliding panels predates both platforms. We've used them for years in web and desktop apps. They are a simple variation of the Accordion and other sliding/expanding panel metaphors that have been in use for years. So no, they are not webOS way.

Excuse me, I've used (not for long though -3 moths-) an iPhone 3GS and never saw any natively adopted panel view...the hack! not even on third parties apps (though I downloaded just a few -like 3... just kidding... no, 4-) and never see any panels adapted to them. When I refer to panels I mean like in e-mail, photos, messaging, web, music, maps and facebook (yes our's native) to name a few native webOS panel adapted apps or if you prefer the USA Today, Amazon Kindle Beta!, OTG Bible HD, AlienRed, TweetPad (I use ProjectMacaw though), Theme Manager or even Solitaire games to name less than a few third parties panel adapted webOS -extremely rare- apps!
Now, if you mean settings, or photos or messaging iOS apps are panel friendly... well... ok... it's alright... palm down -ups sorry- calm down, there has to be an app for your mental illness too (no offense intended).
I mean, come on! I'm telling you: if webOS didn't exist, I would a 100% use iOS (I have already)... but it is lame though! I wished that Apple would've bought Palm and integrated iOS apps (always provided that they enyo_liberated them first -boy I'm picky!... off course I use webOS!) into webOS greatness (not vice versa!).
Regarding android (notice I don't even take the time to capitalize the a). Man! those excellent phones make magic! OS wise not even a genius like Mathias Duarte (our webOS dev) have quite copy webOS elegance into it, but it has sure come a long way (first versions of android were less than... excuse me I don't know how to say it in English -se habla Español-, well yes I do... crap!). Just not for me though. But those hardware! Wow.
In summary, webOS is the best! It even rhymes!


Just not a big fan of the sliding panels, esp. not in the App Catalog. I've always felt that it is lost or wasted real estate when you can't see something across the entire screen, and when you do slide back and forth to utilize all of the screen, it annoys me/distracts me from the content I'm trying to read.

Wish List: Apps

that's all.

The first point on my App Catalog Wish list is still working screenshots for all apps on my Touchpad.

This bug was promised to be fixed in October and it still exists.

No thank you. I'd prefer they finish baking Enyo first. For example, not being able to re-order list items...