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The webOS Wish List: A browsable web-based App Catalog 19

by Derek Kessler Mon, 19 Mar 2012 9:17 pm EDT

The webOS Wish List: A browsable web-based App Catalog

When HP pulled access to their previously-open-to-all App Catalog feeds, we were understandably disappointed. But HP had promised something new and innovative in the way of app discovery. That turned out to be Pivot, which while new and innovative to say the least, was lacking in a pretty important area: it existed only on the TouchPad (and doesn't exist at all anymore), leaving those of us looking to do some app browsing and comparison online in a lurch.

While we're still longing for the return of the app feeds or an appropriate replacement so we can resurrect the App Gallery in full, we'd also like to see HP go official with their own web-based App Catalog browser. And with open source Enyo 2.0 it'd be even easier than before to just put the app itself online, accessing all the same content in the exact same way. Plus, having a web presence there when somebody searches Google for App Catalog would be a incredibly good thing. Right now a search for App Catalog brings up results that are practically worthless to the intended purpose of the search.

Also, it should be a source of great embarrassment to HP that Apple, Google, Microsoft, and even Research in Motion all have desktop-browsable application stores. Seriously, BlackBerry beat webOS to the punch. On the web. That's not good.

Have your own thoughts on this webOS Wish List entry? Of course you do - the comments await. Without a doubt you have your own ideas as to what ought be on the webOS wish list, and so we've created a forum thread just for that - and an awesome discussion it has proven to be.


I'm still seeing the November (sports) edition of pivot on my TouchPad. Didn't the old palm website allow you to see featured apps and send them via sms to your phone?

I am also stuck with pivot and those moody looking sports girls :(
Seems to be tied into location, Ireland and Uk dont have the new thing.

Obviously, what you charge for it has to cover the price of the materials to make the device. Establishing a price is the hard part when using different materials other than just plastic. The User experience is our top priority.

Dude - why are you asking difficult questions like this? Just accept that genius needs no rational thought and within six months, an octa-core powered device with holographic 'retina tearing' display will be yours.

I'm getting that old-fashioned Fusion Garage smell. Except they had way more money, competency, and experience than all of the "amateur manufacturers" on this forum combined.

Actually Woz and Steve were basically broke. If you watch the Pirates of Silicon Valley or Read Steve Jobs Biography, they both are documented performing such jobs as: mowing lawns, dressing up for children's birthday parties, and many more less than desirable things. When you have the ability to create something great, it will shine regardless of how "amateur" someones life aspirations may seem.

HP has no clue they should have done this day one palm didnt do it hp nobody cares

this, along many other "webOS wishlist" items will never happen, as much as we'd like webOS, the platform is dead, HP is not going to put a single dollar into it!...

I bet HP will fix it eventually. They are still putting real money into webOS. The biggest cost of any business other than advertising is people, and despite cutting a lot, HP still has a cadre working on webOS. So we can still hope...

I have no idea why HP has pulled access to the XML app feeds long time ago. The TouchPad's App Catalog is just too limited for browsing apps. It takes too much time to look at one app's details, go back, look at another app's details and so on. At least a layout with sliding panels would help a little (AFAIR this has already been suggested by Derek).

However - I'd prefer an App Catalog in the web with as little JavaScript as possible, so I'd be able to browse the list for interesting/new apps and open the links to the details in a new background tab. When I'm finished browsing the list I just close it and can read one detail after the other (closing a detail's tab automatically brings the next to front). For me it can't be more convenient.

I am also stuck with pivot and those moody looking sports girls :(
Seems to be tied into location, Ireland and Uk dont have the new thing.

Wait, I'm confused. Are new apps still being written for WebOS??

Yep, at a very slow pace but yesterday for example was a good day :-)


I thank you for these wish list articles. Out of curiosity, has anyone on the Open webOS team contacted you regarding the suggestions you have been making? It would be nice to know that the team is receptive to these thoughts.


That's a shame some countrys are still stuck with the moody sports girls. My dream of gift cards for the apps catalog looks bleak. I suppose some of the webOS skeleton crew check apps before putting an HP seal of approval on them and it is a centralized distribution point. Still it makes me wonder if preware could do a better job of distribution.

Yes yes yes! I couldn't agree more. As an addition to this, I think logging in with your palm profile and see what apps you have, get suggestions and recommendations, and manage you apps and devices. I would also LOVE the ability to purchase an app on the webapp store and have this pushed to my devices. How cool would that be?

Plus, with the new enyo framework, why not have web apps in there as well that you can run in your browser?

Totally agree. They should have done this day one. Would have been a great tool.

Hey! If webOS is dead why would other "grand" never at any point "amateur" platforms (not even at starting point -even though android was more than ugly) even care if it gets web browsable app catalog?! What I smell is a bit of insecurity (not that webOS will take over the mobile industry tomorrow, off course -but maybe the day after! ;-) who knows) that eventually webOS will be ported to greater hardware and will be embraced by developers and slowly but steady take over the mobile tech in a long run (3 to 5 years according to HP). At least HP hasn't drop the plan on webOS being open source which have had a sucking_other_lame_self_claimed_decent_mobile_platforms shine effect and put our platform at everybodies (even -and specially- webOS haters) espectatives. LONG WILL LIVE WEBOS!!!

I also agree 5that they should have done it and I winder why they haven't. Anyway, it's their own decision.
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