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The webOS Wish List: Bluetooth file transfer 35

by Derek Kessler Mon, 23 Jan 2012 4:45 pm EST

There are a great many things webOS does very well. There are other it's not so good at. And there are some things that my four-year-old Treo running Palm OS could do but are mind bogglingly missing from webOS. High up on that last list is an item that many have been clamoring for in the three year existence of webOS: Bluetooth file transfer.

webOS can receive files over Bluetooth, that's not a problem. The problem is that webOS can't send files back, no matter the device, because it simply doesn't support sending files over Bluetooth. While file sharing utilities like Dropbox have evolved significantly over the years, we've got to admit that when it gets down to business, there's nothing easier or more ubiquitous than a basic phone-to-phone Bluetooth file transfer. Heck, with webOS going open source, there are even open-source Bluetooth stacks with full support for this kind of stuff that could be used.

Have your own thoughts on this wish list entry? Of course you do - the comments are below. Surely you have your own ideas as to what ought be on the webOS wish list, and so we've created a forum thread just for what is sure to be an awesome discussion.


That is soooo useful. Its just about the only thing I miss from my enV Touch on Verizon. If HP decided to be nice, I would be happy.

One could debate whether mobile devices should have any file manipulation or whether individual apps should simply use bluetooth to transfer content.

Then have an API so apps can access the bluetooth file transfer protocol.

I did not know that webOS was lacking this. There are a ton of features that must be supported on a modern smartphone platform. It's really hard to imagine the open source process will facilitate this kind of thing, especially, with multiple hardware targets.

I would like it if the TouchPad had PAN support. With my TouchPad tethered to my Pre2 with webOS 2.2.4, I love the automatic pairing and SMS-sharing functionality. The only thing that would put it over the top would be automatically using bluetooth data in the event a WiFi connection isn't available.

why not wifi too to be able to transfer data as well.

its so frustrating that i have to send an email from my pre2 to my mail account and then get near a wifi spot or tether to the pre2 to be able to view it on my touchpad. and on and on...

My phone, an HP IPAQ 510, has bluetooth file transfer, so it's not like HP hasn't done it before.

I am pretty new to WebOS and didn't know about this until I tried to send some pictures to my computer. So silly... definitely #1 on my list.

This needs to be in, we need the full suite of Bluetooth profiles. My freaking samsung dumphones can do this, why can't my pixi?

It would be nice if it supported ps3, xbox, and wiimote controllers as well.

Love how my Centro can out do my Pre 2 with this!

I have been able to send and receive via Bluetooth since I had a Nokia brick. This is basic - every other device I have can do this. My HTC Desire, my HP Ipaq, my PC and HP laptop. But not my Touchpad. Can not be diificult to do if everyone else does it including other HP devices.


I used to give iPhone users **** when it first came out.
Laughing that my PDA had BTFT, IR and an SD card reader.
Now they at least have a Bluetooth app in their app store.
Please please please I want this.

I want to share my palm pre plus`s internet with my TouchPad. When will i do it?


Sharing internet connection: Preware and Free Tether, has worked since 2009.

but count me in on the BT file transfer requesters.

of note, the current BT implementation in webOS seems pretty good to me, using with a Creative speaker and with Ford/MS Sync. In fact far better from my Pre-1,2, or 3 than either my Samsung Epic was or my Droid3 is. The Sammy dropped connections all the time. The dual-CPU Droid3 is practically useless listening to music in the car because it skips and stutters so much.

So, yeah, I miss my old Palm IR file transfer with no pesky passwords, but the BT webOS has sure seems better than on Android!


Guys,, but i want to share palm pres plus`s Internet with my TouchPad on Bluetooth via.

somebody, can Help me? Please.


Enter developer mode. (Type upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart)
Install PreWare. (Search this site if you need help with this step)
Install FreeTether.

I want this on my TP and Pre2, but I'm confused, because my droid 3 plays music very well. I even use Waze and play music in the background.

