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The webOS Wish List: Birthday events from contacts 18

by Derek Kessler Mon, 27 Feb 2012 9:25 pm EST

The webOS Wish List: Birthday events from contacts

Today's item on the webOS Wish List is another one that we're dredging up from the olden days of Palm OS: birthdays in the Calendar. It's a relatively simple idea, and for those of us that have trouble with dates and need that gentle reminder, sometimes a life saver.

The webOS Contacts app allows you to save a birthday for every one of your contacts (as well as random info like the names of that contact's spouse and children, should you need reminders there too). But the only place you can see that birthday is in the contact itself. Handy if you want to check when your Aunt Gertrude's birthday is, but not handy for that reminder when you're looking at the next week in your calendar. What's needed here is relatively simple, and that’s for the Calendar app to scan the Contacts database for birthdays, and then display them on the appropriate day such that tapping on the event loads the contact. Little birthday cake icon optional (but encouraged).

Have your own thoughts on this webOS Wish List entry? Of course you do - the comments are below. Surely you have your own ideas as to what ought be on the webOS wish list, and so we've created a forum thread just for what has proven to be an awesome discussion.


If your contacts are in Gmail you can set up an additional Gmail calendar for birthdays and they can be made to show on your webOS calendar.

yep, same with hotmail.

This would totally help! The only way people remember birthdays these days is because of Facebook!

Since I'm not a facebook user much, I setup recurring events in my google calendar of birthdays which synchronizes with outlook via Gsyncit. it is a work-around but it works! the ability to then set an alarm say a day in advance has paid off a few times!

You can link Facebook birthdays into Google Cal too, super handy.

Would be great, so would make remembering birthdays so much easier.

And while we're at it, happy belated birthday to Robin apparently. :D

Who is Robin Kessler?

Being that her and Derek have the same last name, it's probably none of our business.

another good point in lacking of PIM functions.

and this is now even available on meego:

btw. a solution for webos rigth now is the preware app birthday-events together with iCalimporter in the offical AppCat

This gets you an offline calendar-account to display all the birthdays of all your contacts (regardless of account: facebook, google, palm-profile, outlook...).

ohh there was already a tip on that.

Just put your birthdays to the Google Calendar, go the webOS calendar settings and make the Google birthday calendar visible. No deal?

Rather work on a deal with OpenMobile to make every Android app available to webOS. Honestly? Nothing that I'm interested in, but a reason for exclusion for at least 30% of smartphone buyers.

Or better yet, use Synergy to pull the birthday information from specific groups within your FB profile; with the option to load it to your calendar. :)

Synergy is so under-utilized!

In addition, a birthday calendar event should also tell you how old the person is. I've only ever seen this done automatically on my Timex data watch, but it makes so much obvious sense.

If most of your friends and family are on facebook, it is easy to link the facebook birthday calendar up with google, and then use synergy with google calendars on the phone. That's what I do.

Coming over from Palm OS 2 years ago, I was appalled that WebOS lacked this useful function. I used to love the little birthday cake icon too. My solution was to import my Palm Desktop into Outlook and use Pocket Mirror to sync it all. It was an expensive solution but it works just like PalmOS used too but without the birthday cake. Where is Jeff Hawkins when we really need him?

I think you and I discussed this on the grid date picker Wish List.

Another Cool option that i wish for is "New calendar event from the call log"

It's natural for me to end a call and create a new meeting with him but instead of
switching to the Calendar and then make a new meeting and write his name,
i choose him from the call log and open a new event...

...yeah, it is unbelievably stoopid, none of the so-called smartphones of today that I've used does have that option - and it was available on good old Nokias 6310 etc... Same with adding plain & simple calls in the future to the calendars - so when the time comes, the alarm rings/notification pops up, and I can just call/ignore/snooze from right there. Nope - the phone is not for making/managing calls anymore!

Or better yet, use Synergy to pull the birthday information from specific groups within your FB profile; with the option to load it to your calendar. :)