I must agree with others that BT should be developed and/or profiles enabled to allow file transfer, SMS messaging and tethering for the Touchpad to be the ultimate traveling companion. I mean we have pairing, lets do something more than answer the phone, seriously?

Been asking about this since 2009. I finally gave up.

ssh works fine with vfs. Bluetooth xfer is unnecessary. What I really need is for my touchpad to properly stream to a2dp from enyo apps like internet radio hd.. Phone apps, the audio app, and pdk apps work fine. Wtf?

bt file / object xfer very necessary - my silly treo 700 and 755 could import export contacts from / to other phones, import / export pics (ie to a bt enabled printer) between phones, PCs, etc my old treos could import export documents, txt files - very necessary - (your wtf? suggests you haven't needed to do what the civilians want to do :-) )

derek, pl forgive my ignorance but m just curious if sharing wifi connection is possible in webos devices ,m not talking about tethering the cellular data with other phones,m talking about sharing wifi data on pre2.

J Christ I've wanted more bluetooth connectivity since launch - I was beside myself angry when all that bluetooth goodness from my previous Palm Treos was NOT included - so p'd off -- why did you have to remind me?

BT file transfer would be cool. However, as someone more interested in productivity than anything else, I'd like to see decent PIM solutions. In particular, the stock task list is atrocious. What would be awesome would be a revival of the Palm desktop (significantly updated, of course) that automatically synced through the cloud with my PlamProfile and automatically updated all my webOS devices.


Wishlist.......Hmmmmmm......Let's Seee........
How about.......

1. Sound that's not all crackly
2. Facebook app that doesn't requirement me to open preferences to get to my account
3. Text messaging that works in the messaging app when I pair with my iPhone (sorry, gave up on my original Pre after two years of waiting for updates, suitable replacement,....etc)
4. Apps that are fully developed and not full of bugs.
5. A platform that just works.

Sorry, I love the WebOS interface, how it handles multi-tasking, navigation between apps.....etc. But the hardware is flimsy, and the software feels beta at best. I bought this fire sale, and I guess it was worth $99, mainly for my daughter to use as a kindle. As for me, I think I'll get an IPad. Just like with my Pre, I'm ready for something that just works.

When will I be able to print to my HP Bluetooth Only Mobile Printer (Officejet 100) from my HP Touchpad? Not having support for your own mobile printer for your own mobile platform seems like a huge oversight.

webOS accepts only printers with at least PCL5 support, i.e. not most consumer-grade home printers that rely on Windows doing everything (i.e. those that aren't supported nuder Linux anyway).

It would be nice to be able to use Bluetooth to access web pages from a wireless-only TouchPad when link with a webOS phone, or to transfer a web page and not just a link with touch-to-share over Bluetooth.

yeah, i want to do that. How do it?

though its off the topic but it'll be really really coool if in coming days we can see our own WebOS icon in gtalk or for that matter any other chat messenger just like androids robot icon we see if somebody is online on their android phone

1. A SlingPlayer app.
2. The ability to keep an audio stream going in a card that is not maximized (i.e. streaming audio through a radio station's website)
3. Voice text entry

I have a FrankenPre2 on Sprint as my primary phone and a rooted Photon for Slingplayer & Watch ESPN, and as a free 4G hotspot. Can't stand the Android interface. But the phone is quick and the tethering is great.

This would be great, or just as useful would be to transfer over WiFi. Even my old Windows Mobile phones had Bluetooth file transfer. I never had to connect a cable to the computer.

for those who don't know why this has been a sore spot for owners of previous Palm devices - Bluetooth in Palm Treos could do just about everything - file transfers (without BT FTP), contact file export / import, import / exporting pics - or sending pics to BT enabled printers, any kind of object pushing - no prob, Treos could be BT tethered as modems and ALSO tether to other phones or bt modems (although kinda hard to come up with a reason for the latter except for faster network connectivity) - bottom line previous Palm devices and EVEN Win phones & organizers could do almost everything via BT

I think it was the notion of storing and synching with 'cloud'-type services is why Palm shortsightedly clipped the functional wings of webos phones which was a contributing FATAL mistake.